Carole Sue Smith
  • 74 years old
  • Date of birth: Sep 4, 1941
  • Place of birth:
    Salem, Missouri, United States
  • Date of passing: Nov 10, 2015
  • Place of passing:
    District of Columbia, United States
Carole was absolutely beautiful, inside and out - and did she ever love her dogs!

Service:  Carole's inurnment occurred at Arlington National Cemetery, Friday, May 13, 2016 at 3:00 pm (it was a beautiful day). 

In Lieu of Flowers: The family request that you please donate to the DC/MD/VA ALS Association Community of Hope, in memory of Carole Smith:


Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Della Johnson on 9th September 2017

"Carole was a genuine lady who always had kind words and a  warm smile.She always was giving of herself, her time and she truly cared about her family and dogs. She was a great friend to me and my son, I will remember you Carole, but I know you are resting but still I miss you."

This tribute was added by Donalee E. Wood on 5th September 2017

"I miss my dear friend. As I was about to add her to my prayers I recalled the email notice about her birth date. I think about the laughs we had, in the garden, over margaritas, with the dogs, Christmas shopping, over hard shell many good time. "It's the laughter we will remember, whenever we remember the way we were". Carole, you are dearly missed."

This tribute was added by Tara Vogt on 4th September 2017

"To my dear mother: Annalise and I miss you every day in so many ways. We talk about you a lot because we feel you around us all the time. The world will never be the same without you but it is a better place because you were once here. Today, your birthday, has been the most gorgeous day of the year in Atlanta. We are enjoying it as you would - the first signs of Fall have arrived. Love to all of you who loved Carole. What a truly special person she was."

This tribute was added by Lee Smith on 4th September 2017

"We have a statue of a young girl holding a bird in Carole's garden, which I must stop and admire frequently. There is a  brass plaque on it that has a line which says," the most important job is raising your children". A good job was done, and all of our grandchildren have turned out to be "gifted". A grandfather would say that anyway, but I do believe it."

This tribute was added by Gwen Woods on 4th September 2017

"Carole, my dear friend
There is not a day that passes that I don't think of you, sometimes I
think I see you on the street, or in a car. You are everywhere and
I could not miss you more
Tonight, on your 76th  birthday you and I would be getting ready to go out to dinner with our guys to one  of our favorite restaurants to celebrate you day.
We have a special relationship that began in kindergarten and lasted 74 years. You may no longer be here in your earthly form,  but you are now and forever in my heart  ❤️"

This tribute was added by Brandon Vogt on 4th September 2017

"Sending dozens of flowers your way today, Sept. 4. Hugs are in order.  You are missed more than ever by lots and lots and lots of us (and dogs of course)!  Your presence is as strong as ever in our worlds. Time for a walk in the garden. LOVE!"

This tribute was added by mary butler on 4th September 2017

"Happy Birthday dear Sister!  You are so missed by family and friends but all of us are left with wonderful memories of your loving that, we are very fortunate.....but you know, I tell you each day how I miss you!  Happy Birthday!  Love You, Babe"

This tribute was added by Martha Leonette on 4th September 2017

"Dear Carole:
The NTM gang misses you. Lyne, Jane and I still meet at Clydes but not as often. You were the glue to our foursome. We all miss you so much. Those few years of knowing you continues to bring me joy.

This tribute was added by James Brown on 4th September 2017

"It's hard to realize another year has passed without your presence which always added more love and joy for everyone.  We miss your love and beauty.

This tribute was added by Merry Adler on 4th September 2017

"Carole, my dearest friend, you are with me every day....and I send you a special message of love on today, your birthday.  I love you.

This tribute was added by Gwen Woods on 20th April 2017

"My Dear Friend,
It is April, 2017 and the day is beautiful and so is your lovely garden.
I remember the times we sat in that garden and talked and laughed and looked to the future. There are no words to say how much I miss you.
Life goes on, days pass and hours slip by and there is always a face I see that is you, a flower I touch that you loved and always the memories of places we were.
How precious your friendship was to me, and how terribly I miss you.
I pray that you are dancing in the sunshine in your own heavenly garden surrounded by the angels."

