Let the memory of Comfort be with us forever
  • 58 years old
  • Born on March 15, 1958 in Limbe, Cameroon.
  • Passed away on October 27, 2016 in London, United Kingdom.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Comfort Tembu-Ndive, 58, born on March 15, 1958 and passed away on October 27, 2016. We will remember her forever.

Posted by Catherine Ilongo on 27th October 2018
Comfort, It has already been two years and the vacuum is always there. It is still very hard to believe that you are no more... But the fond memories keeps me going. You were so much fun to be around. Your laughter and craziness are missed. I know you are with the Lord which is a better place. Comfort, continue to rest in perfect peace till we all meet to part no more. Always love you and thank you for being a true friend and friend for life. Mammie
Posted by Ateh Patience Mah on 15th March 2018
Happy birthday Mama, although I can't see you anymore, the memories are still fresh, you are still in my heart, you will be forever missed. Am happy you are in a better place celebrating with your Lord and host of angels. Memories of your smiles and dance styles are still so fresh and how you will exclaim and say 'shooooo' or 'oh Miyang' as you shook your body with hands and fingers pointing up, and I can hear myself laughing in excitement saying 'Mama show your style', oh you will be forever missed, adieu my lovely big sister, enjoy with the Lord.
Posted by Ateh Patience Mah on 27th October 2017
Mama indeed forever in my heart, the lessons I learnt are still fresh in my mind, your love and kindness to the needy will never be forgotten. Your jokes which brought light and laughter whenever you were with me in Buea is still on the walls in my house. What a great big sister you were, you dance styles in front of your home in London and how we cruised in your most cherished little car"tomato baby", Mama you made my holidays in London so exciting, but am happy you are in a better place, you are in your father's kingdom, "joy joy joooooy", adieu.
Posted by Armstrong Takang on 27th October 2017
Dear Aunty, we miss you greatly. Very often many things remind us of you - your kindness, humour, philanthropy, generosity, love, etc. Your children are growing very fast. Thank you for touching our lives positively. You have truly left behind an endearing legacy!
Posted by Gail Rudder on 28th November 2016
For the short time I knew you, you were a lovely lady very kind and always willing to listen and help. Rest In Peace. My deepest sympathy. Gail
Posted by Franklin Titang on 25th November 2016
Mama, words cannot express the deep anguish and sorrow I feel with your passing away. Everything still seems unreal and difficult to accept. How was I to ascertain that I was seeing you for the last time??? How was I to come to terms with the fact that you'd be no more? I just wonder whom I will share my academic exploits with. I will always remember your encouraging words which always motivated me to achieve more. Your love for excellence instilled in me great ambition to realize my goals in life. I will always remember you and the ideals you stood for. But God had to take you away so soon. May you find peace where you are, and may God grant you eternal rest. I will forever miss you mum. Titang Franklin (Son)
Posted by Franklin Titang on 25th November 2016
Sister, the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will keep your heart and mind in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:7. Again, I would have just loved you to be there for us till you hold your walking stick, but God's time is the best. Take my love as you go along. We need you but God needs you most. From Regina Tembu
Posted by Franklin Titang on 25th November 2016
Sis, you were a struggling, loving and selfless person. Your happiness was to make others comfortable as your name "comfort" denotes. I have been praying for God's grace and mercies to prolong your life so that you could enjoy your last days on earth but the Almighty decided to call you to his bosom. My heart is burdened with pain of your departure. I pray the good Lord Almighty grant you eternal rest till we meet to part no more. I will forever miss you. Adieu Big Sis. Titang Mofor Bridgette (Sister)
Posted by Yankam Ndam on 22nd November 2016
How cruel can life be?Just when l thought our supper mum is in control,death comes and snatches her away.Thats one of the puzzles of life which l still can't comprehend.In my heart your sweet memories lies awake eventhough you've embarked on a journey of no return.l shall stick to those words you spoke to me the last time l ever saw you. And yes l believe in miracles like you asked. RIP mummy, we love you but God loves you more forever in my heart bye
Posted by Olivia Acha-Morfaw on 17th November 2016
We have been waiting and thinking this is a bad dream but realized that it will be a very long dream. Not sure what to think at this moment because it’s like our hands and legs have been cut off. We had huge plans and you just go like this? What happens now with all the sickle cell clubs we have built in Cameroon and given them hope? You said you were coming home soon BUT NOT THIS WAY! It was to come and take over CAMSICO (Cameroon sickle cell organization) because it's your baby. What do we tell all the people who are waiting on you especially the sickle cell patients and parents? It’s really hard to take this in but who am we to question God? Even though you have left us in the middle of an ocean, we can promise you that we will continue from where you left and make you proud of CAMSICO as you look down from up there. Thank you Thank you and Thank you for touching the lives and giving hope to many sickle cell patients in Cameroon. Rest in peace CAMSICO
Posted by Maria Berghs on 17th November 2016
When I think of Comfort, I always think about her laughing and smiling. I had the pleasure of working with her and Iyamide when I was doing some research with Sickle Cell Society. I was really happy that I was learning from them because they always put their service users first. Comfort was like an auntie to people affected by sickle cell and their families. She was especially concerned with children and making sure that they also had fun and enjoyed life! That's why she was so involved with the children's holidays. In later years she became really passionate about building sickle cell education and resources in Cameroon. She was a wonderful advocate and colleague and will be sorely missed.
