Let the memory of Bethany be with us forever
  • 35 years old
  • Born on January 27, 1978 .
  • Passed away on October 26, 2013 in Moreno Valley/ Woodcrest, California, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Bethany Barnhart, 35, born on January 27, 1978 and passed away on October 26, 2013. We will remember her forever. Bethany was an amazing kind hearted animal loving person.  She is our Angel now and we will forever visit her in our hearts and cherish her memeories on this site. Please share stories so her extended family and those far away can remember and enjoy what a fun spirited person she was. xoxoxo

Posted by Phil Barnhart on 26th October 2018
Hi Beth This is the 5th anniversary of your going to heaven and I'm sure you know, your Mom went to heaven on the 26th of September. Thats 59 months after you. I was sure sad to hear that as I have always lover her from the day we meant. She past after a surgery from a Intestinal obstruction that ruptured. I hope to get her ashes and have you and Kathy resting together on my fire place. Your black & white cat Whiskers is there along with two dogs and a sugar glider or two that were Norran's pets. My Health has taken a turn for the better, the cancer has not come back and hope that it's awhile before we are reunited in the sea and heaven. Love Dad.
Posted by Phil Barnhart on 27th January 2018
Hi Beth, I miss you very much, I have grown use to that now. Mike is still in Missouri and as things work out Shawn is in the Marines now and in Missouri. He did his initial training at a Marine base in I can't remember, it may have been 2 places. He is at what the Marines called a dogie post, an Army base, thats what they called an Army base 50 years ago as I fount out after my training back in the day. After I got some stripes I did a few weeks leading a platoon of them around an Army post in Oklahoma. The Home Custer's 7 CAV. before they got famous. Cassidy is living with use and looking for work, I think. She may go back to her moms before summer, she said something about it. It Looked like she was going to catch on with a pet store chain, l like you did for awhile when you where about the same age. Love You Little one and always will.
Posted by Kathy Goodwin on 31st January 2017
Happy Birthday sweet heart
Posted by Phil Barnhart on 28th January 2017
Happy Birth Day Bethany I knew something was getting by me yesterday. I am alone now that Mike has moved to Missouri, it's a good move for him. He got a little place on 3/4 acres of land and it looks good. His kids are both back at there mothers and Shawn is going into the Marines next month and Cassidy is looking for a school to goto after high school graduation this June. I am happy for them all as they move on with there lives. When I say alone I am referring to blood, I still have Jonna and Norran and they are doing good. I will be 71 tomorrow and not going as strong as before and I am valutring at the VA hospital 4 hours a day 3 days a week. Its good for me to do that as I have found a new community to be in to replace the bicycle world the I had to give up for my health, but the VA is getting me a recumbent bike that I can be safer with. Love you forever, Dad
Posted by Sarah Wood on 27th January 2017
Happy Birthday Beautiful ❤
Posted by Phil Barnhart on 27th October 2016
Hi there Beth, I am feeling alone today and remembering you, missing you and loving you. I work at the VA Long Beach as a volunteer and push wheelchairs around the hospital 4 hours a day 3 days a week. Its a good feeling to be giving something back. I worked to day and was happy and sad at the same time as I had you on my mind and in my hart. I know I'll be seeing you down the road and hope there are cars in Heaven so you can pick me up at the gate. Love Daddy.
Posted by Sarah Wood on 26th October 2016
Here we are again on you angelversary! 3 years Bethy! I love you and miss you! I often think of how I wish you could come over and watch movies or be just with us when we do things. I mmow you are in a better place and I look forward to the day we meet again! Sadie bear is spoiled rotten and healthy as ever. My sister dressed her up in a little Octoberfest dress and she went up to Big Bear with her and Ollie. Everything we do we love you Beth! ❤️
Posted by Kathy Goodwin on 4th March 2016
Today I am feeling especially lonely. I miss Bethany so much all I can do is cry. I was remembering what a tomboy she was growing up...then one day she was about 15 she came crying to me because she wanted to go to a school dance. All she could say was " Mom I don't have any girl clothes. I need some dresses." So off we went to get some clothes for her. And that's the day she became the beautiful woman she grew in to. I miss shopping with her. I don't even go to the malls anymore. She was the light of my life that kept me going now I just want to be with her...
