Just a visit to Francis
Christopher Mosaah Ndikum
  • 50 years old
  • Date of birth: Jun 30, 1965
  • Place of birth:
    Bamenda, Northwest, Cameroon
  • Date of passing: Dec 31, 2015
  • Place of passing:
    Douala, Cameroon
Let the memory of christopher be with us forever

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Christopher Ndikum, 50, born on June 30, 1965 and passed away on December 31, 2015. We will remember him forever.



SUNRISE 1965 - SUNSET 2015

  12 FEBRAURY 2016

18.00                  WAKE KEEPING WITHOUT CORPSE

18.30                  HOLY MASS

20.00                  LIGHT REFRESHMENTS

                           LOH BENSON - ALL NIGHT LONG

 13 FEBRUARY 2016






                         OTHER VENUES TO BE ANNOUNCED.


 19.00 PM         LOH BENSON

  14 FEBRUARY 2016



         12.00 PM         DEPARTURE

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Rebecca Mbuh DeLancey on 1st July 2017

"On this anniversary of your leaving us we remember your smiles, kindness, and love for family and friends. Rest in perfect peace Bro Chris!"

This tribute was added by Larry Ambe on 30th June 2017

"Hello Chris, Verily, verily we're going to continue remembering you as the legacy you left behind endures - yesterday, today and forever till we meet again..."

This tribute was added by Larry Ambe on 9th January 2017

"Hello Chris , One year just went by since you evolved into the next of God's Worlds. On the 31st December 2016, at our home with the family and friends, it was some very settled conversations on some cherished moments we'd shared together with you - memories that continue to live on. We continue to pray for the progress of your soul..."

This tribute was added by FRANCIS Fru on 31st December 2016

"A year AGO this DATE, A year ago you left us unexpectedly; not even a word. Only GOD knows where you are and why the sudden death. Be Rest assured that  personally and the family you left will always keep your memory afloat. You will be forever missed RIP"

This tribute was added by Rebecca Mbuh DeLancey on 16th September 2016

"Big Bro!
Rest in perfect peace! The last time I saw you was in your house in NJ. We chatted and laughed. Little did I know that would be our last conversation. Your gentlemanlike soft spoken and wisdom filled personality will be missed. Your premature departure from this transit land can only mean that our creator loved you more.

Rest, rest my big bro till we meet again. Though I am still in shock, I know you are in a better place with God and all the other loved ones."

This tribute was added by Clifford Che on 1st July 2016

"Wishing you a peacefully happy birthday in heaven."

This tribute was added by Larry Ambe on 30th June 2016

"Hello Buddy,
                     Remembering you today on your birth day and continue to pray for the progress of your soul. I'm at peace with myself to know where you're now.  Rest in the bosom of the Lord."

This tribute was added by Jeroline Ndikum on 13th February 2016

"Christopher our paths crossed in such a great and tangible way and I thank the Heavenly Father for that. Your death on December 31 2015 shocked  me so much that I have not stopped asking God the question why he allowed you come this far and he wouldn't let you rip the fruit of your labor. This is what makes your death so painful. In spite of all these questions I know one thing, that he is a faithful God who would never leave nor forsake his own. So I pray that he provide love and healing to the entire family and friends over your loss. It was a blessing to have had you. As you are about to be laid to rest  I thank God for your life. You loved life and God saw this and has given you the best, Eternal Life. May Your Soul Rest In the Perfect Peace of Christ Jesus. Amen Jerolin."

This tribute was added by neye christopher che on 10th February 2016

"This tribbute is added by neye Chris che on 10/02/216

Oh Chris! It is not easy to take it; but God's ways are perfect.and unquestionable. 31/12/2015, ur journey on earth ended. It's no co-incidence. The Almighty God had prepared it. Thy will be done.

May He receive you in HIs bosm. RIP"

This tribute was added by Pammella Ngefor on 7th February 2016

"This is a hard pill to swallow, but trusting in the Lord I know you are in a better place. Rest in peace Ndia Chris."

This tribute was added by Larry Ambe on 4th February 2016

""Moyo", That was not funny when you wished me a safe trip and promised visiting us in Arkansas as soon as you returned to the States. You sounded so serious on that 3rd December, with barely 4 weeks to leave us.  It was such a shuck to me. Our friendship was so strong... so will my prayers for the progress of your soul be strong.  After all the hard work here, I am sure God rewarded you by not letting you suffer before giving up the ghost.  Rest in peace my friend and greet your neighbor at White House Victoria, my aunt, Ma Bea."

