Let the memory of Daddy Titus be with us forever
  • 78 years old
  • Born on February 14, 1939 in Bali, North West Region, Cameroon.
  • Passed away on July 22, 2017 in Rockville, Maryland, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Pa Titus Fomuso, 78...

The Fomuso, Fokum and Munang families wish to notify and invite you to the funeral wake and celebration of the life of their departed Husband, Father, Brother, Uncle, and Grandad Pa Titus Ntungwen Fomuso aka Ba Nkom Gwanwobga (traditional title), born on February 14, 1939, and passed away on July 22, 2017 after a brave battle with cancer. Daddy Titus Fomuso was a pillar in his family and in the lives of so many loved ones. He leaves behind his wife, seven children, 19 grandchildren, daughter and sons in law and a slew of extended children, family and friends. He will be sorely missed.


Service of songs London UK   
Date: Thursday August 10th 2017  
Time: 7pm -9.30pm
Venue: Thomas Tallis School, Kidbrooke Park Road, London SE3 9PX.
Contact: 07832108249 Kah Eniola nee Fomuso


Dallas, TX
Friday August 11th 2017
Time: 8 pm - 2 am
Venue: 2900 Saint Maria Dr, Mansfield TX USA
Lusia Fomuso - 240-506-4440
Joe Formusoh - 682-553-1432
Nne Formusoh - 682-208-4796
Manyi Fokum Carter. 240-409-5191

Prayer Vigil in Atlanta GA

Date: Friday August 11th 2017
9 pm - 
1356 Greenridge Ave Lithonia GA 30058 United States

Contact: Bali GA Ndahkum

Cologne Germany:     
Date: August, 12th 2017
Venue: Kirchberg 3, 51515 Kürten
Time: 2 p.m to 8 p.m
Contact: 017683333719 (Ango Fomuso Ekellem)

London UK:
Date: August, 12th 2017
Venue: Orpington Village Hall, 311 High Street, Orpington, Kent BR6 0NN 
Time: 6 p.m to 12 Midnight

07768240548 Gang Fomuso
07832108249 Kah Eniola nee Fomuso
07710176395 Della Fomuso

Manchester UK:
Date: August, 12th 2017
Venue: Royal Oak Community Centre, Brookcot Road, Baguley M23 1DU
Time: 4 p.m to 10:30 p.m

Victor 07747842968
Andin 07825291845
Imma 07737030835


Maryland USA:
Date: August, 19th 2017
Location: Gaithersburg Presbyterian Church
                610 S Frederick Ave Gaithersburg MD 20877
Viewing: 11am - 1pm
Church Service: 1pm - 3:30pm
Dedication of Memorial ground and Refreshments: 3:30pm 4:30pm

Celebration of life:
16000 Trade Zone Ave Unit 407 Upper Marlboro MD 20774
Time: 7pm - 2am 

Mrs. Monica Fomuso at 240-291-4658
Ms. Edith Fomuso at 240-274-2083
Ms. Esona Fomuso at 240-246-6274 
Ms Lusia Fomuso at 240-506-4440
Mr. Sully Ackondjo at 860-398-3984
Ms. Florence Fomuso at 240-586-2749
Mrs. Racheal Fokum-Carter at 240-409-5191  

Mr. Thaddeus Ndanjong at 240-482-9221
Mr. Joseph Formusoh at 682-553-1432
Mr. John Musi at 240-997-1491

Ms. Mary Munang at 240 751 6867
Mr. William Dzekashu at  240-687-7155       
Mr. Evans Fomuso at 301-728-1602
Mr. Gefter Chongong (Jeff) at 830 261 8625
Mr. Walters Ntang at 240 751 5028
Mrs. Nange K-Mutia at 757-338-7412
Mr. Godwill Fomusoh at 847-226-8193  
Pa Daniel Ndi at 301-328-6790


May the soul of Daddy Fomuso rest in peace.

Thank you.

