Too My Mommy

My Mommy was the Greatest Woman on this earth she love with all her heart and soul. She loved her children with everything she had.... And she did so much for me... I was a bad teenager and she still cared about me and forgave me for all the hell i put her through, She still loved me and even when i didnt deserve it she always showed it no matter how much trouble i was....... She was the best MiMi too she loved all her grandchildren with all her heart .She was a hard worker trying to take care of her family  single mom, My Super Mom she was the Best.... When i wasn't able to see her she told me just to take care of my family and don't worry about her i'll be ok and then she passed away i know before she passed away, She heard me tell her that i loved her and i was coming please don't go until i get there please i begged her not to go i wanted to See her, Hold her ,One last time before she left the crazy painful world.................... MOMMY YOU WILL BE MISSED AND WE ALL LOVE YOU SO MUCH IT WAS TO SOON FOR YOU TO LEAVE US BUT NOW YOUR GONE AND THERE IS NOTHING WE CAN DO EXCEPT MOURN YOU  ... i still can't beleive that your gone i will never be the same with out you here