Let the memory of christal be with us forever
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, christal canecchio . We will remember her forever.
Posted by Lisa Canecchio on 15th October 2018
Hey Christal it's mom, I'm sorry I haven't written anything in a while. You need to know it destroys me every time I write. I really need to just see you even 1 more time. Anyway I want to tell you that Stephanie is having another baby girl. I'm worried about her because she has no one except Joe. He keeps in touch with the kids but she for some reason pushed me out of her life. I raised her. And you died protecting her. I would think she would want to be closer to me. My girlfriend said maybe every time she sees me it reminds her of you. I never blamed her for losing you. But i lost my father, my mother, my sister, and my daughter. Im truly alone. I'm lost and depressed all the time. Anyways I will survive. I love you sweetie.
Posted by Lisa Canecchio on 28th September 2017
Hey Christal it's mom, Last night Stephanie wrote on Facebook that she was greatfull that she is able to hug her children everyday. I don't think she realized how that saying hurts me because I can't hug you . I would give my life just to be able to hug you one more time. She really got to me. I couldn't sleep at all last night. Please can you send me a sign letting me know u hear me any sign love you mom
Posted by Lisa Canecchio on 11th August 2017
Hey Christal it's mom, I wanted to share something with you, When you were a baby Before I married dad, I was engaged to someone named Vinny. Well Vinny's brother Ricky's son started to work by me. When I realized who he was he called his mom up. Her name was Monica. She remembered you she came to pay her respect . It felt good that someone else remembered you. I just wanted to share that with you i love you sweetie
Posted by Lisa Canecchio on 3rd June 2017
Hey Christal it's mom, Your sister Jennifer got married on May 28th, 2017. Your cousin Nicole was her Maid of honor. And Stephanie was 1 Of her Brides maids. Jennifer looked beautiful. I wish you were there even though I know you were there in spirit. I just wanted you to know that. Love you sweetie LOVE MOM
Posted by Lisa Canecchio on 25th May 2017
Hey Christal it's mom, This Sunday May 28th your sister Jennifer is getting married to her best friend. You would have really liked him. She said she wishes you could have been part of her wedding. But I explained that u were always here for her. And she's including a lot of your photos in her wedding album. I will let you know how everything goes love you always MOM
Posted by Lisa Canecchio on 3rd April 2017
Hey baby doll sorry I haven't talked to u. I've been trying to help Jennifer get ready for her wedding. She is marring the most perfect guy. I adore him. His name is Kevin. As u know Jennifer and I haven't always seen eye to eye. But now she is being great. I'm so happy for her. I'm excited for her too. She wishes you were here and she wished u could have been part of her wedding. So she is adding pictures of all of us including u on her wedding video. She is announcing the hole family. I bought a beautiful gown u would have loved it. Anyway I miss you so much. I will let you know how everything goes love you my presious daughter Christal. Love you sweetie. Bye for now.
Posted by Lisa Canecchio on 17th January 2017
My sweet sweet beautiful Daughter Christal Yesterday on January 16th 2017, your Aunt Kathy passed away. She died from a weak heart. She died just like your grand father did. Now she's with you in heaven. Please let her know I finally got close to her again and she left me. I miss her and you and my mom and dad too. But at least I know you are with everyone that you were close to. Even though you all left me alone. Please if you can speak to the lord ask him not to take anyone else away from me. My heart can't handle it. I love you sweetie. LOVE MOM
Posted by Lisa Canecchio on 1st January 2017