Posted by Kathy Goodwin on 19th February 2016
As you know it's three in the morning... Just couldn't sleep woke up to silence, and was dreaming of you. I miss you so very much..words cannot express the emotions I am feeling right now. Well baby girl I had some other little things bto say,but I can't see to write them now. As tears fall I am going to hold my pillow for comfort and I have Alexandria and Shadow here with me ...and just cry alone like ever night pray for awhile then wake up exhausted. I just wish I had someone to talk to and cry with the world is lone place without you in it that's for sure .Good morning sweet soul until later this evening. Mom oxoxo
Posted by Michael Barnhart on 30th January 2016
Happy birthday little sister. I'm not good at this shit so whatever. Im really missing you today and wish you were home so I could talk to you in person. Could really use some of your type of help lately. I've been a bit incontrollable at times lately. But that's that. Say hi to the boys for me and I'll see the all soon. But not too soon hopefully. I love you and I miss you. Hugs and kisses little sister.
Posted by Phil Barnhart on 29th January 2016
Hi Beth Today is my 70th birthday and I missed the thing that we did having the birthdays together on the 28 the day between yours on the 27th and mine on the 29th. I think of you often and cry in my hart. I know there are big holes in a lot of harts of your family and friends. Love Daddy
Posted by Mary Riley on 28th January 2016
Thinking about you Kathy at this very sad time.
Posted by Kathy Goodwin on 28th January 2016
I am Bethany's Mom. I adored my beautiful daughter. I am feeling especially sad because her birthday was this week. I put a rose by her urn on my shelf. I cannot stop crying I think of her enchanting smile infectious laughter warm hugs and the fun we had together. We were always there for each other even if we had to give our last cent and cry. She was generous to a fault. And always could make someone feel better if they were down. This past Christmas went by sadly I miss making cookies with her and Christmas dinner. Mike couldn't couldn't make it up here. I felt an the awful heaviness of being alone. I should have just gotten in my car and drove to Michael's. Maybe that would have eased some of the pain. Now my car is broken,And I cannot get home. But I feel Beth pushing me on, sitting by my side hugging me and telling me it's going to be okay. And reminding me how I always tell her that Jesus is looking over you Mom. I love you baby don't go crazy on those streets of gold. I'm trying to catch up with you I love you so much. I guess Jesus has something else for me to do down here first. Hugs&Kisses Mommy
Posted by Mary Riley on 4th November 2015
I didn't really know Beth other than conversations and pictures that her mom shared with me. I can tell from this memorial that she is loved and missed very much. She was indeed a beautiful person.
Posted by Sheri Hodgdon on 27th October 2015
Hi Beth, you were my very best friend since we were about 5 yrs old. We did everything together either you at my house or me at yours! I miss you something awful and i hope you are there to welcome me when it's my turn to visit. I will always consider you the best and closest friend I ever had the pleasure of knowing. Love you always n forever.
Posted by Ayjai Anzaldi on 26th October 2015
Oh Beth, I am still so overwhelmed by the loss of you. Those last couple years we lost contact and I will forever be sorry for that. I can still see the sparkle of your beautiful eyes and hear your laughter and I will cherish those forever. So long for now my friend.....I LOVE YOU!
