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To my dearest daughter Christina

Shared by Carlos Garcia on January 16, 2019

Jan.7, 2019. Day of Christina’s New Lif

To my dearest Christina

It feels kind’a nice sitting on the big Mommy couch next to your bed as I write this little note, and bring back some of the happy  times and wonderful things that Is now within me whenever I think and refer to you my Ate daughter.   You are such a great catch for my Kuya son Carlo (Miko), a very good mother to my 3 darling apos, and a very loving daughter to Mom and me.  I love you so much.  I miss you already.   I will always cherish the hours  being with you that “before” night from 6 to 8 pm and even especially the “after” morning 3:00am  to 10:30am together with Mom and me.  I am angry at this unruly world and disturbed about what you had to go through because of the discord, illness, and pains of Cancer existing in our universe.  I do know though that as mysterious as this is, even if God respects such order of nature and let things as they are, He still works on bringing out the good in everything.  And thru you, good things have already come to us.  Thank you.  You are a real Ate.  Anna reminded me last night that you used to say to everyone that I am the closest person to being like Jesus, that you ever knew.  I say you are closest to being like Jesus with all the pain and suffering you had to go thru for all of us., like Jesus.  We thank you so much for giving your entire life to us and for us.  Thank you Christina.   You have been an inspiration to the family. You have left priceless mile markers in our world. You have made beautiful friendships.  But then you have made me wish to have you with us much much more.  So somehow, be always with us.   DAD

Celebration of Chridtina’s Life at Salt Lick, Driftwood, Texas, Jan. 13

I am sure Christina is really very happy to see so many people here to celebrate her Life.  I know that there are a lot of other people out there who want to be here to 

celebrate with her, and she is definitely feeling joyous about that.   Thank you all for being there for Christina.  Christina and Miko’s fight against this  damn Cancer was really hard and so difficult, and very painful.  I truly commend these 2 souls for sustaining a good fight and winning this battle.  I have the honor of saying that because I witnessed their sacrifices and their struggle and their total submission to what all this has brought about.  Not just the go fund me, the meals, the moral support, the notes of well wishes and comfort, the baby sitting, some folks gave their air miles, and others their time, days, weeks.  I would like to ask you to note and cherish that they, Christina and Miko, left with you some precious memories with lifetime messages that hopefully will be useful for the rest of your life now, or maybe later, or even to eternity?  Christina even had special one on one moments with some of you.  I am sure she said or did something for each one of you as she did for me  upto the last few nights while I held her hand and whispered in her ear. Cherish her conversations, her touch in your heart, her pains and sacrifices because they are meant for you,  and your family, and your friends, and your world around you. And if not, just remember her infectious smile.  Thank you all.

Shared by Marianne Pineda on January 15, 2019

Christina was light.  

A full spectrum of it—illuminating, bright, warm and inviting. 
The kind that’s remnant of childlike curiosity, of light-heartedness and bountiful love—the adventurous spirit of an early summer morning and the warmth of autumn dusk.  The kind that offers comfort without expectation, advice without judgement, and guidance without bias.  A sparkling light, mischievous and sweet—the kind you sometimes have to squint against because it’s a bit too bright; the kind that reminds you a bit of spring, because it’s full of hope and new ideas.
We met you at different times in our lives — some sooner, some later — all of us with a story to share.  A lifetime of memories and a never-ending want for more.  Some things we remember more than others:
 Your mischievous smile; the kind that crinkled at the edges and sparkled with your teasing intention.  A bit the way Binky smiles, too.  It was a smile that made us feel safe — warm and welcome in a new family with lots of moving parts and a generous family tree.  “Oh yeah,” you would say sagely, nodding your head, “…so-and-so is Tita’s son, from the Lopez side—yup yes, grab a pen and paper, you need to know this.” 
You were the OG-outlaw.  A fail-safe guide for many of us.  A vibrant storyteller sprinkling in memories with a smile, bustling around the dining room table with contagious energy and a formidable smattering of Tagalog to match.    You were long hours on the phone during times of crisis, whispered advice and genuine concern.  You were simple quiet nights at home, content with life and living it, happiest when you were with your family—learning and growing together.  A spiritual comfort, supportive on our journeys toward figuring out who we were and where we were going—all while embracing your own journey to Christ.  You were an ever-willing partner-in-crime, snickering and teasing and getting unbelievably competitive with board games. And yes, Maggots in Your Leg Wound is still the best team name you ever came up with, and wow, you were a terribly sore loser.     
Most of all, you were family.  A nurturing mother and loving wife, fighting to give your husband and kids the best of yourself at every moment, selflessly and without second-thought.  We remember your cute little pout when Kaimo kept getting taller — the way you snuggled him close and told him he wasn’t allowed to grow up.  The way you called Wawa your warrior,  a passionate, level-headed scholar with enough personality to sweep us all into her charm.  We remember the way you watched Binky at karaoke, smiling indulgently as she offered a dramatic rendition of a Whitney Houston song.  And later, secretly, giddy and pleased, we remember the way you nearly squealed, “Carlo is so whipped for them.”  
You were a doting daughter, a real-life sister to so many of us here today.  A source of strength and support during moments we didn’t even realize we needed it.  An artist with the gift of bringing people together, drawing them out—bringing us home and binding us whole with the tightest glue.  Your home was always open, your love offered freely to us all.  
Today, we celebrate your light.  Your guidance, your love, your warmth.  We remember you, and we’re so thankful we got to meet you, spend time with you — to learn from you and the boundless love and respect you gave to everyone around you.  And so, we’ll remember you whenever we feel your light, on cool winter mornings and in the blossoming flowers of Spring, after a board game or a simple night-in, whenever we look into each other’s eyes and remember your smile and think of your laugh.  For us, in our hearts, you will always be our light.  
Claudia Danitza Miranda