Chief Albert Samba Ngwana
  • 76 years old
  • Date of birth: Dec 19, 1937
  • Place of birth:
    Beba, Bamenda, Cameroon
  • Date of passing: Aug 17, 2014
  • Place of passing:
    Doula, Litoral Region, Cameroon
Let the memory of Chief Albert be with us forever

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Chief Albert Ngwana, 80, born on December 19, 1933 and passed away on August 17, 2014. We will remember him forever.

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Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by marie thomas on 20th December 2017

"My Daddy, may you continue to be in our hearts, and continue to intercede for us. I think of you always and constantly see your smiling face. I love you always. Rest in perfect peace."

This tribute was added by Synou Naoussi on 20th December 2017

"May his soul rest in peace"

This tribute was added by ALAN GBO on 21st August 2017

"May your Soul rest in peace in paradise and your Lovely daughter Mary and other live happily on earth…"

This tribute was added by Marie Ngwana on 17th August 2017

"Daddy, I missed you so so much. I am always thinking of you and of the memories we shared. I missed our special times. The chats, the talks, the laughter. Whenever I was down, you knew how to pick me up. When I was crying silently, you knew how to make me laugh. I have always treasured my time with you and continue to do so always. You taught me how to pray and to love God always and to make God the centre of my being. Thank you so much for all. I love you always and pray that you continue to intercede for us."

This tribute was added by Rahila Ilegbodu on 17th August 2017

"Mr Ngwana was one of a kind. Caring, direct, always smiling and a man of integrity. I never saw him annoyed. His was totally devoted to his family and more importantly to God. He lived his life as a sincere child of God. Uncle I didn't know you for very long but you touched me in so many ways. You always told me the truth. You were patient and didn't like friction. Continue to Rest In Peace. Heaven has found a true angel!"

This tribute was added by marie thomas on 19th December 2016

"Happy Birthday Daddy. May your soul rest in perfect peace. I continue to miss you each and everyday. Continue to intercede for us as we continue to spread the love of God as you showed us. I love you always."

This tribute was added by ALAN GBO on 19th December 2016

"Peace be upon you in paradise."

This tribute was added by Helen Lawson on 19th December 2016

"Happy birthday"

This tribute was added by Marie Ngwana on 7th September 2015

My daddy. I continue to see your lovely face and smile. I feel you all around me and feel so Blessed. May you rest in perfect peace and continue to intercede for all of us always. I love you always. Mummy is fine and misses you too. As time flies, so you are remembered. Missing you loads."

This tribute was added by Albert Agha Ngwana on 19th August 2015

It  has been a year and two days now.  I miss you every single day and laugh, smile and cry when I think of your wonderful life.  I have not even yet started the journey to celebrate your life, as i still feel your presence and the need to dot some i and cross  some Ts.  I just  feel  like your immense life  cannot be revealed yet until all these  little points  are taken care of with the help of our mother the Blessed Virgin Mary and the intercession of all the saints.
To me, your simplicity in spirit is unmatched and your charitable  soul a reflection of the love you had for the Lord.  You loved him so much that material things did  not matter except when it came to your wife's wellbeing...then you cared not to deprive...   Your love for your wife was a true representation of the modern day Holy  Family love. May your soul  rest in peace and know that with you up there, I fear none down here, as i know, I have very strong help.
God elevate my father to his rightful place by your side. Amen!"

This tribute was added by Rosaline Ndenecho on 19th August 2015

"So ,time flies and it has been a year when OUR HERO left us. Your memories are in our minds and hearts and we see you amongst us.
Uncle AS NGWANA, I Pray for God to fill our "emptiness" with a creation that will  measure up to you. You were unbelievably remarkable. Your gave your all to the world.to mention a few, I heard , I saw  and witnessed  you energize the people  of Beba.,. As a business owner, You created an opportunity to educate and advance your people  You build a solid rock , a solid foundation  for us  and we thank you for that. Uncle these  memories will linger with us  forever. Most of all I will not forget that you honored My dad's Pa Xystus Agha wishes, You were in the process of  pulling the Beba elites to better lifestyles and lucrative positions with the Cameroon bank. My dad stayed back  to serve the educational needs of the village children. That's Uncle AS Ngwana for you, He  respects the values of others. Uncle I remember you clearing my goods with a hefty sum of money at the customs when I came home 12/15/2004 to bury my dad. You made a tedious process easy. I remember our lengthy conversation in December 2012. Daddy you are in a better place. You are forever missed. Uncle intercede for us. Amen"

This tribute was added by Ruth Ngwana on 17th August 2015

"We miss you very much grandpa. We are reminded of the many lessons you taught us everyday. We hope that we are making you proud. Love you."