Posted by Esona Fomuso on 15th February 2018
Happy birthday my sweet Daddy, today is especially rough my one constant Valentine. I know you are resting peace with the Lord even as I miss you sorely. I love you Daddy, thank you for your amazing legacy which we have to hold onto until we meet again. Continue to RIP ❤️
Posted by Gefter Chongong on 14th February 2018
Happy birthday daddy. I am happy to announce that we, Chongong Jr was born today at 8:29am. He now shares a birthday with you. Spoke a few minutes ago to mami and she was very happy, saying her husband is back. Daddy we miss you and you will always be in our hearts.
Posted by Edna Eniola on 15th August 2017
TRIBUTE TO BA NKOM TITUS BY BA NFON FORMUSOH The Formusoh family has lost one of it's greatest Sons.The void that his death has created in my family will be very difficult to fill. He was a solid pillar in the family and one of my very close advisors. He was very articulate and also well informed about the history of the Formusoh family. He was the only one in the family who knew the biography of most family members. He was one of the very few uncles in the family who used his position and influence at his work to offer employment to family members. He also helped sponsor multiple children of family members in schools. A very humble, generous, respectful and decent gentleman. Everyone in the family felt loved and comfortable around him. Ba Nkom on behalf on the Formusoh and the entire Balengsang family I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the support and encouragement you accorded this family. Rest in Peace. Ba Nfon Formusoh
Posted by Thaddeus Ndanjong on 11th August 2017
Ba Nkom, a man of value, loving and caring; always present at all time. A courageous man full of dignity, simple and humble, you will be missed, your stories will no longer be heard, your funny expressions will be missed, your smiles are no longer ours. Your presence will be with the Angels and saints. We love you and miss you dearly. May your soul rest with the Lord.
Posted by Geraldine Musi on 11th August 2017
Dear Pa Fomuso....You were more than a dad, though you're gone, your memories will always be there. My heart bleeds each time i remember that you have gone but your loving and caring fatherly role will continue, lingering in my heart forever. RIP
Posted by Sandrine Mailli Fomuso on 10th August 2017
In Loving Memory Of Ba NkomTitus: A great man has left us indeed. Even though we believe in the afterlife, the pain of this huge loss is still very real. I thoroughly enjoyed every single encounter that we had. You were always full of stories, full of wisdom, full of humour, full of life and full of love. This love you shared freely with all who crossed your path. As one of your daughters in law, you embraced me and my family (from day one) and never made me feel less than one of your daughters. Dear Ba Nkom Titus, you will be a tough act to follow. We thank the Almighty God for your life and now ask him to give us the courage to march onward, till we meet again. Your daughter Mah Nyongsona
Posted by Tangnju Ngiewih on 9th August 2017
Daddy, i am soo sad, that the cold hands of death have snatched you away from us. I am only comforted by the fact that you are now in the bossom of the Lord, having eternal rest. I will never forget you because all the beautifull memories i have of you, coaching and encouragement me from whence i was only still a baby. I remember all the times i would come for holidays and you will spend time teaching me new words and their meanings. You would ask us to listen to the news and tell us what the journalists were saying. Ill neva forget the word IQ. You taught me this word and its meaning when i was 9 and keep on asking me to reproduce the meaning almost all the times we met. I cant ever forget all the advices you gave me on what field to study in school and the university. For that reason I nicked named you " Papa Advice". You were very loving and caring and understanding too and you would exclaim ... wheeehh... when a situation was a little confusing and it made me laugh soo much. . Daddy its so unfortunate i didnt get to meet with you again before you passed away. The love you leave behind and all your memories will live on. Rest in perfect peace Daddy.
Posted by Renate Teke on 8th August 2017
Dear Daddy, I'm still trying to get used to the reality that you are no longer in our midst. Although you are no more with us, wonderful memories of you will remain with us. You were always advising us as kids with comforting words and used to crown it all with a big hug. My earliest memories was how after Sunday services at the hilltop house in station, you'll gather us kids together to watch Maria (Sound of music) while we munched on sweet popcorn and sang along. You also made our traditional names sound so special by always addressing us by them. I remember when mum told you about the field I had chosen in secondary school, which happened to be in your field, You took it upon yourself to motivate and encourage me because you could relate to me. Every Sunday after service at Ntambese I'll come by the house and you'll show me your books and encourage me to read them to improve myself. I'll forever be grateful to you for all your help and positive counsel. You'll forever remain my Number One Mentor(Godfather). Rest in peace with the angels until we meet again. Adieu Daddy
