Let the memory of Bobby be with us forever
  • 30 years old
  • Born on April 2, 1975 in Pearisburg, Virginia, United States.
  • Passed away on June 23, 2005 in Summersville, West Virginia, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Bobby Bailey 30 years old , born on April 2, 1975 and passed away on June 23, 2005. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Miranda Shrader on June 24, 2019
I miss u so much. I hate when ppl it’s been long enough they don’t know how hard it is to jus get over ur death it’s not sumthing u get over. I love u bub and miss u
Posted by Miranda Shrader on April 7, 2019
Sorry I didn’t write u on ur birthday I wanted to come c u at the grave but I couldn’t I miss u so much I love u bub
Posted by Teresa Lang on January 23, 2018
Bub my heart is so heavy right now. Not only am I still dealing with losing u I now have to deal with losing your son. He was only 20yrs old!! Way to soon to be taken from us. I know the 2 of you r raising hell and enjoying being together again. I miss u both so damn much. Wish we could have both of u back here with us. I love you bunny!! And Dakota Ryan Aunt Tessy loves and misses u to baby.
Posted by Miranda Shrader on June 24, 2017
Bobby today has been a very tough day I have cried I have laugh and I have cried sum more!!!! I miss u so much bub I really do and one day we will meet again!! Time has not healed the wounds from ur death and they never will!!!! Time has done nothing!!! I miss i today as much as I did the day it happened!!! I regret today as much i did the day they said it was u!!!! I have so much regret I hate that we ever fought or had a bad word to say to each other!!! I know it's what brothers and sisters do but never in a million years did i think we would lose u never did I think I would have to bury my 30 yr old brother!!!! The closer I get to 30 the more I hate that u was so young when we lost u the regret I have not only because of us arguing but because I will b ur age when u passed!!!! Bub i love u and tell mom I love her too and everyone else we have lost that u r wit!!!! Until i c u again I love u and i miss u!!!
Posted by Miranda Shrader on June 23, 2017
Today makes 12 yrs since u left us I haven't left a note for so I've been so busy and I'm sorry I still talk to u every day!!! I miss u more then words can say Bobby i regret so much!!! I wish I could've told u one more time that I loved u I wish I could've hugged u one more time I wish I could've spent one day wit u!!!! Time doesn't heal all wounds but I still hurt jus as bad today as i did 12 yrs ago!!! I will never forget that call I will never forget that gut feeling I had!!!! I miss u so much bub!!! I talk about u all the time!!!! One day we will meet again and I will get to hug u once again but until that day comes continue to watch over us and always stay wit me!!!! I love u bub
Posted by Miranda Shrader on August 28, 2016
Bobby God how i wish u was here I need u so bad I jus need my big brother to talk to I miss u so I jus wish I could get sum advice from u talk to u for hours I feel like I have nobody I'm lost I dorm know what to do! Soon we will meet again I love u bub
Posted by Miranda Shrader on July 3, 2016
Bobby it's been a few days since I left u anything and I'm sorry I have been busy and so much going on and had a lot on my mind. I still have so much on my mind and feel like I'm gonna lose it at any minute but I want to tell u ur on my mind and i miss u and I love u. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about u. I still don't know how to deal wit ur loss and I'm still trying to figure it all out I still need u and mom so please continue to stay by my side and keep watching over my kids. I wish u could still b here to meet them. I wish I could jus sit and talk to u for awhile again u and mom. I miss u both so much. The family has fallen apart wit out u and mom. Everything is so different. Bub please stay wit me I need u walking wit me I'm gonna try to get sum sleep goodnight until we meet again I love u and miss u
Posted by Miranda Shrader on June 23, 2016
Well it's officially ur day bub the day God took u from us and took home ur weighing on my mind everything is weighing on my mind I still don't have the answers I'm looking for 11 years today Bobby my whole world changed I had to experience one of the worst things possible and that was losing my big brother someone who no matter what was always there for everybody who made time to help the next person that needed a helping hand. This is unreal to me still I can't believe my brother is gone. We never got the chance to say goodbye in the blink of an eye u was gone it broke moms heart I'll forget how she looked so much of her went on this day 11 years ago and a little over a year later she was taken from us too. She needed to b wit her son. I remember when when she got sick how she talked to u and I remember the call that she was gone home to heaven to b wit u. But I knew she was finally happy again and I knew no matter what I had 2 beautiful guardian angels to carry me every day who watch over my kids and protect them. I wish so much I could make it to the grave to sit wit u for awhile. I miss u so much bub I love and until we met again keep watching over us
Posted by Miranda Shrader on June 21, 2016
Bobby I wish u was here so bad I really need to talk to sumbody and right now I really need sum help bub I miss u so much I can't handle this anymore I have so much shit I'm dealing wit and I jus need my big brother I need help so much. I wish I could call u and talk to u and have u help me out wit what I'm dealing wit I love u and miss u bubby until we meet again big bro
Posted by Miranda Shrader on June 20, 2016
I'm sitting here on the porch wishing I could pick up the phone and call u one last time. I wish I could hug ur neck again and tell u that I love u. I miss so much more than words can express. The day I lost u is approaching so fast and knowing I still don't know the truth is driving me crazy. U was the best brother anybody could have asked for. U always always there when I needed it u and always helped me out no matter what. I still laugh at the time u made me drive ur car and told me I better not wreck and then I wrecked it. That car was ur favorite car and look on ur face that night still flashes in my head. The times we argued I still regret those to this day even though I know it's what brothers and sisters do. My heart is still broken knowing u r not wit us anymore
Posted by Miranda Shrader on June 19, 2016
Hey Bobby I want to wish u a happy Father's Day in heaven I love u bub! And as ur anniversary approaches so fast I can't help but find myself crying because I miss u so much. I can't believe it's been almost 11 years since u was taken from us. I wish u could have met my kids they would have loved Uncle Bobby and I wish they could have met u. Until we meet again big bro I love u and I miss u always and forever
Posted by Miranda Shrader on June 18, 2016
I miss big bro I will always love u. U will forever b remembered. My kids never got the chance to meet u but my son talks about his uncle Bobby all the time. U must b wit my babies keep a watch over them forever
Posted by Miranda Shrader on June 15, 2016
I love u bub
Posted by Teresa Lang on June 13, 2016
Bro I miss you so damn much. Id give anything to have u back with us. U was taken way to soon. I love you and u are always on my mind and in my thoughts. Keep watching over us bub. ❤ home but will never be forgotten❤
Posted by Miranda Shrader on June 12, 2016
I love u Bobby Shawn
Posted by Corinna Williams on June 12, 2016
We love and miss you Bobby Shawn Bailey. Gone but never forgotten.

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