This tribute was added by Rahila Ilegbodu on 17th August 2015

"I can't believe a year has gone by. I was so shocked when I heard Mr Ngwana had gone to be with the world. He was exceptional. He was direct and a great mentor. I knew Mr Ngwana through his daughter Betty and he left a lasting impression on me. He told me a few home truths that made me take a good look at myself. He taught me about the mother Mary and it made sense to me. He had a special way of getting through to everyone. His eyes would twinkle and he would chicle as he told you what he felt you needed to know. He was simple extraordinary. His children were lucky to have him as a father. I have never met someone who was totally dedicated to God and his family. His love for his wife was one of a kind. He stayed focused on what was important even if it annoyed everyone around him. He was truly Christlike in his ways. He showed love always to everyone. I never heard him being judgemental to anyone. He didn't put down on anyone. I will miss his counsel. I will miss him. Heaven has gained an angel. Uncle you have fought the good fight. Now you are resting. May we all learn from your life and try and aspire to be more Christlike in our daily dealings as you were. God bless your family as they continue to deal with your departure."

This tribute was added by Breixo Lopez Penedo on 26th December 2014

"Dear Albert:
When we met in WCF Madrid 2012 I thought and I still think that you were a true soldier of Christ. Your courage and piety were an example for all christians.
Praying for you and your beloved"

This tribute was added by Edna Dedewo-Dafe on 22nd September 2014

"Papa, I never met you physically, but with stories from Ali, I feel as if I had met you and know you. You radiate a lot of warmth and wisdom to all around you. The care and love you show to all irrespective of their status is worthy of emulation. I am quite sure that Mama even in her state would be missing your presence. You are one in a million -  a husband and father like none. Continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord. Amen."

This tribute was added by Chinelo Ujubuonu on 22nd September 2014

"My heart aches with sadness and tears. That is why I find it very hard to write this tribute. Sir I never met you but I feel as though I have always known you. Your daughter Alberta never ceased to give us captivating stories about you that made some of us feel your fatherly love.

You were such a gentleman. You affected people of all ages, you contributed in changing lives, you shared experiences and to me, you were an experience.

Your exit was so abrupt: what was the urgency? Nevertheless I know by His grace, the beam in the legacy you left will continue burning.
Sleep on Sir - Adieu and find peace with God even as you have a wonderful rest."

This tribute was added by Stella Ayika on 12th September 2014

"Papa Ali, thank you for being a great person. You lived your life leaving us examples of good decision making, cheerfulness and joy in the situation of whatever may be. We have the chance to make the best of our lives, whatever circumstances. May we so positvely influence all our contacts and make life interestingly worth living. REST IN PEACE..."

This tribute was added by Stella Ayika on 12th September 2014

"Papa Ali, thank you for being a great person. You lived your life leaving us examples of good decision making, cheerfulness and joy in the situation of whatever may be. We have the chance to make the best of our lives, whatever circumstances. May we so positvely influence all our contacts and make life interestingly worth living. REST IN PEACE..."

This tribute was added by joelle valerie on 10th September 2014

"Dear Chief,
Thanks for your example.
It's wonderful to see people like you."

This tribute was added by rachael egbe on 9th September 2014

"May God grant you peace in His bosom and the grace for the family to bear the loss."

This tribute was added by marian okobo on 7th September 2014

"Chief albert ngwana, may your gentle soul rest in the bossom of the Lord."

This tribute was added by Therese Manoji on 6th September 2014

"Chief, praise God you took the wonderful "road less traveled by combing wealth and God. May you reap the fruits of your wise choice."

This tribute was added by Churchill Idah on 6th September 2014

"My deepest condolences to the family. May his soul rest in perfect peace"

This tribute was added by Rosemary Ossai N on 5th September 2014

"May the soul of  PA. ALBERT NGWANA and the souls of all the faithful departed  through the mercy of God rest in perfect peace. Amen. Forever in our hearts."