Posted by Kathy Goodwin on 26th October 2015
Bethany was the light of my life. She was my best friend and as a lot of you know easy to talk with. Especially when she wasn't listening. But being her Mom I overlooked that. We enjoyed cooking together, going shopping and just being close. I miss her so much there is not a day that goes by without a tear shed for you .she was a little spitfire growing into a beautiful woman. This is a special day for my baby girl. Thank-you to all who participate. God bless oxoxo
Posted by Lorrie Rivera on 26th October 2015
Hi bethy Can't believe it's been 2 years since u been in heaven and we all still miss u terribly and it will never be the same without you but you are thought of and still loved every single day. Til we see u again love you my beautiful angel friend. Xoxo
Posted by Sarah Wood on 26th October 2015
My dear friend! 2 years ago today we lost you and gained another angel in Heaven! You are thought if so much! You would be so or let me say i know you know how well Sadie is doing. She is spoiled to the core! She cuddles with me every morning in bed. I love you Beth! You are thought of very much a remebered with a warn smile and heart! Love you mamas! Till we meet again! Xoxox
Posted by Kyrstin Aira on 7th October 2015
Hey beth I miss u and I wish u were her I love u and miss u truly it been 2 years already and ull be in my heart forever I will never loose the necklace I love you and tell Bentley I miss him dearly take care of eachother
Posted by Phil Barnhart on 28th January 2015
Hi Beth Yesterday was your 37th birthday and tomorrow is my 69th. I remember when you were little we would often have one party for the 2 of us. I go out and pickup Cassidy and Shawn about every other Sunday and we go to a Mexican restaurant in Perris that we enjoy much. I am going out this Sunday and with it being Supper Bowl Sunday I am going to have them bring an extra plate for you. I remember that you were really in to football but your team did not make it in the this year. 2 of the teams I like did get there so I just can't lose. See you soon, Love Dad
Posted by Shannon Pulce on 22nd October 2014
Hi Bethy,,, today is a hard day for me cuz im missing you so much.... I am looking forward to sharing my love with friends and family this Sunday... its going to be a hard day for all of us but this is what friends do... they love you unconditionally no matter what... and thank you so much for leaving a sign in my home that you are with me.... I love you and that had helped me everytime I thought of you ... instead of hurting cuz you are not here I now look forward to seeing you when im not here... thank you again for proving that what I always believed is going to come true in the end.... love love love you my friend... I will be eating that philly cheese steak Sammy and thinking of you... xxoo... till I see you again take care and watch out for all of us..oh and you were right about the Colts quarterback LUCk.. he is proving to be amazing.... xo .
Posted by Phil Barnhart on 16th October 2014
Hi Beth. I am setting around watching an old movie, Ghostbusters and just recalled when it first came out and you, Katrina and I went to the Edwards theater by UCI to see it. I think you were 6 and Katrina about 5 at the time. We were about the only people in the theater. Will when the librarian turned into a ghost with big teeth the 2 of you jumped and raped your arms around my head. You girls had a great time that day and so did I Love Dad
Posted by Cassidy Barnhart on 7th April 2014
Hey Aunt Beth I miss you a lot today and can't stop thinking of you. I don't really know how to handle stuff without you here. I'm trying though. I love you and miss you so much I wish I could talk to you and see how you are with Joe. I just miss you a lot I don't really know what else to say, you weren't always there when I wanted you but you were always there when I needed you, I didn't appreciate that like I should've, I never thought how much I would need you when you left. I thought you'd be here longer to see me grow up and be there when I graduate or get married. I'm going to miss you not being there for either. I haven't yet been able to think of you and not cry and just be happy you're with Joe but I'm trying to get there. You were the closest thing I had to a mother for a long time and I didn't fully realize it until now. You gave me courage when I needed it and sheltered me too taught me so much yet not as much as you will after I see you again, I have so many things to tell you, say to you. That these words never will. I miss you Aunt Beth so much.
Posted by Erica Mitchell on 27th January 2014
Happy Birthday my dear beautiful friend! Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. I am so sad that you are not here to celebrate your Birthday with Matt like you guys have done for years. I know he is very sad too. I love you and miss you so much! All my love!
Posted by Erica Mitchell on 27th January 2014
Happy Birthday my dear beautiful friend! Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. I am so sad that you are not here to celebrate your Birthday with Matt like you guys have done for years. I know he is very sad too. I love you and miss you so much! All my love!
Posted by Phil Barnhart on 27th January 2014
Hi Bethany to day is the 36 anniversary of your birth, as the email I got from ForeverMissed put it. I remember the day you came into this world, and dear Beth you were the only great thing that day for me. I can still remember seeing my baby girl the first time. I was so happy. I also remember when we had our Birthday Day parties together, and I was hoping that you would come on my birthday, you got here 2 days early. I am doing better now and still missing you every hour of very day. Love Daddy.
Posted by Sarah Wood on 27th January 2014
Happy Birthday sweet Bethany! We all miss you so much! I know we would be having a blast today with you if you were still here with us! Your alway on my mind! I love you dearly friend! And do not worry Sadie, she is so spoiled and loved! You would be proud! Love you big bunchees friend! I miss you!