Posted by Simon Samuel Baker on 14th November 2016
I knew Comfort for many years and I can say she was the most wonderful and caring woman and a true friend. She had a big heart and her love to others was a delight to watch, She made the effort to come to both my parents funerals. I will certainly miss her especially that beautiful smile of hers. May the Almighty Creator grant her everlasting peace in The Glorious Kingdom of Heaven- rest in peace
Posted by Jean Mullen on 13th November 2016
It was such a privilege to know Comfort. We worked together at the Sickle and Thalassemia Centre Kennington . We worked on a number of projects such the support group, mother and baby group and at St Thomas' Hospital, Evelina Children's Hospital. She was a great inspiration. Very caring and hard working person. I am very sad to hear that she has died.
Posted by Ateh Patience Mah on 13th November 2016
Hmmmm, gone too soon, you will be forever in my mind. So many thoughts of all the good time we spent each time am in London at your number "4 Clive House" where everybody was welcomed, be it Cameroonian, Nigerian, Sierra Leone, etc. how we dance, dine and wine, sharing our joy and pain, and jokes. Oh, it was really fun. My mighty adviser friend and sister, "gone too soon". You lived a simple life admired by many who came across you, you where such an amazing woman, I miss our slangs and jokes in meta our dialect. Mama I know though you are gone too soon you are in a better place" the bosom of The Lord". Rest in peace till we meet to part no more, adieu.
Posted by Robert Tamanji on 12th November 2016
Mama I'm still in a state of reverie and shock as I find it increasingly difficult and incredible to comprehend that you are no longer with us. Your unprecedented demise has created a vacuum in my life that will never be filled by someone else. Your untimely death is a poignant reminder of the trancient vanity of life and I cannot stop but continue to asked the fundamental question of where do we come from and where we are going to. Mama when I was living without hope you were always there to give me hope.Mama when I was lost and cold you were there to comfort me and mama when the world had rejected me you were there for me but sadly today you are no longer there to guide me and advice me as you have often does. Mama you meant so much to so many people from different perspectives and they will always remember you as your life positively impacted in their own lives. Mama your eccentricity coupled with a huge sense of gregariousness has made the world a better place for all mankind and this will for ever resonate in the minds of those close to you. Mama your gentle and impeccable lifestyle and your infectious smile and selfless generosity.will never be forgotten and your legacy will for ever live and generations to come will come to hear about you and will emulate your legacy. Mama as you have crossed river jodan may your gentle soul find everlasting bliss and solace in the bossom of the Lord and I will for ever remember you till the end of time. Safe journey mama still we come to meet again. Adieu.
Posted by Robert Tamanji on 12th November 2016
Mama I'm still in a state of reverie as I find it increasingly incredible and excruciating to come to terms that you are no longer with us.Your untimely demise has left an unbearable vacuum in my life that will never be filled by someone else. Mama you left me when I most needed you. Mama my heart is bleeding with pain and melancholy as your departure is so unprecedented and shocking. Mama when I was without hope you gave me hope,mama when I was abandoned, you were there for me ,mama when the world had rejected me, you were always there to comfor me .Mama you are the main reason why I'm living today but mama how can I possibly live without you.My life has been completely shattered and rendered hopeless as you are no longer there to give me the reason to live. Mama you meant so much to so many people from different perspectives and we will for ever remember you as your love and kindness helped to shape the lives of many people. Your eccentricity coupled with your innate sense of gregariousness will for ever lives on Mam your un timely demise is a poignant reminder of the trancient vanity of life.and we will never forget your gentle and impeccable lifestyle that will continue to resonate with so many people and as you have crossed river jodan, your legacy will for ever live and will be a source of inspiration to so many people and generations to come will learn about you and emulate your legacy. Safe journey mama still we come to meet again and may your gentle soul find everlasting bliss and solace in the bossom of the Lord.
Posted by Anthony Omofia on 10th November 2016
I still find it hard to believe you're no longer with us. This very sad news came to me as a shock because it all happened so fast. I was privileged to know you. You are a kind, friendly and understanding individual with an open-door policy. You touched lives of many who got to know you during your life time. Although you have gone, your memories will remain permanently in our hearts. My thoughts and prayers goes out to your family you left behind. May our Lord grant them the Grace and Strength to bear this huge loss. May your gentle Soul rest in everlasting peace! Amen.
