Thanksgiving In Oklahoma

Shared by Charlene Pallares-erickso... on November 26, 2011

I will never forget the look of pride on your face, you made the Thanksgiving feast in your beautiful home, you felt so good about the life you had made for yourself, and your children.  I know that you were happy, you were very "domestic" and yet, I could tell that you were so content.  Yes, you missed the city life, the beautiful clothing that stopped a room full of people, but mostly, when I looked at you, I saw true inner peace.  I will never forget the comfortable feeling I got in that house, I go back to that place when I feel very sad.  I save that memory, and I am proud, I catch myself thinking just "what if" you would have never left that home you had there, just "what if".... I can't go to that dark place, I have to let the beautiful image of you standing in your kitchen beaming with pride and confidence as you basted the turkey that you prepared.  I thank God for those happy memories...

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