his Life

His work

Bruce was employed for more than 25 years by MIT- Haystack Observatory, Westford, where he worked as an Engineering Project Technician until the time of his death. He was known for his amazing dedication and skills, which made him the “go to guy” at Haystack. It was said by many that worked with him, “he could solve the unsolvable.” His humor and pranks went beyond anyone's expectation, which left all of his coworkers laughing for hours. He was a good friend and his loss to Haystack will be immeasurable.


Bruce adored his "Gracie" and enjoyed spending time with her more than anything in the world. He taught her how to fish at the age of 2, reeling in stripers off his father's boat. Bruce shared his love of the outdoors with her and she will never forget the times they spent exploring. Gracie will always remember the fun they had whenever they were together. A loving father, Bruce always wanted to be the best dad that he could possibly be for Grace.

When Bruce met Lisa

Bruce and I first met in High School, and spent alot of time hanging out with our friends Mark and Melissa bowling, movies, Papa Gino's and Sterling Icecream bar.   Bruce recalled a fishing trip he turned down with his father and brother, to go to the beach with me, only to have me stand him up. 

Many years later we were able to reconnect.   I made it up to him.  We went to a Goo Goo Dolls concert together at the Hampton Beach Casino and I NEVER stood him up again.

My mom was always tryiing to play match maker.  She would often visit him at Goddard News and tell him to come over.  

We were fortunate enough to reconnect many years later and spent the best years of our lives "together".   Our time was short but I will have memories to last a life time.