Let the memory of Bruce David Mathews be with us forever
  • 25 years old
  • Born on April 13, 1980 in Dallas, Texas, United States.
  • Passed away on April 5, 2006 in Farmers Branch, Texas, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Bruce David Mathews, 25, born on April 13, 1980 and passed away on April 5, 2006. We will remember him forever.

Posted by Kari Mathews on 11th March 2019
i think about you everyday,bubba . i love you so much
Posted by Kari Mathews on 20th February 2019
love you momma
Posted by Kari Mathews on 9th February 2019
hello my son ,i wish you where here .you sister misses you.its almost valentnes day and we are living in garland ,tx with your gma .it really sucks big time.i try to roll with it,but as i get older its harder to do.
Posted by Kari Mathews on 1st January 2019
forget me not ............love momma
Posted by Kari Mathews on 13th December 2018
your such a goodlooking young man
Posted by Kari Mathews on 13th December 2018
its Christmas again.in garland ,all of us hating it here,momma is still with us thank the good lord...I miss you everyday bruce .I hope you and your daddy and god are having a good time ,please wait for me
Posted by Kari Mathews on 15th February 2017
"Some days I sit here and I think back to a place that time was suppose to heal.I still cry,like it was yesterday.I scream in my head!No, hes not dead,he lays on lawn on top of the rifle.I found him there.I wont never forget it.They rushed him away on that spring day his 26th birthday was 1 week away.His words whisper in my ear how he would not be here.Just like his Dad here today gone tomorrow, in my heart there is so much sorrow.My heart has so much missing.My 2 Bruces were taken from me...I just know I'll see them again one day.god promised me..........Happy Birthday and Valentines Day"
Posted by Kari Mathews on 1st January 2017
Merry Christmas and Happy New year Bubba.......put in a prayer and some good words for your grandma she has breast cancer we start chemo this next week
Posted by Nancy Bain on 4th September 2016
You chose to live with me and finish and graduate from high school. We had a wonderful school trip to England, France and Italy. You could have spent a week or more at the Louvre, but we only had a few hours. I showed you where I learned to swim in Dover, England. Then there was the Vatican and all the wonderful things to see in St. Peter's. I am so glad that you asked to be baptized and confirmed in the Catholic Church where we attended when you lived with me. Just before you were removed from life support at Parkland Memorial Hospital you received Anointing and Absolution by Fr. Don Zeller. You live on not only in our hearts but in several living persons who received life giving donations from your own body. Love you, my only son, Mom
Posted by Nancy Bain on 4th September 2016
Oooops.......... forgive a grandma. Bruce David Mathews was my oldest grandson and I should have signed My oldest grandson, Grandma. Guess I was thinking of his father too, Bruce Arn Mathews
Posted by Veronica Gatewood on 11th April 2016
I cannot believe that you're gone. My heart aches just thinking about it & thinking about your family & how terrible it must be having to live on with out you. You were my best friend growing up & I hate that I had to move with my mom to North Carolina when I was 16 since she was transferred there. We lost touch & only saw each other once more when I had come back to visit. You promised me you'd write but life happened & that was the last time I saw you or spoke to you.
Posted by Veronica Gatewood on 11th April 2016
I remember hanging out every weekend at subway just to be able to hang out with you. I remember are long talks & the fact you considered me an old soul like yourself. I miss you & will never forget you or your family. You will live forever by the eyes that saw you, the ears that heard you & the hearts that held you. Hope you're in heaven telling crazy stories about me to my husband. May you both RIP & be waiting for me when I pass on. PS I named my son Harrison Mathew after you, even tho at the time I didn't know you had passed on.
Posted by Kari Mathews on 11th April 2013
happy birthday I hope you are doing well and happy there.i miss you love momma
Posted by Kari Mathews on 22nd December 2012
Its Christmas again I am missing you each year that goes by more and more ... It is so hard to do but we do what's expected from. us momma loves you
Posted by Kari Mathews on 10th August 2012
No one hears the tears that I cry,or feels the pain in my heart since you died.They say time can heal a soul thats torn open, and oh so broken...
Posted by Kari Mathews on 28th February 2012
anyone who wants to add to this please do
Posted by Kari Mathews on 27th February 2012
1-16-2007...How do I fix my broken heart,I don't even know where to start.I remember I fixed it once before but theres twice as mamy pieces on the floor.I'll pick them up one by one til I pick up the last one...finished ...done love Momma I miss u sooo much Bubba

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