Shared by Abi Akinola on November 5, 2019
I have written this a couple of times and stopped but I know I MUST find a way to capture you in words.

My earliest memories of you were at Sister Busola wedding in your regal outfit and hand made beaded shoes... Euroba’s fashion sense was top notch.
You stood tall with your usual formidable presence. It was the first time I asked the meaning of Eurobodo.
My little heart welled in pride to be your daughter and niece. Qualified to be an “Euroba” myself.

I am sure the year but when my dad (your younger brother) was hospitalized for slip disc issues, you swung into action to ensure dad had everything he needed , you ensured he got the attention he needed.
If you have ever visited Igbobi orthopedic, you would appreciate this better.

A strong part of my childhood memories:
I smile because we ( Tope Eboda and I) always looked forward to our shiny one naira notes every Christmas day since the 80’s.I gradually got elevated to about #2000 the last Christmas I visited with my son.We looked forward to the increments in our Christmas monetary gifts. It was the highlight of Christmas day celebrations.

Olori Ebi:
Everyone who knows you is aware of how you worked to keep the Eboda family together and how you extended that to your maternal side of the family too. I learnt how beautiful family ties are irrespective of our differences from you and My dad.
Thank you.

Lastly, Dad’s big brother:
You were big brother in every sense of the word. My dad’s hero. We all know the bond that you both shared. Daddy wont go about a week without visiting you, getting worried about your health and vice versa. He longed for those conversations with his Euroba. Life dealt us all blows in 2014 and you both encouraged each other in a stronger bond.

On the morning of 24th October when I heard my dads voice break in a call to announce your passing, I broke down because I could hear the hurt in his voice. He would miss you greatly but we would be strong to continue on this journey standing on your shoulders.

Omo Egbo mogun ara Ijamo, omo a dele tejiteji,  omo aborule nsunkun ojo,
Omo Ita ntebo alabameji, .Omo afegba sawo loke Moro,
Omo Eruobodo, eniti o duro ti odo ni eru nba

Continue to rest on Daddy
Euroba ,we will miss you.
Abisoye Eboda Akinola
Your Ladele’s daughter


Shared by ADEBAYO EBODA on November 5, 2019
My first one on one contact with him during his lifetime was when he lived and had his printing press at Moloney Area, of Lagos I believe, and I was visiting from Ibadan on holiday.
The memory that I have of him is that of friendliness, generosity and hospitality. He used to send, as an annual ritual, the Almanac (Calendar) of the Eruobodo Printing Press to all family members. He popularized the name "ERUOBODO" as one of the "Oriki" of the extensive Eboda Family of Odo-Egbo, Ijebu-Ode. 
As another Patriach goes home, my prayer is that God will grant him eternal rest in His Bosom. OMO EGBOMOGUN ARA IJAMO, SUNRE O.

Good night uncle

Shared by Oluyomi Banwo (Odulate's ... on November 3, 2019
Uncle you are very dear to us we can never forget your lifetime and contributions to us all in our family. You never made us lack in monetary and emotional areas ever till our mum went to be with the lord 
TI'll we meet at Jesus feet 

Good night uncle

Shared by Oluyomi Banwo (Odulate's ... on November 3, 2019
Uncle,I would never forget the day you called me to give me a space beside your house to start Arts and Crafts center. The little begening has taken me to higher places today.
Today your good work can never be forgotten in my life and family .
Sleep on our beloved uncle 
Shared by Olu Oke on November 3, 2019
From you, I learned that with hard work and determination, I could reach everything I dream of. From you, I learned that with faith, I could truly weather any storm. From you, I learned to give freely. 
My heart breaks knowing that I will no longer get to sit with you on the balcony, while you share stories of times passed or your current evaluation of the day’s news. Yet, I rejoice because you set a standard, of how to live a life of honor, strength, integrity, and generosity. And this lives on in your children, your grandchildren, your family, and in every single person whose life you impacted.
You have fought the good fight of faith. You have run the race set for you with endurance. You have given me a legacy to live up to and remember.  
A good and faithful servant has heard from his Master, “E ku ise”. (Matthew 25:23).
Until we meet again, Grandpa. I love you. Rest in perfect peace. 

