Posted by Julie Dowswell on July 14, 2014
Remembering you today on your birthday. You are missed greatly by many!
Posted by Steven Dowswell on July 14, 2014
Thinking of you today brother, miss your stories and humor.
Posted by Ruth Oniang'o on July 14, 2014
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS. You will be happy to know we successfully celebrated Norm's birthday Centennary in Uganda from Iuly 7-12 and it went very well. I paid tribute to you there too. I miss you Chris and we all at SAA miss you so much. Continue to rest in Eternal Peace. Ruth
Posted by Ruth Oniang'o on November 24, 2013
Oh Chris, we continue to miss you. I was joined by Aki, Deola and David Norman to make a contribution from SAFE and SAA to the Christopher Dowswell Scholarship Fund. We thought of you, we spoke of you and I wish you to know you are missed and endeared dearly.
I miss you so much and yes, one day, we shall meet again. Thank you so much for giving me an opportunity to get so closely associated with SAA/SAFE and with Norm. Cheers and I hope you are happy together.
Always Ruth
Posted by Tiff Harris on November 21, 2013
Hey, Chris...I think of you nearly every day, and often ask myself "what would Chris do?" when confronted with a special challenge. You remain my best friend and most admired colleague. I've been through a bad patch this year, and including you in my prayers has helped immensely. I love you, brother, and know one day I'll see you again.
Posted by Julie Dowswell on November 19, 2013
"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, nor touched, but are felt in the heart.” Chris, your memory will live on through the many hearts that you touched....
Posted by Steven Dowswell on November 19, 2013
Liking of you today brother and missing your stories and humor.
never forgotten......
Posted by Don Doering on November 18, 2013
Chris touched my life in a special way - I miss that passionate, gentle and generous man very much. I miss you, Chris.
Posted by Julie Dowswell on July 14, 2013
Thinking of you today on your birthday! The people whose lives you touched still feel your loss. Rest well with peace.
Posted by Davd Dowswell on July 14, 2013
Happy birthday brother. Miss you more than worlds can express. 

Posted by Steven Dowswell on July 14, 2013
Happy Birthday from all of us in Colorado.We all miss you !!!
Posted by Ruth Oniang'o on November 20, 2012
It is a year already and yet it feels so fresh. The impact you had i our lives Chris, still lives on and we miss you so dearly. We just had SAA/SAFE Board meetings in Entebbe and your presence was so conspicuously absent! I miss your wise council. Continue to rest in peace until we meet again!
Posted by Tiff Harris on November 20, 2012
Hard to believe it's been a year, Chris. You're in my prayers, amigo, and forever in my heart. Rest well, my brother.
Posted by Davd Dowswell on November 19, 2012
We all miss him very much. He was someone who I always looked up to and admired for what he did to help those less fortunate. His memory lives in my heart forever.

David Dowswell
Posted by Don Doering on November 19, 2012
A year without Chris - I miss you, my friend.
Posted by Carol Beyer on October 15, 2012
I'm sorry to read about Christopher's passing. He and I were
elementary school classmates in Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY. He was such a friendly, jolly boy. I'm glad to read that Keeko led such a
rich life and that he was so accomplished.
Posted by Tiff Harris on July 17, 2012
We long joked that for two weeks each year I was older and wiser than you...but you are the man I chose to follow all my adult life. I often ask myself "what would Chris do?", and you never fail to answer. I miss you Bro. Go with God.
Posted by Eduardo Castañeda on July 16, 2012
Happy Birthday Mr Cris wherever you are I send a strong abrazo.gracias for all the support we offer my family and especially my grandmother Amada  is very grateful to you ... thank you very much
Posted by Steven Dowswell on July 14, 2012
Today our family remembers Chris with Love on his 65th birthday.He is missed,but today we celebrate his life with deep Love,Joy and respect.
We want to Thank everyone who has expressed so much Love and positve thoughts for Chris since his passing.
A toast to you and happy 65th !!
Posted by Ruth Oniang'o on July 14, 2012
Chris, we miss you always. People of SAA in Uganda, where I have been visiting remember you warmly. We shall support your brother Steve to establish the scholarship fund for African fellows.
Continue to rest in peace until we meet again.
Cheers Chris, Cheers
Posted by Ruth Oniang'o on July 14, 2012
Posted by Don Doering on July 13, 2012
Thinking of Chris today. Tomorrow he would have celebrated his 65th birthday. No doubt he'd be the gracious and vigorous host of friends and family. I'll raise a toast to you my dear friend.
Posted by Bill Jackson on February 28, 2012
Chris and I became friends in Florence,Al back in the early 70's, he was working at the IFDC center. Great person to know.
Posted by Josh Courter on January 28, 2012
Chris was our guide, advisor, and connector to the agricultural development community. Without his help the documentary "Freedom From Famine: The Norman Borlaug Story" would never have happened. We are working on a tribute video to be shown at this year's (2012) World Food Prize and need everyone's help to find footage. If you have any video or photos please let me know. Thank you.
Posted by Bertha Fagan on January 6, 2012
"I will always remember Chris as the great friend, confidant and mentor he was to me. His never ending positive attitude and words of encouragement helped me through the most difficult times of my life. I will deeply miss his emails full of advise and wisdom. He was a unique friend who touched many people's life. I will never forget you my dearest friend. Rest in peace"
Posted by christine maxwell on December 21, 2011
When a great soul dies, after a period, peace blooms, slowly and always irregularly. Spaces fill with a kind of electric vibration. Our senses, restored but never to be the same, whisper to us, "He existed.
We can be, be and be better, for he existed."
                 -adapted from Maya Angelou-
Posted by Don Doering on December 20, 2011
A month without Chris and my life still seems a bit emptier. I re-read his last emails to me that spillover with his passion for farmers and their lives, humor, love for children, and genuine caring for the people in his life. He was such big-hearted man and leaves a legacy of empowered farmers and hunger-fighters. I'll raise a toast to Chris when next in the fields of Africa.
Posted by Matt McMahon on December 19, 2011
When Chris left us he took some of the fun of life with him. Fun is the one word that I would associate with him. It was fun to meet him, to have a discussion (and how many of those did we have!!!) with him, and to share stories. He was generous in both word and deed and I have always gone away feeling better from wherever we met over the years. Un abrazo, Chris - love you, Matt
Posted by Jesse dubin on December 14, 2011
He was a good ol friend. Please see the tribute I wrote in sharing a story.
Posted by Jose Antonio Valencia Vil... on December 7, 2011
In recall vividly in 1997 when I was in Sudan, Chris went to visit us with an important mission from the management of Global 2000. His mission was to make a study and submit a report on the possible termination of the Sasakawa Africa Association program in that country, Sudan. At that time, Dr. I. Narvaez and myself were leading the work on wheat and sorghum mainly. His mission was made very clea
Posted by Jose Antonio Valencia Vil... on December 6, 2011
I new Chris since 1984 at CIANO Ciudad Obregon Sonora and since that time we work with Dr. N. E. Borlaug in Africa. He was great friend and colleague. We my children, my wife and I miss him. Also Nigerian farmers in Africa pray and miss a great friend of the poor small schale farmers.
Posted by Davd Dowswell on November 28, 2011
I wish to thank all of you on behalf of my family for all the kind words and comments about my brother. Chris loved people, especially those less fortunate. He will be greatly missed.
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