Let the memory of Bruce be with us forever
  • 63 years old
  • Born on June 9, 1951 in latrobe, Pennsylvania, United States.
  • Passed away on December 1, 2014 in ligonier, Pennsylvania, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Bruce Alesi, 63 born on June 9, 1951 and passed away on December 1, 2014. We will remember him forever.

Posted by Debbie Alesi on December 22, 2018
Merry Christmas in heaven I miss you so much our grandchildren and kids keep me going I hope u think of us I love u
Posted by Tiffany Debar on December 1, 2018
It's been 4yrs today it doesn't get easier I miss you everyday. I wish you were here your buddy bradan is getting so big u would love to take him hunting with you. You have 3 more grandchildren who are adorable and wish you could of gotten to meet. We love you and miss you every day please watch over us all!
Posted by Debbie Alesi on November 16, 2018
Well it’s been a year since I have been on here. Trying to get better about all this but u never get better u just get thru it!. Life isn’t the same I struggle to get thre emotionally and physically each day... kids have all grown and left and it’s as if I don’t exist but I’m ok with that because I know I did what I could as a mom to raise them I have we have 4 grandchildren don’t see them much either cause I have to always go there I work a lot and it’s just me and bella . Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here soon and I dread it. Moms dying and it will be a sad year I love u and miss you forever and always love Debbie
Posted by Debbie Alesi on November 28, 2017
It will be a few days and it’s your anniversary of your death bruce there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of you! Life is different without you hear kids all went their separate ways and I’m alone but u have two beautiful grandchildren from Christine they r so prescious and your buddy Bradan is getting so big please continue to watch over us I hope to see you soon I love u Debbie
Posted by Jan Ream on March 5, 2017
Hi Bruce, This is your mother in law that loved you dearly, You were so good for Debbie, she changed a little after she married you, she loved you so much and there will never be another Bruce, she has her days and they are bad, her Buster died and so did Cocoa. We miss our buddies so much. Debbie and I are getting along good I think we realize how much we love each other and life is short. I am dying Bruce from COPD, it wont be long now, I feel it coming, I get so short of breathe its a matter of time now, and I will be joining you and Jimmy., Well see ya soon and take care of Jimmy for me, I love you. Jan
Posted by Debbie Alesi on June 29, 2016
It's the forth of July 2016.nothing exciting new hear..lots of violence hear on this earth..I hate this..this world is getting bad..I mean bad..I miss u..u mad me feel safe.I feel lonely.I miss your converdations..the snacks you made us.watchin young and restless. And napping together..I love u bruce. Come for me soon.I'm ready to come be with u.I love u.busy and bella miss u
Posted by Debbie Alesi on June 19, 2016
Happy father's day to you..I'm love u and miss u for ever and always
Posted by Debbie Alesi on June 9, 2016
Happy birthday in heaven angel.I love u forever in my heart. ..debbie
Posted by Debbie Alesi on May 31, 2016
I miss u..our birthdays are coming up..I loved having our birthday in the same week..I miss u forever and always
Posted by Debbie Alesi on May 10, 2016
Dear bruce..I miss you so much..it's really sad here on this earth....I wish u were here so u could talk tobu..things will never be the same. ..I can't wait to see you..hope it's soon...I'm just tired!!! Tired of all the bullshit...love u forecer...Debbue
Posted by Debbie Alesi on March 15, 2016
Today is our anniversary..I miss u so much....I love u and am thinking of u..I do everyday...happy anniversary in heaven
Posted by Debbie Alesi on January 23, 2016
Dear bruce.I really miss u..life is lonely...my mom is dying..everyone is leaving me. .I miss u everyday..all the little things u did meant alot.no man could ever replace u...I hope to be with you soon ..love u..my angrl
Posted by Debbie Alesi on January 9, 2016
Dear bruce..I wish u were here..I'm lonely..I'm miss everything about u..I'm hope u are happy and healthy wherever u are..I'm hope to see u soon.i don't like going on without u..I'm love u and miss u so much...love debbie
Posted by Debbie Alesi on December 1, 2015
Everyone is sad down here today..the world isn't the same without u....can't imagine it ever being the same...I laid in bed the last 2 days...today I'm working overtime..to stay outta bed and to have focus on something..I miss u everyday..I love u until the end of time...yours truly Debbie
Posted by Jan Ream on November 28, 2015
Hi Bruce, Well it will be a year soon and I want to take Debbie out for the day, to lunch and what ever she wants to do. I miss you so much Bruce, you are the best, I always bragged about my son in law. Ken and I talk about your apple pie, NOONE could make it better, I hope your with Jimmy, How is he since hes normal? Is he talking to you?, God took the best when he took you and my son I still cry for Jimmy and Debbie crys for you, You always told me I was the best MOM for Jimmy, Thank you for that, I tried very hard.So many of us miss you especially my daughter, A love that cant be replaced.
Posted by Debbie Alesi on November 26, 2015
Today is thanksgiving...my first Thanksgiving without you...I miss you more than life itself..if I could only find my way to heaven we would spend it together..this was your favorite holidsy....you chopped celery onions and made the perfect apple pie....I miss everything about you...happy thanksgiving in heaven. .love u
Posted by Tiffany Debar on November 26, 2015
It's our first thanksgiving without u it was ur favorite holiday were not gonna be able to taste ur awesome pies. I miss ur smiling face! Happy Thanksgiving in heaven I love you!
Posted by Debbie Alesi on November 9, 2015
Today I'm real sick in bed... not feeling well at all .I could use some of your chicken soup.I miss u and love u
Posted by Debbie Alesi on October 30, 2015
It's 11 months since you have been gone. ...I hate this life..alone..I wish u were here
Posted by Debbie Alesi on October 18, 2015
Miss u.....it's approaching 1 year..where did this time go?..I love u
Posted by Debbie Alesi on August 31, 2015
Its nine months since u left us..hasnt got any easier..I will love u forever..until the end of time.....I love u bruce
Posted by Debbie Alesi on August 24, 2015
Although u are not here to see this wonderful news..Gary and kaitlin got engaged! That should make u happy. U have always said u want to see three things before u died....christine to have a baby...Gary and kaitlin married and tiffany to be happy..well your not here to see any ofvit..but please watch over our kiddos keep them from harm ..they love u.and so do i..until we meet again..my love....debbie
Posted by Debbie Alesi on August 1, 2015
Today is 8 months since you have been gone and it doesn't get any easier..love u forever
Posted by Debbie Alesi on July 15, 2015
Today is just another day without you!!  I'm not feeling well today...so didn't go to work...feeling light headed and dizzy...thinking of you! I miss you so very much..love you forever
Posted by Debbie Alesi on July 2, 2015
It's 7 months that u have been gone...life doesn't get any easier. I know u arent coming back..I only wish I could see u one more time..I love u brucr
Posted by Debbie Alesi on June 21, 2015
Happy father's day...to you in heaven..you were the dad my kids never had...I love u and miss u yesterday..today and will miss u tomorrow...until we meet again...love u..Debbie
Posted by Tiffany Debar on June 21, 2015
Today is Fathers Day and its so hard knowing ur not here anymore to celebrate.You were the best dad to me. You were there when my real dad wasn't. Not only were you a great dad but a great pap pap. Happy Fathers day we all miss u and love you!
Posted by Debbie Alesi on June 13, 2015
Yesterday was my birthday. ..first one without you..

