Let the memory of our beautiful and gracefully loving mother Carmen be with all of us for eternity
  • 80 years old
  • Born on July 31, 1931 in Arecibo, Puerto Rico.
  • Passed away on December 31, 2011 in Bronx, New York, United States.

This memorial was created for us all to embrace the gracious love, warm laughter and lovely voice of
our mother Carmen Pitre

I would hope that in some way we can find a little solace in taking a moment to reflect on her wonders, because our mother was much to beautiful to ever forget.
You live within and around us forever and ever...

Posted by Beatrice Pitre on August 3, 2019
Happy Birthday in heaven mom..you are now 88years old..I pray I see you soon..miss you more than life itself..living is not so great mom...too many egotistical people on this earth..heaven must be so much better mom..please send me a sign that you are with me in spirit..love you mom xoxo forever in my heart..
Posted by Beatrice Pitre on December 31, 2018
Mom,, I miss you very much, my heart is forever broken, I'm trying to be strong mom, but it's getting harder each year, I'm trying to complete my mission here as a mom, and move on with life. Please say hello to dad, and grandma, I miss her very much, and I'm sorry I can't remember dad, but he's in my heart. I hope you are happy and safe in heaven in Gods arms. Mom, life is very hard, and I'm trying to be as strong as you were, sometimes it hurts very much just to live with certain pains I can't seem to get over. Today I saw Elba your sister and we spoke about you and how much she misses you. She looks like you more and more, I see her in you very much. She is hurting for you too. I see you in my dreams mom and I see your smile, so I'm hoping you are happy in heaven and in Gods arms. Please show me a sign that you are with me Mom for I need you very much !! Send you all my love Mom, and I will never forget you, for you live in my heart. Until I see you again Mom XOXO
Posted by Rafael Rivera on December 31, 2018
Rest in peace Carmen. For you are surly missed by many. I have good memories of you and that winning smile that warms anyones heart. God Bless you always.
Posted by Beatrice Pitre on July 31, 2018
Missing you mom, like you left us yesterday !!
Every flower I see, I see you!! Every beach I see, I see you!!
When I hear a whistle, I think of you always!!
Until I see you again, I will hold you forever in my heart !!
XOXO LOVE YOU ALWAYS Mom, my true friend !!
Posted by Annette Pitre on July 31, 2018
Feliz Cumpleaños en el Cielo abuela. Te amó tanto y me haces falta. Hasta que pueda ver tu carita linda otra vez.
Posted by Beatrice Pitre on December 31, 2017
Dear Mom,,today's makes six years we lost you,,it still hurts like yesterday,,today we will be together in spirit .. I miss you dearly,,,and I know I will see you soon again,,,send you my love xoxo Until we meet again forever in my heart ,,AMEN sweet mom..
Posted by Rafael Rivera on December 31, 2017
R.I.P. Carmen.
Posted by Beatrice Pitre on July 31, 2017
Happy Birthday mom..miss just like you left us yesterday...praying you will have a wonderful day in heaven and celebrate your day in heaven...you forever live in my heart!!!
Posted by Rafael Rivera on July 31, 2017
Happy Birthday Carmen. May the eternal angels watch over you, r.i.p.
Posted by Rafael Rivera on January 1, 2017
Happy New Year Carmen. The world is full of fake peoples, but for someone like you who was real true and true. What you see is what you got. Warm smiles, honest conversation, and the best P.R. cooking
in the Bronx. May the good lord walk by side in eternity and may your
good will, love, and blessings watch over your family. R.I.P.
Posted by Beatrice Pitre on September 18, 2016
Thinking about you mom...wishing I could turn to you...for much needed strength...only you can make me understand why people hurt others just because they have hate it their hearts...and turn others against our family.. mom you are in heaven and im sure you can see us..we miss very much...please keep us safe from people that want to do harm to us...you were the living proof of how much we loved each other...AMEN!!! Miss you dearly
Posted by Beatrice Pitre on July 31, 2016
Dear Mom,
Thinking of you always, wishing you a Happy Birthday in Heaven, even though you are not on this earth, you will forever live in my heart!!!