Tribute to Pa Eboda

Shared by Olu Oke on November 2, 2019
Tribute to Pa Eboda

We have known Pa Eboda for more than 40years. His family lived on the same street (Femi Adebule street) with our family for several years before he moved to Modupe street. He was very friendly and engaging with us younger folks. He had a good sense of humor. He was much respected and loved in the neighborhood.

Pa Eboda was a good father to his children and a good husband to his late wife. He was a man of great family values.

We thank God for his life of service and that he knew God before death. He will be greatly missed by all especially his children but are comforted that he is in a better place at the feet of Jesus Christ.

Rest in perfect peace Pa Eboda.

Kehinde Olayinka (nee Osipitan) & siblings

Farewell Chief A B Eboda

Shared by Cecilia Osipitan on November 2, 2019
Our first meeting was about 46years ago. The setting was No 10, Eletu Odibo Street, Abule Ijesha which then served as the Osipitan family residence. Chief Eboda came in early in the morning to see our beloved daddy, Chief Adebayo Osipitan of blessed memory, purposely to intimate him of some developments on the construction site of our would be new residence at Femi Adebule street, off Fola Agoro street. Daddy was out of town and it was my pleasure to receive the message from the very tall and handsome Chief A B Eboda(Eruobodo) and transmitted same to daddy when he arrived the next day.
Shortly after, our Femi Adebule residence was ready for occupation. We moved in and became Chief Eboda's neighbour. That marked the beginning of our relationship which has been sustained until Chief's transition to glory. Chief watched us grow from teenagers to adults and responsible Professioners. He was one of my first set of Clients. He reposed absolute confidence in my professional ability. He never took advantage of my being a young professional. He ensured that he paid for professional services rendered to him.
Incidentally, it was our Client-Counsel relationship that provided the platform for the meeting between my darling wife, Peju and l. Peju's brother, Bisi Job became a tenant in Chief's house after undergoing necessary interview with me. We became friends and exchanged visits. It was in one of these visits that l discovered Peju and resulted in more frequent visits to Bisi's apartment and less visits to Chief Eboda's apartment. 
Chief soon discovered the frequency of my visits to his house but a corresponding decrease in my visit to him. We joked about this development and he encouraged me to press on. He expressed with nostalgia, his association with Peju's father (of blessed memory) and the very rare assistance he gave him during the construction of his family home in Ijebu- Ode. It also turned out that Chief Eboda's wife  had an Ijebu Iworo connection with Peju's mother.
To the glory of God, our marriage of over 32years is traceable to my relationship with Chief Eboda. We attest that Chief Eboda was a cheerful and generous person, very hardworking blessed with uncommon courage. We found in him a friend, confidant, mentor and benefactor. We will surely miss him.
On behalf of our entire family, we pray that God Almighty will console Busola, Toun, Gbenga, their spouses and the entire Eboda family. We loved him but God loves him more, hence he called him home for a richly deserved rest. Farewell, our dear Chief A B Eboda!
Tribute by: Dist. Prof Taiwo Osipitan,  SAN & Mrs Peju Osipitan

Goodnight, dad

Shared by Olu Oke on October 27, 2019
Dad, I wasn't ready to let you depart on your journey to your eternal home. You were ready, but I was not. Your prayers were answered; you saw your "Baba mi Jesu" before you saw death; your children and your younger family members survived you. Now you are with your Lord and reunited with your wife, whom you've been missing so much.

You gave me a solid foundation in life. My basket of ethics, discipline and generosity were learned from you and mom. You taught me to cook (including your special recipe for French toast). You taught me to lead. You valued education and made sure I got a good one. 

ERUOBODO! You taught me to be fearless in the face of life's storms, never to be cowed or give up, but to lean on GOD ONLY. 
This is your Oluwaremilekun - I believe God lived up to that name and gave you joy.

To God be all the glory - for your life, legacies and impact. It's a misnomer to say I will miss you, deeply, very deeply. 

Till we reunite at the feet of our Lord Jesus, adieu, daddy.  Goodnight......

- Busola

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