I miss u terribly...I love u
Posted by Debbie Alesi on June 9, 2015
Today we are supposed to be celebrating your 64th birthday. ..but instead..we mourn for your loss..I love u more than words could ever say...happy birthday in heaven Bruce...love u always..Debbie
Posted by Gary Debar on June 8, 2015
Tomorrow will be bitter sweet… Normally we would be celebrating your birth but now we are left to mourn your passing. It’s hard to believe that it’s already been six months since you left us and I must admit, none of us has been the same since. To this day, I still hear your voice in my head and literally laugh out loud about the funny things you used to say. There have been many things that I learned from you over the years but to me, the most important was to never take life to seriously. You were always the life of the party and always had something to say. No matter what the situation was, you always made the most of it and always had a smile on your face. Though I miss you greatly, as well all do, I’m gonna take this time and do the same. From now on, I’m not gonna dwell and be bitter about the fact that your gone, I’m going to be grateful and honored that I got to know the wonderful man that you were, and feel blessed to be able to call you Dad. Happy Birthday in Heaven!


P.S. As you would want me to, I’m also gonna take this time to brag about the fishing medal that you were never able to beat me for. It’s still one of my prize possessions! One day, I hope we meet again, so the fishing challenge can continue. Until then… I’ll always be one half of the great trout fishing champs!
Posted by Christine Adamek on June 8, 2015
To my beloved stepfather

You came into our lives at last and changed them for the best, the way you saved my moms heart and soul, you put Our minds at rest. The way you've comforted us we cherished till the end.you brighten are lives in so many ways.
No matter what are life situation you supported us in everything we did.
You've taken the worst of days in life and made them not so blue, that's exactly what living fathers do.
You did not have to treat us as your own but you had without a second thought. For this we can not thank you enough. A life with out you I would have never thought.
There really are no words to explain my undeniable gratitude of love, you truly were an amazing man and for this I thank the lord above.

You were one of my favorite people, I love you and miss you deeply every day!!