This tribute was added by jennifer rusiecki on 11th November 2016

"Dear Tats and Brandon, I've been thinking of you all day (though, now it's the next day). I so often think of your beautiful mother and how full of grace and joy and love she always was. She is such an inspiration to me. This date must be so hard for you to bear. Just know that so many of us are with you and love you and wish we could bear just a little bit of that pain for you. Love you always, Jeen"

This tribute was added by Gwen Woods on 10th November 2016

"One year ago today we all lost a beautiful person and I lost a lifetime dear friend of 74 years. I will never forget you my sweet friend and will always treasure the wonderful memories we made.
You will be forever missed but will remain forever in my heart

This tribute was added by Brandon Vogt on 10th November 2016

"Mom - So, so, so beautiful in every way, and ever, ever, ever so missed by all.  As mom aways signed her emails / notes:  "LOVE!!!""

This tribute was added by Clair Robertson on 4th September 2016

"Sweet Carole! I miss your joy and light. LOVE!"

This tribute was added by Gwen Woods on 4th September 2016

"My dear sweet friend,
what a lonely day this September 4th has been with out you.
Last year at this time we were sitting on your bed going through pictures and reminiscing of days and years gone by. You did not want to celebrate your birthday because as you said "who wants to be 74".
So we filled your room with flowers and laughed about funny things and made your September 4th.a sunny day."

This tribute was added by James Brown on 4th September 2016

"I read everyone's comments and memories of my little sister Suzie and the thing that was apparent to me was that all shared very similar emotions and comments; she was indeed a beautiful (in all the word's senses), loving, outgoing and sharing lady who immediately put strangers at ease.  As always, I am hugely proud of her and will forever miss her unique and pleasurable personality and conversation."

This tribute was added by mary butler on 4th September 2016

"Happy Birthday Susie!  I think of you each day and want to email you daily to bring you up to date on the family and their cared so much for dear, you are so missed and loved so much....Love You, Babe"

This tribute was added by Brandon Vogt on 4th September 2016

"Happy birthday mom!  You have no idea how much we all miss you; today and everyday."

This tribute was added by jennifer rusiecki on 14th May 2016

"Tara is my dearest friend, and I wanted to write down a few of my thoughts and memories of her lovely, wonderful mother. Carole was the embodiment of beauty and love. Not just physically beautiful and elegant, Carole would light up a room when she walked into it. She had a type of gentle, compassionate energy that put you at ease the moment you met her…..and she literally sparkled. I always loved talking to Carole - she made me feel like I was the most interesting person in the world when I was face to face with her.

It was so clear to me that, like others have said, her highest priority in life was her family. She was great with children, and I know that she simply adored her grandchildren.  It was beautiful for me to witness the very close bond she shared with Tara and with Brandon. She was so, incredibly proud of them both.

I have many great memories of all the times we shared with Carole, Lee, Tara, Brandon, and their families. From parties at our old Plyers Mill house in the days before kids/grandkids, to the times I would come over to Carole and Lee’s house when Tara was home for a visit, to the birthday parties for Iona at our house with Annalise, Neil, Isabel, Tara, Brandon, Emily, Carole and Lee, to the garden parties… many wonderful times we all shared together. One of the most special things that Carole and Lee did for me and my family was hosting the engagement party for Raj and me. My cousins in Scotland still talk about that evening. Carole and Lee always made me feel like I was part of their family. I loved Carole and will remember her so, so fondly…..and will hold all these memories of our time together forever.

I am still having a hard time thinking that she is no longer walking on this earth, but that must mean that her love and spirit are so strong that they will always be here with us. My family – Raj, Etta, German, Calum, Iona, and my cousins in Scotland – all remember her with so much love.

One last thing I want to say is that I am very inspired by your mother, Tara and Brandon, and hope that as I go through life, I can be more like her."

This tribute was added by Della Johnson on 13th May 2016

You lite up my life with your kind words and awesome gestures of kindness,you were a tremedous friend. I had the pleasure of working with you for 14 years and kept in touch with friendly and loving emails and seeing you on special occasions.You had joy and such a sweet heart, your smile just made the whole room radiate. You will always remain in my heart and thoughts, and greatly missed."

This tribute was added by Prudence Kline on 11th May 2016

"I had the honor of serving as Carole's physician for the past 10 years or so.  She is a woman of tremendous grace, courage, and kindness. I miss her dearly."

This tribute was added by Marcus Johnson on 11th May 2016

"I had the pleasure to me Carole through my mother and Dr.Smith and in meeting her for the first time she had such positive energy and truly embraced life with a smile that infectious that energy just rubbing off on you. She always asked about me and how i was doing both in life and in school and was always so selfless and loving."