Posted by Laura Lekunga on 8th August 2017
Dearest daddy Fomuso ! Have always known you to be my second dad. No words can express the way I feel at this moment. You were a wonderful dad to us, kind hearted and always cheerful. You have been and will always remain a beacon of light for the family guiding us through the treacherous passage of life. God has you in his arms and we have you in our hearts. RIP Dad
Posted by Felix Mutia on 8th August 2017
Daddy, I do not have enough words to express the sadness I feel knowing you are gone. You have played major roles in my life since 2006 when we first met. You took me in and treated me like a son. You have been there for me in many ways and I will deeply miss you being around. All I have left are the great moments I was lucky enough to share with you on this earth. I am sure the Angels are celebrating as you join them. May your soul rest in perfect peace Daddy,,, I miss you.
Posted by Nelson Teke on 8th August 2017
Daddy, we love you, but God loves you more. May you find peace in the hands of the LORD. Our daddy.
Posted by Racheal Fokum-Carter on 7th August 2017
Bah, Daddy, Big brother, I cannot believe that you are gone. I cannot still believe that I will call your phone and there will be no answer. I have been hoping for a miracle that you were going to get out of that hospital and walk to the car and drive home. I thought other people can die but not you because I thought you still had a lot to offer the world. You were loved by many, not because you give money, gold or silver but because you gave love. I am very privileged to have you as a father and a brother. You showed me family values. You showed me the importance of family and friendship, and you showed me never to underestimate anybody be it a poor or rich person, you treated them equally. You are gone, but your thumb print shall last forever. You taught me to be honest and you modeled it to us. You taught us the fear of God, making sure we pray first thing in the morning. You will really be missed by many and I personally. I don't know What I could have done to keep you alive. I prayed, I fasted, but the Lord wanted you to his kingdom.I have not seen anyone who made me feel good like you did. When I call, you answer with such joy and excitement that made me feel important. You call me "( mah ngup') meaning mother hen. Damn, I will miss you, daddy. Thank you for all you did for me and the entire family. I love you. Go in peace. Untill we meet again to part no more. We love you but the lord loves you most. I will always love you Daddy.
Posted by Joan Ngati on 7th August 2017
Dearest Ba Nkom, I am so lucky that I grew up having you as my grandfather. Words cannot express how much I will miss you. I will miss seeing your big beautiful smile and hearing your boisterous laugh.Your light shined everywhere you went.You have taught me the value of family and how to truly live like a child of God. You are an example of how to live and love. I will miss you so much. Love you
Posted by Beldin Ngati on 7th August 2017
Dearest Ba Nkom, I'm so glad to have had the pleasure to grow up with a grandfather like you who taught us so much about life and family values.  If it were not for you, I would not know Bali, for which I am eternally greatful. You loved our tradition and made sure every new member of the family knew a little before leaving you. Because of you, I will never forget my culture and heritage. You also showed us what it was to truly be a man of God. You showed love to everyone who crossed your path and have left an imprrssion on all. I will miss you and I will miss your singing for sure. Forever in my heart. Nahjela B. Ngati
Posted by Nahgwaa Ngati on 7th August 2017
Ba Nkom, every time i think about you, my earliest memories of you flood. Chu chu bahni ni tahboh. But i think I've failed lol. I will never forget the air of regality that was constantly around you, your stern but gentle nature,  love of God and family. Watch over us and may your soul rest in perfect peace - Nahgwaa Ngati
Posted by Mafor Edwan on 7th August 2017
My Tribute to An Icon Grandpa TeeeTus Fomuso The one who loved unconditionally Dear Mummy Flo's Dr. Nana as I refer to you, It is hard to speak about you in past tense! Let me start off by thanking all of your children and your niece, my sister friend Mummy Flo for sharing you with my family. Thank you. You were present as each of my children left for college. You made speeches in impeccable English, urging them to take college serious. They listened in awe, wondering if they would ever be able to speak with so much command of the language. When the oldest - Beri got married, you were present to give your blessings. Thank you. The last time I saw you at Nandet's home, you had Yaah Eury's children with you on the coach, holding big conversations with them like you were speaking with some senators!. You reached their hearts and minds, empowering them, telling them they were very important people by the attention you paid them. They will miss grandpa TeeeTus! Same day, you turned around and asked Irene if she knew your daughter Edwan. Weahhh Ma Flo's Dr. Nana, I will miss our restaurant trips. Who will remind of how much I look like David and the family? How can one heart love so much? We would have been feeling empty, with you leaving but you left lots of love, lots of smiles, lots to be grateful for. You have taught the world that there is enough love to pass around even to children and grandchildren that are not bloodline. You made the world a much more better place. That is how Christ meant for us to live. You are an Icon, a great example. You therefore live forever. Good never dies. Rest in peace Uncle Titus. Teary Edwan