Hi Christal Guess what Aunt Kathy and I are getting closer and closer everyday. I know you always wanted us to be close, Now we are. It takes time but i know with a little work we will grow and become best friends like you always wanted. Grandma Sherry and grandpa Rocky and you are in heaven with you. Aunt Kathy and I decided to work on our problems together because we are all we have on our side of the family. Anyway love and miss you. Love you mom
Posted by Lisa Canecchio on 1st January 2017
HAPPY NEW YEARS CHRISTAL in heaven. Another new year without you. But I hope you are celebrating with grandma Sherry in heaven. Make sure you dance with her. Grandma Sherry loves to dance. I love you sweetie R.I.P. LOVE YOU MOM
Posted by Lisa Canecchio on 20th December 2016
My sweet sweet beautiful Daughter Christal, It's a couple days before Christmas and I can't help thinking about how another year and another holiday is here. and you aren't gonna be with me. I go through the motions but I feel like I can't celebrate anymore because how can I enjoy the holidays when the Lord took you from me. But I love you and miss you very much. Every year that passes its supposed to get easier but it gets harder for me. No one knows the loss. So at least enjoy Christmas in heaven with grandma Sherry and grandpa Rocky. Until we meet again. With all my love. Mom
Posted by Lisa Canecchio on 30th November 2016
Hey Christal it's mom I want to say hello to you and to say today is my 50th Birthday. You always said you wanted to throw me a big beautiful birthday party because u wanted me to feel like you did when dad and I threw u your sweet 16th party. But you need to know that aunt Kathy and uncle Joe took care of me. They threw me a small get together but it meant the world to me. I decided to give aunt Kathy and Stephanie some of your ashes. Also on Thanksgiving day aunt Kathy and myself went to see grandma Sherry we also put some of your ashes with grandma. I know you would want to be with grandma Sherry but I still can't let you go. I probably won't ever be able to let you go. Anyway I just wanted to let you know that. Love and miss you very much. Love you, mom
Posted by Lisa Canecchio on 17th November 2016
Hey Christal tonight when I was driving home our song "Don't Stop Believing" came on the radio, it always makes me brake down and almost fall apart. But as I was cryiing it reminded me of when you, Stephanie, Aunt Kathy, and myself were driving to Aunt Kathy's house and we used to scream the words so loud that the car's on the hghway would move away. We used to laugh so hard we couldn't catch our breath. Just another memory for u in heaven. LOVE YOU SWEETIE, LOVE MOM
Posted by Lisa Canecchio on 16th November 2016
Hey Christal it's mom again, in 15 days it's my birthday, my 50th Birthday. I always thought you and your sister Jennifer and your brother Ralphie would be throwing me a surprise party. But guess what Aunt Kathy is throwing me a small get together just Me and Dad and Aunt Kathy and Joe. We are gonna be here at our house. Im really trying to do the right thing with Aunt Kathy. U know our history. But you always wished that we would be closer so we both have been trying. Anyway i know u will be there with me on my 50th. U better be lol. I love you sweetie. I will let you know how it went. Love you always mom
Posted by Lisa Canecchio on 3rd November 2016
Dear Christal, Today is your Aunt Kathy's birthday. She misses you so much. When the holidays come she cant deal with it. And I'm of no use because I can't deal with it either. BUt maybe if u show her a sign that you are still here in spirit and in our hearts and in our souls she can get through the holidays, remember you are always my hero and my angel. Love you sweetie Love you mom
Posted by Katherine Canecchio on 3rd November 2016
My beautiful god daughter. If you were here I would have gotten a call at midnight to wish me a Happy birthday. I miss you so much. God took the a true angel. Midnight was here and you always dropped everything to wish me a Happy birthday. Please know you are my angel always and take if grandma and grandpa. I love an you truly are my hero.