Posted by Pansy Gabriel on 9th November 2016
My Dearest friend Comfort, It is with great sadness I was able to say my final goodbye to you in the hospice. I will never forget our time together, co ordinating the annual sickle cell children's holiday. I will always cherish the time we spent together. Rest in the arms of the Lord my dear friend
Posted by Tebi Emmanuel Anjeh on 9th November 2016
Ma Comfort, I wish I could tell you I'm not ready to let you go, But you've already departed. My heart is feeling low. I miss that little twinkle that used to light up your eyes, And I miss the sound of your voice, your laughter and sighs, But most of all you made me feel like nothing could ever harm me because your love was so strong and real. Your life touched so many people who became your friends along the way. I want you to know we really loved you and are filled with sadness and grief. No one really wants to say goodbye, So we'll just wish you eternal peace.
Posted by Brita Anjeh on 8th November 2016
Ma Comfort, words can never be enough to express how much your departure from us means. How we will miss the moments we chatted on the phone. The laughter, the joy and the good times we shared together. How could you have gone too soon? Life is full of emptyness!! Just one thing we will like you to remember "we loved you but God loved you more". Rest in Peace Ma Commie till we meet to part no more. Forever in our hearts!!!!!!!
Posted by Papi Eko on 8th November 2016
Those we hold closest never leave us, they live on in the kindness they have shared and the love they bought into our lives. We will miss you Comfort, love from Papi and family xx
Posted by Innocent Fowung on 7th November 2016
EULOGY FOR SISTER COMFORT" ‘The ways we live are the seeds we sow but what matters most is ensuring they bring quality impact’ I am a family friend to late Comfort Tembu-Ndive. My early years in the United Kingdom (UK) and particularly in London, enabled me to establish a family link with Comfort’s family. The role she played in my new found ‘home’ strengthened my understanding of the dynamics in Europe and to embrace life with optimism. I could immediately feel the presence of my away family living with me – ‘living at home away from home.’ Our relationship grew speedily, paving the way for stronger connections that have left everlasting memories. Although you were fondly called ‘Ma Comfort’, but I always called you ‘Sister Comfort’ based on the way you received and treated me like your younger brother from the same womb, as well as many other men and women of Cameroonian origin living in the UK. Whatever relationship we had with you, we can all attest that you were a kind-hearted woman full of compassion and comprehension. Although you had your own sets of goals ‘sister Comfort’, you will be greatly remembered as an inspirational person for the positive contributions you made to many of us that came across you. Those who associated with you within the social context could quickly realize that you were a quiet lover of music, and I remember you playing the famous ‘mudengue’ music by Jacky Kingue over and over and dancing quietly in your living room at the famous "4 Clive House, Union Grove, London, SW8 2RA". I can see why God would want such a beautiful angel full of charity like you beside Him until eternity, because ‘Good people must die, but death cannot kill their names’. Wherever you are ‘Sister Comfort’, know that I will miss and remember you in many ways. May your gentle soul Rest In Perfect Peace!!! Innocent Fowung Coventry, United Kingdom
Posted by Prisca Fonyam on 7th November 2016
My ever dear heroine sister, it's hard to believe it! It was too quick. A corner stone of the family, you were! You have worked so hard and because of your hard work and generousity, which you have taught me too, that's where I am today. Thank you for the great examples of your generousity, kindness and gentility, l can never thank you enough. May you rest with the Lord and reap the great work you have done. You will live to be remembered for your caring and humble attitude. RIPP sister, my heroine.
