Let the memory of Bishop Emmanuel be with us forever
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Bishop Osakwe . We will remember him forever.
Posted by Ambassador Lola Charles on August 22, 2016
I just learn about the going into glory of my friend Bishop Emma Osakwe. And just 2 days ago I mentioned him in a conversation not knowing he was gone to be with the Lord. He was a very good man. He preached at my wedding alongside of Rev. Dr. Sam Odunaike. . A very loyal and support to our late Rev. Dr. Sam. Odunaike.
Posted by William Bendega on August 19, 2016
I have so much to say about Bishop Emmanuel Osakwe. I first met him in the late 1980s when he would come to teach eschatology in TREM, Akoka, where TREM headquarters was at that time. This must have been in 1986 or 1987. He later came to teach at the God's Army Bible Training Centre of TREM where I enrolled in 1988. There, he taught us homiletics. I had so much respect for him and for his teachings and the warmth of his friendship and love for people that when the Lord spoke to me in 1991 to go and serve under him in the ministry, it was with great enthusiasm that I responded - and he received me also with great joy and delight. Years later, I was to see into the life and heart of a man whose love for God and for people was profound. Even though I left ICM at the leading of the Lord in 1994, my relationship with the late bishop continued. I was there to propose the toast at his wedding to Sis Maria. Even when he was in the US and would visit, I often made time to spend time with him and we would have great fellowship. His departure surely came to me as a great surprise. The last time I saw him alive was when he visited the country close to two years ago and stayed at Pastor David Isimoya's home. I was there to visit him. We have lost a man who spent his all serving the Lord and who was instrumental in nurturing men and women who are standing for the Lord in different fields of human endeavour. May the virtues of his life not go with him as we continue to glean from them as we continue in this pilgrimage. May God send comfort to his family and keep them all in Jesus name. Amen!
Posted by Livingstone Braimah on August 8, 2016
Am Celebrating today, Bishop EN Osakwe who happens to be a Father,Guide,Mentor,Supporter,Priest, to Me. Rest in peace in the bosom of the Lord Jesus whom you served. May your ears also hear him say to you..'Welcome thou Faithfull and good servant, enter into your reward thou blessed of the father.'.. am overwhelmed in my emotions and can't stop my tears from flowing. Farewell!!
Posted by Blessing Anie on August 6, 2016

“….the God of all comfort;
Who comforteth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort where with ourselves are comforted of God” 2 Cor 1:3-4

In Loving Memory of Bishop Emmanuel Nkem Osakwe (Papa).
`Manuel -A man sent from God John 1:6

(And with the use of) Mouth and Microphone – He delivered God’s Mind to all Mankind! Lk 21:15

(His sole) Meaning of life – Christ And His Kingdom

(The summary of all His Messages)- LOVE, WISDOM, WILL OF GOD, UNITY, HUMILITY/MEEKNESS

Mama Maria – Surviving adorable and godly wife! (The pleasure of the Lord shall prosper in your hand!)

