Shared by Sabrina Sapp on June 13, 2019

My sister. She was many things. She was sweet and kind. She was funny and she was love. She loved the color yellow and animals. She loved her kids and grand-kids, her friends and family. She loved in a way only few people can: unconditionally.

I saw her one time after we had had a little spat. I said to her "I thought you were mad at me". She said "You're my sister. I could never be mad at you". That is how she loved.

When I turned five she gave me a birthday card. It was cute, had a little mouse on it eating chocolate chip cookies. I don't know whatever happened to that card, but I do know that she never forgot one of my birthdays. Not one. That is how she loved.

As most people know, we came from a sort of divided family. A his, her, theirs situation. She came from his, I from theirs. This technically made us half sisters. But Cynthia didn't believe in technicalities. With a wave of her hand and in a way only she could, she would say, "oh, whatever". We were sisters and never once did she make me feel that divide. That is how she loved.

Now as I'm learning to live in a world without her I remember her smile, her laugh, but mostly, I remember her love. 

Shared by Steph Anderson on April 22, 2019

I love Cyndi so much she was a very precious friend of mine I thought of her as a sister almost as soon as I met her . She always loved her kids and grandkids and she just always showed me love and respect from the very beginning.... I will never forget her

Shared by Marsha Winslow on April 21, 2019

I will miss her she was my daughters second mom as I was her daughters. They would play for hours and spend the night or nights at each other houses. She had great sense of humor  and I don’t think I ever saw her with out a smile

Shared by Margie Rudy-Kramer on April 21, 2019

Cyndi and I were friends for many years. Our mom's were best friends. Cyndi would watch my kids sometimes.Our kids played together. She loved her children and her grandchildren with her whole heart, he face would light up when she talked about her children and grandchildren.  She made and impact on my life she was a very dear friend. She was a very strong women. I will miss our phone calls. She touched many lives. Fly high my friend I love and miss you.

Shared by Jennifer Schaal on April 20, 2019

I remember time spent with Cyndi was always filled with laughter. She loved to laugh.

I've been friends with her daughter, Letha, since our teen years. Cyndi was brave enough to have us all of us middle school girls out for a sleepover for Letha's birthday. She laughed and was patient with all of our crazy shenanigans! 

Shared by Letha Dearing on April 6, 2019

She loved her kids and Grandkids with all her heart. She loved her dogs. She liked reptiles. Her favorite colors were Yellow and black. She enjoyed every moment and memory she could make with her and family and friends. She found a lot of pride in being able to make things her self she sewed things.

 She sewed couch cushion covers for her couch it was beautiful to see her face light up. Just to see little bit of self-confidence in her smile. Most would say she would light up most when she would talk about her children and grandchildren as she loved them so much. 

Cyndi in August 2019 got to meet three of her grandkids in person whom she had video chats with two but not met them in person. It's so important to meet loved ones in person and she got to be in Springfield MO for her newest grandbaby Sage to be born she was so happy Spending time with her family!

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