This tribute was added by mathias ofon on 4th September 2014

The news of the passing of Uncle A.S. Ngwana has left many of us dumb-founded. Nobody in the family was prepared for this. It happened with such precision and effortlessness that one would think he had rehearsed it over and over before asking to be taken to the Clinique de Bonapriso where he had his final rest and departure to eternity.
The adage goes that Death is the thief of time who comes at night but not with Uncle A.S., a man who stayed close to his God throughout his life. He missed being ordained into the priesthood but that did not distract him from his God. Simply put, he lived religion and whether driving from Heathrow airport to Golda’s Green or Lagos to Ibadan, all the passengers in his vehicle had to recite the Holy Rosary. He was the first Chairman of the Nigerian Association of Family Development (NAFAD), a highly influential pro-life advocacy group from 1986 to 1994. He was a devoted member of Opus Dei and tributes all through his life attest to his high level of giving whether in the form of scholarships to students or to various other causes.
His family life was no less exemplary. He was a great husband and a man who believed in “marriage for good and for worse”, he was a personable, and loving  father and family head. The court around him was full of beneficiaries and friends from many walks of life. His constellation of friends and business partners spanned many countries around the globe. He received the keys into many cities in Germany and the USA.
On the political front, Uncle A.S. was equally very active. From his position as Secretary General of the Cameroon Students Union of Great Britain and Ireland he was part of that dynamic of Cameroonian students that travelled to the United Nations General Assembly to urge immediate reunification with our brothers on the other side of the River. Upon obtaining his banking qualifications – the first Cameroonian to do so under a Barclays Bank DCO scholarship he worked briefly in Kano but soon packed his bags and came home to the theatre where the reunification cause was being staged. He made solid contributions towards the reunification movement. He flew by night to meet his contact on the other side, Mr. Soppo Priso and many more caught in the web of rising expectations on reunification. He set up the first printing press in Southern Cameroon for the Cameroon Times.
When the vision of reunification became a reality and the British were busy shutting down Her Majesty’s Treasury doors in Buea, Uncle A.S. was given the mandate to set up Cameroon Bank that became the spine of the fledgling Southern Cameroon Government. On account of his sterling qualifications and the experience he gleaned from the IMF he became the founding Managing Director of that bank from 1961 to 1966.
Unfortunately, the love affair with East Cameroon was short changed by the greedy political leadership that had emerged. Political and civil liberties were infringed upon with impunity and “cale cale” , repression, graft, etc, became the instruments  of governance. These were practices that had no place in the political mindset of the Anglophones for whom these basic rights were part of their political culture. Chief Ngwana and other proponents of the reunification cause felt betrayed. It became evident that they had signed a Faustian pact rather than a reunification deal with East Cameroon. He did not hesitate to cry foul. He formed a political Party, the CDP, at a time when it was suicidal to even think of it. Knowing the fate that awaited him from the Government, he made a strategic redeployment abroad where he continued to fight the regime with all available energies till his last moments on earth.
Some may think that Chief A.S. Ngwana has passed as an unsung hero and would have wanted a situation of recognition by the ruling regime. I do not have any doubts that he would have rejected such maneuvers outright. He had achieved so much during his life time and as Nelson Mandela said, “What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we led”.
To that extent, Uncle A.S. touched many lives and the greatest honour awaits him in the pantheon of heroes who fought to make Cameroon a better place to live in. Uncle you were great and we admire you for your love, your grit and persistence. We will miss you but rest assured you will remain forever in our hearts."

This tribute was added by ALAN GBO on 3rd September 2014

"Oh Dear Heavenly Father, receive your humble son in your Kingdom.
For the time he spent on this Earth bettering human life.
Through his sons and Daughters we can see that he was blessed with a good Heart.

May God treat your sons and daughter with Peace and love.

