Let the memory of Cynthia be with us forever
  • 52 years old
  • Born on October 11, 1958 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
  • Passed away on August 12, 2011 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Cynthia Swanburg-Harris, born on October 11, 1958 and passed away on August 12, 2011 at the age of 52. We will remember her forever & keep her in our hearts.

Posted by Susan Montgomery on 13th October 2018
Sorry I missed your birthday Cindy. I will miss you forever.
Posted by Lisa Clark on 11th October 2018
Today Cindy would have been 60 years old. Not a day goes by that i don't think of her & her birthday is still a difficult day for me. So many memories of birthdays past celebrated with family & friends. Memories I'll forever cherish. RIP Cindy I love you always. Miss you more that words can ever say.
Posted by Lisa Clark on 12th August 2018
It has been 7 years since you left us Cindy. Not a day passes that I don't think about you. I'll always have the memories we made over the years as sisters. Some will make me smile & others make me shed a tear but each shall remain precious forever. RIP Cindy Never forgotten & forever loved
Posted by Susan Montgomery on 12th August 2018
Cindy I miss you always. We will meet again someday my good friend. Never say goodbye always say tomorrow.
Posted by Lisa Clark on 11th October 2016
Today is Cindy's Birthday, she would have been 58 years old. I think of her each & every day but this day will always remain special to me. I miss her so much & no matter how much time passes, that feeling will forever remain. So I am sending a Happy Birthday wish to heaven on the wings of a dove. RIP my big sister. Love you always. Miss you forever. A silent tear falls....again. Lovingly your sister, Lisa
Posted by Lisa Clark on 12th August 2016
It's been 5 years since you left us & not a day has passed that I do not think about you. I cherish every memory of you & miss you every day. You are still with me within my heart & here in all the special memories.you left me with. It gives me some comfort knowing that Dad & David are with you. I will never forget you, I will always keep your memories alive & will forever love you. Miss you always sis We only part to meet again Lovingly your sister, Lisa
Posted by Susan Montgomery on 12th August 2016
I had the pleasure of knowing Cindy. She was a beautiful fun loving soul. I miss her very much. Never say good bye always say see you tomorrow.
Posted by Lisa Clark on 10th May 2016
Laid flowers for you on Mother's Day. RIP sis Miss you forever & love you always. RIP Love lisa
Posted by Lisa Clark on 31st December 2015
As the holidays end & this year comes to a close, I again think of Cindy. My brother,Rod,Rob & I attended a candle light ceremony to light candles for those we love no longer with us. The service was on angels & when it was over I was left with a feeling of peace that I haven't felt in a while. We were given glass angel ornaments to take home, so I placed 2 on my tree close to the picture ornaments I have for Cindy & my Dad. Both Cindy & my Dad are always in my heart & on my mind but especially around the holidays every year. This year was no exception. I remembered past holidays with a smile & sometimes a tear but thankful for all the wonderful memories made over the years. It made my season a little brighter for me. So I shall end with these words,I will miss you both & remember you both always. Through the sharing of memories we've made, you both will always be with us in spirit & will never be forgotten. You will forever be missed & loved. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year in heaven. sent with love Lisa
Posted by Lisa Clark on 12th October 2015
Yesterday was Cindy's birthday,She would have turned 57 yrs old. My Mother, sister Terry & I laid flowers at her grave. It stills hurts as much today as it did the day you went away. But I will never forget you & will always be there to lay flowers on each one of your special day sis.Have a Happy Birthday in heaven Cindy. I love you dearly & will miss you always until the day we meet again!!
Posted by Brian Harris on 12th October 2015
Hi my darling, today we went to Mary's Place for Thanks giving. Kayla's mom. , anyway the food was great and Mary remembered how you would work so had to put on a special Dinner. She said she was thinking of you and wanted you to know that you are missed. Happy Birthday Cindy, I still Miss you
Posted by Lisa Clark on 16th August 2015
It has been 4 yrs now since you went to heaven Cindy. I miss you as much today as the day you left. There are times the pain of losing you seems unbearable but I know you are now with Dad & that gives me a little bit of peace I will always remember the good times we had & share them with others to keep to your memory alive This I promise to you. I will keep you close thru those memories each & every day until my time comes & we meet again. Until that day RIP Gone but never forgotten. Love your baby sister Lisa
Posted by Brian Harris on 12th August 2015
Hello Darling. Its been another year and I still think of you beside me, I have moved on with my life, as you asked of me. But things are not the same. I hope you are happy and at peace. I MISS YOU...
Posted by Cheyenne Swanburg on 11th May 2015
Hey Mom... I was thinking about you today and I still miss you... And I love you mommy... Not a day goes by that your not on my mind... I'm starting to look more and more like you each and everyday... And right now I think you would be proud of me... I stopped smoking and everything... And I'm being a good girl... I miss you so much mommy... I love you dearly. I know your watching over me from heaven... thank you
Posted by Lisa Clark on 26th December 2014
Sorry for the late post but it has been a hectic few days. Cindy & Dad are always on my mind & in my heart. The memories of them are more heart during the holidays. The great feeling of loss returns along with the pain. But I know they are celebrating together in God's kingdom, So a Merry Christmas to both of them sent with deepest love to heaven above, Loved & remembered forever!!
Posted by Brian Harris on 16th October 2014
My Dearest Cindy.It has been 3 years sents you have been taken from Me.And not a day goes by that I dont think of you. I will always Love you.It still hurts I miss you.
Posted by Shalane Bowley on 11th October 2014
I was just thinking of mom yesterday. We're learning about punishment in class and I remember one time I did something wrong and mom and dad told me to grab something that they could spank me with. I left and grabbed a big stick. They said no, something smaller. I vaguely remember returning with something twice, settling on a piece of toilet paper or something along those lines. They both had a good laugh. :) Happy birthday mom! Maybe I'll buy myself a black forest cake for you. ;)
Posted by Lisa Clark on 11th October 2014
Today my sister,Cindy would have been 56 yrs. old. Not a day goes by that I do not think of her fondly. i miss her every moment of every day. Happy Birthday wishes sent up in heaven along with lots of love to my sister We only part to meet again. Til that day I'll forever keep you in my heart & memory RIP.
Posted by Lisa Clark on 13th August 2014
It has been 3 years since we lost Cindy. Seems like just yesterday she was still here with us. Not a day goes by that Cindy is not in my thoughts & heart. I will forever miss & never forget her. We only part to meet again. I love you sis, Forever & a day!!
Posted by Lisa Clark on 11th October 2013
Today she would have been 55 yrs old. Each time we think of you, a silent tear falls! Always loved & never forgotten!! RIP Cindy til we meet again. You will always be close to us in our hearts & memories. We love you!!!
Posted by Lillian Gault on 11th October 2013
Happy Birthday Cindy It still hasn't really sunk in that you are gone i love you so much and miss you tons xoxo 2013 see you on the flip side xoxo higs n kisses Lilly
Posted by Lisa Clark on 19th March 2012
The silent tears still fall & always will ..... each time I think of you !

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