Posted by Unice Gwe Mbuamuh on 7th August 2017
My dearest Uncle, I am still in shock and still waiting for someone to wake me up from this bad dream. I dreaded even coming to this page; but guess I have to face it. Uncle you thought me what true faith in God is. You were not just a God father to tick the box or for show, but you were a God father in truth and faith. You always had an encouraging word for me, pointing to the bible me. The last time I saw you in Germany you told me "Seek first the kingdom of God and all other things will be added unto you". Those words of wisdom I promise to continue keeping and live by. Though it's hard to say goodbye for now till we meet again, one thing I know for sure is that you are with the Father in heaven. Love you so much and miss you dearly. Your God daughter Mbuamuh
Posted by Joan Dzekashu on 7th August 2017
EULOGY TO NIMBANG TITUS N. FOMUSO By: Joan Tumi Dzekashu Peto – Niece, on behalf of Tardini, Fomo and I A special uncle and “Big Doh” (as my boys called him to distinguish between their numerous other maternal grand uncle) with an imposing presence. Imposing because of the impact he made at every encounter in our lives. Loving, humble and appreciating as you were, made us look forward with each encounter. Your hugs and smiles lifted the world around. As much as you were sick and we longed to see you relieved I am pained that I can no longer speak to you … I cherish the memories of you and it will always be so much laughter with my cousins when we recall these stories. From an adults eye I praise you for commitment to family and the importance you placed all in your life. You knew the world of people and stories. You have gone with a whole knowledge that no encyclopedia could ever contain. Tardini, Fomo and myself will miss you. May the Angels guard and guide you as you sail…
Posted by Sophie Fomuso on 7th August 2017
Tribute to one of a kind of man and father!! By Sophie Yeluma Fomuso aka Mumbang Mungwi!! When growing up , each time Ba Nkom came visiting in Yaoundé or passed by the house in Old Town where we came for vacation, we would dread what he would be "teaching" us that day! He loved his culture and especially dialect and would want each one of us to master it to bit! This earned him the nickname " Tsu Tsu Bani" as he will always say " Bi Tsu ni Tsu Bani!" Back then, We felt he was being a pain as he always brought "countrytalk"up! Doesn't an African adage say "What an old man sees sitting down, a young man cannot see standing up"!! When I started growing older and understood the importance for one to be deeply rooted into their culture, I began to value those years and would do everything to" Tsu Bani"when I visited with him. He will listen to me with pride, patience, won't hesitate to correct inconsistencies and above all encourage me! I could see in his eyes that he was proud of what I had achieved and would encourage me to do better!! Isn't that what a father should do for their kid?? Support them, correct them and celebrate them?? As I grew in wisdom, I moved from calling you "Tsu Tsu Bani" to "Daddy". You were a rare germ of father, an "endangered specie"- in French "une espèce en voie de disparition" portrays best what I want to express here! You were special, one of a kind and all the people who have written a word about you can only corroborate to what I say! You were loving, very educated, cultured and knowledgeable, strict like all of your siblings, -your parents most have done a great job at that! :) - but guess what?? It paid off!! You all thought us to love one another, to love our family and our neighbors, to remember where we come from and remain connected to our roots, to take care of each other and especially to watch over all our parents! You have done good! And I can only promise you to do my best to continue in your footsteps! I am grateful to God that Na Eli Regi Manyi could meet you twice and receive blessings from grandpa!! She might still be very small but I will surely tell her a lot about you, narrate the stories you used to share with us and show her pictures so she gets to know you! You were a role model of a man, of a christian, of a citizen, of a son of the soil, of a friend, of a husband, of a father, and much more!! We thank the Almighty Father for giving you to us, and we thank Him even more for taking you back to Him, in His time! We weep Because we miss your tenderly soft spoken voice, your jokes, your Bass harmony when I would start singing, your "archives" that you so spontaneously shared with us!! But we are consoled and rejoice that you are now resting in the bosom of the Lord with your brother, Sister, father, mother and all the other family members who have gone before us! What an assurance that you are now at your Father's side! The pain is real daddy, but the sweet memories are even more alive! Above all, what I want to tell you at this point is Ba Nkom, djǐd mboŋkəd! Djǐd ni bòni. Fəti kwàꞌ mboŋkəd sě ni bo Nyìkob.! Mfa Njika daddy!! Your aunt and daughter Manyi Ma Yok Maforga!!