Betty Nwana Ambe
Praire Groove, Arkansas"

This tribute was added by Marcelline Azomehwei on 25th January 2016

"Big bro, it like a dream. Those advices you gave me some years back are still ringing in my mind. even though  I promised to put them in practice so you can see that your advice did not go in vain.As God has not allowed you to see them, bear in mind that I will do just as you said. Brother, Know, you were my inspiration, my hero and mentor. anyway, As you have gone too soon to be with lord prepare a better place for me as I long to be with when I am also called by the Lord. farewell, big bro."

This tribute was added by Clifford Che on 23rd January 2016

"There is still left untold, that I was willing to tell you when we meet. But it seems like the lord needed you urgently on his side  . All that's left to say is have a peaceful safe journey . I'm not worried because I know mami is gonna take take of you in heaven. Your nephew Clifford Afughang Che"

This tribute was added by FRANCIS Fru on 21st January 2016


The loss of a Father is a heavy burden to bear, you were a source of quiet strength
Gentle and soft spoken yet filled with words and wisdom. What happens to all your accomplished dreams? what happens to all the promises you made to be fulfilled in the years to come? I still have unanswered questions but God knows best. I promise to concentrate on the best times we spent for I know one day we will be together again.
Thank you for your love, your love even towards my kids, I promise to help them keep your memories alive. Good bye Daddy till we meet again.      
Elvis M, Son.

The time we had Daddy, wasn't nearly enough to pack in an entire lifetime of love .there are so many questions I need answers to , so many promises unfulfilled. Why daddy you left me speechless, still hoping it's a dream. Thank you for the love you showered on me and my kids. I promise to cherish your memory and mourn the years we will miss. Rest in peace, my father, my friend.
Nalova M, Daughter-In-law

Grandpa, we can't believe you are gone, why, you left us without saying good bye, we shall miss having you around, so we now celebrate our birthdays without you but we promise to always cherish your memories and promise to grow up to be gentle men of integrity. Love you Grandpa.
Smith and Melvin, Grandkids

My Dearest Brother, Life is a journey, life is a gift from God, but without you, life is a misery. You have put a hole in my heart; I will forever cherish and remember you. I love you so much, you were the best. May your soul rest in peace.
Masog Grace, Elder sister  
Dear brother Chris.
There are so many things which you have done, but many things still undone. The last enemy of man “death” has decided to take away your life.  However, I do entertain the hope that, the billions of mankind who are sleeping in the death will come back by means of resurrection. John 11:25.
Chi Simon Mosaah, Elder brother,.

Dear brother, Life is a journey, life is a gift but life without you is a misery. You have put a hole in my heart. I will forever cherish you. I love you so much. You were the best. May your soul rest in peace!
It was with great surprise and tears that I received the message from the Dr.’s mouth, your are no more! However with your good work and love for us I wish you journey mercies to that land where we will meet to part no more.
Mosaah Clement Che  (Junior brother)
My dear sweet and lovely brother, you are physically gone but spiritually present.
My dear humbled, gentle, kind, loved and sweet brother, you are physically gone but spiritually present. You have been an example of life, brother, mother to my children and I cherish your calmness and good advices. I am happy because in all the commercial, financial and spiritual institutions, you have worked so hard and being popular have always spoken of your honesty. You slept with me when I was admitted in the hospital. Who will take care of me when I am sick? I love you but God loves you most. Due to your kind love as a brother to me, you will remain in my heart forever. Safe journey!
Your junior sister, Eucheria (Last born)
Daddy, “I miss you” is what I normally say when we talk on phone. Daddy you were the one I will look up through my difficulties you knew it all, you were the dad I did not see in another, my best friend. You loved me so much and wanted me to have a better life, you will always tell me “wherever you are, look at your family and assist them in whatever way you can”. Daddy I still can’t believe you are gone, who will take me to Limbe and give me lovely treatment, who will advise me on the things I need to know about life, you wanted best results from my nursing field, were are you to listen them daddy. If I got the whole day I would fill the booklets saying so many things but I just want to let you know that I am so missing you right now, but I know that you are with Christ. RIP daddy till we meet again, to part no more.
Your lovely Nelsa Masog, Niece
Mami, When I see or have any thought about you, I have an inner joy like a child in ecstasy at the sight of his/her mother.  I don’t know how I will ever forget you. You were the one of my inner heart. I don’t know how life will be without you, mami.  I could not struggle with the Almighty over you because his love for you is supreme over mine. I surrender you to Him with tears in my eyes, a dad, a mum.  I knew not of any but you, in that inevitable land of glory where we will meet to part no more. RIP.  A man’s ways and thoughts are not God’s ways.
Mbufor G

