• 84 years old
  • Date of birth: Dec 11, 1927
  • Place of birth:
    KEMPTON, United States
  • Date of passing: Mar 12, 2012
  • Place of passing:
    OAKLAND, Maryland, United States
Let the memory of BETTY O be with us forever
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, BETTY O FRIEND, 84, born on December 11, 1927 and passed away on March 12, 2012. We will remember her forever.
Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by David Friend on 13th March 2017

"It has been five years, Our family often speak of Grandma Friend and the memories and legacy she left for our life here on earth. As this song plays and reminds me of a Mother who always prayed daily for her children. Mom tug on Jesus' garment and ask "How much longer"  I cherish the memories and love you gave all of us. Somebody is praying me through and it keeps bringing me through over and over again. Thank You Mom and thank You God for giving me a mother like Her...."

This tribute was added by David Friend on 19th December 2016

"It has been some time since I've visited this memorial for our beloved mother and a lot has happen. As life's journey moves us closer to our destination, we see family and friends who meet their finial destination and it breaks our hearts. But at the same time others are beginning their journey and it brings joy to our hearts. The cycle of life! It seems okay as longs as you have Jesus walking with you. Amen Forever miss you mom with admiration and love. Kinzie Grace said she misses grandma Friend and your wisdom and teaching is still affecting us today. Tell Jesus Happy Earth Birthday... With much Love Your Family"

This tribute was added by bill blizzard on 21st January 2015

"Granny, we miss and love you. Miss all of your calls and especially your prayers!"

This tribute was added by Olive Dewitt on 12th January 2015

"Well, Mom a wedding just took place, your granddaughter (Stephanie Lynn Friend)married the man (David Divelbliss) she brought for you to meet and to get your approval  of . You may have not been there in the physical body, but in our hearts you all were. Mom a table was made just for You, Dad,Jean,David,and Ralph.It was a beautiful wedding."

This tribute was added by Elizabeth Arnold on 3rd January 2015

"I miss you. Mol-mol there is so much i wish i could tell you.i wish you could watch skylar grow up. I wish you could have met her. She is amazing. You would be in love with her. You taught me so much. I know you,are rejoicing in the light of jesus. Just know i miss you and love. Forever plus a day"

This tribute was added by Olive Dewitt on 3rd January 2015

"RECAPPING: I remember Mom, you said you prayed that none of your children would hold anything against each other. That you wanted us to get along. Mom ,I had to learn to forgive myself first in order to reach out to my family. I truly love my brothers and sisters that God gave me. We don't always agree on things, we may hurt each other in some way or another but my prayer is that it will never cause us to stop talking. We do not have to live in the same home, same town or even call daily or even visit. ONE THING WE NEED TO DO IS KEEP EACH OTHER IN PRAYERS. Father God I ask in the name of Jesus pull our family back together where my MOM BETTY O FRIEND AND MY DAD HARVEY C FRIEND intended us to be. I believe my parents went through something then did not want for their children to go through. FATHER GOD I CLAIM THIS AS IT HAS ALREADY HAPPEN I THANK YOU FATHER GOD I PRAISE YOU ,PRAISE YOUR HOLY NAME."

This tribute was added by Olive Dewitt on 22nd December 2014

"Well, your birthday came and gone ,but my thoughts of you still remain and that deep hole that was left behind in my heart when you left this world has never gotten filled. Mom ,I truly miss you."

This tribute was added by loretta friend on 11th December 2014

"Happy Birthday to a wonderful, loving, caring, child of God. I Love, and Miss you. I  Will see you again. Your daughter Loretta"

This tribute was added by Olive Dewitt on 11th September 2014


This tribute was added by Tammy Hansen on 28th July 2014

"I love you Grandma! Thank you for so many years of prayers over all of us."

This tribute was added by Olive Dewitt on 25th July 2014

"7/25/2014, Getting close and just remembering the calls I received ,with one of the must sincere voice on the other end of the phone singing happy birthday to me. Mom I truly miss you and Dad. My life is truly  messed up Some days are worse then others. I never thought my life would be as it is."