Posted by Edna Eniola on 7th August 2017
I met chief Fomuso in 1981, when my father was posted to be his assistant in working in the National produce marketing board in Bamenda. Chief Fomuso gave us a very warm welcome and introduced us to his entire family. It was never too early to visit Chief’s house. The hospitality in that house was out of this world. There was breakfast, breakfast and breakfast, launch lunch and dinner and dinner. The visit was never too many and amongst my entire family, I visited more than anybody else as I had three friends in the House. Chief treated my father like his own brother, nothing was too much, due to the huge number of visit from families and friends our house became too small as a result Chief approved the budget to have a two bedrooms flat extension to our house. Thanks to chief that building is still there in Bamenda Cameroon and its be enjoyed by others. Some of our friends were also able to enjoy Chief kindness, love and consideration, as he made sure that every end of term and beginning of term we had the best and most reliable car picking us up from and to school. He made it his personal responsibilities that we came home for holidays as soon as school is out and be at school on time when it re-opens. Chief was a very loving and caring man, if one of his drivers were involve in and accident, he would do all he possibly can to reach out to the driver and his entire family on both a personal and professional level. Being a hardworking honest man, people who had issues with chief were lazy, dishonest and corrupt. Forever in our hearts Chief and rest in Peace Karen Lifanje-Ekontang
Posted by Edith Fomuso on 6th August 2017
Tribute to Ni Titus Fomuso by Anthony Ndi News of the passing away of Mr Titus Fomuso has come to us (visiting in Frisco Texas) like a bolt from the blue. All my memories of this great man came flushing in; not only for the noble role he played as a genuine, dedicated , honest Southern Cameroonian in his contributions to the evolution of the (North West Cooperative Association) NWCA, or as a notable in Bali Nyonga or simply as belonging to the great Fomuso stock, but for the unique individual he was to me and to others: simple, respectful, affable, full of wisdom, soft spoken and inspiring. He was a charming personality! At what age should anyone pass on, no one, only God alone knows. But Pa Titus Fomuso was exceptional in numerous ways. For someone, who visiting late Ba Tita Gabriel Todmia and myself in Los Angeles in 2008 could graphically recall in detail the circumstances of my birth in Mbot, Donga Mantung in 1943; speaking impeccable Li 'mbum (as he did Lam'nso and other languages in areas where his renowned father served as a Court Clerk) drawing from a rich cultural background, one cannot fail dubbing his hat to him for his wisdom, talents, simplicity and honesty. In the mastery of languages only his late, vintage mother could beat his multi- linguistic competence. By his passing on, we have lost a veritable archival source, a loving father, uncle, grandfather, great grandfather and noble friend now in company with our ancestors. May his exemplary life remain shining amour for us and for posterity, while his gentle soul finds eternal reward with the saints in the celestial kingdom, in the bosom of Abraham where he rightfully belongs till we meet him
Posted by Comfort Sema on 6th August 2017
Ba Nkom, finally l have to say something about you in your absence. You were a great husband, father, grand father to your family and to us the extended family and friends. I missed your meditations at every wake keeping, your affectionate smile. Your hugs, your kindness and your inclusiveness. Your advice to me each time l meet you lives in my heart. My life will never be the same again because you preach the gospel through your lifestyle with us while you were strong and even during those difficult moments. l visited you several times, l never saw you in pain. Ba Nkom, l think l have amass a lot from you and it will carry me on till we meet again in glory. My children and l will miss you. RIP Daddy. Daughter of Zion.
Posted by Relindis K-Mutia on 6th August 2017
Grand Pa you always filled my heart with joy, but when you died I felt so sad because we are losing someone important like you. I will miss you. ❤️ Ms Pearl k-Mutia
Posted by Relindis K-Mutia on 6th August 2017
Grand Pa you were always nice kind caring welcoming and funny. When you laughed you made me happy. I will forever miss you. Pryde K-Mutia
Posted by Relindis K-Mutia on 6th August 2017
This shock for me was like a dream. I did not know whether to shout and cry or Pray. Pa you were a man of the people , villages, and many tribes. Whenever we met Pa you will start our conversations from babanki language to bambui Language. Oh what a man full of life. You lived a good life and faught a good fight. After everything I know you are resting in the Lord. Manyi Vulie Nsofon Catherine.
