"I will bless the LORD at all times, his praise shall continually be in my mouth.
My soul shall make her boast in the LORD: the humble shall hear thereof, and be glad.
O magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt his name together. I sought the LORD and
  • 64 years old
  • Born on October 14, 1951 in St. Petersburg, Florida, United States.
  • Passed away on April 8, 2016 in St. Petersburg, Florida, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our First Lady and  loved one, Cecelia Fletcher Williams, 64, born on October 14, 1951 and passed away on April 8, 2016. We will remember her forever.

Posted by Jean Freshler on October 14, 2019
It’s your earthly birthday date and I smile because I know you’re at peace and your soul rejoices for you are in the presence of the Lord along with Claude, Daddy, Mother and Mother Hattie and so many other loved ones whose faith is in Jesus. We’re here for John and Shanell and your grandchildren! I love and miss you! Being a Pastor’s wife is a special walk with the Lord and I’m learning daily to walk with Him. I watched you walk with Him and I’m grateful to have been apart of your walk with the Lord. Love and kisses to you my sweet sister ❤️!
Posted by Sandra Fletcher on April 9, 2019
Happy 3rd heavenly birthday, my dear sister.  Remembering your sweet (tiger) personality and your even sweeter smile.. You are truly missed.  However, I know there’s a celebration there with Claude, mother, and now Bruce, along with so many others. Continue to enjoy your well deserved rest.. ❤️ you always
Posted by Amelia Grimm on April 8, 2019
Cece, you are still missed so much. We reminisce often about your awesome smile and your jokester ways. Loving you and remembering you will always be so easy, but loving you and remembering you is forever. ❤
Posted by Jean Freshler on April 8, 2019
I miss you,, your love, smile, and humility. So much in my heart and yet I cannot finds the words to express them.
Posted by Charles Clark on April 8, 2019
It has been 3yrs. since your presence left us but, each new day reminds me of how great a friend is gone from this existence you can not be forgotten.
your friend now and forevermore, Charles
Posted by John Williams on October 15, 2018
I thank God you were such a special lady!
Posted by Jean Freshler on October 14, 2018
Thinking about you a lot today! We all (Lois, Renee, Angela, Alexa, (Cynthia was there via phone) went to Olive Gardens with Shanell and Winter, had a great time at one of your favorite places to eat. Miss you and just smiling about how much joy and true peace you have now. Enjoy your rest and give Claude, Daddy, Mother, and Dakota a big hug and kiss! Loving you as I remember you on your birthday ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Crystal Adams-Nixon on October 14, 2018
To my first First Lady. Forever loved, forever missed. Thinking of you, the virtue bar you set for all woman to ascribe to. Remembering you, on the day we celebrate your birth. LOVE Always!
Posted by Amelia Grimm on April 9, 2018
Hey, big Sis. Missing you so much and thinking about so often. You touched so many hearts and so many souls and you are remembered often. Your infectious smile helps me to keep moving forward. Loving you always.
Posted by Jean Freshler on April 9, 2018
What a beautiful time Shanell, Winter, and I had remembering you and your loving funny ways! I miss you and oh how I wish i could talk with you. Happy 2nd heaven's birthday Sis!
