We may lose and we may win
Though we will never be here again,
So open up, I'm climbin' in,
And take it easy . . .
  • 53 years old
  • Born on May 22, 1959 in Taiwan.
  • Passed away on May 3, 2013 in Shanghai, China.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our beloved Clayton Lee, 53, born on May 22, 1959 and passed away on May 3, 2013. We will remember him forever . . .

Posted by Niki Cunnion on 22nd May 2018
To my beloved brother Clayton on his birthday, May 22. . . We thought of you with love today, but that's really nothing new We thought about you yesterday, and days before that too A million times we've missed you, a million times we've cried If love could only have saved you, you never would have died It broke our hearts to lose you but you didn't go alone For a part of us went with you, the day He called you home I love you.
Posted by Tavus Begenjova on 22nd May 2018
Raising a glass to my uncle and brother Clayton . . . Got the Metheny on, thinking of all our great and interesting times together and wishing I could get the guitfiddles out for us to jam on . . . XOXOXO Evanski
Posted by Lynda Tracz on 22nd May 2017
Happy Birthday to my sweet brother. Miss you every day--miss your wonderful sense of humor, your generous heart and wonderful stories. Every time I hear Brown Eyed Girl I think of it as a gift from you! Love you always!
Posted by Tavus Begenjova on 22nd May 2017
Four years already . . . Still think of Clayton at every gig and when his favorite tunes come on . . . And especially on his birthday, today. Raising a glass to you this eve, brother! EJT
Posted by Lynn Zhang on 3rd May 2017
Time flies, you are still there, to the good times and best times ever had...missing...
Posted by Cynthia Addy on 24th January 2017
Clayton, what JOY you brought to us during our time in Shanghai! you were such a great friend to Philip and your music just soared in our veins, You will never be forgotten, but always missed, my southern friend, Cynthia
Posted by Evan Tracz on 22nd May 2016
Thinking of Clayton and raising a glass to all the good times we shared...
Posted by Lynda Tracz on 22nd May 2016
Happy Birthday Clayton! Thinking of you today as always and Missing you as always. On your birthday I celebrate the wonderful memories of being with you --the laughter, fun and warmth you brought into my life for 53 years! Love yu always ❤️
Posted by Lynda Tracz on 3rd May 2016
Think of you every day Clayton. Miss the long, deep cathartic conversations, the crazy adventures, your crinkled eye smiles, the newsy letters, the music and just all of you. Love you Clayton
Posted by Tanya Lee on 3rd May 2016
Thinking of you and missing you.
Posted by Tavus Begenjova on 22nd May 2015
Raising a toast to my Uncle Clayton, thinking of all I learned from him, and all the good times we had together all over the world. I taught my son the opening lead to the Allman Bros Jessica tonight in Clayton's honor. He picked it up in just a couple minutes . . . the beat goes on . . .
Posted by Lynda Tracz on 22nd May 2015
Happy Birthday Clayton! Today we are remembering the brother and friend we love and miss so much. Your kind soul, your thoughtful ways,your energy, enthusiasm, sense of adventure and creativity made times with you so much fun. I miss our visits to see you in Shanghai where you would enthusiastically take us to see so many wonderful places, always carrying our bags and patiently explaining everything. Those were good times. I really miss you!!
Posted by Lynn Zhang on 22nd May 2015
Just miss you and think of the good days we had, dear friend and my tutor.
Posted by Nancy McDougal on 3rd May 2015
I still remember when we first met in '73 & how sweet he was. I last saw him when he was here 6 years ago & how warm & handsome he was. I'll never forget that wonderful visit. Rest in peace dear one.
Posted by Evan Tracz on 22nd May 2014
I always miss Clayton most acutely when the weather turns nice, I am listening to or playing some good-time tunes outside, having a cocktail, and thinking about what to do next . . .
Posted by Leigh Pardee-haller on 15th November 2013
Dear Lee Family, I wish you strength during this difficult time of loss! Art and Mark were both friends at NMH. I just read the Fall magazine and was so sad to read of his passing. I hope you can rejoice in his life and have spent lots of time together as a family!
Posted by Lynn Zhang on 20th June 2013
Dear Clayton, as always how are you? You know you always inspired me, right ?Your love for music, your passion, you live the way you love. The happy times of the talking with, the america, the china, your beloved music... How can I find another friend like you ? You know how grateful I am to work with you and have a friend like you, righ? Miss you !
Posted by Nancy McDougal on 6th June 2013
Art was my nephew, a sweet, warm & handsome man, with a love for music, so I could relate to him. He was talented & loved his family. To come all the way from Shanghi for his Mom's 80th was a blessing for her & we were privaledged to have him in our home on that occassion. I wish he could have been here for mine, but his memory will have to do. God bless you Clayton (Art to me).
Posted by Cathia Ma on 29th May 2013
This is Chris here - I met Clayton a few years ago with Cathia during a training session. He impressed me as very personable, thoughtful and highly intelligent. It was a privilege to meet someone with such incredible insight into the way things work and know how much he will be missed. Reminded me of George Clooney!
Posted by Carol Li on 27th May 2013
Dear Clayton, I felt very lucky to be coached by you over the last 2 years. I've learned a lot from you. The coach sessions with you have been good learnings, experiences and now memories. Thank you so much for your dedication, conscientiousness and professionalism. I miss you very much. Wish you rest in peace.
Posted by Cathia Ma on 27th May 2013
Dear Clayton, I Miss you very much. We had worked together for over three years and you were a wonderful trainer who I EVER worked with. I felt lucky had talked to you on 2 May before you passed away and still terribly sad. I always think of you. I wish your family all the best.
Posted by Dianna Shattuck on 26th May 2013
Love and all good thoughts to your beautiful family as you move through this tragic loss.
Posted by Tanya Lee on 25th May 2013
My dear brother, I will miss you more than I can express. There's a Clayton sized hole in my heart. Love and miss you forever. Your little sis.
Posted by Paul Meredith on 22nd May 2013
Happy Birthday Clayton... Tonight, Naran A and I played a set from the hundreds of great song charts you left behind, we miss your music and we miss your friendship.
Posted by Tavus Begenjova on 19th May 2013
It is extremely hard to write a tribute, as it means that we need to really realize that he is gone. I cannot find words good enough to describe how deeply he will be missed.
Posted by Hua-Zeng Feng on 18th May 2013
May you rest in peace and see hellow to your father. He is one of my favorite cousins.
Posted by Winnie Feng on 18th May 2013
God has called you home, so may you rest in peace. Please give your dad a big hug from me as he ss one of my favorite cousins.

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