Posted by Shenandoah Baygents on 15th January 2014
My dear sweet Bethy it's almost your birthday I miss you so much Beth savannah misses you life has been so hard I wish I could just talk to you agin here your laugh see your crazy high kicks I wish you were with us to Aslynn she is so beautiful Beth and coven is getting so big.i wonder if your up there with Ralph he left a week after you Bethy i know your a peace my dear sweet Beth not a day goes buy that you are thought of or missed I have such silly vedios of you such beautiful memory's I'm so blessed to have had you in my life for so many years you were my sister and you always will be rest well my dear friend happy early birthday Beth I love you
Posted by Lorrie Rivera on 14th January 2014
as our birthday is approaching it makes me sad that you are not here to celebrate with me like we spent many fun birthdays togther but i will spend it remembering all the fun times we had and i will toast to your memory and get comfort in knowing i will see you again. missing you does not get any easier beth....happy birthday month my dear sweet girl..iloveuxoxox
Posted by Phil Barnhart on 20th December 2013
I have been thinking a lot about you today and every day. I wish I had spent a more time with you over the last ten years, some how the phone calls and emails are just not enough now. I love you and want to be with you again. In heaven. Love Daddy
Posted by Rachel Aira on 29th November 2013
Woke up thinking about you today and how u werent physically their for turkey day but i do know u were all their with us.damn beth you are so missed i wish u were still here but i know you are with your love and please take care my bentley.love and miss u beth till we meet again
Posted by Sarah Wood on 27th November 2013
Hello my friend! I so happy at how many people have found this site and found pleasure in it or a sort of sanctuary to feel you, speak about you, and to connect with your loved ones. This is why I did this. I found myself wanting you to come over yesterday. I wanted to call you and say hey friend, can u come over and spend the night? Lets watch movies and eat yummy food together. Scotty was sad too when I said I wanted you to come over. You and him had such a connection. I truly feel robbed. I know you are fine, we are the ones that suffer. But at times I still get very sad and think about the should would coulda's! Please everyone pray for Bethany's mother and father. They both ache so much for her! This holiday season shall be tuff for us all! I know Bethy would only want Joy! I remember you friend when I do so much. I still have your favorite salad dressing in my fridge! Bethany loved a nice spinach salad with Marie calendars spinach dressing. Strawberries, walnuts, feta cheese, and cranberries or croutons! So silly but i think of her! I miss you friend! I love wearing your necklace. J miss you dearly and please look out over us with out dear Lord! I love you always! Xoxoxo xoxox~~~ Sarah
Posted by Erica Mitchell on 26th November 2013
Miss you so much Beth! Just wanted to stop by and leave you a note. Thanksgiving is in a couple days and I know how much you loved this holiday and spending time with your family. You are always in my thoughts but so much more with the Holidays approaching. Love you forever.
Posted by Devin Parrish on 26th November 2013
My dear sweet friend Bethany, I’m thinking about you with love today, but that is nothing new. I thought about you yesterday and the days before that too. Each day I tell myself, “If only I had one more day”. It’s been a month since you journeyed home and not a single day goes by that I do not think of you my beautiful friend. I miss you so very much Bethany. I think of you in silence and often speak your name. All I have are memories and your picture in a frame. Your memory is our keepsake, with which we will never part. God has you in his holding, I have you in my heart. I won’t say goodbye my friend, for you and I will meet again, but know you didn’t go alone, for a part of us went with you the day God called you home. Keep shining and smiling down on us Angel. Forever loving you Bethany Barnhart...
Posted by Lorrie Rivera on 24th November 2013
oh beth i wish you were here .... i miss u
Posted by Lorrie Rivera on 20th November 2013
missing you every day .....