Posted by Sandra Fletcher on October 29, 2017
In God's Time, in God's Way, and in God's Will. Today, in His infinite wisdom, God has brought your dearly beloved husband and Pastor, Claude home. You're reunited now. I can see your smile beaming with love as you welcomed him to his heavenly home. So rejoice, with Mother, Claude, Daddy, Mother Hattie, and so many others. Just remember- you can't crown Him til I get there
Posted by Amelia Grimm on October 29, 2017
Hey Sis, missing you so much. Knowing Mom is with you makes it a little easier but we need you so badly. Cece whisper in his ear to “fight”.
Posted by Sandra Fletcher on October 14, 2017
Happy Birthday, my dear big sister. As we celebrate your earthly birthday, we know that you're rejoicing to because you're reunited with Mother. Happy 66h birthday. Love you and miss you. Renee
Posted by Sandra Fletcher on April 8, 2017
Cel (Sis #1), Today, God has given me the strength to push pass the tears and leave a tribute on this your 1st Heavenly birthday. On any given day - I still look for you to come through the door at mother's (especially on Mondays). I still feel your caring sisterly presence as we look after her. You were (and are) my "sister" role model. I have so many memories of (and with) you that I will cherish always. You're forever in my heart. Knowing you are with our Heavenly Father is so very comforting. Rest in peace, my dear big sister. Happy 1st Heavenly Birthday. Love you always, Renee (Sis #4)
Posted by Jean Freshler on April 8, 2017
I love you and miss you. Oh what a birthday to have, one with the Lord forever and ever. Today, here on earth is bittersweet for me, yet I'll praise the Lord for all of His goodness and mercies. He is comforting and strengthening us all. Love you my sister, my First Lady. forever my sister in Christ.
Posted by John Williams on April 8, 2017
I miss talking to you and seeing you Mom. I know you're up there keeping good company with Jesus and the Father! We will see you when we finish running our race. Until then, Mom, we will journey on and remember you're the best! Thank God for Salvation!
Posted by Patrice Moore on April 8, 2017
We miss your smile that brightens the room. You are gone but never forgottten.
Posted by Claude Williams on April 8, 2017
I know these tributes are more for us than you. We all love and miss you so much. It's hard to believe its been a year already. Words alone will never express what you mesn to me. Thanks so much for the many years of joy and peace in our marriage.
Posted by Charles Clark on December 5, 2016
The life I lived allowed me one of the best blessing anyone could receive, that is friendship. I found you to be an amazing friend to me. I always felt welcome in your presents no hidden agendas. You gave everyone that you met a sense of importance. You will be truly missed. May our Lord forever keep you in His arms. Some how these words don't seem adequate for what you gave to us all.
Posted by Shanel Williams on November 19, 2016
Just thinking of you
Posted by Claude Williams on October 15, 2016
It is so good to have tributes from so many friends and family. I am so grateful to know how much you are appreciated. Your birthday was celebrated on yesterday and many of us visited your vault. I think these tributes are very therapeutic. Needless to say, You are greatly missed.
I will always love you and i am grateful for the time we shared.