It was with grief and consternation that we heard of your sudden exit from this world. Thanks to your generosity we visited many important sites in the Washington area. Unfortunately, we did not have  the opportunity to treat you with a single tablet.  May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace.    
Wanka Nico

Big Bro, I called you and you said you were in Limbe and that we will meet in X-mass. Does it mean it has not yet reached? Because am hearing something else, if that is true, it has not been long ago that mother left, and you December, is that fair? She was buried on January 23 and you will be on February, the difference is 15days. We love you people but God loves you more. So, rest in peace. When I was sick, you always called and said ‘ Marie make sure you take your medicines with much water and you eat well. When brother Chi and Paul died, I knew I still had an elder brother, but you have also left us. Well, rest in peace till we meet again.
Besong Marie.

Dear brother in-law
When I heard the bad news that you are dead, I could not believe because we discussed through the phone on 24th December and I told you that I was sick and you said you will be coming before New Year to see about my illness and the family.  Now, where are you? We cannot see you in our midst. It is God almighty who knows why? Your absence and voice still remains fresh in my mind. Farewell Christopher. We miss you.
Elizabeth Chi, Elder brother’s wife.
Dear Uncle Christopher, when I heard that you passed away, it was very shocking to me. I felt so bad and could not believe what had just happen. So, I pray for your soul to rest in perfect peace. Amen
Eni Jodel, Nephew

Dear Uncle Christopher.
It was such shocking news when I heard the bad news concerning your death. You were a loving father to me and to the entire family as a whole.  In addition, I do have the hope of seeing you one day in our Heavenly Kingdom. Father rest in peace and you will always be in our hearts forever
Dear Brother,
Your passing is so sudden. My tears are mingled with blood for I never had time to say goodbye. I will always love you. Even though I miss you, may the good Lord grant you eternal rest!  RIP
Little Christelle cried out,
Daddy Christo will come with my biscuits and Chrismas shoes “ langa!!! Langa!!!”, with the child-like ignorance not knowing what death is all about, says death will surrender to the virtuous at the last sound and she would cling on her uncle who always refers to her as “granny”. RIP

Uncle, I lack words to express how I feel. Your memories will forever remain with me. You were the best, I love you.
                         Lum Stephani, Niece.

Uncle Mac Donald.
You were an uncle with a difference. I will always hold you in great esteem. May your soul RIP. Nephew.

What can I say other than that, your soul rest in peace. You were the one I always run to in case of any problem now no more. Farewell.
Delphine , Junior brother’s wife.

Uncle, our last discussion was that, when you leave Cameroon, you will pass and visit me, what sad news. May the good Lord who has given and taken your life guide you.  RIP

Brother, I wonder what you look like now, how you walk, talk or your kind of jokes. I know you’re watching us in the blossom of the eternal Father where you are eternally smiling.RIP.
Emmerencia Bisi, Step sister

Dear brother,
It was with great shock  that I learnt of your passing away. We have been missing you for a while and now I will miss you till we meet to part no more. RIP.
                             Mangwi Lum Mary, Step sister

You may have gone in flesh but not in spirit. You were an exemplary brother.  RIP.
Colette, Step sister

How sudden you left us in pains in this evil world. I will never forget the good things and promises you made to me. You came my official school wear was stolen and you bought it immediately and together with my books and allowance. Just during December, you sent me x-mass money. Where is that promise of my end of studies in G.T.C.? You have left a hole in my heart that will never be forgotten.RIP.
                                                        Collins Che, Nephew