Until we meet again, and I pray I will be with you soon xoxo. Love you very much. Xoxo
Posted by Juan Rolon on April 30, 2016
As i was growing up as an 11 year old kid one of the very first people i meet was the cosmes migdalia was the one person who keep the bullies from the building away from me so i got close to that family they felt like my own i practicully lived in there house while i was growing up and now as an adult to see my second moms in thoses pictures really broke me.i cried of course. Because she was such a beautiful person who by herself raised all of yous and that is a beautiful thing.she took me on my first trip to the kingdom hall so i know shes in heaven cause thats were angels belong with god.i wish i couldve said goodbye but i know in my heart she sees the tears running down my eyes.i always want to remember carmen pitre as that strong women that always told us to be good and look for god.migdalia your still my number one friend.sorry about moms johnny
Posted by Beatrice Pitre on January 30, 2016
Dear Mom, I miss you and need you very dearly. Im turning to you for answers as to why things go wrong in my life. I love my family very much, but I dont believe they feel it or see it. Mom please send me a sign of what I should do. I have tried very much to keep to myself and live my life, but for some reason troubles come to me. I tell people how I feel because they need change, if they dont change they live with mesary, their unhappiness makes others unhappy, because we live as a family. I just want peace mom, to be able to live in my home and not watch every step I take. Mom I am looking for a little place where I can be happy, people will always look for the stupides things to be upset about, things that make no sense and its not things that make them get upset, its really their own unhappiness that pours out instead. Mom you always told me thar mesary loves company, and you are so right. please send me a sign that you have not left me and walk by me, as others have left me and reject me. I feel very much alone in this world where i cant find peace. Joel, Lucas, Kaylee are doing great. I love you mom, many times I just want to be with you, and sing those little songs we used to sing. I will try hard to take care of myself, i must come first now. Please mom come into my dreams and give me advise. Love you always xoxo
Posted by Beatrice Pitre on December 31, 2015
My Dear Mom, I miss you very much like you left yesterday. Tonight you will have your 4th year in heaven. I hold you in my heart mom every moment of my day. It been a long year Mom with lots of dissappointments and lots of pain. But just like you were strong, I will also be strong. please send me a message that you are ok ! Tonight I will be thinking of you and holding that moment in my heart. Happy New Year 2016 in heaven, in which you will celebrate with Jehova and his son Jesus and his angels. I miss you dearly ... Sending you my love,,,until I see you again. XOXO (((((HHHUUGGG)))))))
Posted by Alicia Morel on December 19, 2015
Hola señora carmen, habla alicia hijastra de tu hijo Carlos, no se si usted se acuerda de mi pero yo se me acuerdo muy bien de usted, fuiste muy amable siempre conmigo aunque no era hija de carlos. Me acuerdo que usted siempre tenía un humor increíble igual que yo, aunque han pasado los años siempre pienso en usted y más ahorita que mi padre fayesio hace 3 meses , me hace demasiada falta mi padre y se que se siente perder un padre . Les mando mucha fuerza a tus hijos porque es duro. Siempre te recordaré carmen. Hasta como hablabas , tu voz lo tengo muy presente en mi mente , descanse en paz .
Posted by Migdalia Rivera on June 27, 2015
Hola Mamita , a pasado un tiempo que no te escrito. Nunca es porque te olvidado, encontrario mama no pasa un dia que no estas conmigo. Pienso en ti cada momento, me hace muchas falta que no tengo mas que hacer sino llorar. Siempre te busco, me despierto pensando en llamarte para hablar un poco, como haciamos antes. Me dado cuenta que la vida no es nada sin ti. Si tengo a mus hermanos y hermanas pero todos nosotros te estranamos mucho y te necesitamos. Hoy es el cumpleano de tus hemelos...cumplen 45 anos. Como quisieran que tu estuviera con nosotros. Mama siempre pienso en el dia que te volvere a mirar, te pido we ue me busque . No te olvides de mi mamita, si puedes communicarte conmigo yo estoy aqui siempre esperandote. Hablame Mamita te quiero tanto y me estoy volviendo loca sin tu amor y noce lo que hacer... me acuesto esperandote . Te mando muchos beso y abraso. Tu hija Migdalia
Posted by Rafael Rivera on January 1, 2015
May the lord bring eternal peace to your loving soul Carmen. I remember a you as a wonderful, joyful person who warmed up everyone who surrounded you. Life just beamed out of you and encuffed everyone, no matter how they were feeling. I can only imagine how much you are missed by your loved ones, but, I also feel you are with them each and everyday. R.I.P. Carmen Pitre, God Bless you!