Alain & Michou Gbo"

This tribute was added by Karl Mondoa on 2nd September 2014

"I salute you, and I bid you adieu my dear father-in-law, Chief Albert Samba Ngwana.  I desired to spend time with you to pick your amazing brain for wisdom. You strove so hard to better the lot for Cameroonians, and of all people of good will. You were an optimist in a sea of pessimism who always tried to show the rest of us that God’s always with us and will guide us if we trust and have faith.
You compiled formidable tomes of information for us to learn over the years with your almost daily emails, the recurring novenas etc. I must admit often wondering when you found the time or energy to write so much. Maybe you saw the need to prepare us for a future without you, so you had to give us your thoughts and convictions before your calling.
I’ve often remarked that I don’t recall any parent (no less a dad) who was as dedicated to praying for and wishing well for his offspring, nor a more dedicated spouse. My mother-in-law was so tenderly cared for with her every need – physical or spiritual – of paramount importance. You taught us to give all to preserve the sanctity of marriage by word and deed. With that in mind, I will strive to live by your example for my family. May your prayers bind and protect us.
You showed my sister and I amazing hospitality during our brief stay at your home while we mourned our junior brother. You opened your home and heart to us. I’ve often regretted not using that time to know you better.
You will be missed, Daddy. You have fought the good fight, you have taught us well, so it’s up to us to live up to your lessons. You’ve also been a wonderful son to our blessed mother Mary. I pray that she will comfort your soul. Greet her son, our Lord Jesus Christ for us. Thank you for being true to your calling! God speed to you!
Much love and appreciation, your grateful son-in-law.

Karl E. Mondoa"

This tribute was added by Rosaline Ndenecho on 2nd September 2014

And HE did rise to the rank of CHIEF in NIGERIA
A MAN that has made HISTORY
Pa, you gave the world so much and the best of you
We love you dearly, go and rest
Let us all come out in numbers to give Pa a ROYAL first Class BURIAL

Uncle, we trully loved you , we did, indeed we did, for who you were, what you stood for, and will continue to be,.
Our Angel who is now in Heaven in the name of UNCLE Pa NGWANA will intercede for us  and will continue to shine his perpetual light onto us
Bye bye UNCLE and we will meet again

Rosaline Ndenecho, nee Agha"

This tribute was added by ngwana ngwe grace on 30th August 2014


Truely you've always known how much you meant to us you lelt us so unexpectedly mean while we still had a lot of things we needed from you.We miss you  more each day and love you now and for evever.Infact my spiritual life is elevated now because of you.You'll always say "what does it profit  a man if he gains the whole world and looses his soul" I know you're now with the host of Angels in heaven intreceeding for us.We will love and miss you forever and hold all of your goodness in our hearts.Our father may your soul rest in everlasting peace.

                         From Ngwana Ngwe Grace épse Tchoumi(Douala-Cameroon)"

This tribute was added by Marie Ngwana on 30th August 2014

"Daddy Ngwana was your name for so many years and to so many people young and not so young,ever since I was a child both you and my aunty Elisa have always been so caring and kind to all of us who experienced you. You'll be missed and forever loved. R.I.P.
Queen Tita."

This tribute was added by Joy Odimegwu on 29th August 2014

"I remember meeting you at the family conference at Abuja some years ago where you spoke candidly about the importance and beauty of the family. The strength of your convictions could be felt because you lived this true love and now has gone to meet the heavenly Father whom you defended and worshiped so much while here. Pray for us to God because we know you are resting with Him. May your wonderful family receive the fortitude from heaven to bear this loss. Amen"

This tribute was added by Albert Agha Ngwana on 29th August 2014

"The beauty of the Ngwana family is fading away..
  How are the mighty fallen!!!!
   I am distressed for the my Daddy,how pleasant hast thou been unto me and the entire Ngwana Family.Thy love to us was wonderful beyond description.You are the end of a great generation and a hero that needs to be immortalised. I pray that we the next generation will be able to preserve your Legacy by standing for what you believe, ‘The Fear of the Lord(which is what you stood for)’..
How are the mighty fallen and the weapon of Love and Unity in our family perish.
   ADIEU Daddy,till we meet to part no more..I love you but God loves you more..Sleep on.SUN RE O..
  Mrs Babalola Theresa NEE Ngwana Theresa Ngonda (Lagos-Nigeria)"

This tribute was added by Emmanuel Abueh on 29th August 2014

"Daddy, I can't be more thankful to God for bringing you into my life.
You are one in a million.I owe the best part of my life to you.
I"m so short of words. My heart is broken but my love for you is not.
I will always love you sooo much."

