Let the memory of Baby Cairo be with us forever ...
  • Born on August 15, 2013 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States.
  • Passed away on August 15, 2013 .

This memorial website was created in the memory of my grandson, Cairo Leonitus Haynes,  born on August 15, 2013 and passed away a few short hours later. 

... A part of our family that will be forever missed and remembered always ... 

Posted by Harriette Haynes on 5th September 2018
Still remembering my first "Little Pumpkin" ... Continue your journey in the arms of The Father!! GiGi
Posted by Harriette Haynes on 15th August 2016
You have another little brother ... I know if you were alive you guys would pass for triplets ... Keep resting in the arms of God ... Love you always ... Forever in my heart ... GiGi aka "Grammy"
Posted by Zaria Flanigan on 18th August 2015
Hey baby boy I miss u a lot some times I still blame myself for what happened to u I AM SO SORRY ABOUT WHAT HAPPRNED INUST STARTED MIDDLE SCHOOL I hope u r happy this all brings back uncomfortable emotions mommy and Mr.jayden are getting back to good term this process is not the easiest on me love u dearly Lil bro
Posted by Stacy Haynes on 17th August 2015
My dear son, Your birthday just passed and it was a rough. mommy is going through difficulty not so conveniently right at your birthday. Got a set of bad news. God does everything for a reason. I miss you so. I wish you had the opportunity to play with your brother. He's amazing! I talk about you to him. I know you watch over us daily. I love you! Happy belated birthday! This world is so evil. You are truly in a much better place. Mom
Posted by Harriette Haynes on 16th August 2015
Loving you always ... Grammie
Posted by Harriette Haynes on 13th April 2015
Cairo, I see your reflection every day as I play with your brother ... so special that God kept you for Himself ... forever in my heart ... Grammy
Posted by Harriette Haynes on 26th December 2013
I find that I am a little sad this week because this is the time that you were to grace us with your presence on this earth... I know you are in heaven ... a place I strive to be ... I am still a little sad ...
Posted by Stacy Haynes on 18th August 2013
Cairo... Please help mommy. I'm so sad without you. I need strength. Your Mom
Posted by Shawn Santana on 18th August 2013
As Natalie and I sit here, we are at a loss of words. We have no idea the pain you are experiencing nor can we imagine the way you feel. Forever missed, Cairo is a testament to the things we can not understand; we can only pray the lord holds you all through this extremely difficult time. We love you all and will continue to pray for you all.
Posted by Celia Abednego on 17th August 2013
To Cousin Cairo you are a perfect gem. We were all waiting your arrival. May God continue to comfort your Dad Cedric and your Mom Stacy, by letting them know you are one of the angels watching over them. May God bless Cairo, Stacy and Cedric. You all will be in our prayers. Cousin Eve, Sha, Ren, Elvis, Janice, Ellion, & Ellik
Posted by Stacy Haynes on 17th August 2013
I really felt like today would be better. But this weather seems to match how I feel. .... cold, dark, and ugly. I feel no sunshine. Lord, how I miss you SO! A mother's pain I never imagined feeling. ...
Posted by Harriette Haynes on 16th August 2013
Your time on this earth was just a brief few moments, but you will remain in my heart forever. I am comforted to know that you are in the "Arms of God" now. Rest in Peace ... Cairo ... Grandma
Posted by Harriette Haynes on 16th August 2013
"Suffer the little children to come unto me, for such is the Kingdom of Heaven" ... Jesus (Mathew 19:14)
Posted by Stacy Haynes on 16th August 2013
To: Cairo My sweet Angel It was the biggest blessing of my life to have the opportunity to hold you in my arms and see your beautiful face. You were the best reflection of your mom and dad. I will love you always and find strength to go on . -Mom
Posted by Ira Crabbe on 16th August 2013
Our condolences on the lost of your grand son. Also, our condolence to the mother and father who lost their love-one. Little ones are precious and they deserve their turn to walk the face of our earth and provide their contribution to the human race. It is so sad to see him gone so soon.

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