Posted by Relindis K-Mutia on 6th August 2017
The news of your passing into eternity shocked us. This forced us to think of your relation to our family. We went as far thinking of how social ,humble and outspoken you are. Recalling g also the advises you give to people in several occasions made me to come to a conclusion that you were a true father not only to your immediate family but to others. You You made my family so proud of you and always willing to be around you in many occasions that you attended. It is our Prayer that the Lord will lead you to the final resting place. Rest In Peace Pa, Mr Vulie Peter Nsofon.
Posted by Ango Fomuso Ekellem on 6th August 2017
Tribute: When someone is ill, we all expect the obvious,, right? No, this wasn't my case. I knew you'vev been ill for quite a while now. When I saw your pictures lately, I exclaimed in disbelief. You were half the person you use to be. But no! I didn't expect anything and do you know why? It's healthier that way I thought. When I spoke with you on the phone, the voice was as energetic, strong and powerful as ever. This assured me further. I didn't expect anything. To some, you have died but to me, you live on. Do you know why? People like you don't die. Someone may be tempted to ask: who is this? Yea, I am a nephew you made a son; I will never forget that. You entrusted and confided your innermost things to me. That was more than a father! I want you to know that absent or not, you remain my hero. Nothing can change that! When you visited Cameroon the last time, I could still see the Ba-nkom I use to know - always on top of things; finding out about everyone by name. Oh, I almost forgot that this is a tribute constrained by space. Rest assure that in my heart, there is no volume of book that contain your appraisal. Fly on on eagle's wings my hero. Kona Samuel.
Posted by Ango Fomuso Ekellem on 6th August 2017
My tribute: My wonderful inlaw,lover of all, both adults and children. Its with a heavy heart that i come to accept the fact that u are no more. I pray u find rest in the bossom of the Lord. Rest in Peace till we meet. Munang Matthew
Posted by Ango Fomuso Ekellem on 6th August 2017
Our dearest Daddy It requires more than just words to express myself.you our sheperd.you the father.you the intellectual. You the counsellor.you the disciplinarian.you the spiritusl adviser.....just to name a few.you were our pilot.God alone knows how it hurts body and soul not feeling your presence.i know God has a better plan for taking you away and a better place for you where ever you are by his side.no matter what i will miss you and only pray GODs blessings to be with you .Adieu daddy untill we meet in that heavenly kingdom where we will be no pain or sorrow. Vivian Munang.
Posted by Ango Fomuso Ekellem on 6th August 2017
Ba Nkom! We of this family called him 'Ba Nkom', not talking of the Nkom of an earthly fon, but that of the FON of fons (the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank God for having blessed him with a host of believing children with a pastor amongst who surely led him to invite Jesus into his heart. The latter is the most important and real reason for living. We miss his love, wisdom, jokes, linguistic endowment (chu chu banni), etc "The comforted! Rest well Daddy, the angels must be having a sweet time with you ". YETI Good morning! To see you over there. The Sama Peter family.
Posted by Ango Fomuso Ekellem on 6th August 2017
Hommage Daddy i remember your contagous smiles as if it was yesterdsy.your ability to interact in kedjom language to me. Eh eh Dsddy.i only felt that it is true this moment am writing this that i will see you no more.i miss you. Rest in the LORD daddy.Mbomndih Munang
Posted by Praise Ntali on 6th August 2017
My Grandfather People have always said that I’m like him. The way we act, our presence, and the volume of our voices. The fact that people compare me to him is a genuine compliment. He was God fearing, caring, a family man, and a great person to be around. I am thankful that I was so blessed to know him well and have him be a part of my life. He has given me so much, physically. Still, the best gift he has given me was an example of a life lived well. When I was younger, I found myself completely surprised about all of the stories I heard and I’d have to stop and ask if I was really the descendant of the closest thing to royalty. He had a lengthy, fruitful marriage, good decision-making, the favor of almost anyone he ran into, a healthy sense of humor, and he still managed to keep his humility. It is because of these things that he is much more than a collection of memories to me. Even though we are upset that he has left us, we should still rejoice this day that he has touched our lives and has gone to be with the lord. I wish him nothing but good rest in heaven’s silence, for he has fought nothing but a good fight. Rest well Doh. Sincerely, Your grandson, Praise Dingana
Posted by Relindis K-Mutia on 6th August 2017
