Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, Love leaves a memory no one can steal.
  • 56 years old
  • Born on July 19, 1958 in Audubon, New Jersey, United States.
  • Passed away on November 25, 2014 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Robert (Bob) Newell 56 years old , born on July 19, 1958 and passed away on November 25, 2014. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Elizabeth Close on 25th November 2018
I'm still here missing you honey. My life has taken on a different shape now that you aren't here to fill my days. I sometimes think about the plans we were making for our retirement life. There are still so many things I wish we could be doing together instead of me doing them alone.
Posted by Bob Holmes on 25th November 2018
Well Bob, it’s been a while. I miss you. I’m still pouring concrete. Not as well as the old days. ☮️❤️
Posted by Elizabeth Close on 19th July 2018
I was telling somebody about you this past weekend and I'm shocked that it has been almost 4 years since I saw you last. Every now and then a song comes on the radio that we danced to, or Facebook pops up a "remember when" picture that catches me off guard and I catch my breath a little. I miss your grin, your shower-singing, your play-southern accent ... Happy Birthday honey.
Posted by Elizabeth Close on 6th April 2018
What if I hadn't gone to town To pick up a thing or two What if I hadn't turned around And walked straight into you What if you hadn't said hello Or smilled at me that way Maybe I wouldn't be hurting so The way I am today Chorus But I'm thankful for the day we met That morning in September Cause I'd rather have something to forget Then nothing to remember What if you hadn't called me up What if I wasn't home What if we hadn't shared that cup Of coffee all alone What if I hadn't felt your kiss What if my heart didn't fall Look at all the things I'd've missed If we'd never met at all Cause I'd rather have something to forget Then nothing to remember Nothing to remember Nothing to remember
Posted by Bob Holmes on 25th November 2017
I’m thinking of you today Bobby Newell. I still pour concrete just not as well as when I had you with me to carry my ass!! I miss all of the crazy funny things we did to each other. You are my Brother from another Mother. May Peace be with you.
Posted by Bob Holmes on 19th July 2017
Happy Birthday Bobby Newell. I'm pouring concrete without you. It is terrible. I miss you. Think of you often. Peace.
Posted by Elizabeth Close on 19th July 2017
Happy 59th Birthday ...
Posted by Elizabeth Close on 25th November 2016
It's hard to believe it's been two years already. I set your ashes loose at Black Walnut Point inn at sunrise today. I'll never forget you Bob. See you soon!
Posted by Bob Holmes on 25th November 2016
Hey Bobby Newell, I want you to know I'm thinking of you on your day. I miss you, your voice humor,arrogance,&friendship. I realize we are still pals but long to bust your chops! So till I see you again...............PEACE
Posted by Bob Holmes on 19th July 2016
Hey Bobby Newell! Happy Birthday to you. I think of you most days. Will see you again. Peace☮
Posted by Elizabeth Close on 15th December 2015
So hard to believe everything that has happened this past year. The life I had with Bob seems far, far away. I still love him, still miss him every day. I'm thankful for the many things he taught me. My life is so much better because of the time we shared.
Posted by Bob Holmes on 19th July 2015
Happy birthday bobby. Newell. I miss all you offered me when you were here. You were and are my best pal ever. I will get with you one day. Keep an eye on Blondie untill I get there. Peace my brother Peace.
Posted by Jenna R on 6th February 2015
our Flower is for Bob's love of the earth. It was here when we moved in and was more than welcoming. The family that we built on our corners was more than anyone could ask for. The everyday ups and downs was a true family. We hung out everyday with Bob. We had everyday, Holidays and Birthdays and so many unbelievable memories with him. We thank god every day that Colleen and Mike went Riding with him, Mike Hagan went fishing, he showed Kurtis the libertarian way and Bob gardened with Jenna. He was our BEST FRIEND and WILL TRULY BE MISSED IT HURTS MY HEART EVERYDAY>>>> To my Brother from another mother xoxo, Love Jenna Colleen Mike Kurtis
Posted by Jenelle Kiernan on 8th December 2014
Before this weekend, I knew Bob as The Man My Sister Loved. I saw him at weddings and holidays...mass family events where there's never enough time to talk to everyone. I knew he and Elizabeth were well suited, and that high or low, thick or thin, their love held strong. After this weekend, I began to understand that I missed out on getting to know a truly wonderful man. Love and respect for Bob was so profoundly in evidence on Saturday (6th December 2014) and friends with decades of stories to share, neighbors who he helped and cared for, coworkers and employees who he supported and mentored. Bob was a caring and funny guy who did what he loved to do and knew exactly where he wanted to be. That clarity of heart is rare and precious. He will be sorely missed.
Posted by Nancy Payne on 6th December 2014
Miriam just reminded me of the time Bob came over to draft the plans to lay all the concrete around our house. SUCH a master at his craft! He brought a whole team of guys with him and they finished the job in three days in the scorching hot sun. From the back porch window, little Miriam (then, 8 years old) would watch the men at work. She made and "served" the guys lemonade. Bob told Miriam how pretty she was and how lucky he was to have lemonade served by such a pretty little girl. He made such a big deal out of how sweet the lemonade tasted, sipping it from the tiny bathroom cups she was using. So funny! Later that day, before the concrete set, he picked up Miriam and took her to the walk by our front steps. He placed her hands in the wet concrete. He then drew her name in the concrete with his finger and the date. He made sure she understood that her home now had her signature. This was so significant for us. At the time, Miriam and I were feeling so displaced; our personal lives were in upheaval, and we were trying to find our way.Thank you, Bob, for making us feel secure in our new home, our new life, at that time. Every time we step down from our porch steps, we are permanently reminded of your neighborly kindness. May you rest in eternal peace.
