Love and memories last forever...
  • 66 years old
  • Born on July 4, 1953 .
  • Passed away on October 7, 2019 .
Bonnie L. Mergenthaler was born on July 4, 1953 in Minneapolis, Minnesota of her parents Edward Mergenthaler and Rita Czech Mergenthaler.  In 1959, she and her family moved to Wayne, New Jersey where she grew up. She graduated from St. Mary’s grammar school and Wayne Valley High School. For many years, Bonnie worked as a manager for Pathmark - Supermarkets General Corporation. Everyone in Wayne loved Bonnie, making food shopping a fun experience for all.

Her interest in horticulture fulfilled her nurturing nature. Give her a sapling one day and return a month later to see a tree. Definitely a green thumb there.

 The collecting of art and antiques was a passion of hers, especially French and German porcelain antique dolls. Walking into her home felt as if you were entering “It’s a Small World After All“.

Everything Bonnie did was bigger than life.
When she entered a room, you knew it. All her family and many friends loved her unique sense of style and flash. A truly memorable person. She was a real Fourth of July baby, a total firecracker.

Bonnie had a heart of gold and was a very thoughtful woman. She always kept her word and never disappointed anyone if she made a promise to them.

She leaves behind her loving sisters, Linda Haramis Petsch and Gayle Patterson and their spouses, the late Harold Petsch and Robert Patterson. Two predeceased brothers, Gary Mergenthaler and John Paul Mergenthaler. A sister-in-law, Karen Dalkiewicz. Bonnie was a favorite aunt to Kimberly and Scott Vuz, Kelly and Chris O’Brien, Ryan Patterson and Jessica Mergenthaler.  Also her great nieces and nephew Victoria Vuz, Veronica Vuz, Christian O’Brien, Noelle O’Brien and Alexa O’Brien. As well as so many wonderful, loving friends she held close to her heart throughout the years.

In closing, here is a quote from her niece Jessica,”Aunt Bonnie is a legend, she really is and always was!”

There will be a Celebration of Life Service in the late Spring of 2020 in Bonnie’s honor. Family and close friends will be notified.
Posted by Dave Munster on October 22, 2019
Bonnie was one of a kind, and will never be forgotten! I know she's in a better place now. Thoughts and prayers to Gayle and to all who loved her.
Posted by John Leone on October 21, 2019
Bonnie, my childhood friend, the wonderful times we had. Growing up, your family was my family.
You join your siblings Gary & (JP) John Paul, who left this world way too soon.
My thoughts and prayers to Linda, Gayle and all the people who loved you.

Posted by Denise LaForgia on October 16, 2019
Dear Bonnie,
Rejoice in your renewal!! Although you are and will forever be so dearly missed, I am rejoicing that your spirit is free. You were such a bright light of energy, compassion and love. I will always remember how you comforted me early in my journey as a grieving mother. I remember the enormous capacity you had to hold me and all those feelings on one of those really tough days. You so deserve this awesome, warm peace that has come upon you. I believe that God and all your family and friends are with you now to soothe your soul as you one day soothed mine! Godspeed Bonnie Until we meet again!
Your friend, Dee
Posted by Linda Benoski on October 15, 2019
Dear Bonnie
My friend of 51 years!
Always a sounding board for each other, definitely your sense of humor was one of a kind.
You never ever missed sending me a card ( in the mail) on my birthday!
A rare find for sure.
You always delighted so in choosing gifts for your family members, wanting to bring a smile to their face was your top priority.
We will see each other again, I am sure.
Dancing is on the agenda!
I didn’t hang the twirly sparkly things you got me to keep the cardinals, the visits from loved ones that have passed, from smashing their heads in the window.
The reason I didn’t hang them up is so you can come and visit; I will know it is you.
For now, be at peace with the angels. Keep your eye on things, as I know you will.
Always with love, Linda VNB
Posted by Kimberly Vuz on October 15, 2019
There was no one quite like Aunt Bonnie. She was born on the fourth of July and was a firecracker in every sense. It wasn't a party until Aunt Bonnie arrived.

She was a Disco Queen. I used to love watching her get ready to go out on Saturday nights. And I couldn't wait for her to leave so I could try on all of her sparkly clothes, spiked heels, boas, etc. She had the most amazing closet. For Halloween, we never had to go to the store, we just went into her closet and made the best costumes.

Aunt Bonnie took me everywhere with her. She made everything an unforgettable experience. When I was older, she got me into clubs. No one could dance like her.

She also was always there to talk to and help whenever I needed. When I was 19 and wanted to go to Jamaica with my boyfriend, my mom said "No" But Aunt Bonnie said, she would go with us and we went. She also called school and said I wouldn't be in that day when I cut school here and there.

When I got married and had to make dinner for the first time, she was at my house and helped me make a fantastic meal.

She watched my girls when they were little. I loved that they got to have a little of the "Aunt Bonnie Experience" minus the clubbing and cutting school, of course.

She was also an inspiration. She battled so many health issues. With her zest for life and determination, she kept bouncing back when it seemed impossible. Even the doctors were mystified.

Thank you for everything Aunt Bonnie. Miss you and love you always. I know you are dancing and are the life of the party up in Heaven.
Posted by Gayle Patterson on October 15, 2019
To My Dearest Bonnie,
Yours was the first face I remember seeing
After entering this world
We’ve had so many adventures, laughter and tears
You have always been one of my closest friends,
Not just a sister to me
Your antics were the best material
For stories to be told
Laughing right along with us, as the tales did unfold
Generous of heart and spirit,
Giving of your time
You will be greatly missed
I love you, sister of mine

Love you always, Gayle ❤️
Posted by Linda Petsch on October 15, 2019
You have always been my fascinating, entertaining and loving little sister. There was never a dull moment. You, Gayle and I had that “Wow Factor” when we went out together dancing. One day we will all be together again and can dance on the clouds for all eternity. I love you and miss you immensely. XOXO Your sister, Linda.

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