This tribute was added by Olive Dewitt on 12th March 2014

"In the still of the day I see you looking at me as it was yesterday, Telling me( God is going to take care  of you.) Mom the faith you carried in your heart ,you spoke into existed. I truly miss you  and I am so great full  to had you as my mother. Thank You For Being A Child Of God."

This tribute was added by Olive Dewitt on 24th February 2014

"Coming up, It will be your second anniversary Mom of rest and peace. I want so much to live my life for Jesus, to let him lead me. Mom, I miss you, there are so many things I could set and tell you and I know you would help me though it. You always had the right words, the next greatest love to Jesus is that of your mothers. I just want to say no matter how much I miss you and dad, I would never want you to come back into this world to have everything you both went through, to have it to go through again. I'm just waiting on Jesus to call me home. He is in control, He also knows what plans He has for me."

This tribute was added by David Friend on 11th December 2013

"On this date 86 years ago a baby girl was born into this world with a predestined carnal life to one day lead others to Jesus Christ including establishing a Godly foundation for her ten children. Mom, I know you accomplished many great things during your life time here, but none any greater than accepting Christ "Well done good and faithful servant" Mom, we love and miss you deeply, as we remember this day with unconditional love...... Your Children"

This tribute was added by David Friend on 28th November 2013

"Giving thanks for parents who placed family first, always providing for our needs and not our wants. Parents who taught us to forgive so that we might be forgiven. Parents who loved all their children unconditionally, never placing one above the other. A Mother who took her children in prayer before the Lord Jesus daily crying out to Jesus, making intersessions on their behalf and asking Jesus to lay them at the feet of God......We all miss you Mom and Dad with much admiration and love ...Thank You!!!!!. Your Children"

This tribute was added by Olive Dewitt on 16th November 2013

"Missing You, been learning a lot about things that God has been changing in me. Just wish you where her ,I really miss coming to you about things .I know Jesus Knows all, but I still tell him. Mom I know when I came to you, You took it to Jesus in prayer. Some times I have the hardest time praying for my self. I really Miss You. Thank You Mom for all your prayers  , God is still at work."

This tribute was added by Olive Dewitt on 6th November 2013

"Thanks Giving, Just around the clock for some. I believe Thanks Giving is the first thing each morning. I just don't have that big meal every day. Mom I'm so thankful you were my mom, for all I put You and Dad though other parents would have disowned me. Mom I miss you. It still hurts that Jesus took you away from me but He knew what was best."

This tribute was added by Olive Dewitt on 23rd October 2013

"Just thinking ,what a prayer warrior mom was. God is still answering those prayers. There are times when we pray, we think God why? Haven't  I seen any action taken on the prayer. God is never late to answer our prayers. He knows all things, pass, present and future. God answers our prayers. I MISS YOU MOM."

This tribute was added by Olive Dewitt on 19th August 2013

"Opened your bible today. I realized just how much I missed reading Gods word. Mom for the first time I fell peace. JEHOVAH-SHALOM  YES GOD YOU ARE MY PEACE.  JEHOVAH-ROPHE MY HEALER.JEHOVAH-JIREH, MY PROVIDER.THANK YOU LORD .LOVE YOU MISS YOU MOM."

This tribute was added by Olive Dewitt on 11th August 2013

"Many on my mined. Mom it's another thing you passed on many to pray for and many to pray through. Yes I know it's only the love of God, that these people are on my mined to pray for. Nothing  will do !!! Only the love of Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!"

This tribute was added by Olive Dewitt on 25th July 2013

"The Circle, The family circle has been broken over and over. Mom  I miss you and Dad  so  much. As life pass day by day, minute by minute I am showed life here for some is a very short time."

This tribute was added by Olive Dewitt on 14th July 2013

"To the greatest  person I have ever knew (.Mom .) You keep us upon what was happening when family came in. I turely missed  you mom doing this time of loss . We use to come to one place so then we could visit with the whole family.I missed that during this time."

