This tribute was added by Shanna Cloud on January 20, 2019
Not enough words can put 21 years of life with you into words. You were the most loyal person I've ever met and you could never ever be replaced. Your friendship has and always will be cherished more than you could ever know. Our countless years of memories of runnin the roads and creepin will never be forgotten. I miss your laugh the most. I miss your daily morning calls. Life without you has definitely changed. And never could I have ever imagined doing life without you. I always knew we would grow old together. I could write a book filled with our memories and my feelings of not having you around, but none of that will bring you back. I still have moments where I just hope it wasn't really real. You're an amazing, beautiful soul for forever and eternity. There aren't enough ways to say how much I love and miss you dear friend. Best friends forever and eternity.
This tribute was added by Jessica Gates on January 20, 2019
Candace was and always will be my best friend. She had the most infectious smile! She was one of the best people I knew , unless she didn’t like you then you were screwed lol We have been through so much and regardless of what it was she was always there for me. She was not just my best friend, she was my sister. We grew up together, Her family is my family and mine hers! We been there for each other through break ups and hook ups, staying in and sneaking out, birthdays and holidays , swearing aheeqs never having a baby and holding her hand while she gave birth for the first time, being there for funerals of our loved ones and always being that shoulder. We just loved doing life together ! She meant so much to me and the memories I have with her will forever be cherished because they are some of the best times of my life . I know she is by my side daily and I know she will always be my best friend. Until we meet again, I love you more
This tribute was added by Thomasina Paige on January 20, 2019
There is not a day that goes by girl that I don’t think of you.... Just miss hearing your voice. Our late night girl talks, or man hunts Lol. Your one of the few people that God put in life that showed me what true friendship really means. I thank God for you everyday!!! Miss you Candace!!

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