Posted by Hermann Banyong on 6th November 2016
Dearest aunty Comfort, it hit us like a ton of bricks your passing into a better life. If one were not Christian it will even be more hurtful but because of the One whom we serve and who has called you home to heaven we are hopeful to see again. I met you in UK grown up already but the shirt moments spent with summarised your personality and heart. A cheerful , easy going , generous, humorous and driven. These your qualities immediately impacted me . You've left us to a better place free of all evil and pain. We will miss you dearly and carry you in.our hearts forever. On behalf of the Banyong Fonyam Family we say ' till we meet again' aunty. May your noble soul rest in peace. Amen
Posted by Rosie Akwe on 6th November 2016
Mama Comfort its default to accept that u have gone so soon but I have to Mama u have left a wound in my heart u were the only sister I had now u have left me all alone l don't know how am going to continue,yr memories will never leave me am going to miss you I loved u but God loves u more I give him all the glory May yr soul rest in perfect peace
Posted by Chinelo Ajibose on 6th November 2016
Dear Aunty Commy We will miss you. You were very kind and loving to me. Rest in the Bosom of the Lord. Amen
Posted by Queen-Joe Akinlotan on 6th November 2016
My dearest Aunty Comfort. My Tomatoe Baby. Even though you left so soon, we cannot question God. Sleep in perfect peace. We have lost an Angle, but Heaven has gained one. If there is anyone who deserves Heaven, that person is you. You brought joy to everyone known and unknown to you. Your kindness knew no bounds. You cared for every Tom, Dick and Harry. You were a great councillor. You were ģood at everything. You can never be forgotten. Gone, but your spirit lives on. Sleep n rest in perfect peace. xxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Iyamide Thomas on 6th November 2016
The UK sickle cell community has lost a real advocate; I have lost not just a work colleague but a dear friend I have known for over 12 years since I joined the Sickle Cell Society that first day in 2004. Comfort and I clicked immediately and working together (she covering North London as Regional Care Advisor and I covering South) were such fun filled days, I could write a book! We often spoke 'Pidgin' which meant even more fun conversations and expressions. Sometimes we just had to look at each other to know what we were each thinking. I went to visit my dear friend in the hospice and we recalled some of the good times and the 'posh' places she said her work at the Society had allowed her to visit. I also reminded her about her BBC TV appearance. Comfort told me she had lived life and was 'ready to go and rest'. I miss her dearly but I am reassured that she is now no longer in all that pain but rather is peacefully in the arms of her Lord. RIP 'Comfy' till we meet again. (Iyamide Thomas, Sickle Cell Society)
Posted by Elizabeth Dale on 6th November 2016
It is with deep sympathy to receive this shocking news that Sister Commy you are no more. What can I say. You were a Lady, Friend, Sister, Mum and a Grandmother to everyone who knew you. Your Hospitality, Generosity, kind hearted, Bubbly self, Laughter, Funny and sometimes your funny ways of dancing when you are so so Happy will Forever Be Missed. RIP MAMA COMFORT TILL WE MEET AGAIN
Posted by Catherine Ilongo on 6th November 2016
Comfort., You mean our recent august meeting was to say goodbye? I was looking forward to seeing you again after your visit to cameroon. I called you several times. . Thinking you were still in cameroon. I can't forget the last message you sent. "Mammie I am back from cameroon. I am in hospice " I actually was in denial. Hospice sounded like a place for healing . Unfortunately It happened not to be. How I wish it was different. I am glad our meeting was very recent and we had a lot of fun together. Thank you for trusting me and showing so much love. We talked about our good old days in saker. You also saw me off at the Tiko airport in 1975 when i was leaving for the states for the first time. You were so bubbly and strong despite your visit to the hospital same day. Comfort, I can only believe that God wants you by his side. He wants to take care of you because you deserve the best. I will certainly miss you and always have fun memories. Your love , kindness, generosity and laughter will remain cherished. REST in peace my dear sister and friend till we meet to part no more. Sleep well comfort. . You will always be missed. Love always Mammie
Posted by Queentar Keyeh on 6th November 2016
Still in shock. Words cannot express the pain and void in our hearts. RIP in peace mama. Oh dear!! It is so hard for the word RIP next to your name, too much emotions. I am sure as much as we love you, God loves you more. You will forever be in our hearts.
Posted by Pullo Mustafa on 6th November 2016
I am honored to say a few words about my Aunt Comfort. She was a cheerful, fun-loving lady who was full of life. i never met her in Flesh but i talked to her many times on phone and i still remember everything she advice me on and i followed and still following her advice. I was planning to Visit her in 2017 but the Lord decided we will meet in heaven. However, death has a weight of finality. When someone you love dies, one gets the feeling that the world should stop – take a solemn moment – remember one who has walked this earth and touched our lives. Aunty may your soul Rest in peace and will always remember and miss you. RIP Aunty Mustafa Danpullo
Posted by Honorine Focho on 5th November 2016
Dearest mummy, through the will of our Lord, you always have things your way right at end of your last days, hours and minutes with me. Your image, ways and LOVE will forever live with me. I know you are up there watching and guiding me through this period as we come together to celebrate and thank the LORD our GOD for your life. I WILL MISS YOU DEARLY MUMMY!!!!
Posted by Armstrong Takang on 31st October 2016
Dear Aunty Comfort, It's difficult knowing that you have left us but we are glad knowing that you are now with our Lord, God Almighty. We will miss your motherliness, care, love, selflessness, and infectious smile. I remember all those years in England that you and my late friend and brother, Jackson, were my only immediate family. How I miss all those Christmas and New Year parties that you organized at the famous 4 Clive House for us. Ayem and I have fun memories of you when you visited us in Anaheim Hills, California, to help us baby sit when Bessem was born. Your baby, Bessem, is now all grown and wishing she saw you just before you left. Your body may have left us but your legacy lives on! Good night Aunty!

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