This tribute was added by mary egwu on 28th August 2014

"We thank God for a life well spent. He was a caring and  loving father. He loved and was loved and admired by many.  He  touched many lives. Betty ,I know how you feel. you should be consoled that he lived a good life  and has gone to a better place.  We are all going to miss him.  Accept my condolences.  May his gentle soul rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Biodun Adegbesan on 28th August 2014

"Many young Africans owe a lot to you. Thank you, Thank you for everything.  Rest in peace with God."

This tribute was added by Ifunanya Anaenugwu on 28th August 2014

"You were one in a million. You lived for your love; you taught us the true definition of marriage by your exemplary life. You are a saint. You fought a good fight, you finished the race and you kept the faith. Great man, the crown of righteousness awaits you. Rest in peace  Amen. Adieu daddy."

This tribute was added by Abah Ofon on 27th August 2014

"Let aeroplanes circle overhead moaning...
Scribbling on the sky the message he is fallen
Put crepe bows round the white necks of the public doves,
Let the traffic policemen wear black cotton gloves.
Sleep easy Uncle! "

This tribute was added by Albert Agha Ngwana on 27th August 2014

"Cher Père, jamais nous ne t'oublierons. Rappelles toi notre voyage à Rome lors de la Conférence de l'IFFD en 2007...Croiser ton chemin fut un immense honneur. Nous garderons de toi le souvenir d'un authentique patriote camerounais, d'un chrétien généreux, d'un père pour tous les jeunes qui t'ont croisé. Comme un grain de blé tu es tombé en terre mais tu porteras de nombreux et beaux fruits...Repose en paix, Père. Modeste et Arlette AYANMA."

This tribute was added by Helen Lawson on 27th August 2014

"May his soul rest in peace. I have had a copy of the lovely picture taken with mummy in my room. It is so easy to see what love is. Daddy Albert pray for us. You are not missing Don Alvaro's beatification. You ll be watching us from there."

This tribute was added by Albert Agha Ngwana on 27th August 2014

"My deepest condolences for you and your family.  May the Holy Spirit comfort you all at this time.  May God's ministering angels minister to your whole family and all your friends and community also.  We know the hope that we will see our loved ones again in heaven.  God Bless you."

This tribute was added by Irene Tamajong on 26th August 2014

"What a shock to learn of the passing of Pa Ngwana! My heartfelt sympathy goes out to the whole family! May the Lord grant him eternal rest, and shine his perpetual light upon him. May he rest in perfect peace!"

This tribute was added by Franka Ovadje on 26th August 2014

"Mr Ngwana was a man who knew how to love. He gave a lesson (with his life) of what true love is. He loved his wife dearly and was ready to sacrifice for her. He loved his children and the rest of his family.

This love was a sharing in God's love. It was obvious to all that he was a man of prayer. What an example of fidelity he has given us all! We ask him to pray for us.

Thank you for the emails you sent us especially on feastdays. Thank you for taking out time to remember your children's family and friends. We were all touched by you. Now you are closer to us all than before; because you enjoy the beatific vision. Say hello to my Mum and family in heaven. Franca"

This tribute was added by iye obeya on 26th August 2014

"My dear friend Betty, you had so many wonderful and touching things to say about your Dad that proved he was a wonderful person indeed(he reminds me of my Dad who has gone ahead to be with the Lord). Be comforted and consider yourself fortunate to have been blessed
with such a humble and thoughtful father. Be comforted and trust that as the years pass, the tears will turn to smiles and you will consider yourself favored indeed. God comfort your Mom, Hassan and you, Theresa and Karl and  the rest of your family
May his gentle soul rest in Peace."

This tribute was added by chief FUANKENGANYI Mike Fomenky on 26th August 2014

"What a shock!
I hope you all can find a little consolation from the universality of this experience. Death comes to every individual. There is an amazing democracy about death. It is not aristocracy for some people, but a democracy for all the people. Chiefs die and beggars die; rich men die and poor men die;old people die and young people die; death comes to the innocent and it comes to the guilty. Death is the irreducible common denominator of all men.
I hope you can find some consolation from the up bringing that he gave you - OPUS DIE; indeed from christianity's affirmation that death is not the end.Death is not a period that ends the great sentence of life but a comma that punctuates it to more lofty significance. Death is not a blind alley that leads the human race into a state of nothingness, but an open door which leads man into life eternal.Let this daring faith, this great invincible surmise, be your sustaining power during these trying days. Marie, Alberta, Agha,Betty and Therese The golden bowl is broken indeed but it was golden nothing can ever take him away from you now"

This tribute was added by Frances Mensah Williams on 26th August 2014

"Rest in peace, Chief Albert Ngwana."

