Those we love don't go away, They walk beside us every day. Unseen, unheard, but always near, Still loved, still missed and forever dear.
  • 77 years old
  • Born on March 18, 1941 in Bridgetown, Barbados.
  • Passed away on July 26, 2018 .

Carmen Perkins 

18 March 1941 - 26 July 2018 (Age 77)

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Carmen Perkins 77 years old, born on March 18, 1941 and passed away on July 26, 2018. We will remember her forever.

Carmen was always full of humor but behind that  jovial person was a very smart, thrifty  and humble individual. In her latter days  in confidence that Christ was her savior she made the funeral arrangements you are now witnessing. 

She knew that her battle with cancer of the gallbladder and liver was about to come to an end. She commented that she was ready to depart as the quality of life she now had was not worth fighting for. She set out her attire — a selection of jewelry, her pink dress (orange to me but who am I to argue), underwear and slippers. 

She gave clear, witnessed instructions that she wanted to be churched at Bethel and interred at Westbury cemetery . To make it easy she left a copy of her church membership certificate and a character reference.  I am not sure why the copy of the reference was left but my guess is that it was to give credence to her character and the authenticity of the membership certificate.

She said she did not want to be hospitalized she wanted to remain at home and no announcements of her death were to be made and her coffin should be simple and closed.

Posted by Ann Forde on 3rd August 2018
I was met by Carmen Perkins' reassuring smile as receptionist on November 14, 1979 on my first day as clerical officer at the then Water Works . I remembered her dry wit that would always put a smile on ours faces and her sassy walk in her fashionable outfits. She respected everyone from seniority to work colleagues and the public. We missed her pleasantries when she returned to the public service after Water Works became an Authority. As a member of the Water Spouts Social Group, we were delighted to have Carmen at the Picnic at the Silver Sands Recreational Park. That was the last time I saw Carmen when we dropped her home. I will forever treasure that last social in her presence. May She Rest In Peace. Ann Forde (Barbados Water Authority)
Posted by Ian Moore on 2nd August 2018
My condolences to the entire Perkins Family on the lost of their love one.
Posted by Richard Perkins on 1st August 2018
What I remember most clearly about my aunt is her sense of humour. It was this that made her imprint on the world real. Her wit was quick and subversive. She was always sure to make me laugh, not polite smiles but the kind of laughter that would leave me still giggling days later. (Like when she said her tombstone should say simply ‘hardly worked.’) That humour was what I remember most because I have so many of those memories. But perhaps what I respected most about her was that she was always unapologetically herself and she managed this with warmth and, of course, humour. She will be missed.’ Nicholas Perkins
Posted by Richard Perkins on 1st August 2018
Auntie Carmen Carmen E Perkins What a lady what a lady! My heart is warm when I think about what a phenomenal lady she was, and I’m sure of those who knew her they would agree she had that undeniable ability to lighten a room and put a smile— sometimes a belly aching laugh— on everyone’s face. Auntie Carmen was loving, kind, caring, strong, independent and of course very intelligent and wise! (With a light-hearted chuckle she would want me to remind you of the latter two adjectives , but indeed I can say she was one of the smartest people I know. She took her role as sister, aunt and friend to heart — and to everyone here to today I am sure you ALL hold special memories of her. Although she is gone, and our hearts mourn, let’s take comfort knowing that she is in a better place. Let her legacy live on through us every day, as we remember to be patient and kind— to everyone— but especially to those we love. God Bless You All. I will miss you Auntie Carmen. Love Robyn
Posted by Richard Perkins on 1st August 2018
My auntie Carmen, Thanks for all your pep talks and good advice, my soul mate in style and fashion. You were an inspiration to me and I will carry you in my heart always. Love Nicole Brathwaite
Posted by Richard Perkins on 1st August 2018
Very often if you asked someone what attracted them to another person you might hear: “He/she makes me laugh!” That is what I believe endeared me to this lady, Carmen. It was a late-night birthday party at her house and I was meeting her for the first time. I was fascinated that a woman of her age could dance to the pulsating soca beats and “go down low,” as they say. She made me laugh. As our friendship grew we became supermarket buddies. “I’m coming to get you.” She always protested that she didn’t want to leave the house and invariably when I arrived she was never ready. But her cavalier “what-you-see-is-what you-get” attitude never failed. She made me laugh. We relished at discovering bargains in home décor items and discussed food recipes with passion, always on the lookout for the uncommon ingredient. We licked our plates after a delicious meal, flinging the front doors wide to dare any passers-by to baulk at our lack of etiquette. And we laughed. We argued playfully about politics, church and the social ills of the society. And we laughed. I guess God knew how special she was to me because an unexpected visit back home allowed me to see her just three days before she left us. That was the first time I ever cried when I was with her. My tears are for the memory of laughter. Carmen made me laugh and in this strange bedfellow of friendship she gave me joy. I hope I did the same for her. Laura Mey

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