Life is one grand, sweet song, so start the music!
  • 60 years old
  • Born on January 20, 1957 in Hempstead, New York, United States.
  • Passed away on April 25, 2017 in Brockton, Massachusetts, United States.

If you know Cochise, you know he loved music, family fun times. In the spirit of what he loved we will be celebrating his life with music and memories. While his memorial may last only one day, his impact on our lives will last forever.

In honor of his life, please join us by adding your stories, photos, audio/videos, and tributes here so we may share in the memories together.

The family is thankful for your prayers and support. Memorial donations may be sent to the Diggs Family online at DiggsLove or c/o Linda Diggs, 70 Goldfinch Dr., Brockton, MA 02301

Thank you!

Posted by Brian Johnson on 4th February 2018
Cochise is my example of a calm, thoughtful, selfless man. I knew him many years ago. His self-assurance and self-confidence placed him head and shoulders above any crowd. His character withstands the test of time. May his family forever carry on his enormous humanity. In Christ’s Name, Dr. Brian K. Johnson
Posted by L M on 30th May 2017
Dear family and friends of Albert Cochise Diggs. I am so sorry for your loss. God gives hope to see the ones we loss in death again. This scripture at Acts 24:15 says " And I have hope towards God, which hope these men also looked forward to,that there is going to be a resurrection of both the righteous and the unrighteous ". How thrilled we all will be when we see gods promises become a reality when the ones we loss in death resurrect to a paradise earth filled with healthy happy people ( psalms 37:9-11&29). May you all continue to cherish the precious memories of your dearly beloved Albert close to your hearts and know that one day soon we will see the ones we loss in death again. You can visit this website at there you will find many topics that explains can the dead really live again?.
Posted by Melody White on 20th May 2017
I thank God For The Blessing Of Knowing Cochise, A Godly Man, A Great Help To anyone who asked For Help Cochise was There. I Send My Prayers And Love To His Precious Wife Linda. And The family.
Posted by Pat Epstein on 20th May 2017
From the moment I met Cochise years ago, I could see his special spirit, his bright light. During our epic family gathering last July, Cochise and I spent our first and only time together. We shared love, joy and laughter. I am so grateful for that and carry his radiance in my heart.
Posted by Freda Battle on 18th May 2017
Cochise had such a way of dropping wisdom, and understanding in the most quiet, but effective way. That also included sharing the rhythms and beats of his congas. He definitely helped to create the style and Brazillian feel to my music as we would play for hours and he listened to my same little chords over and over again, LOL. I always left his presence feeling good about myself, and where I was going. To Linda, and my Diggs family, thank you sooo much for sharing your Cochise with us. I'm going to miss that dude so much, and I'm so thankful Linda for the year I got to spend with you guys before moving to NC. Be encouraged Linda, Mai, Trinity, Telli, Harmony, and family. Love You!
Posted by P J on 15th May 2017
My sincere condolences to the family. Your loved one apparently lived life joyfully and really loved people. God has promised to bring about a time when we can see our loved ones again. Revelations 21:3,4. At that time all mankind will enjoy perfect health on a paradise earth. May you find comfort from the God of all comfort.
Posted by Catherine Miller-Baldwin on 5th May 2017
To the family, we are sorry for your loss. I pray God will comfort your family as he is comforting our family.
Posted by Lee Little on 4th May 2017
Tiger 4 life my friend my team mate classmate wow. you are truly miss. enjoy the years a true gentleman . we are tigers big d just loss for words Pray for understanding for the family.
Posted by Julius Diggs on 4th May 2017
Uncle Cochise, I've known you my entire life; there aren't many people I can say that about and now I'm one fewer. I know we weren't as close as we would have liked to be, but I always kept you in my thoughts; I liked that we used to play phone tag- and now I wish we could've connected more. Still...I'm only sorry that we'll not have any more chances, but I'm glad for the times we did get to have. Now that you're up there with Grandma, I'll just bet the two of you will be having many laughs at all of our future antics, whatever they may be- but also sending us love, like you always did when you were with us. Rest in peace, Uncle. Love you.
Posted by Brandon Diggs on 4th May 2017
Uncle Chise, No matter how far apart we were you always took time out just to say hey. I remember you were the one who helped me figure out how to work out my timing with music hand eye coordination improvement and how to deal with hyper active "kids that needed a nap" haha. I'm no good at these, and I wasn't very involved with those not physically close to me. You always made an effort though and it made a difference to me even though its too late to formally thank you. Instead I will take the example you left me and work toward improving my ability to stay in contact. Rest in peace Uncle.
Posted by Byron Diggs on 3rd May 2017
Cochise, I miss you like all get out. suddenly, you were gone. It seems to be not fair. it feels massively not fair. no, not at all. but we have got to go on.... So, you were a rock, for your family, your brothers, your friends, and more. the smartest of the 7 Diggs brothers, most creative, most musical, amazing psychological insights, much much more...much more.Yeah, painful to write these words to you, while photos of you click on by; memories on top of memories...yep, totally unfair! but what is done is done.So, I miss the times we had together and with the brothers, the jokes and stories, oH the stories! the stories we could tell; the ones we would tell. the folks in our lives..Grandtrash, TOOTSIE, PeeWee, uncle earnest,Gregg's slick santa stories, Mikes' everything-saving the day of that xmas when we got gloves and a transistor radio.shoot, we were sad- having laughed at Pepino, the farm hand on "the Real McCoys". pop must have heard us, cause we got the same presents Pepino received[gloves, radio] we got,. Mike came thru with that table Hockey game.awesome. rescued all of us from that sodden feeling[xmas wasn't xmas until then: thanks Mike ..well there is probably not enough GB to hold the memories we all want to share...memories of you and of us. all of us, all of you....Cochise and Grizz; Linda, Mai Telian, Trinity; Harmony and other chidren you and Linda adopted; Roy, Linda's dad still walking the earth. others i didnt know about...cause i was gone a lot: overseas, or just up the "block" in Cambridge....well.Cant stop the memories, can't change them. cant take them back.don't want to give them away...that is all I've got .and i have got to stop;dont want to bore folks more than i have..So, so baby brother, you pronounced "sugar" as "liqa" which was pretty funny considering your age at the time..Basketball at Kennedy park, "brown butt", "gizzard" 'ignots' as if we didnt have names unusual enough. 6 of us left. Damn. inevitable, of course, of course,, yet , somehow, it always seemed to me that we would go on and on, talking trash, and basketball, boxing, jokes, lots of jokes to ease the recurrent pain of growing up..An avalanche of memories cascading down on me/us. shoot. you are somewhere up there i suspect; what might you be thinking? feeling? seeing? What does the big guy look like?or is it a big gal? do the trains run all night? july 4th barbeques? White castle burgers? Donut powder round my mouth? Momma checkin us out; yep i was the only one with the telltale evidence..Cochise, there is so much more, so damn much more; I miss you Cochise. I love you, Cochise; never ever told you that....too late? ya think? if you are reading this, not too late just in i am, I love you Cochise! always have, always will.always.shoot.... your brother [as if you forgot] Byron #3-Gizzard; B Butt.with his 'old man walkin shoes" [thanks gregg] you can still come back, Cheese, visit 'n tell us how good we look? leave a lil sign, ok
Posted by Linda Diggs on 1st May 2017
To everyone that knew Cochise, no matter how brief or long, take all that he has shared with you and bless others. Make each day count, as you live a life that is full of all that God has destined for you.

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