This tribute was added by Olive Dewitt on 8th June 2013

"Mom ,you where the heart beat of the family.Since Jesus called you home, that beat that keeped us togeather,has  alot of skipped beats .I know many things changed without you here.You are greatly missed.I know it's not the same.We need God !!!!"

This tribute was added by Olive Dewitt on 12th May 2013

"Happy Mothers Day.I thank the Lord you were my mother ,He truely knows what he doing when he makes a family.We may never of seen  things eye to eye,but that never stoped your love you gavefreely to eveyone you have ever came in contact with.YOU HAVE WON MOTHERS OF MOTHERS REWARD .!! Love you,miss you so."

This tribute was added by Olive Dewitt on 11th May 2013


This tribute was added by Rebecca Anderson on 29th March 2013

"I'm so thankful for the love and prayers of my grandmother. She loved me and loved the Lord.   I know many nights I could say without a shadow.of doubt she was praying for me.  I thank the Lord for my heritage.  One day I will see her, mom, Jessica, Delone, grandma Thelma and aunt Nellie.   Wow what a wonderful reunion with Jesus in the center of it all."

This tribute was added by David Friend on 12th March 2013

"Proverbs 3:5-6 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him. And He shall direct your path."  Mom always demostrated trust in God and God trusted Mom. She understood what it ment to put on the whole armor of God, that she may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. Mom, a petite woman with enormous FAITH. Love You"

This tribute was added by David Friend on 4th March 2013

"Spent the past few days in a deep spiritual mediatation with My Heavenly Father, something that I knew that Mom did many times, searching for direction and answers. God has reassured me just as Mom had, that "Everthing is going to be alright". Thank You Mom for all the prayers that paved the way for me and my family, The favor of God in my life because of your prayers. I miss You deeply"

This tribute was added by Olive Dewitt on 16th February 2013

"You,Mom are forever missed."

This tribute was added by David Friend on 16th February 2013

"I visit this site weekly in honor of our mother, not always leaving a written tribute, but always remembering our Mom's love for her family, friends and for our Lord Jesus Christ. I know that others do the same finding that words can't capture Mom's impact on so many lives. So as Jesus said in his parable Matt 25:21 "Well Done Good and Faithful Servant"  Enter into the joy of your Lord."

This tribute was added by David Friend on 15th January 2013

"God speak to all those who visit this site in memorial of a Deep Devoted Woman of faith & convection to You God & Her Children. God; You recorded all her prayers & know that her desire was for all her children to live a full life and carry on her Legacy Loving and Helping Others, asking You to help lift our spirit when we're in the valley. AMEN"

This tribute was added by ralph friend on 25th December 2012

"MOM merry christmas missing you was thinking about you, I think about you a lot I cheeries rhe time i had with you this last years good memories, I missed fixing the oyster soup for christmas morning for us .
it was not the same,   WE MISS YOU ,  god is watch over your childern mom i'll keep my brothers and sisters lifted up n prayer  till we are all together over in heaven"

This tribute was added by Olive Dewitt on 24th December 2012

"Hey ,there Dad &Mom.I know each converstion we have is with JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD .I DON'T BELIVE YOU HERE WHAT I SAY.BUT GOD DOSE AND I BELIVE HE GIVES YOU A SIGN OF SOME SORT .I don't belive HE  SHOWS YOU WHAT HE SEE'S IN PEOPLE LIKE YOUR Daughter., But his child.Mom I 'm praying and talking to our God about march 12 2013 I'm ready more than words can say.yes  yes yes ."

This tribute was added by Olive Dewitt on 21st December 2012

"Chirstmas,(wow) .First time not to go out and buy gifts.Really,it hasn't bothered me ether.My mined has not been on what to buy this one and that one.My Family knows I love them. I have been talking this year about what is Chirstmas .Told them to think of all the little children,That don't have: homes,food,electic,toys.way ?should we want!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mom I sure do miss you."