Posted by Beatrice Pitre on December 31, 2014
Dear Mom,
I can't express how much I miss you. When you passed, a part of me passed along with you. I don't feel the same ever and I will never feel that lively person I was. I live because I must for everyone else, but not for myself. Life is not about me, but about everyone else. I want everyone to be happy mom and find thier way into a good life and be happy with their famlies. I will move on mom, because I must find that person I lost three year ago. 2015 is almost here, and I only fear what it may bring. I also lost my a special person in my life mom, I looked up to her very much and had so much fun with her. But I feel alone more and more alone. But I feel this was meant to be, maybe I was too attached. Mom, I only pray that when my time comes, I will meet with you. I pray that you are doing pasteles and platanitos, which were your favorite. Mom I love you and miss you dearly all the time. There is not one day that will go by that I don't cry for you and which I had a close friend to speak to. Mom, we will be together this evening and we will be thinking about you. I do have a fear mom to enter another year. 2014 was a good year because Lucas was born, he is a special beautiful grandchild. You would have held him and never want to let him go, I pray you can see him from heaven. Mom, you are close to my hear all the time, and will continue to be. Until we meet again mom. I love you always.
XOXO (((((((((((((HUUUGGGGGSSSS))))))))) XOXO
Posted by Migdalia Rivera on January 2, 2013
One whole year living without your smile, the sound of your voice and most of all the embrace of your warmth has made all of us stronger. Mama we live life as you did with great hope that we will one day be with you again. Life is definitely not the same without you which is why expressing our emotions on this forum is one way of letting out our grief. Mama we love you and miss you always.
Posted by Beatrice Pitre on January 1, 2013
Dear Mom... yesterday at 8:09 pm you made a whole year you are not with us...we miss you like we lost you yesterday...always thinking about you mom...everyone is doing good...continuing to live is hard but we must live for this is what you would do and taught us to do..we love you mom always in our hearts..XOXO this is a photo of almost all of us..love you always mom..xoxo
Posted by Migdalia Rivera on November 10, 2012
Hola Mama
Hoy Te escribo para decirte que te estrano todos los dias de mi vida. Tu estas en mi mente , mi alma , y mi corazon siempre. Te amo mas y siempre.... Tu hija Migdalia Besistos y abrazos Mama
Posted by Elizabeth Pitre Cantor on September 17, 2012
Hi mom we are all doing o.k.we just went out with with Erika bee and Elba out to the store, and to eat we had a good day but one think mom you are with use everywhere we go migg is o.k. and going back to work and will be a grandmom soon we miss you everyday and love you every much . We all love and miss you, see you soon.
Posted by Migdalia Rivera on May 21, 2012
Mama, today I was told that I will be a grandmother to an amazing baby boy...as I heard this news the one person who crossed my mind was you. It brings me great sadness that you are not here with me. I will live every day sharing the most beautiful stories of you ...The best great grandma and all the joy you brought into our lives...mama tu estara en la vida de tu nieto y el te amara...
Posted by Migdalia Rivera on April 23, 2012
Hola Mama
Esta semana sera la ultima semana que estaremos en tu casita. Se nos ronpe el alma tener que decir adios al sitio que nos lleno de alegria. Nunca olvidaremos los momentos lleno de alegria, que pasamos junto a ti. Tu eres lo mejor de mi vida y te estrano muchisimo....Te quiero mucho mamita y espero estar denuevo contigo... besitos xxx
Posted by Migdalia Rivera on March 31, 2012
Hola Mamita...hoy se hace tres meses que te fuiste de nuestras vida y siempre me haces mucha falta. La otra noche pense que te havia visto en el cuarto, te llame pero te desapareciste. No pude solo llorar mi alma no siente nada. Mis pensamientos son todos para ti. Mama esta cancion es para que la oiga y sepas lo mucho que te quiero, porque me acuerdo lo mucho que te gustaba la musica...
Posted by Migdalia Rivera on March 9, 2012
Hola Mama, hoy llega otra semana denuevo...manana sera 2 meses y una semana que dejo de verte... Mama todos los viernes me duermo con odio en mi corazon porque no quiero que venga los fin de semanas, especialmente los sabados....Ahi Mamita te necesito y te estrano tanto mi alma esta destrosado y muchas veces me quiero morir parar poder abrazarte y darte besitos. mama te espero, aqui estoy
Posted by Beatrice Pitre on March 7, 2012
Dear Mom...I miss you soo much...I'm trying my best to look for you to see you again...I want you back soo much...life is just not worth living...nothing makes me happy anymore...when you left..I left with you..I pray I see you soon...please I hope you are happy and at peace..I buy you flowers all the time I hope you can see them..love you mom..always...XOXO send you a big HUGGGGGG XOXOXOX

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