my wonderful husband

my husband lived his life to the fullest, always smiling,,had a very possitive attitude about life,,,he lived for the moment...was a very hard worker and above all he loved his family....having him die has been a real shock not only to myself,,but to my kids ... they never had a real father until bruce came along.... he loved my kids as if they were his all reality they were.... he was there for them and there for me for everything you can imagine.  Bruce was an avid hunter and fisherman...I would never stop him from doing the things he wanted to do...he loved the outdoors...Bruce had some real true friends.... he worked at menasha corporation..he loved those guys he worked with. I only wish he got to live to see his retirement..he was so looking forward to that,,,but instead God needed him more for whatever reason...all i know is the big guy better explain all this to me when and if I get there because it sure is lonely without him.....I love u Bruce...until then...Your loving wife  Debbie

Turkey God

Anyone who knew my Bruce knew he was either known as the turkey god, or his best buds called him brudy!! Oh how he was loved by many...God sure does take the good ones first. Bruce always put himself before everyone else. especially when it came to his family...I fell in love with his kind heart and gentle soul...that contagious smile and those corny jokes melted my heart also..Amazing what one day can do to change your were right about so many things and such a wise man...were so right about my family too. I wish I wouldve listened to you.. Now that you are gone i sure am going to do what you told me to...this does not have anything to do with the kids by the way!  Bruce loved Dawn Marley,Christine, TiffanyGary and Bradan till the ends of the earth.. We all hurt over this... I love you and miss you everyday ..I cry everyday and I always will until we meet again and for me thats not soon enough.... kisses my angel... keep sending me signs,,,,,I love you