This tribute was added by Pamela McElhannon on 17th December 2012

"Mrs. Betty, In the few opportunities I had to talk with you,  I learned very quickly that you were a women of great strength & a true heart. Talking with David, I came to realize you were also a women of Great Faith. O the stories I've heard of You & your prayer closet. You have left your family with treasures that money could never buy. You deserve all that heaven has to offer You."

This tribute was added by ralph friend on 14th December 2012

"MOM I miss you and dad sorry for things I did that hurt you, but no matter what  i may have did you always forgave me i miss are talks, been 9 months since god called you home. [YOU WILL BE MISSED ALWAYS]! i Ask god each day to give you and dad a kiss and hug for
me till he calles me home LOVE YOU BOTH AND MISS YOU!!!

This tribute was added by David Friend on 11th December 2012

"Mom, I was thinking of you today as I do most days, wishing I could call to wish you a Happy Birthday, but knowing you are having a wonderful time strolling over heaven. Kinzie Grace says it best "I am going to heaven one day and I will see Jesus, Daniel and Grandma Friend" I say me too.  Loving You in your absence as I did when you were with us. Miss you deeply Mom"

This tribute was added by loretta friend on 11th December 2012

"Mom,Happy Birthday! I Love and Miss your presence here. I know you, Dad, Grandma, Grandpap Friend and Blizzard, Jean, David, Jessica,and the rest of yours and Dads family are celebrating in the presence of God. We Miss And Love You All. Mom you and Dad left a love and care for others in me that breaks my heart at times.I ask God to use me for the Glory of his Kingdom. Thank You Mom & Dad"

This tribute was added by Olive Dewitt on 22nd November 2012

"Well as the holidays approch,It shows me how much love you had for your children.I missed your call this thanksgiving day.MOM there is so much to be thankful for,each day of my life.I really just need to open my eyes to see it,it's all around me.I know ,I never spent thanksgiving day with you for the pasted serveral years.iT NEVER STOPPED YOU FROM CALLING ME AND WISHING ME A BEATIFUL DAY."

This tribute was added by Olive Dewitt on 12th October 2012

"HELLO AGAIN,MISS YOU SO !  Today Momhas been seven months sence Jesus called your name to come home,My Child.All your trails are over,You Betty have past the test.You keeped your Faith, and Love for Me.   October 12 2012 Idid something today ,I wanted to see just how much I look like you, Maybe some day I'll have a heart like you,Mom."

This tribute was added by Olive Dewitt on 8th October 2012

"I keep in my heart the love of you there it was planted forever to last,I lost my best,dearest friend,Dear Mom when I lost you. Gentle,Unselfish,a friend so ever ture,My best possession,Mom was you.While you rest and sleep,your loving memory I will always keep.watching you praise Jesus all the way,your safe in His arms now The tears in my eyes I can wipe away ,the ache in my heart remain"

This tribute was added by Olive Dewitt on 6th September 2012

"Mom,It's going to be six months on the 12th  it has not been easy,but  I'm happy to know you have no pain,no tears,no heart aches any more.I miss you Mom,I'm so glad to have found this site,I did not have a computer when Dad passed on ,I still remember the slepless nights and dreams ,also the hate I had,toward God for taking him.Mom I didn't have that hate like that,when God took you home."

This tribute was added by loretta friend on 3rd September 2012

"Mom; thank you and Dad for all you have done in my life, the words of GOD; and the words of encouragement will be with me for ever.Thank you GOD for all the words from my parents.Mom i heard you call my name couple weeks ago, i know you are watching over me. God will give me the peace and guidence i need. Thank you Mom and Dad . Thank You God for the wonderful parents."

This tribute was added by Olive Dewitt on 27th August 2012

"The greatest gift God gave me was You ,Mom to have .Mom you put me before your needs or wants.I see every day thur this world where children are the last on the list,I was so blessed to have you.You always put everyone before yourself,even in the stores,walk ways and you were so content,pleasant about it.I truely miss you and I needed more time with you."

