Let the memory of Bridget be with us forever
  • 73 years old
  • Born on February 13, 1940 .
  • Passed away on July 4, 2013 .

In memory of our loved one, Bridget Downes, 73, born on February 13, 1940 and passed away on July 4, 2013. We will remember, miss and treasure her forever.

"there are special people in our lives that never leave us, even after they have gone"

Posted by Hayley Kane on 20th November 2016
missing you always. so much.
Posted by Claire May on 27th September 2016
Thinking of u tonight saying night God bless xx
Posted by Claire May on 27th September 2016
Thinking of u tonight saying night God bless xx
Posted by Hayley Kane on 27th September 2016
I miss you so much I wish you were here I love you so much !!! Love Kiara
Posted by Hayley Kane on 27th September 2016
your all that's on my mind. I miss you so much nanny.
Posted by Claire May on 20th September 2016
Was ment to say Dave for reading it to her. I think of her every day with out fail . I am still devastated I couldn't get to her funeral for reasons I'm sure she knows. But she would say God had another plan for u do that is what u done. I will always think off her and all the family as part of my family . Everyone made me do welcome and continue to care, I miss her so much n I'm sure so does everyone who meet her. But she once told me God knows ur path and he will guide u just follow. I have done this and hope she is proud as I'm sure she is all the family everyone has done her proud and Albert off course they where a funny crazy yet so in love cupple it was never dull round them. I have so many memory's I could go on forever. So I will get off and say good night God bless Bridget love u still
Posted by Claire May on 20th September 2016
To those Who knew her she was a mother Nana great Nana and so much more to me she was a friend confident and much needed rock. She was a true some lady and they were first and foremost as it should be . As much as she was small she is made up for with gumption fight and courage . I will never forget finding out she is gone nor forget meeting her . She meant so much to me I cannot put into words . However when she was really ill I did and I sent it and I thank God and thank days every day for reading that to her
Posted by Robert Preece on 20th September 2016
my mom bridget downes was small 5ft 1in but she was so strong n the head of our family,she was the boss we all did what we was told n rememba as kids dad use2 hit us wiv hes belt when naughty but we use2 laugh after b.cuz it neva hurt but when mom came wiv that slipper omg we did wha we was told then b.cuz it hurt like hell lol mom was so lovely that she would give u her last penny if she had it she just wanted 2make every1 happy,amazing lady what i was so proud 2call her my loving mother
Posted by Stacey Anna on 19th September 2016
Such a kind hearted lady nana i remember how she would take us to church she watched us grow helped us all she was the foundation of a great family her jokes and her funny way of been so unique she said a rosary prayer every night she held all our hands through life and never let go.So strong and determined hard working and beautiful such a blessing to me and many she was so loved she will always be dearly missed by all.Until the end and even then she never gave up she fought and fought and taught us all how important it is to fight and hold on a true inspiration.Her voice now just a memory that can only cradle us in spirit an ocean of tears was shed the day she left.Her scent of lavender still lingers an irish culture that will never die reminds us of who our nana is Bridie downes and how blessed we were to have had her here we know she is a angel now a star up in the sky she said she will be at the golden gates and this was not goodbye.R.i.p Nana goodnight godbless x
Posted by Emma Trott on 19th September 2016
Wish I had met her, lighting this candle in respect of what I know as a lovely woman xx

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