“LIVING FIVE” , a member of Papa’s Multitudes of Beloved in Christ, Children and descendants all across the globe, say “Mentor and Motivator Papa live on! “
Posted by Lawrence Ikuenobe on July 31, 2016
My knowing you brought eternal light to my life. You took me immediately like a family which we have now become.You farmed and your crops have grown.Your farmed is for eternity. Therefore, your heart will speak for you before the almighty God. Nobody can take 'NOW' from you for your built mansion in heaven has become eternally now. Rest, please rest in perfect peace. Amen
Posted by Olaniyi Abimbola on July 30, 2016
Hmmmm. May his soul rest in perfect peace. Goodnight Sir!!!!
Posted by Bolanle Oluwole-Rotimi on July 27, 2016
It's such joy to see, such joy to see, satan loose... Though you're gone in the body, your moment of presence with Jesus I rejoice in. Rest on Pastor Osakwe from all your labor. Your work here on earth has brought up and nurtured wretches like me into saints. Good night till we meet in heaven. Be comforted Sister Maria and the children. God remains good. Bola
Posted by Mary Chukusa on July 27, 2016
Papa as we all call him was my spiritual father in the Lord. Papa, Bishop Osakwe was a true man of God. The news of his death came as a shock to me and my husband pastor Ween Chukusa who he ordained in the year 1999. Bishop Emmanuel Osakwe was a man of God that preaches the undiluted word of God without any compromise. He was a man of God that the word of God was sweet in his mouth and you will want to hear him preach again and again. Papa believes that your first church is your immediate family, and if you fail to pastor your immediate family, you shouldn't hurry to come and preach on the pulpit. That was what papa stood for. Papa stood to ensure my marriage works out well when my marriage was in going through crisis.Papa didn't just counselled us in his office, he followed us to our house to ensure we are doing the will of God. I can still remember what he said then" I do not want to pastor people that doesn't have vision for eternity". Papa is a mentor, a preacher, a teacher of the word and an apostle. Then at ICM, there was nothing like Yoruba group, Ibo or Benin. It was one happy family.
Papa was a humble man of God and all his pastors then irrespective of their circular position and wealth were all humbled. I love papa so much and i know he made it. May the almighty God give his immediate family and all ICMITES to bear this great loss. Papa rest in the bosom of the Lord until we meet on that day. Mrs Mary Chukusa
Posted by Blessing Igbise on July 14, 2016
Hmmmmmm daddy, father like no other.Thank God I came in contact with you. Love you daddy.I pray The Lord uphold all your children to the end in Jesus name Amen... It is well.
Posted by Theresa Davies on July 14, 2016
Adieu beloved Revd Osakwe. The body of Christ will miss your exit. Our consolation is that you have gone to take your rest and Crown. May the Lord comfort the family and the church he left behind. RIP.
Posted by Yetunde Adefolake Okubena on July 14, 2016
Papa was a great influence back in the days at ICM Maryland. He was such a blessing to me and so many others. My experience as teenage Christian under his tutelage was awesome. Thanking God for a life well spent. He will be sorely missed.
Posted by Charles Omoregbee on July 14, 2016
Charloma! That was what he called me with that savory voice that echoed perculiar tone - not unusual, yet - not common. Charloma - Charloma! He would say reaffirmingly. The peculiarness of such calls warmed the heart with deep sap that was soothing.
That cane behind behind his official seat in that homely office, that cane, that very one; meant to teach us the true way of life where words were not adequate... Or have you forgotten that cane which never touched the skin of any...? No true father ever meant discipline for the children without the instrumentality of the cane though he may not use it.
Where can we turn now and not see his face? Who will speak now and we would not hear his voice? To what scripture shall open now and not remember his perspective? Can we see the pervading destruction across the globe now and not feel the nostalgia and his heartbeats for mission?
A little time he has been with us as as father, but an unending time he will be with his father in heaven - that his father who in this instance is our grandfather.
When a true father leaves the house the true children seek solace under surrogates. While the presence of surrogates could scare the children, the sound of the father's voice is a unifying strength that rally the offspring around a common purpose. Like now, the sound of his exit like the town crier has brought us to the village square - the living ICM.
The seed you have sown in us like the cedar is sprouting all over this blue world. So, you can rest now excellent Kabiyesi. Your job is done, your work is complete, and your walk continues.
PAPA... Rest well. Greetings to everyone at home.
Posted by Olusola Izuora on July 13, 2016
I wished someone will tell me it was a rude and costly joke but alas, reality dawns. Papa, you were a General of God in your own right. "Outpouring" at ICM was like no other. You were a teacher, mentor etc par excellence. You laboured over many of us. The fruits from our lives will continually speak of your sojourn on this side of eternity. Rest on in the bosom of HIM who is called FAITHFUL. Adieu Bishop Emmanuel Osakwe!!! Adieu Papa!!!
Posted by Mercy Igbafe on July 13, 2016
With heavy heart & pain in my soul, I mourn the death of Rev Emmanuel Osakwe my spiritual father who gave birth to me, February 3rd, 1993.
I am so glad I had the pleasure of speaking to him 2years ago beside chatting on Facebook!
He created a beautiful family, many of us are still in touch today with a great bound of friendship! I love you Papa!
It's now many of us should take our children to visit you as grand father & even great grand father!
Papa I pray peace for your children, the fortitude to bear your loss & may God order their step aright & may they never enter bad relationships that ll derail God's plan for them in Jesus name! R.I.P papa
Posted by Tolulope Dawodu on July 13, 2016
Papa as we fondly called you, I can't believe you are gone, You were an unusual father. With a not too common grace. As a new member at ICM 1a you communicated your hello with out a word.That was quite comforting. You always made me feel welcome .You were a great teacher father and a pastor. I thank God for having known you. I know you are at rest now. Sleep on till we meet again.
Posted by Taiwo Matilukuro on July 13, 2016
Psalm 116 vs 15 Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his faithful servants (NIV). We have lost a colossus who God used mightily to this I testify. Goodnight Bishop Emmanuel N. Osakwe.
Posted by Sola Ogunlola on July 13, 2016
I was there at the auditorium of the Foursquare Gospel Church Headquarters on Akinwumi Street, Alagomeji Lagos on the 11th of June, 1993, the eve of the popular(now notorious) June 12 election.
Concerned children of God from all walks of life were gathered to intercede for the tension soaked election preliminaries. We sang, we prayed and worshipped, asking God to have His way.
Afterwards, it was time for prayers led by different personalities; then Revd Emma Osakwe came up and he led the congregation to pray thus: " We reject Abiola, we reject Tofa but we accept the will of God"
It was profound, it was shocking to say the least. But that was what happened...The Will of God(rather than a muslim-muslim ticket). The rest is history and in the public domain.
It was a joy meeting him personally at the invitation of his then new ministry ICM, to train and equip those that would work with the children but was shocked to learn of his movement to US "abandoning" a fledgling ministry in Maryland then. "How could the shepherd leave the sheepfold" was my question, but I know the Lord understood.
It's a way all mortal flesh would pass you have undertaken, go ahead Bro Sam as many would call you then...May the Lord comfort His own church.
Posted by Adesoji Adedapo on July 13, 2016
I saw you last at fgc, festac, agboju church many decades ago.
Just hearing now that you are gone.
I thank God for your impact.
Rest on till we meet at the pearly gate.
Adieu! God's general.
Posted by Catherine Shyngle on July 13, 2016
RIP Bishop. You will be missed.
Posted by Hre Ogene Coleman on July 13, 2016
May the Divine Light of Heaven guide you to your Ancestors
Condolences your family, that they have Peace of Heart.
"We Live To Love" The Royal Traditional Priesthood Federation., are
Sending up Prayers.
Posted by Yosola Adigun on July 12, 2016
Dad!!!!!!! am still in shock and I know your mansions are waiting. You simply built with God! Deep Disciples scattered home and abroad. Rest on great dad! Thanks for the undiluted introduction to the word, missions and Love. Am most pained we didn't see before you departed.
Posted by Samuel Ayeni on July 12, 2016
The moment of absence here is the moment of presence there." Our hearts grieve and yet rejoice at the same time as we know you are safely home at last. RIP BISHOP EMANUEL OSAKWE
Posted by Ayo Makinde on July 12, 2016
Pity we couldn't actualize the dream project we talked about, but I believe all you feel now is a huge relief!