Posted by Lisa Canecchio on 6th September 2016
Hey sweetie its mom. Im just laying in my bed thinking about you. Thinking about all the times the whole family went on vacations together. Thinking about the fact that you were just like me and grandma Sherry. We loved to watch horror movies and we never got frightened. I miss those times. You should know your sister is getting married next year in May. She said she wishes that you could be there. She said she always dreamed that het whole family would've been in het wedding. I explained to her that you would always be there smiling and dancing to the music. Well anyway I Love you so much. Give grandma Sherry a kiss for me. Someday we will be together again. But until then just know Im hugging u and I miss you too. LOVE MOM
Posted by Lisa Canecchio on 16th July 2016
Hey Christal it's mom and dad, It's getting close to grandma Sherry's Birthday. We know you will spend her birthday with her in heaven, but please let her know that we wish her a happy birthday in heaven. Also tell her we miss her very much. And of course we miss you too very much. Tell her that Ralphie had a dream about her the other night. He said he almost forgot what her voice sounded like but after his dream he remembers it now. Dad and I will never forget your voice or her voice. We always talk about the memories from your childhood. Anyway we love you and grandma Sherry very much. Enjoy her birthday. And don't let her cheat you in cards, lol We will all be together when it's our time to leave this world. Love you sweetie, MOM AND DAD
Posted by Lisa Canecchio on 31st May 2016
Hey Christal it's mom again, it's getting closer to the day we lost you. And as usual Maria and Lenny are worried about me, so I'm letting you know we are gonna visit the site where you taken from us. Also the lady that tried to help you and Stephanie always leaves some sort of memory and prayer for you. Tty soon. I told you i will never let your memory fade away. LOVE YOU SWEETIE, MOM
Posted by Lisa Canecchio on 7th May 2016
Hey Christal it's mom again, Tomorrow is MOTHERS Day, I wish you were here to spend it with me and to spend it with your girls. But I want to wish you and GRANDMA SHERRY a Happy MOTHERS DAY. I know your girls miss you as much as I miss you. But just know they are being taken care of. They are getting so big and of course beautiful. I'm so lost on every holiday because I feel like something is missing, and that is because you aren't here. Well anyway I love you sweetie. Have a great day in HEAVEN. With Love always, MOM
Posted by Lisa Canecchio on 10th March 2016
Hey Christal it's mom again, I uploaded some pictures of you, and the girls, and me and the girls. Thought everyone can see how beautiful you and your girls are. I. Know they really miss you. But they know how special their mom is also. Anyway miss you very much. Love you sweetie. I only hope i c u in HEAVEN one day. Love you , mom
Posted by Lisa Canecchio on 2nd March 2016
Hey Christal it's mom and dad, Tomorrow is your birthday and I to wish you a Happy birthday in HEAVEN. I hope you celebrate it with Grandma Sherry. You know I work with one of your close friends. Her name is Angela. I should have known that she was your friend because she is one of the kindest people I know. She said she dreamed about me and I was very happy. She said maybe either I was with you or I wob the lotto. I said if I was with you then I did win the lotto. Not a day goes by that I don't think about you. I feel like my heart will never mend. Your brother Ralphie always talks about how you always took care of him and never judged him. I'm miserable without you here. . And I can't bury your ashes. It's our way of holding on to you. Anyway we both love you and miss you very much. Enjoy your birthday in HEAVEN. Love Mom and dad
Posted by Lisa Canecchio on 26th January 2016
Hey Christal it's mom, This morning when I woke up I went to make myself some raisin bread toast. I took my bread out of the bag, then I left the bread out. Grandma Said why aren't you putting the bread away? I said because when Christal gets up she might want some. Grandma said what do you mean? I said maybe Christal wants some. Then I realized what I said. I must have been dreaming of you. Because when I got up I felt like you were in the house. I just wanted you to know that you will always be here with me. Maybe I can't see you but I always feel you with me. I love you. You are always in my heart and soul. R.I.P. I love you sweetie.
Posted by Lisa Canecchio on 25th November 2015
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I can't bare not being able to see you or hold you, Every time I wake up I see yourface and I talk to you. I hold you in my dreams and in my heart. Donna at work always tries to make me remember all the great times and not dwell on the hard times. But I can't forget every moment. When I sit down to eat thanksgiving dinner I'm gonna say a tribute to you. Because i can't go on if I don't. HAPPY THANKSGIVING IN HEAVEN. I hope you are with grandma. I LOVE YOU MORE THAN LIFE ITSELF. LOVE MOM.
Posted by Lisa Canecchio on 20th July 2015
Thank you so much Anna Maria for remembering my beautiful daughter Christal. Although i miss her so much, I know she's with my mom who was her best friend and I know she's not alone. But I cry for her every night. I'm supposed to bury her ashes with my mom but I can't let go just yet. I need to hold on to her a little while longer. I'm missing a part of my heart. How can I go on. But Christal should no her brother has been making sure I go on. Thank you again
Posted by Anna Marie Laringa on 13th June 2015
Your where a great kid I remember the days when you and Carmine played together. You left this world to soon. I'm guessing God has a plan for you. May you R.I.P. Love Anna Marie

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