Let the memory of Christopher be with us forever
  • 50 years old
  • Born on March 13, 1968 .
  • Passed away on June 3, 2018 .

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Christopher Tobie 50 years old, born on March 13, 1968 and passed away on June 3, 2018. We will remember him forever.

Posted by Mindy Gouvion on 15th July 2018
I first met Chris back in 1989 at the introduction meeting for the Automotive Parts and Service Management Program. I had him in many classes and he was always someone I could count on for support. When the younger men came in the program a couple of them were intimidated by me and he stood up for me when they were harassing and bullying me. My room mates and I partied with him a lot too. One funny story, we went to a bar in Colorado Springs and when we returned the driver (Russ) who had a black Mitsubishi 3000 GT was doing donuts in the dorm parking lot and the Pinkerton cops pulled us over. Chris hid the beer in the back of the seat and they shined their flash light on him and said, “Hey, sir, what are you hiding back there in the seat.” Chris replied in is usual smart Aleck way with the grin of the Cheshire cat, “Just cutting off a few fingers!” and the guards were so at a loss for words we laughed, and laughed, and laughed about that story for many years. Then I took over his apartment in Rochester Hills, MI when I hired on with Pontiac division where he and my 'now' husband helped me move in and him out to live in Dearborne where he borrowed the moving truck. I worked with him at Pontiac division in the call center and technical assistance. He then left to work for Saturn and my husband and I drove down there and stayed at his new house a few days. He then hired on with Honda in LA. I visited with him and met Kari for the first time while attending a dance camp around summer of 2010. I had a great time going out to eat with them. I had no idea what went on in his life before and after I worked with him at General Motors and to say I was in shock at the news was an understatement, especially being a mother myself!! He never mentioned any of his struggles and I wish I could have helped in some way. He will forever be remembered in a positive light for his support in a male dominated program and the funny college stories!!
Posted by Risa Berman Goldberg on 15th July 2018
I hope there is peace for you now Chris. We are so sorry for your loss. All our prayers and thoughts are with you Kari. With lots of love always...
Posted by Bobbe Salkowitz on 13th July 2018
Dearest Kari: It is with deep regret and sadness that I read of your husband's passing. I am so sorry for your loss. If I can help in any way, know that I am here for you. I will always love you, Bobbe
Posted by Carol Pross-Levitt on 13th July 2018
Dear Kari, My thoughts are with you. So Sorry. Love, Carol
Posted by Kari Tobie on 13th July 2018
Many people here in Ohio never got the privilege to meet my husband . Yes he has problems but hey tell me who doesn’t have skeletons and problems in them. My husband and I met online 2005 and he and I what a time In 2007 we moved in together and not long after that our/ his issues hit. I Loved him madly and stood by him. But life wasn’t the same Chris dedicated his life to the automotive industry first with GM trading mechanics how to repair the new cars as technology advanced then he made a life move and went to work at American Honda where he soared rewriting online trainings for eleixtrical, and a/c he also was considered a enlightened “Red neck” who could write complete sentences. Then was asked to learn about high strength steal. Then he finally was shinning bright and they wanted him to create the prosedures on the right way to fix high strength steel. With Acura nsx but hey he woke up every morning he went to work ke LOVED what he did and he never looked at what he did as looking out for Americans but man he was the best man he could be Chris your note made a reference to our past I so wish we was back there too we drifted apart yes but the love I feel for you is overwhelming I miss you sooo much wish you was here I love you forever Kari Tobie your widow
Posted by Vicki Pierce on 9th July 2018
I knew Chris through his wife. He was a leader in the field of automobile safety for Honda Corp. He trained many people on how to spot defective work which has saved lives all over the world. While he was not perfect he was a son, husband, and friend to many. I chose to remember him for putting many hours in to save lives in the automotive field. He personally saved my life and my families lives by catching a defective part on my wheel assembly. Bless his family during this hard time.

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