Let the memory of Corine be with us forever
  • 37 years old
  • Born on December 9, 1914 in Litig, Texas, United States.
  • Passed away on February 21, 1952 in Tyler, Texas, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Corine Pleasant 37 years old , born on December 9, 1914 and passed away on February 21, 1952. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Sean Pleasant on 9th December 2018
Hey Granny things are coming together! God is making a way and I am excited. I wish you the happiest birthday
Posted by Sean Pleasant on 17th May 2018
So many thoughts are running through my mind. Your Mother Irene (Lovey) was my best friend she like your daughter my Mama have taught me and nurtured me to right now 49 years old! The first time I ever saw this picture of you I said "thats my mama' your Mama said to me no thats your grandma my daughter! I was 9 and confused as I grew she would always tell me about you and I finally learned to separate Mama, MaDear and Ma funny the way she taught me was how she taught me about God.Mama was a smart esteemed christian woman she talked to me and sung to me cried with me and fed me spiritually food that she told me one day would build me into the man she knew I would become. I really wanted to know you I do right now but with your going home and now Mama I am sure is with you Ma is all I have of The Trinity on earth and she is what I envision you too be realized in human form thank you so so much Granny I love you and Ma loves and misses you and Mama! Like she always told me I will see you there and you both will see #US there......... Sean Dwayne
Posted by Barbara Pleasant on 16th May 2018
Hi mom. Your Heavenly Father called you back home when I was two years old. I do not remember you at all,but what I have been told about you, I feel that I know that you were a kind and loving person. I finally have a picture of you, and I seen that I look a lot like you. Your mother Irene did a wonderful job in raising your children you had to leave behind. I love you and tear up when looking at your picture and missing you. We will meet one day with the savior.
Posted by Charles Parks on 21st February 2017
Dear Madear ... although "forevermissed.com" notifies me annually on the date God decided to call you to your heavenly home, I still think about you throughout the year. May and I were having a conversation about you a couple days ago. She frequently asks about you and wishes she could have known you. You would like her very much. She is a good wife to me. The only picture of you is the one depicted in this memorial of you. I celebrated my 80th birthday over a year ago. May gave me a birthday party and over 300 people were in attendance. May made a movie of my life and this picture of you is included. I love you and I will never forget you. Sonny
Posted by Charles Parks on 21st February 2016
Hello Madear ... I would hope that you would like the background music. It is such a beautiful song with music and I think it approprite for the way I feel about you. I will never forget you and I think the power of your spirit guides me along my life's journey ... I will always love you ... Sonny
Posted by Charles Parks on 9th December 2015
Madear ... Today is your birthday and I am thinking of you with my eyes fllled with joyful tears as I remember you although 63 years have passed since you left me. I visited your grave site in Austin in July while I was there for my high school reunion. I took my wife, May with me and she wishes she had had a chance to meet you. She is a good woman and I know you would love her. Upon returning to my home in Long Beach May gave me a birthday party at the Petroleum Club to celebrate my 80th birthday. The party was on September 6, which is the first full day I arrived in Long Beach, although my birthday is September 23. There were almost 300 people in attendance, including my daughter Stephanie Louise Joseph and her son Victor Charles Joseph and her daughter Stephanie Alexandria Joseph, along with Barabara Ann's son, Sean. May made a video of my life which included a picture of you. I wish you could have seen the video. I love you ... Sonny
Posted by Doris Simpson on 10th December 2013
The depths of my love is eternal. I shall always remember your smile, grace and LOVE.
Posted by Ralph Pleasant on 5th February 2013
Hey Mom; It's me. I often visit your grave and remember the time I saw you thru a hospital window while standing on Willie's shoulders. Each time I leave your grave, I'm so inspired.They say you often had that affect on people. Thank you for leaving your Mother (Irene) while you had to go. Love you always !!! Ralph.
Posted by Donald Foster on 3rd January 2013
Dear Corine Pleasant, I believe my mother is your half sister & that make me part of your family. I pass your grave site everyday coming & going. My mother has said a lot of wonderful things about you which make me think you had to be a very special person. I thank God for letting me know of you & I will always cherish these feelings...Donnie.
Posted by Charles Parks on 1st January 2013
Dear Madear ... hardly a week passes that I don't think of you, and the tears still flow. I know the Good Lord had other plans for you but I do wish he had allowed you to remain to see me become a man ... I know you would be proud ... I love you so much ... Sonny

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