We do not only mourn your death but we also celebrate a successful life you lived here on earth. You were also working even when and where there was no work to do, you still develop work out of nothing. Finally, it’s now time for you to rest and I know you rest a happy man while watching from above as we continue your work here on earth.
Your philosophy of life was a real pain for us to bear at first, but I have eventually come to realize that it was a golden path for us all to follow. The realities of your guidelines can clearly be seen, for you were, a good listeners, you helped people in need, old and young, always advising people how to work monies, doing so by having two or three job a day and to end it all, you will say Pa Ste that’s the America way it had always been your wish to see your beloved region changed, transformed into a pole of excellence and love. You played the role of a moderator in my life with your hands wide open, your honesty, your love for truth and what is good. Your welcoming nature and eagerness to be of help to people without discrimination. You always said Pa Ste chop your own now add some because na your own that ooo  Pa Ste
I cannot question God’s will. All I ask of you is that you pray and intercede for us Pa Chris. Your last word to me was “Pa Ste be strong for I am coming to Bamenda end of December 2015” Pa Pa Pa I fell emptiness deep in my heart! You will always b in my heart till we meet again. Adieu Pa Chris.
Pa Stephen Nenko, Bamenda III Council
What a way to say goodbye when the informed me you had collapsed I did everything to call whoever could be of help. Hoping for the best but my hopes were dashed three hours later when she announced you had passed away. Your memory will remain fresh in my mind and the 31st a day I was unable to change God’s plan for you. Adieu till we meet again.
Asaah Rose (brother’s wife)

OH MY God! Where do I begin and how? Life wasn’t easy for you! No! But you were courageous, enterprising, forgiving ahead against all odds. You made the rest of us to understand that inspite of difficulties, life is worth living, that success is a must, you are an example of a “self-made man” Ndia, you left unannounced. The ugly hand of death has visited our family again. And who does it snatch? You! The “should – be light” the pillar. It hurts. After staying away for so many years, you only came home to embark on the final journey without warning. I don’t know how prepared you were for this journey. But I beg God almighty to be your helper. He has his own special plans for you now. Adieu
Asaah  Boniface (cousin)

Uncle Chris Aka mami Lum, you have given me the shock of a lifetime with your passing away. I thank the gracious lord from heaven given me the opportunity to spend this life with you. I will always keep to your words of advice on how to manage our family positively as lagacies live on, thus are you in my heart I love you and say hi to grandma.
Your nephew, Derick Forbason

I really don’t even know where to start but you have surprised us with such short time of departure. How can we say farewell to you. We pray that you will give us the strength and capacity to understand your guidance in managing things your own way. We thank God for calling you back to rest in his heavenly kingdom. We are consoled because whether we live long or short as you did, we belong.
Mafor Ngwe

We knew ourselves in the early eighties when on one of your assignments from the defunct Cameroon Marketing Board, Limbe to Yaoundé, you stopped by the Higher Teacher ‘Training College (ENS) to see your brother, Fon Francis Fruakekem. By some stroke of luck upon graduation I was posted to Muyuka. Your thirsts for knowledge lead you to the United States where you eventually naturalized. When I visited the US in 2005, you  took away the boredom of being indoors always. Hence our numerous rendez-vous to Delaware, Maryland , Virginia, Washington DC and Philadelphia.
You took off some time to set up some businesses in Cameroon before you were due retirement. Things have not gone according to your best intentions. We were supposed to spend this New Year beginning in my little abode in Bachua when behold, I got a call from your niece around 2p.m on Thursday December 31st2015 that you had died.  I rushed to your sister’s house at Banja Street Nkwen to get full details. Come to think of it.  You collapsed inside a pharmacy in Douala, were rushed to a hospital and all efforts to re-animate you proved futile!
Christo, a few months ago you had a thorough medical check up in Mbingo Baptist Hospital and you were pronounced sound. So…………? I do not really know what to tell the many friends you have left behind in Bachau. I’m told that either high blood, heart attack or a stroke kill suddenly.  T’were better you died here to give us the satisfaction that we did run around when your agony began so that we would have at least said one or two things.  So this is you who used to be so sympathetic, buoyant, affable and giving advice here and there.
What a way to separate!  I just hope that you have heard the voice of Jesus say,
“Come to Me, and rest, lay down, thou weary one, lay down. Thy head upon my breast”
Till we meet again.  ADIEU!
Sir. Tchida Peter

          Three minutes after I was saying “We have to talk when you come out of this” the medical Dr. looked at me in the eyes to break the news, you’re no more.  We have known each other for close to half a century, in good as well as bad times, in Cameroon as in the USA.  You were cherished by me and my family as part of us and your family held mine in equal esteem. As one of my best friends and brother, the values you held and moments you shared are memories that will remain with us till we meet again.  My family and I will remember you in our prayers for your soul to continue to progress towards the presence of God.
Munifor Larry Ambe & Family."

This tribute was added by Nkemasong Ann on 14th January 2016

"You will be forever in our heart"

This tribute was added by FRANCIS Fru on 8th January 2016

"I wish nature had concerted with me, I could have delayed your departure by some desirable time"

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