No doubt, memories of you is all we have now. May your name, living on through your well-tended family, be glorified here on earth and yonder, in Jesus name.

"Welcome Home"
Posted by Anne Bessong on July 12, 2016
I'm still in shock! Pictures race through my mind...I recall how you wore two different shoes in your hurry to come to be with my family when my sister Ogechi passed in 1993. It didn't matter then that my parents weren't part of ICM or that I was a new member. I remember your joy as you joined Manny and I in holy matrimony on Dec 17, 1994. I recall your wedding to my friend Maria. I recall your hearty laughter over the phone at the birth of our second son, Joshua in New York and you offered to dedicate him over the phone. I remember the last time I saw you. You'd visited Nigeria and I hugged you teasing that my arms could barely go round you! We laughed heartily and shared testimonies, basking in GOD's love. You were the first man I'd call "daddy" from my heart, apart from my biological father. You were my friend, counsellor, teacher, pastor, daddy...How my heart hurts that you're gone! But I find solace in the reality of your transition into glory. I choose to remember your big smiling face. I choose to bask in the memory of your reassuring voice and laughter. While on earth, you were my daddy. Now you're in heaven as my angel! You live on in my heart...daddy!
Posted by Shade Toyin-Kehinde on July 12, 2016
Papa, words are not enough to describe you! You were a father to the core, with deep capacity to teach & to love; highly compassionate & emotional about it; Selfless Mentor with unparalleled Pastoral tolerance; Courageous & A man of great Humility. You are Priceless! Our journey together for almost four decades speaks volume!!! Rest-On Beloved Father!! Enjoy your well deserved rest...till we see on that morning!!!!! I Love You Still & will keep celebrating You!!! We are your testimonials.
Posted by Bode Owoeye on July 12, 2016
Papa you were fondly and lovingly called by many you impacted. Rest on GSOG. Your investments are cherished. Though painful, yet God be praised through it all. You left behind so many things that will never be forgotten. You were understood by many in different lights and from many angles, your labour lives on. Live on in the hearts of men of different makes, shape, shades, mould, context and work. You can never be forgotten. In missing you,many things will be missed, Great thanks for the much you were able to do. Gracias
Posted by OLUREMI KARUNWI on July 12, 2016
I proudly call you father and friend because of the many roles you played in my life and family. The foundation that you laid remain strong and golden even after your passage unto glory. I thank God for your life and impact especially within the ICM family. While my wife cried uncontrollable, I just sing songs of praise as heaven welcomes my father and friend. My prayer is that we will not our way on planet earth IJMN. See you dear father on resurrection day.
Posted by Ekwutosi -Rita Obileke on July 12, 2016
Still shocked to my marrows, much as I know and I'm joyful that your demise is heaven's gain, It still hurts that the only true and first father figure I ever had even as young as a helpless teenager is gone. Rest on papa, you taught me what it meant to love God, a great general for Christ and His Kingdom You were. We your fruitful disciples will continue by the grace of God to keep the faith alive,making you proud. Adieu PAPA!!!
Posted by Felicia Charles on July 12, 2016
My heart is broken!!, I'm in shock! ! . My prayer and condolences to his wife and kids , all the members of international Christian mission, my fellow soldiers in Christ . He preach the word of God with truth, he was hero, a general in Christ with passion his serve the Lord,he make sure everyone had true word of God. My father in The Lord!! . You did not labour in Vain , you left soidiers behind and we will preach the gospel. Sleep in peace: Bishop Emmanuel Osakwe.
Jesus is lord.

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