Rest in Peace

Shared by Chidubem Osuji on August 15, 2019
I didn't know you personally Bev except that we were in Same department in Covenant University and you were jovial and approachable.
Motherhood was fab on you...
You would have been 29 few days ago but Heaven couldn't wait to gain another angel.

Rest peacefully. 

Happy Birthday Love (August 11th)

Shared by Shalom Igwe on August 14, 2019
Heaven Really Couldn’t Wait to Have You….

It was your birthday on the 11th and you would have been 29. So young, full of life and determined to make your mark in this world but alas; “Heaven couldn’t wait for you”. It still pierces my heart and the truth is every time I remember you, I heave a deep sigh!

It’s been a full month plus since I received that horrible call from Philip telling me about your passing away. To be honest, that was the hardest day of my entire life. It was the weirdest call I had ever received and I was utterly in shock. This past month has moved by in a blur and at just very random times I catch myself thinking about you and all that could have been. I have thought through this over and over again and it still doesn’t make sense to me. I have only held on to my faith in God and pressed on in the place of prayer so as not to give room for bitterness. In my head I believe that this shouldn’t have happened….We shouldn’t be mourning you Bee. This was not the plan but alas, here we are…Wrapped up in our thoughts of what should or could have been. For a minute, I didn’t want life to move on…I wanted the world to be still and mourn you for as long as possible…You shouldn’t be just a fleeting or passing memory. You are real and always alive to me Bee. I still hear your laughter and your voice quietly in my head…Oh I wanted to see you in my dreams and hear from you and yes I did. Everyone who knew you misses you badly. For every-time I think of you, I imagine the pain your family and Tammy feels. And whatever pain I feel pales in comparison….It is very hard Bee.

But in all of this, I have a learned a lesson that; it’s not by how long a person lived but by how much impact they made. I mean, I had the privilege of knowing you for about 10 years and experiencing the awesomeness of you and to see people pour out their heart lovingly for you has been the most heartfelt experience ever. The words are the same….There isn’t any doubt that you were an amazing human being Bee. You were a friend and more and today I am reminded of the scripture that says; “Teach us to number our days so that we may apply our hearts to wisdom”. Oh you showed so much wisdom and grace in your short time on earth. These are memories that will live on in the hearts of everyone who knew you. In this past month I have asked myself, what kind of memory/impression I am leaving on the hearts of the ones who I interact with daily. Who do people say I am? What will my testimony here on earth be like the day I move on to eternal rest? These are the most important aspects of our humanity. Not the wealth or riches we amassed, the clothes we wore, the vacations we took or our social media status but the lives we touched here on earth. How have we been a blessing to the ones around us? Are we constantly extending grace to even the weakest among us? Are our expectations of people wrapped up in our selfish desires? It’s in times like this that I self-evaluate and think introspectively. In this past month I have prayed more, studied the word more and have generally thought less about my own needs and more of the needs of the ones around me who are mourning.

Your legacy will always live on Bee…You are loved eternally dear friend! Have a blast in Heaven, till we meet to part no more.


I will always

Shared by Moriamo Robertson on August 11, 2019
Happy Birthday Beverly,
Forever memories of you will always be engraved in my heart. 
You are a star and a shinning one at that.
i believe you are in a better place with so much light and peace.
as you continuously strike, May your path be guided by the Light. 
May helpers be by your side.
Till we meet again!! 
I love you Beverly ❤️❤️

She 'is' an Angel, ...cry no more

Shared by Chris Epelle on August 5, 2019
Hmmmm, and here I am staring at my phone, with trembling fingers, thinking of ways to pour out my thoughts of you onto this page. Can't believe this news still pulls a tear off my eyes effortlessly. 
Tammy (your Hubby) is a Dear friend and Brother.
My family and I looked forward to hosting you guys someday in Lagos, I can't believe that will not happen anymore, guess we'll have to keep that till Resurrection morning.
Didn't get the chance to meet you in person, the many beautiful things Tammy said of you inspired love and humility in the hearts of many couples.
Rest on Angels, 
May God console your Hubby, family and friends.
Dear Tammy, please continue to remain strong for us.

God's got you 100%.
Shared by Vivian Sele on August 4, 2019
Boo as we call you word fail me  today but all i know is that you will forever be in my heart...... I have never seen you angry even wen you are you still smile.... you are such a loving person. All your husband's friends are yours, in all you are so humble..God knows it all you IB.....

I LOVED from afar

Shared by Dumebi Onochie on July 28, 2019
I remember when i first met after my high school. I came over to meet Alma and then you kept engaging me in conversations but i was shy. I remember how i Dm u about working for u , how i came all the way from school /Benin for ur wedding. I told my mum i can't miss ur wedding my friend also followed me and she also loved u without even speaking to u.when i heard you were sick i cried so much i did a short prayer for u. When aunty kari called to say u were no more i broke down. I have never felt any pain like this before till now i cry when i come across ur pic. I saw u last at Aunty Kari birthday party i wish i had spoken to u but u were having so much fun i just had to stay back. IB u will be missed so much,i pray for strength for ur mum and ur husband and yr dad and sisters. We will miss u IB

I adored you from afar

Shared by Olaniyi Adetutu on July 24, 2019
I came across your page on IG ...and i was captured by the aura you exudes even on pictures ...i just knew you were a good soul i followed you...was always checking your page ...i love your style ...your creative designs were good ...i got a few inspiration from you when it was time for me to get married...
Just imagine my shock when i found out on twitter that you had gone to be with the Lord ...Bev i really prayed it wasn't you ...that it was a mistake ...i felt the loss as if i had made acquaintance...
I am still looking for answers and why it had to be you 
Rest in peace Bev

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