This tribute was added by Kelechi Asuquo on 26th August 2014

"RIP Chief Albert Samba Ngwana....................... with all the tributes I have read so far, you must be a great man.
Thank God for your life.
Betty, do accept my sympathy, continue to live in the beautiful memories and legacy left by your Daddy. My sincere regards to the rest of your family."

This tribute was added by Yakubu Ochefu on 26th August 2014

"My last physical contact with Chief Ngwana was in December 1999 when he came to pay his last respect to his friend and brother-in-law Tony Ochefu. In the condolence register, he wrote that he had “lost a true friend and brother”. I  first met Chief in the early 90’s when he was living in Lagos. I remember the encounter vividly as he admonished me for mixing coke-cola with Remy Martin VSOP. Being a “bush man” non- connoisseur of exotic cognac, I was not quite sure what I did wrong. He went on to educate me on the finer qualities of brandy and why it should be drunk “neat”. He was a jovial, genial and large-hearted man. Chief Ngwana was a distinguished public servant, astute businessman, community leader and statesman.  Above all he was a devout catholic and family man. We will miss his philosophical quotes on the status of his people in Western Cameroun. But like the ancients say, what matters most when an “old rabbit” falls, is the rabbit colony that he leaves behind.  Chief  an old rabbit that has left deep imprints in the sands of time is gone. He has left behind a colony whose name the whole world will hear. Waka good massa. As we dey na for cry die so, we thank Fada God for your life. Yakubu Ochefu on behalf of Mammy and the rest of the Ochefu Clan."

This tribute was added by Pst Cecile A on 25th August 2014

"Beloved Daddy. You became my Father instantly the moment I set my eyes on you. You behaved incredibly honorable, loving, caring, kind and patient. Above all you dragged us to church, preached the Gospel to us even when we did not want to hear, you lead us to Christ what a beautiful gift you gave us. I was the angel Marie was the trouble maker to your eyes. I never forget your constant bible lectures and readings. You were the best, you thaugh us that the word of the Lord was a lamp to our feet and a light to our path Psalm 119:105. May the peace of our Lord be with. May your soul rest in peace. We love and cherish your memories. Love forever"

This tribute was added by Samba Tchim on 25th August 2014

"I met Papa Ngwana while visiting Marie at their home in North London so many years ago. I remember him being a very pleasant man who loved making jokes. Marie certainly got that from him. He was surprised to know my name was Samba. Heaven is celebrating his homecoming, the Angels are singing. May the peace and love of our Lord Jesus Christ be with the whole family at this time and beyond. May you find comfort in the treasured memories you shared with Papa Ngwana."

This tribute was added by lottin jenny on 25th August 2014

"Je ne veux plus pleurer,que Dieu m'en donne la force parce plus assez de larmes pour vs.Je veux dire mon émotion à toi BB Miche qui ns a quittés le 15 juin2014 disparu coe une etoile laissant mon cœur meurtri.A toi mister Ngwana coe on t appelait adorable beau frère père,je me souviens du rôle que tu as joué pr mon voyage en France,je me souviens des vacances des enfants NGWANA( mes neveux) qui ne parlaient pas francais .Et à chaque fois que Mister Ngwana arrivait  tjrs avec le sourire, on entendait Daddy Daddy et Daddy que c'était beau et ce Daddy de Marie ,Alberta, Agha, Betty ,Thérèse et Raphael ,tu as laissé tes enfants et ton épouse bien aimée Sita Elissa!!!! Que le seigneur vous accorde (BB MICHE ET TOI)la paix de l'âme dans son royaume."

This tribute was added by Bisi Falodun on 25th August 2014

"A truly great man who left his mark on all who knew him. Whenever papa Ali - as we fondly called him- visited Alberta, we all felt like his children. There was laughter and at the same time, the consciousness of being with a prayerful man. Thank God for his life. May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Amen."