Posted by Debbie Alesi on June 8, 2015
Oh bruce..happy birthday in heaven....I don't know what u are doing up there...but I hope u are in comfort with your brother tony..your mom and dad...all I can say is it hurts like hell that your not here anymore...life is not the same...it never will be...it will just be different.weve always talked about what would happen if one of us went first....well bruce u went way before your time...it surely wasn't ready for this shock of my lifetime..you were a wonderful husband...the best step dad anyone could ever want..but most of all u stood by me during times my own parents never were....which was alot!!!! U were a man that had everyone laughing and everyone couldn't wait to come see u...now it's empty and lonely in my life...no one comes around because u arent here...it's just not the same...I just wasn't to wish you a happy birthday in heaven and we will be sending you a balloon release on sunday while we are at christibes...I love u and will never forget u...until the end of time...forever my love....I love BruceAlanAlesi...love..your wife...forever in my heart..Debbie
Posted by Kaitlin Sara on June 8, 2015
Happy first birthday in heaven Bruce! I miss you everyday! I wish we could hear your laugh and celebrate with you instead of missing you like crazy! I hope you enjoy your special day. We all love you! Keep sending signs
Posted by Debbie Alesi on June 1, 2015
Today was 6 months ago u were hunting in the woods...doing what u loved...today at 6 months ago..u also passed away unexpected. ....leaving behind a wife and 4 kids that love u soooo very much....2 grandchildren that also love you....your birthday is in 8 days...June sucks!!! I love you and will be thinking of u every minute today..you have your angel wings now..watch over your family..love u always...debbie
Posted by Debbie Alesi on May 26, 2015
Memorial day came and went...holidays aren't the same without you.i miss you so much....until we meet again...love u
Posted by Debbie Alesi on May 23, 2015
Today was a hard day...going thru pictures and looking at your sweet smile that everyone misses....so lost without you..for and always will love u...debbie
Posted by Debbie Alesi on May 18, 2015
Missing u terribly....can't wait until I see u again.....soon my love!
Posted by Debbie Alesi on May 15, 2015
Missing you terribly today! Love u so much...until the day comes we meet again...for eternity!! Love u
Posted by Debbie Alesi on May 11, 2015
Mothers day was yesterday...the kids had a lovely picnic for me...only thing missing was you! I know u had your mom in heaven yesterday...so that gives me comfort....the turkey in garys yard on mothers day morning was surely a sign u were with us yesterday.the way it was gobbling up at the window where I was sleeping.i looked out that window and felt such a comfort come over me. Love u....miss u
Posted by Kaitlin Sara on May 11, 2015
You welcomed me into your home and family immediately upon meeting me. I always looked forward to Sundays at the house to visit with you and Debbie, even if you and Gary would be grumpy if the Steelers lost. Your smile and happiness was contagious. It makes me so sad that you won't be a part of our future and that I only got to know you for 2 short years. I am so happy we got to spend Thanksgiving and Black Friday together this year. We will continue the tradition and try to find some great deals in your honor. I wish that you were still here. Everybody misses you so much! You will never be forgotten and I think about you daily.
Love, Kaitlin
Posted by Debbie Alesi on May 2, 2015
Its been 5 months and u have been gone..not a day goes by that I don't of you...I miss everything about you especially your smile. The days I worked midnights and you woke me up and made me a surprise lunch....oh those days are long gone....please send me a sign soon ..love u my angel....
Posted by Debbie Alesi on April 25, 2015
my angel... I really miss u today... its Bradans birthday party and its sad u are not here..... we all will miss u today and will be thinking of u... every holiday from here on out will not be the same without you. watch over your little buddy today as he turns 9 years old and know I love you...yet another day without you.... forever my love.....Debbie
Posted by Tiffany Debar on April 19, 2015
remembering u is easy I do it everyday but missing u is a heartache that will never go away!
Posted by Debbie Alesi on April 19, 2015
Well today...Gary spread your ashes up camp where u wanted them..thank god for him because I could not do it! I miss u so much...will love u forever and I know u are at rest knowing your remains are where you wanted them! Plus all the kids and myself have some of your ashes at home with us! Love u forever..my angel
Posted by Joanne Defelice on April 19, 2015
You touched so many lives with your kindness and gentle spirit.You are truly missed by all who you loved and helped while you shared part of yourself .Be at peace and know that we are taking care of Debbie for you.Until we are all together again..Watch over your family.....
Posted by Debbie Alesi on April 12, 2015
I will Always love you until the day I die my angel in heaven..see u soon my love
Posted by Debbie Alesi on April 12, 2015
fly high my angel....love u
Posted by Debbie Alesi on April 12, 2015
fly high above the clouds my angel
Posted by Tiffany Debar on April 12, 2015
There's not a day that doesn't go by that I don't think of u! Me and bradan miss and love you! R.I.P until we meet again please watch over us.

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