<p>Carl was a good father who loved all 3 of is children  .He also loved fishing wi is friends .loved a good sort out as me and kids had to see what he thrown away lol.loved his mum and family lots . He loved his children more than any thing and would do any thing for em .He adored is daughter emily may hudson  who he sadly never had the chance to say bye to  also his oldest son ryan  hudson  is first born and the double of carl he never had the chance to say good to him too , logan the youngest and funnest of em all who never had the chance to say bye , donna who wa wi carl 17 year even thou they had split would of loved to say bye , carl we had good times bad times and things went horribly wrong for us me kids will never com t terms wi ur loss and the pain we suffer every day . Rip carl love u forever</p>