Let the memory of Christina & Corey be with us forever
  • Passed away on November 19, 2011 .


This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one's,

christina jackson, 20, born on July 3, 1991 

Christina was such a bubbly person, with such a big smile and the biggest heart. I will never forget the first time I met her. No we weren't best friends, but here lately if I needed to talk to someone late at night she was there. She seemed to know the best things to say. You were taken away, way to soon. Christina is always going to be in our hearts and will never be forgotten. We will see you again someday, watch over everyone until that day shall come. Love you

Corey cooper ,18, born Nov 10,1993

Corey Alan Cooper; , just 9 days after his 18th birthday. He was on the varsity football and bowling teams at Carroll High School, where he was a senior this year.. You use to crack me up so much. From watching you act silly before a football game or you jokes on the bus on the way to bowling matches. You always knew how to make everyone smile. You were such an amazing guy.  



                          christina or corey could light up any room any time of day        with  their smile like no other's could light up a room,


            passed away on November 19, 2011. We will remember them  forever .

                           You didnt die, you grew wings and flew away

        We love you corey and christina miss you two so so much each and every day





DAYTON CRASH 11/19        

Friends and classmates held memorial vigils for people killed early Saturday morning in a crash on a Dayton road caused by a suspected drunk driver.

The Montgomery County Coroner's Office identified the victims as Corey Cooper, 18, of Dayton and Christina Jackson, 20, of Riverside. Jackson's car was struck from behind in ther intersection of Wayne and Wilmington avenues by a car witnesses estimated going 100 miles per hour on the dark city street.

Jackson was a Carroll High School graduate and Cooper was a senior this year at the school.

More than 400 students attended a memorial service for Cooper and Jackson at Carroll on Saturday, according to principal Matt Sableski. Guidance counselors and campus ministers will be available for students on Monday. Alter High School has also made counselors available.

Sableski said the service was attended by the “vast majority” of this year’s senior class, as well as many members of the junior class and family members.

Eyewitness Jordan Seals said, "I've never seen in my life an accident this violent."

Eyewitness Jacob Bonnell said, "He must have been doing a buck ten, buck twenty somewhere around there. From what I heard they didn't even stop. I just couldn't imagine if that was me in the car."

One of the victims died on the scene, and the other was pronounced dead from injuries at an area hospital.

Dayton police say 29-year-old Robert Finkley from Florida will be charged with two counts of aggravated vehicular homicide and a count of aggravated vehicular assault. He was released from Miami Valley Hospital to the Montgomery County jail late Saturday.

Police suspect Finkley was drinking. They'll wait for more testing before determining what if any charges should be filed.

You didnt die, you grew wings and flew away! we love you christina & corey



Posted by Connie Frazier on November 19, 2013
I can't believe it's been two years since we heard the news. Corey, I didn't know you but I've gotten to know your mother and she is a wonderful woman who loves you and misses you with all her heart. Christina, I miss your constant beautiful smile, your positive attitude and your "I love yous". Beth and Chobby, I've gotten to know you a bit since this tragedy and you are two great people who I am proud to know. I wish there were some way I could ease your pain; all I can do is provide words of love and inspiration. Your daughter taught me life lessons; such a young soul teaching an older woman like me life lessons. She was wise beyond her years. We miss and love you, Corey and Christina...never forgotten, always with us.
Posted by Connie Frazier on January 22, 2012
Your earthly body might be gone from us now but your soul is free and you will remain FOREVER YOUNG! You leave behind for us the memories and that can never be taken away by anyone! You're positive attitude and your warm and friendly smile will lift me up whenever I am down and whenever I think of you, which is often. I am old enough to be your mother yet I learned from you. Thank you.
Posted by Beth Jackson on January 21, 2012
For what ever reason God needed both of you back in heaven. It hurst me to know that you will never be able to come home again, but it give me peace and comfort knowing that God is Holding you in his arms. You will never feel anymore pain, or have a broken heart. Mommy, Daddy, Ally & Bubby love you both so much and cannot wait until we meet again in Our fathers Glory!! Love you Always!
Posted by Amber Fortner on January 21, 2012
It hurts me to know not being able to see ur beautiful smile and our crazy times.you are my best friend and also my sister. 18 years of the best friendship i have every got from you christina marie . and It will still continue . you are the most prettiest angel up there and corey is the most handsome one up there.. watch over us both of you, Love you both so much and mis u both
love amber

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