Let the memory of Beth and Son's be with us forever.
  • Passed away in Osceola, Iowa, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved ones, Beth Kennedy and son's......gone too soon. 

Posted by Jessica Samson on January 15, 2019
I just made this website last night....I return today to scroll and cry. Beth and boys you are so loved and missed so much....by so many. Forever young....gone too soon....never forgotten!
Posted by Danelle Black on January 15, 2019
Thinking about you an awful lot today. Miss your smile very much 3 I'm glad I got to spend what moments I did with you. I dont think a person in this world could ever meet another being like you :( thank you for being an amazing mom to Micheal james fly high
Posted by Alicia Cooper on January 14, 2019
Oh Beth there's so much left unsaid. I miss you so very much you finally had it all and this cruel world stole it all away. Ill miss you always love you forever girl fly high with those boy's.... Gone but never forgotten
Posted by Salina Reeves on January 14, 2019
Beth and I were and will always be best friends. Her and I would do so much togeather. I remember wen we had our own apartment that we would walk all the way to McDonald's just to get a sweet tea and use there wifi. We would sit there for hours. We would talk about everything. She was the one and only person that I told me secrets to besides my mom. She new my hole life story and I knew hers. We use to say that wen we we're in our parents tummy that we had walkie talkies and we would talk to one another back and forth.
Her little boys I didn't know personally but all her stories she tell me it was like I already meet them and new so much about them like I was around them all the time. She would messege me asking about pregnancy symptoms or qoustions that she would.
I honestly have no idea what im going to do with out her here. We always messaged one another just to check in and see how one another is doing. But I won't get a response from her witch is so hard. I miss her with my hole soul. Wen I found out that there was an accedent and that she didn't make it I was so shocked like I denied it for a couple days. The day I finally realized that it truly happened and she isn't coming back was her visitation. I lost it that day. And her funaral was even harder. I had a real hard time seeing her lay there. I love you Beth with all my Hart and soul. I miss you everyday. And everyday is a little bit easier but I have my moments. Untill we meet agian. RIP beautiful Angle!!
Posted by Marilyn Sergeant on January 14, 2019
Bethannie ReneKennedy ,Grandma loves you with all my heart and soul I miss you Niklaus and Michael soooo much I ache for you I see your beautiful face and smile all the time I cry for you everyday . apiece of my heart died the day you died my precious granddaughter I cant wait for day I'll see you Niklaus and Michael again love you baby girl

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