Posted by Patrice Moore on October 14, 2016

We miss your bright smile. I was just laughing and think about you last week as I was pulling weeds around my house. Your spirit will forever live on.
Posted by Jack Fletcher on October 14, 2016
My first playmate, my best friend, it is through tear stained eyes that I pen shed thoughts of how much I miss your glorious smile. You were always the first to remember my birthday, you came the day before so no one gave recognition ahead of you! Now I'm smiling, because I'm remembering just how very special you were. Sleep my love, you fought so hard to stay here but GOD knew that rest is what you deserved so HE called you home . Your legacy of Love sustains us till we meet again we're all coming in due time. You can't crown HIM till we get there! You will always be #1

Your Jack
Posted by Jean Freshler on October 14, 2016
Today is bright and sunny just like you! Words of my heart sings a sweet melody to you as we celebrate your earthly birthday. I can't begin to imagine how joyous being in the presence of the LORD is for you! I have so many beautiful memories of you and your love for others. I truly thank God for how his love through you touched so many lives and how so very humble you were. I know we will see each other again. Like Jack said, "we will all lay our crowns down together at His feet", I miss you and sweet kisses are sent to heaven this day for you!
Posted by Rashad Harrell on October 14, 2016
Happy Birthday to my most precious Godmother. I love looking at photos of you and Pastor Claude hanging with my parents from back in the 70's. I always admired your friendship. My sister recently posted a photo of the four of you sitting on the couch at my grandmothers house. I marveled at how your smile was always radiant. You were simply one of a kind here on earth and I'm sure heaven shines a little brighter now because of that glorious smile!
Posted by Cynthia Miller on October 14, 2016
Happy Birthday Big Sister, how I wish I could call and hear you laugh as I sang the birthday song to you. I miss you.
Posted by Shanel Williams on October 14, 2016
I enjoyed celebrating your day I will always miss you until I see you again but your memory lives on in all of us happy birthday in heaven
Posted by Amelia Grimm on October 9, 2016
Cece, I was with Mom on Saturday, 10/08/16 and she got quiet so I asked what was bothering her. She said I was thinking about Cece and I said Mom her birthday is Friday. So we both talked about how much we missed you. Love and miss you so much.
Posted by Claude Williams on August 1, 2016
It's still so hard to believe that you are not here. I miss everything about you.
Posted by Patrice Moore on July 31, 2016
Grandma CeCe we miss your bright smile. Thinking of you always.
Posted by Jean Freshler on July 28, 2016
Sweet memories of you flood my soul, so many little things you did that went unnoticed, and yet now they have become the essence of your love prints left behind. I miss you and your sweet smiling presence! 
Jeannie aka Sister #2
Posted by Sharon Jenkins on July 6, 2016
Oh how i loved you, let me count the ways, to know you was to love you, you made it so very easy to love you. You have always demonstrated your love for me and all of God's people. I loved how you were there for me to talk to and most of the time you just listened to me. I will always honor and remember you, and cherish this special place in my heart.
Posted by Natasha Graver on July 5, 2016
Oh how I miss your beauty your style your pure hearted love for all of us. I am still shocked and wanting to talk to you but Im glad I did just shy of 30 days before your passing. Mrs Cece, my " humble heels", i love u so much. Thank you for just simply being a true wonderful virtuous woman of God in my life. I remember your words of wisdom and will carry em well. Pastor Claude and the VCC family she was all of our blessing.
Posted by Amelia Grimm on July 4, 2016
Today you were truly missed because it was a holiday and you would have been the start to all the menu planning. Cece, I realize time will make feelings easier to handle but you will always be missed and always loved. Miss you much Big Sis, love Lois.
Posted by Shanel Williams on June 28, 2016
Thinking about you and wanting to let you know I love you!!
Posted by Crystal Adams-Nixon on June 25, 2016
With loving memory of my first, last and my forever First Lady, Cecelia Williams. Thinking of you, missing your tender spirit and brilliant smile that could lighten the room of any heart.
Posted by Dominique Patterson on June 20, 2016
Whenever I began working out Mrs. Cece would always be the first to notice and she would say, "You're looking good, are you working out?". And I would always be so happy that someone noticed. Then when I would stop working out she would say "You still working out?" Lol That's when I knew I needed to get back on it. I miss you Mrs. Cece. And yes I'm still working out.
Posted by Theresa Curtis on June 19, 2016
I am so sorry for your loss. I am just finding out. She was a wonderful woman of God. May God comfort your hearts and fill you with His peace. We will see you soon Cece.
Posted by Shanel Williams on June 18, 2016
Wish I could give you a hug and share some funny stories with you but until we meet again you will be in my heart
Posted by Jean FRESHLER on June 15, 2016
I love and miss you so much. I see your smile so much Cece and hear your laughter too.What a wonderful sister you are and will always be in my heart!
Jeannie aka Sister #2
Posted by Jean FRESHLER on June 15, 2016
These flowers are in memory of the 40th anniversary you and Claude would have shared on earth on June 14th.
Posted by Claude Williams on June 12, 2016
Your compassion, dedication, love and beauty will always be missed. You went home to be with the Lord much to soon. I can't explain how much I miss you. You were my best friend and a extraordinary wife, mother and first lady.

Love you much,
Posted by Victory Christian Center on June 11, 2016
Forever in our hearts. Your legacy of faithfulness, kindness, humility, generosity,and love for all will continue to live through the lives of members of Victory Christian Center Church.

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