This tribute was added by David Friend on 12th August 2012

"People are suppose to serve, life is a mission, not a career and ultimately, the choice we all make is between service and self-intrerest. The principle of service is what Mom understood and separated her from many others. Five months ago today, The Lord said to Mom "Well done my good and faithful servant" , now come home.....I will take care of all your prayers for your children....Jesus"

This tribute was added by loretta friend on 10th August 2012

"Mom it's me. Oh how you are truly missed, I want you to know you and Dad was truly loving caring God fearing parents. I know i hurt you and Dad many times in my growing years. But what makes you and Dad great parents you forgave us. and God has forgave me for all i have done to hurt you both. I miss you so much. The tears of missing you pour as i write to you. God give MOM & DAD A HUG."

This tribute was added by David Friend on 7th August 2012

"It is coming upon 5-months and the pain of not having you with us hurts even more today than the day you went to be with Jesus. Mom, I am missing you so much, I wish I could call and talk with you. I've ask God to give you a big hug for me and whisper in your ear how much your loved. Mom all of us miss you deeply and I still remember you telling me everthing will be alright. I am trusting."

This tribute was added by Olive Dewitt on 3rd August 2012

"But we were gentle amongyou, like a mother caring for her little children.1 thessalonians2:7 mothers are truly a gift fromGod,a physical expression of His love. Mom's compassion,guidance,love,patience.understanding,and prayers."

This tribute was added by David Friend on 27th July 2012

"Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing. But a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be prasied. Give her of the fruits of her hands, and let her own works praise her in the gates.
Thank you Lord for a Godly Mother and Thank You Mom for the many prayers and love.  I sorely miss you......LOVE YOU DEEPLY"

This tribute was added by Olive Dewitt on 16th May 2012

"Mothers Day,I really missed,not being able to see you Mom.I was only 5 rooms down from where you spent your last few days here.I walked up to room 315 on Mothers Day morning,no one was in the room,I so much just wanted to go in sat down a few min.I knew they had the room clean for when they would need it,I didn't want any chance of contameing it.I stood at the door ,You were not there!!!"

This tribute was added by Olive Dewitt on 8th May 2012

"Mom,I wanted to say Happy mother's day early.I don't know how I will fell that day.I'VE been thinking off it coming up,and not having you to call or stopping bye to see you.Mom .You will have the best mother 's day ever,up there with JESUS!!!"

This tribute was added by Olive Dewitt on 8th April 2012

"Well,It's Easter Sunday,I know what I missed this pass week,was the pickeled eggs you always did before Easter,Mom you always got the best peanutbutter eggs also.Bought some ,but they  wern't the same.I will need to learn to make my own pickeled  eggs and peanutbutter eggs,to carry that tredishen on.I know I didn't spend Easter Sunday with you all the time.I sure did miss you today."

This tribute was added by Olive Dewitt on 4th April 2012

"Mom it's another day God has given me to serve him as you did,now what I do with it,I don't know.I guest it will be how I speak or act toward others that can make a difference.I don't think at this time I could say much that would help anyone,Because I'm struggling in my own walk with Jesus.Mom I truely miss you!!!!!"

This tribute was added by Olive Dewitt on 2nd April 2012

"Another note:We do not walk alone.In the shimmering mist of the days ahead, there are shadows... and heights to climb.But why should we fear the unknown, for our dear familiar Friend comes to be with us.God"s love comes as the moring sun that warms the winding road and lightens each step that we take.  by:Glenna Oldham."

This tribute was added by Olive Dewitt on 28th March 2012

"God looked around the garden and found an empty space.He looked down upon the earth, and saw your tired face.He put His arms around you, and lifted you to rest.God's garden must be beautiful for He only takes the best.He knew you that you were weary, and he knew you were in pain. He knew that you would never be well on earth again. So he closed your weary eyelids and whispered "peace""

This tribute was added by Olive Dewitt on 24th March 2012

"MOM,I miss holding your hand through the night, I miss praying togather,I will see you again just seems so long and far off.I read these little notes you left behind, There is this one I read every day .THE past is full of wonderful memories THE present is today- enjoy it to the fullest.THE future is in Gods hands .THANK YOU MOM"

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