Weep not for me though I am gone
into that gentle night.
Grieve if you will but not for long,
Upon my soul's sweet flight.
I am at peace,
My s
  • 59 years old
  • Born on December 30, 1953 in Cedar City, Utah, United States.
  • Passed away on November 29, 2013 in Cedar City, Utah, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Cathy K Mosher, 59, born on December 30, 1953 and passed away on November 29, 2013. We will remember her forever. She was loved by many and she will be misted by all. We all know she's in a better place, now she can rest pain free and celibrate with the ones she missed. keep in mind she is alway watching, she is our Gaurdian Angel not for one but for all.

Posted by Justin Mosher on 30th December 2017
Happy Happy Birthday, Happy Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday To You. i miss you so much but you are with the ones that went on that side of the fence to help us along our journey in life
Posted by Justin Mosher on 17th April 2017
Just thinking about you today Happy Easter please give all loves from me I miss you all its just not the same. Thank you all for helping me through this chapter of my life couldn't do with out you all. Love &miss you uncontrollably every day. Love your son
Posted by Justin Mosher on 30th December 2016
Happy birthday , Happy Birthday , Happy Birthday ttttooo yyyoooouuuuu Happy birthday mom I have unconditional love & respected, and miss you so much. Thank you, you know for what love you
Posted by Justin Mosher on 24th November 2016
As time comes to sit down with the family for the hollidays I wish you could be here with me its not the same,yes its selfish &on the other hand I alway tell everyone that we've lost a family member but our family on the other side has reunited with one that they have missed for to long . In the end we all will be there to celebrate the holliday like we used to for know be with your loved ones HAPPY THANKSGIVING love you all
Posted by Justin Mosher on 16th August 2016
I just want to give my mom credit for raising me the way she did, alot of people don't understand the relationship that we had, yes we had our moments like everyone else in life. Experiencing my child hood growing up I seen my mom work any job she could find sometimes three jobs at once and on top of that she had a side job in our front room I always called it little Tijuana sewing factory making pillow cases at that time she would get ten cents a pillow case . Oh good memories I have, she showed me how to crochet little animal figures that would fit over Easter eggs ,during the day I would sit at the air station that was in Holiday gas station I thought that was on of the greatest thing cause I'd get two garters for every one I'd sale. Back to the subject I always had a roof over my head and a full belly at bed time, no matter how bad the situation was my mom always came up with a solution to solve the problem. Mom I love you for who you are you are a survivor you never gave up most people only seen the negative but I seen more positive in you than anyone I never got to tell her that I really looked up to her not only was she my mother but she played the roll of my father too. I miss you so much I thought with all what our family has been through my grieving process wouldn't be so rough but it's getting harder day by day I think it's the guilt that I carry around on my shoulders for not being their when you needed me the most even under the circumstances I shouldn't have the guilt that I Carrie, I'll have it forever cause that's just how usee cancestors are we tend to getc a ltitle emotionalat times. I have unconditional love & respect for my mother.
Posted by Lauren Ashdown on 9th August 2016
I feel so blessed that I had the opportunity to be a friend to such a beautiful person. I will forever miss the photo albums we used to make. And of course the crocheting we did. You are probably up there teaching all the Angels your beautiful work. Forever love you.
Posted by Justin Mosher on 8th August 2016
One night I dreamed I was walking along the beach with the Lord. Many scenes from my life flashed across the sky. In each scene I noticed footprints in the sand. Sometimes there were two sets of footprints, other times their were one set of footprints. This bothered me because I noticed that during the low periods of my life, when I was suffering from anguish, sorrow or defeat, I could see only one set of footprints. So I said to the Lord, " You promised me Lord, that if I followed you, you would walk with me always. But I have noticed that during the most trying periods of my life there have only been one set of footprints in the sand. Why? when I needed you most, you have not been there for me?" The Lord replied, "The times when you have seen only one set of footprints, is when I carried you." Mary Stevenson
Posted by Bonnie Backus on 8th August 2016
I can't tell y9u all the memories I have of my cousin because there are so many great ones, but I can tell you how much my mom loved her, when Cathy and Karen both moved to St George my mom was so excited to have them so close, we spent many hours together, I was around 14 or 15m Cathy would take me everywhere she even made sure she got to go to my rodeos to watch Me, always was more like a big sister, years later when I was 17 and had my sons I moved in with Cathy for a while, I drove by this little apt just two weeks ago in cedar, it's still on the corner across from the church, up by the old Hostipal, I sure miss you cathy.

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