This tribute was added by DeAnna Gordon on 24th April 2016

""I first met Carole in 4th grade and life took us in different paths after college, only to reconnect when we were both Grandmothers.  How she loved her beautiful  grandchildren, Neil, Annalise and Isabel!.  We constantly shared pictures of our "Grans" and relished their accomplishments .  Carole's dignity was legendary, but her strength and the unselfish way she handled this devastating disease of ALS taught all who knew her a life lesson not to be forgotten. Throughout her life, Carole was always one of the most beautiful girls I knew and her grace  reminded me of the soft glide of a feather  in a gentle breeze.  Carole was truly one of a kind. Joy in my life will forever be enhanced by memories of her  and deep sadness that she is gone for now."

This tribute was added by Elaine Hancock on 9th April 2016

"Carole ( I grew up calling her Susie) was a dear cousin and friend. She was probably the only cousin that I knew really well since we both lived in the Washington, DC area. I looked forward to our occasional lunches and family gatherings. She was so wonderful to my dad when he lived alone after my mother died and came to visit him often at his house and also in the nursing home. She was so helpful to my sister and me helping to take him to appointments or just to take him out for a drive. She was a lovely, gracious person and I miss her a lot."

This tribute was added by Martha Leonette on 9th April 2016

"Dear Sweet Carole: Truly a lady of extreme passion, love, devotion, elegance and beauty. I met Carole when she called me about the NTM illness and that she was going to the National Jewish Hospital (NJH) and wanted information about my experience with the disease and with the NJH. I called her several times while she was there to check in on her. Upon her return, we met at an NTM support group. It was then that we decided to do a monthly support group at a local restaurant to help and share with each other. Several others joined in.  She often held support groups in her lovely home with her husband Lee and their two beautiful dogs. I remember when a few of  us wanted to see her while she was ill and she said that would be fine as long as she did not cry. She was more concerned about our feelings than hers. That was Sweet Carole. Love of others always came first especially with her husband, children and grandchildren. An amazing woman and I will miss her so. Thank you Carole for your incredible friendship and supporting me through my own NTM. We will meet again."

This tribute was added by franciska bomberger on 8th April 2016

"I have known Carole for 35 years.  She was like a sister to me.  We both shared an unconditional love to our children. We worried together, and cried together.  She was the proudest mother I have ever met.  She was so concerned about the injustice and poverty that surrounds us. A great humanitarian. I miss her terribly."

This tribute was added by Michael Wheet on 5th April 2016

"We first met Carole and Lee when we hosted them with family and other neighbors at our annual Fourth of July cookout. Carole's gracious thank you note to us for inviting the then "new kids on the block" (her words) and the delicious cole slaw  recipe she shared with us were, in Bogey's words, "the beginning of a beautiful friendship". Carole was a generous friend, kind neighbor and warm, loving mother and grandmother. We shared chats in the alley ( our common meeting ground) , dog stories by the thousands, and holiday visits. She ended  every conversation by asking after "our boys", even long after they had grown into young adulthood.We still haven't accepted that her brilliant smile no longer graces us. Gayle and I cherish the time we knew her and the memories we have of her friendship. We will miss her."

This tribute was added by Chris Heuple on 4th April 2016

"As I plant some flowers today I will see Carole blooming year after year.  Hugs and hugs to her family."

This tribute was added by philip beasley on 3rd April 2016

"Wow, my devotion to Carole is enormous and so there is so much to say.   An awesome human being with a smile that totally lit up the room and melted my heart....I think we met nearly 35 years ago and became brother and sister to a point.    we were 4 mo's apart in age and born within just a few miles of each other without ever having met until MFA.   she exuded charm,  sophistication, elegance, humility and much more but the best is love to all she met.   as I sit here in tears, I bow my head and kneel to this fantastic creature of GOD.    may she rest in eternal peace and we should all be glad that the pain and suffering are now a thing of the past.   perfection has passed and cannot be found again."

