let the memory of christopher remain forever in our hearts x
  • 23 years old
  • Born on March 28, 1984 .
  • Passed away on September 11, 2007 .

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, chrisotpher humphreys, 23, born on March 28, 1984 and passed away on September 11, 2007. We will remember him forever.

Posted by Karen Lambert on September 9, 2013
I miss you so much,my life is full of what ifs,no happy endings :( i feel like im the only one missing u,on the 11th i had a knock on the door it was the police they had found ur body pain still unbearable,my mum has joined u now i love you sonxxxxx always xxx
Posted by Karen Lambert on January 29, 2013
Missing u so much my heart still breaks everyday,i wish i was with u,cant help thinking what u wud of been doing now had u lived,so painful,your brother darren and his partner sara are having another baby its a girl,hope u can see her,i love you tell my dad i love him and miss him to,keep safe my lovely precious son love and miss u always love mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Karen Lambert on December 25, 2012
Merry Christmas son missing u so much,cant stop thinking about u,hate not being able to see u or a pressie,but know sweetheart u will forever in my heart now and always,will never stop missing u,just to have one more hug from u wud be the greatest gift to me,love u my special son now and for always xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Karen Lambert on November 29, 2012
Oh son how i miss u,but dad i miss u also very much,another christmas without u both,i cant remember ur voices god that hurts me so much,just please know i love u both very much,counting the days where we can finally b all together,forever missed love u love mum and ur daughter karen xxx
Posted by Karen Lambert on September 11, 2012
My sweet son i miss u so much its 5 yrs since the police knocked on my door telling me that they have found ur body,i miss u so much everyday,i pray ur at peace i love u so much and i always will,till we meet again my special son love u always xxxxxx
Posted by Karen Lambert on May 16, 2012
Just wanted to say that i miss you so much,and long for the day i can see you again,just want to hug you chris,living without you feels like hell on earth,every day i wake up sad,so hard to smile,i love you son always have and always will do,till we meet again ur ever loving mum xxxxxxxxx
Posted by Karen Lambert on May 9, 2012
Hi son just want u to know that every day u r missed so much by me,i hear so many sad stories on suicide,i still want to b with u ,i know thats wrong but i ust miss you so much,why did u go? i know u must of been in pain,and i blame myself for that,the guilt will go to the grave with me,i miss ur laughing brown eyes,and ur lovely smile,hope ur at peace now,i love u always xxxxx mum xx
Posted by Karen Lambert on April 7, 2012
Hello sweetie just had the urge to come on here and tell u i miss u,i hope where u r that u know how much im missing u,oh just for that one last hug and to see ur smiling eyes again,life is not the same without u,big chunk of my heart has gone,i wish other people missed u as much as i do,but they dont,till we meet again son i love u always and forever xxxxx
Posted by Karen Lambert on March 31, 2012
Hello sweetheart,big day today ur nan is moving in with us,going to b so trying for me,,but u had patience so i shall learn that to.Wish more people wud talk about u,but they dont and it hurts,but know always that i miss and love you so much,if only u cud b here now my life wud b full of happiness,i count the days till i see u and can hold u in my arms,love u son,love mum xxx luv u xx
Posted by Karen Lambert on March 31, 2012
God i miss you so much my handsome son,hope u have found ur peace u so wanted,i look at ur brother ryan,hes so like u,hes not quite the age u passed away,but he has ur lovely smile and beautiful eyes,i see you always when i look into his eyes ,ur mum misses u son so much,i hurt so badly,will always love u till the day i finally join u xxxxxxx
Posted by Karen Lambert on March 27, 2012
Hello my sweetheart ,i often think u wud b doing if u were still alive,i know u had so much unhappiness,but tomorrow is ur special day,HAPPY 28TH BIRTHDAY SON i hope u know that i thinking of u,just miss u so much,will always love u no matter what anyome else thinks of u,hope u have a special day in heaven i love you always xxxx
Posted by Karen Lambert on March 15, 2012
Thinking of u so much,i feel such sadness,no one understands the pain im in over losing u,i look at your brother ryan and hes so much like you,,sometimes when i quickly look at him i think its you,keep flying with the angels and when its my time i know you will b waiting for me my beautiful son,will love u always all the way around the world and back never forget that son. miss u xxxxx
Posted by Karen Lambert on March 13, 2012
Darling its the 13th march,soon will b ur birthday on the 28th of this mth,u wud of been 28,i think to myself wud u have had a family by now,but i do miss u no matter what anyone says,miss ur smiley face and beautiful brown eyes,know ur always in my heart chris will love u always love mum xxxxxxxx
Posted by Karen Lambert on March 28, 2011
Happy birthday 2 my wonderful son,how i miss u and wud give anything just 2 have u alive right now, this pain doesnt get any easier it still hurts. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SON I LOVE YOU XXXX
Posted by Karen Lambert on October 21, 2010
every day i miss you,every day is painful,but im trying to stay strong,hoping your now at peace darling. will love you and miss you forever xxxx

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