Posted by Courtney Miller on 19th November 2013
I love u and I miss u so much.... Here's our story!! I met Beth about 6 years ago under crazy circumstances and we hit it off immediately... Shortly after we met she invited me to go out with her and her friends one night, I decided I would be the designated driver and kind of , check out this crowd. BOY WAS I IN FOR A TREAT!!! It was one of thee most memorable nights of my life , total Bethany excitement!! I woke up the next morning with hives from the over excitement!! I kno Beth is laughing right now and that makes me happy... Beth lived with her whole heart and I knew she lived me and my kids and she did a good job of always letting me kno.... I just hope she knew how much we lived her too.... Her passing has been rough on me , as I have never list a friend like this.... I kno she is with Joseph and happy .... I just miss her and wish I had one last minute with her.... But, seeing her laying peacefully filled my heart and I kno she is better now.... I love u Beth and I can't wait to Have a drink and a smoke with you again someday .... Rest in paradise my beautiful friend... I love u!
Posted by Serina Mason on 16th November 2013
i love you so much Bethany!!! I will forever miss you! I look at your picture on my wall everyday when I wake up and tell you good morning! xoxo! I will be seeing you again mamma! be free and happy with your Joseph!!! I know we all lost a sister and friend on earth but we gained one heck of a beautiful angel in heaven!!!
Posted by Marcia Painovich on 15th November 2013
I met Beth about six years ago. We were talking one night and I mentioned that I had a lot of adopted kids at the local bar where I cook. I said all were sons. Beth said she would be my first and only adopted daughter. I agreed. She brought a lot of happiness and laughter to my life. She will be forever in my heart. I love you sweet face. Till we meet again.
Posted by Lorrie Rivera on 15th November 2013
I miss you so much beth and my heart aches knowing you are not here physically but I know heaven better be prepared for the adventures that come along with you ..... i am sure its so much prettier up there sice you arrived....iloveu
Posted by Shannon Pulce on 14th November 2013
I had a dream I would love to share... so as I am dreaming I see my dog who passed this July Justice. he was waiting for something... then I see Bethy and she is hugging Samson. she called to Justice but he would not come I think he is waiting for me like Samson waited for Bethy... I hope there is validation of this dream one day for me... God I miss you Bethy... Always in my <3
Posted by Shannon Pulce on 14th November 2013
Bethany was one of my best friends she was like a sister to me she was always there for me and everybody as well Bethany and I have went to concerts together beaches together camping together holidays together she will be truly missed but I know that one day we will see each other again I love you Bethy xo
Posted by Joan Douglas on 14th November 2013
I met Bethany in 1995, she was my son's first love, and she was such a sweetheart. She always remained a true friend and I could call her and she would always be there for you no matter what. She and my son remained friends over these years and she always there for him when he needed a friend, no matter what! We all loved her and I will miss her..see you in Heaven beautiful Beth..
Posted by Kim Syoboda on 11th November 2013
I met Bethany 2 years ago, and it seems like I've been her friend forever, cause thats how she made me feel. She called me Mom and Danny, Dad. We loved her as if she was ours. We will miss her so much I'll miss everything about her," Love you more than you'll ever know"I
Posted by JAMIE BARFOOT on 11th November 2013
Beth girl I know its been awhile since weve talked. Im not even sure if you know I moved im sure you did. I just found out last night that we lost you, I still don't know what happened. This picture of you I have it I use to carry it in my wallet all the time,I pulled it out last night its dated 12-24-99 incase anyone wanted to know. ive always loved you girl, see you on the other side
Posted by Shenandoah Baygents on 11th November 2013
Phill I've spoke to you once my name is Shenandoah Beth was a very dear friend to me and my daughter savannah she treated her as she was her own Beth spoke so highly of you loved her daddy so much I was blessed to have known Beth sence she was 5 she was beautiful amazing with a heart of gold and a gift to many you without a doubt had one amazing daughter I miss u Bethy forever and always
Posted by Erica Mitchell on 9th November 2013
Love you Bethany thank you for always being there for me in my time of need. I miss being able to call you and vent about my problems. You were always such a great listener. Again thank you for being such a great friend to me. I love you always.
Posted by Sarah Wood on 8th November 2013
Thank you. I have a gift for you tomorrow. I will see and give it to you at her service. She was such a beautiful person and I miss her everyday. She spoke very highly of you and loved you so much.
Posted by Louise Carole on 8th November 2013
Hi Beth, Listening to the music on this page really hit me that you are gone. I was remembering today how good you were with my cat, Purrcilla. You would pick her up and trim her nails so quickly that she hardly noticed and would never fight you! It was really amazing to me. Love you. See you in Heaven.

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