This tribute was added by Merry Adler on 12th March 2016

"Carole, I remember the day we first met and I know you did too.  It was about 31 years ago and our friendship grew from that first meeting.  I have never known anyone quite like you.  You were and still are my inspiration, my confidant, the best mom there ever could be, the best wife, the best grandmother, the best friend anyone could ever want.  I was so lucky.  I have all those memories of us laughing, crying, singing, going to a ton of movies, aerobics class at GW in 1987 and me not being able to keep up with you, communicating without words, you finishing my sentences like an old married couple -- all of that and so much more.  You had all the right values.  You were so beautiful and I never saw you look at yourself -- only to refresh your lipstick.  I am so lucky I got to spend a lot of time with you this past year.  There was always laughter - even when you could not speak.  I could see it in your eyes and you always had a "thumbs up" for me when I entered your bedroom.  I was with you the day you got Jakey for the first time.  You loved Amber, Jakey and Snickers so very much and they you.  You had such a love and respect for animals and nature.  We always agreed politically as well!  You loved your father and I am so glad I met your mother.  Your children made you so proud.  And you adored your grandchildren.  I will never forget my 60th birthday party that you and Lee graciously held in your home.  My friends and 93 year old father talked about that party for years (and we know he lived 4.5 additional healthy years)!  You also celebrated my 70th birthday in your home - a Sunday brunch -- you, me and 14 other female friends who celebrated with us.  I feel your spirit with me all the time and am grateful to Fate that we met, that we shared so many wonderful, meaningful memories that a true friend shares.  I love you and yes, I miss you each and every day."

This tribute was added by Samira Hossain on 7th March 2016

"Carole (Aunt Susie) as we would call her was not only an Aunt to us but also a dear friend. She was loving, caring and always had such a positive outlook that was contagious for Philip & I.  We have so many fond memories together of the time we spent with her that we will always cherish. We have a special place in our heart for Aunt Susie.  She is missed dearly and will never be forgotten.   -  Philip & Samira"

This tribute was added by Gwen Woods on 1st March 2016

"Carole was my dear friend for almost all of her life and from kindergarten through the years that followed, the giggles, secrets, dreams, heartaches, disappointments, and sadness we shared, we laughed and cried and leaned on each other.
As the years passed Carole became a truly exceptional loving wife, mother and grandmother. She adored her children, Tara and Brandon, her face lit up each time she spoke of them and of her grandchildren that gave her such tremendous joy. A prouder mother and grandmother there could not be. She relished every moment she could share a picture or a story of her "flock".
As her illness took over, her spirit grew stronger.  She was determined that the focus not be on her but instead on others and wanted to enjoyed each moment always with a smile. She cherished every message, every flower and every card and prayer and was so giving and generous to those around her.
In the days I spent with her I never heard her question her illness, her concerns were for her family and her dogs.
I have been blessed beyond words to have had her love and friendship throughout most of life's journey and to have known such an exceptional person.
We will see each other again in a better life in a garden of sunshine surrounded by all those she cared for and her loving dogs.
Until then, the wonderful memories will overtake the sorrow and emptiness of her passing into the larger life

This tribute was added by Albert Vogt on 1st March 2016

"Carole’s life was surely God’s prize gift to our children, Tara and Brandon and grandchildren Neil, Annalise and Isabel.  She was the perfect mother and grandmother, always offering unbounded love and support.   Watching them as their futures unfold will serve to constantly remind us of Carole’s loving influence.  

Carole will be greatly missed, but never forgotten."

This tribute was added by Lee Smith on 29th February 2016

"Carole was the light of my life. She was a beautiful, kind, caring, and loving wife.  She had a great sense of humor and had a smile that would light up any room. Her dogs, Jake and Snickers, miss her too. She was a champion for the sick, underprivileged, and animals. I miss her deeply and memories of her will stay with me forever."

This tribute was added by Tara Vogt on 28th February 2016

"As a child, my mom was my world, and she remained my best friend through adulthood. We would often spontaneously pick up the phone to call each other and find the other already on the line, magically! We could finish each other's thoughts. No one knew me better than she did, and her love for me was strong and absolutely unconditional.

The older I grew, the more I realized how many others cherished my mom as I did. I was so proud of her character. Her calm and modest demeanor, gentle grace, and natural beauty were so unique and astounding to all who were fortunate enough to know her. She took pride in all that she did and was dedicated first and foremost to her family, but also to her friends, neighbors, coworkers, and all four-legged creatures, including especially her two labradoodles.

She never complained as she struggled with ALS - not even once - nor expressed feeling sorry for herself or being bitter in the face of this devastating disease. Instead, she was courageous, strong, and accepting, concerned only about the impact of her illness on others.

My heart is forever broken, and I know so many others' hearts are, too, including that of my precious Annalise, cherished granddaughter. Let's remember her and smile, and feel inspired by her wonderfully-led life and beautiful character."

This tribute was added by Brandon Vogt on 24th February 2016

"Carole was the most beautiful and kind person one could ever imagine. She was the best mother hands-down. She loved her family, which included her dogs, like crazy!!!  We all miss her more and more with each passing day.  Please click on the 'Her Life' link above to read more about our mom, the lovely Carole Sue Smith."

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