The Rock & Love of our Lives - Christy Ayukegba

Mrs. Christiana Ayukegba CV by Mr Peter Ayukegba
Christiana was born in Besongabang on the 6th November 1947 to Mr Jacob Beteck Egbe and Mrs Hannah Egbe.
She started her primary school education in Roman Catholic School Mankon in 1953 and completed in 1960. From 1960 to 1963, she attended Queen of the Rosary Secondary School Okoyong – Mamfe.
From 1963-1965, she attended St Francis Teachers College Kumba where she graduated with a teacher’s grade 3 Diploma. She advanced to obtain a teacher’s grade 2 Diploma from Regina Parcis College Mutengene a year later in 1966. Christiana started her teaching teaching career thereafter in 1967, teaching for the Catholic Mission in Tiko and Kumba.
In 1968 Christiana got married to Mr. Peter Ayukegba and took up a teaching position with the Roman Catholic Mission in Wum where her husband had been posted. In 1972, they both moved from Wum to Yaounde where Mr Ayukegba had been posted to take up a new position. Christiana applied for and was recruited into the Cameroon Civil Service, starting off at Government School Nkoldongo. In 1973, she sat and passed the professional teacher government grade 1 exam, which enabled her to secure subsequent promotions in the civil service. In 1980, she moved once more with her husband to Edea where she was the pioneer Headmistress of the first English speaking school there. The Government Bilingual Primary School Edea was created at her behest, when she mobilised Anglophones and english speaking Nigerians in Edea to lobby the government to establish the school. She led the school in Edea for nine years, during which it grew significantly in size and became the go-to primary school in the town, attracting many kids from French speaking homes. She made it. Point of encouraging particularly kids from French speaking homes to continue their education in the best possible schools they could afford. She would often take them and their parents herself to attend interviews and admission in Sasse, Saker and Our lady of Lourdes. Today many occupy senior positions in the administration and Corporate Cameroon.
In 1989, she moved to Douala where she headed both Bepanda and Sodiko primary schools. She also completed a correspondence Diploma course with the college of Perceptors (LCP) which enabled her to become a category A1 public servant.
Prior to going on retirement, she started Standard Bilingiual Primary and Nursery School Mambanda earning her the Cameroon Medal of Merit for her overall services to deducation throughout her career. Madam la propriétaire/Headgirl as she was fondly called, leaves behind five children and nine grand children.
My Christy was a very beautiful woman, inside and out. She would do anything to see you smile and loved you no matter what.  She loved to tell stories,  tease and bestow nicknames to those she loved.  She often made me smile by the nicknames she gave me. "Small foot" was one of the names she gave me because I have small ankles and small lower legs. She also shortened my name and often referred to me as "Pee". Those loving nicknames will  forever remain in my memory.   She was the love of my life and I will forever cherish the times God allowed us to have together.   
May her Soul Rest in Perfect peace.