This tribute was added by Bisi Falodun on 25th August 2014

"A truly great man who left his mark on all who knew him. Whenever papa Ali - as we fondly called him- visited Alberta, we all felt like his children. There was laughter and at the same time, the consciousness of being with a prayerful man. Thank God for his life. May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Amen."

This tribute was added by Winnie Labule on 25th August 2014

"My dearest uncle, the illusion of our existence has caught up with me once again, and now I am forced to feel the pain of the finality of your physical life. Yet you fly free and whole. Oh physical Dead so inevitable, yet so abhorred, what is this game that we play? For a life that is everlasting, the ebb and flow of our existence, is just the rhythm that enables us to dance, yet we hurt. You are dancing away uncle, like the caterpillar that has just burst out of its cocoon, a colorful butterfly... it must feel really free.
While my mother taught me how to pray the Rosary, you taught me that there is no special place to pray the Rosary. How can I forget, the very first time I met my long awaited uncle who lives in England, you and my sister Mary came to pick me up in Limbe, I ran to the car all excited to finally meet you, and I was greeted with a Rosary, I thought it was a joke, but the joke was on me because everybody in the car with your lead started reciting the Rosary, and I had to join in. It didn't take me long to realize the Rosary was a part of your existence, and was recited several times daily at a moments notice. Uncle I fantasize you standing at the Heaven's gate handing out Rosaries to all who come in. Every time I say my Rosary, I will say a decade for you. Please when you receive it, show it to the Divine Mother on my behalf. Please uncle continue to pray for us, that while our time on earth may be limited, that we may use it wisely in prayers, loving ourselves and one another.Your wonderful smile is forever engraved in my heart. I love you. Winnie"

This tribute was added by mary tomdio on 25th August 2014

"It is with profound grief that we learn that the inexorable laws of fate has decreed that our uncle Chief
Albert Samba Ngwana be taken from us and obliged to move through the Celestial Gate to enter that bourn from which no traveler returns.
My first reaction was anger and many unanswered questions on my mind, but I quickly came to my senses and concluded once again that Gods ways are not our ways.
The Lord has spoken, may His Holy Name be praised.
Uncle while on earth you performed all your earthly duties to the best of your ability, may God Almighty receive you and place you by His side.
Continue to intercede for us, with mother Mary by your side. All is well. I will hold tight to my rosary;
Rest in peace uncle,
Until we meet again"

This tribute was added by Marie Ngwana on 25th August 2014

"Words have truly failed me for once. You touched so many lives. The world to me feel so empty without you. That special bond we shared will never be forgotten.Rest in perfect peace my darling angel. I know you will continue to intercede and pray for all of us as we continue to recite the Rosary as you taught us. I will cherish the wonderful times we had together so that I do not feel that emptiness you left behind. You have arrived home. Rest well Daddy and  I love you always."

This tribute was added by Ruth Ngwana on 25th August 2014

"This past Sunday our family lost a man that touched the hearts of every person he encountered. Grandpa, you were our confidante, our teacher, our mentor, our friend, and so many more things to me that words cannot describe. Thank you for teaching us the significance of family and what it truly means to love one another the way Jesus loves us. I know that during these difficult times all you would want us to do is what you always told us to do, pray and take care of one another. We love you and will not let you down. We will continue to make you proud. Rest in perfect perfect peace."

This tribute was added by Emmanuel Kisob on 24th August 2014

"I am truly lost for words, and find myself searching for the words to express the way I feel. My most sincere condolences to the entire family. I am so very sure that he is resting in the Lord and that he will meet up with my Dad and uncle John Ngu as they call out their nick name "Famagusta" Rest in Perfect Peace...."

This tribute was added by Jules Suinner on 24th August 2014

"Daddy , as we always will remember you as. My faith and belief in Christ as the way and redeemer was strengthened by your exemplary life. You truly touched my life by just watching you live. I know,indeed that , there is Heaven and that is where you are. You played by the rules, striving daily to be humanly better  with Man and your God. I know and you know that I will miss you so much. Your Demise is not a loss to me . I mourn not. You are a celebration of fulfillment. I will always keep you close to my heart. As evergreen . Bofum.. Sun re....."

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