Carrie's heart

Shared by Joyce Clevenger on March 17, 2021
Carrie is hands-down my favorite person on this planet. She and I became friends through church. I was the youth minister and Ben and Pres were part of the group and Carrie and I became fast friends. I used to ask her to chaperone events and trips and she and I had a blast. On a trip to WV we had a thing we did. Whenever one of us said "strike a pose" we had to immediately get into some sort of pose for a photo-no matter what we were doing. We had some hilarious moments but my favorite is the one with her on the ladder painting. It just shows how utterly adorable she is. It was on this trip that one of the youth wanted to play a prank on me. She had a removable dental bridge and took it out, got some ketchup for blood and pretended that she had really hurt herself in a fall and lost teeth. She was screaming and the rest of the kids and chaperones all ran toward the noise and chaos-except Carrie. She was running through them to make her way to me. Her concern was her friend and that I would be upset by what I was getting ready to see and think had happened. So she ran to me and said very quickly-"It's ok! It's a prank! Its not real blood!!" I'll never forget that she choose her friend over the opportunity for a fun prank- because she loved a good laugh. But Carrie always made sure you knew how much she loved you and this was one of those moments.  I'll remember the times we had slumber parties with my teenage daughter and her friend and stayed up giving makeovers and watching chick flicks long after the girls had crashed- laughing and giggling and trying to be quiet so we wouldn't wake the others up. She was one of a kind and the best friend in the world. I've never known anyone so loving. She put everyone and their needs always above her own. Kind and gentle and hilarious, too. I cannot imagine life without her. Carrie, I love you and I will see you again my sweet, sweet friend, and we will laugh and enjoy eternity together. 

My Comedy Sidekick

Shared by PATRICK Oates on March 13, 2021
One could never have a Cousin as unique as Carrie. The first 20-years of our lives is engrained in my memory. Spending summers at our Grandparents was un-matched fun. Clever and always happy. When goofing around once she accidentally stabbed my hand with an exacto knife ( I think it was accidental??? HaHa!). I still have the scar.

My last wish to her was maybe we will laugh together again. The world has a big void now...even for those of us who have been separate due to time and distance. The fruit of her spirit proves she is now in Heaven. With a heavy heart...Pat.

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