Posted by Nancy Payne on 6th December 2014
Miriam and I are so very sorry to hear of Bob's passing. We only have very fond and friendly memories of Bob, especially how kind and generous he was to us -- with his time, his stories, his caring and neighborly ways; the way he would sometimes walk across the street and sit on our porch steps to talk with us; the zucchini he would share from the garden; the venison stew he would make us each winter; his kilt and how much he loved playing with Tanka. His passing is such a loss to the community and our lives. May he rest in peace. xoxo
Posted by Elizabeth Close on 6th December 2014
We're so sorry for your loss. We first met Bob when Elizabeth brought him to our daughter Michelle's wedding. It was Bob's first introduction to our family....brave man! Our prayers are with you during this difficult time. Richard and Kathleen Napoli
Posted by Joe Stone on 6th December 2014
First off I want to send my heartfelt condolences to the Newell family and Bob's girlfriend Elizabeth .Bob was more than a friend to me,he was like an older brother.We shared so many great times together from him being my boss,to a fishing buddy, my mentor, etc. What Bob really meant to me I can't really put it in words but I'll try. One of the best things I liked about B. N. (nickname I gave him) was how gullible he was ,he was so gullible because he trusted people and took them on their word. My cousin Johnny and me fished a great deal with B.N. and we played so many pranks on him and he fell for everyone of them!! But he never got mad at us because we wre that close as friends. I'm going to miss my brother, my fishing buddy, my advisor (business stuff) and therapist. he was there for me during some of the most difficult times of my life and always had an ear for me or words that helped me get thru some of those times. I truly will miss you B.N.. Rest in peace until we see each other again. Joe Stone.
Posted by Elizabeth Close on 6th December 2014
Bill Thurston - I have known Bob my whole life, went to church with him, worked with him and his dad. I'll miss him very much.
Posted by Elizabeth Close on 6th December 2014
I wish I had some powerful words to be able make this not as difficult. I know that you Aunt Bee are one of the strongest cookies in the Close box. I don't want you to ever forget that you are LOVED and there is always someone around to be with you . I will be that person to talk to any time any place. Love you lots . <3 Michelle King
Posted by Elizabeth Close on 6th December 2014
Todd Alexander - hey BOB WILL MISS THE KILT god speed
Posted by Elizabeth Close on 6th December 2014
jack and patti hartley - Bob was one of a kind.worked for him for years and years.very sincere and considerate.RIP
Posted by Elizabeth Close on 6th December 2014
Our Dear Sweet Elizabeth: It is with heartfelt sympathy that we write this. Although we did not know Bob, only through you, we know he took care of you and put a smile on your face. That is most important to us. We are here for you this day and every day. We love you and your happiness is important to us. Even though we are miles away, we are close by in spirit. May God bless your days and nights during this difficult time! GET SOME SLEEP GIRL... and keep our "room" ready!!! If you have a missing 'white noise' machine, we did not take it! :-). Love you to the moon and back! Susie, Erin, Colleen and Lisa.
Posted by Elizabeth Close on 6th December 2014
Daniel Bryen - I miss Bob yelling at me. Worked for him for 12 years. We used to really battle every day. He was quite a guy.
Posted by Elizabeth Close on 6th December 2014
ceasar perez - Bob was the best boss I ever had, He was more than a boss, he was my friend. I'm going to miss him.
Posted by Elizabeth Close on 6th December 2014
bob taylor we will miss u and r skirt. Bob good times for over 30 yrs. and a master at r work
Posted by Elizabeth Close on 6th December 2014
Burt Roff Will miss you Bob. You were the master of your craft. You were one of a kind. An industry loss.
Posted by Wade Absher on 6th December 2014
worked with bob the day after he met elizabeth.
Posted by Bob Holmes on 2nd December 2014
Bobby newell. My dearest friend. We spent a lot of time together! Eight hours a day for the last ten years or so. I have so many memories & stories. I will go on but not without a struggle. You carried me for years and I'm gonna miss that privilege. I love you brother and will see you again some day. Peace.
Posted by Elizabeth Close on 1st December 2014
From Obit website - November 30, 2014 Bob was a great guy very down to earth and always had a smile and warm heart. I was glad to have known him and he will be missed. He was a truly good soul. ~ Missy & Tom Varjabedian, Audubon, New Jersey
Posted by Sabrina Crissey on 29th November 2014
The first time I ever met Bob was at my cousin's wedding. He waltzed in with my mom in his snakeskin boots and half un buttoned shirt with a shark tooth necklace, looking like he walked out of a Crocodile Dundee movie. I haven't seen anybody ever make my mom as happy as he has and am very grateful to have had him be a part of our family.
Posted by Elizabeth Close on 29th November 2014
From Obit website - November 28, 2014 Bob was my friend, we worked together for almost 15 years. I'm truly going to miss him. He taught me many things over that time one of which was integrity which he had more then any body else I've ever known. I WILL MISS HIM ~ Charlie Crawford, Woodbury, New Jersey
Posted by Elizabeth Close on 29th November 2014
From Obit website - November 29, 2014 I worked for Bob from 01-04 and had been friends with him since. He was great friend for whom he was friends with. We'd always talk shop and talk bikes. Had the most integrity i knew of anyone. Learned so much from my friendship with him and his family. Will always remember him. ~ Patrick Gardiner, Audubon, New Jersey
Posted by Paul Langley on 28th November 2014
I'm sorry to hear of Bob's passing! May God bless his family in this time of mourning.
Posted by Denise Walsh on 26th November 2014
To The Newell Family, I was very saddened to hear of the passing of your family member Bobby. May you all know that my thoughts and prayers are with you all at this very difficult time of your lives. May God Bless You All, Denise Walsh and family

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