Daddy, you have been a pillar of support and inspiration to me and many others. You thought me one of the best lessons in life. You pushed me to my maximal potential not only by advising me but by sharing your unending life lessons. You are one of many with a very warm heart, jovial, funny, and kept interest in the affairs of all around you. I do not remember a moment of boredom around you even in the toughest times of your fight with cancer. Daddy you thought me that humility will take one places but never to lose confidence and always make reference to the knowledge I have learnt. You called me a solid girl of class and character in uncountable instances which pushed me to my maximum potential. You Daddy was a man of wisdom and great Character socially, educationally,religiously and otherwise. You brought light into every situation and made us know that even though it looks bad., there is reason to it. I have many uncountable good memories with you Daddy , but let me be specific about one. Back in April of 2006, I remember so fresh in my mind when Pryde was a baby, you will stay up night and day with me taking care of us. Singing the best melodies on earth and keeping us warm. It will forever remain in my heart. I am glad I not only share these memories now, but we have had time to talk and laugh about them. I have cried but I am comforted because you always said make good of every time and I did that with you. I will miss the long drives you made to come visit us in Virginia Beach, I will miss your phone calls and all our wonderful conversations in Mugaka, babankiI and then to English. I will miss your laughter which was very infectious and of all I will miss your presence which was always grand and commanded respect. Daddy you lived a good life faught a good fight, and embedded the best values in us which will continue to live as your legacy in us. Am not sure how the saints and angels are chosen but I know in my heart Heaven got one. Remain in the bossom of the lord. Relindis Nange k-Mutia .
Posted by Gefter Chongong on 5th August 2017
Daddy it’s so hard to accept that you are not with us anymore. Being the kind of father that you were to us; kind, caring and loving; you did try to prepare us for this eventuality. However it still hurts very much. I remember a few months back when I visited you in Gaithersburg and you were showing me your new car. You said to me “I got my new car, I will be leaving you people soon, and so let me enjoy this new car”. It feels sad each time I go to Frederick and see that car parked in front of the house and you are not there. Daddy, I will always remember you; you were very instrumental in my life. The values of faith, hard work, honesty and discipline are just some of the things you thought me. I remember when I was living with you in up station, Bamenda. Whenever you came back from work, I would hear that thunderous voice of yours calling “Mbi leya” in Bali. I would come running from wherever I was hiding…Moreover, one day in school, I was doing what was called “long jumping” and I jumped, landed and dislocated my right ankle. I remember vividly how mami (mere) cared for that ankle. She put my leg in a bucket of ice for about an hour and then wrapped it in place with bandages. It was a challenge walking to school. So Daddy, you would drop me off every morning at school before going to work. I remember well what the conversations were like on the way to school… But ultimately, if I am here today, it’s because of this one advice you gave me that changed the arc of my life and put me on the path to success. After passing the GCE A/L in flying colors, I could not further my education because my biological dad could not afford it. He had been laid off from Marketing Board and the family was going through a difficult time. Being young, excited about the future and with my excellent performance, I was very angry with my dad (biological). I was basically not on speaking terms with him. I was very frustrated with the fact that my peers were pursing their education, some were flying abroad and I was going to be staying home. Daddy, you heard about this and called me over to Ntabese, Bamenda. We had a long talk but it boiled down to you telling me that instead of me being angry with my dad(biological) I should be thanking him for having tried his best to put me through high school. That others didn’t have that privilege and that I should be grateful. As you can imagine, I did not understand this at first. Why would I be grateful when I would be staying at home and others going to school? But after internalizing for a couple of days, it now dawned on me that it was time to run my own show. My dad(biological) had done his best and it was time for me to take over. In short he had passed the baton over to me to finish the race. This radically changed my approach and mindset; instead of harboring all that anger and disappointment, I somehow managed to turn it into motivation, poise and determination to finish the journey. At that young age, it was a herculean challenge. The journey was tough, with ups and downs, and still continues up till this moment; but I am very grateful for being here today and you had a huge hand in this. Daddy, I am happy that I had the opportunity to remind you of this when I visited you last year in Gaithersburg and with your usual humility, you just smiled and told me you remember that faithful day in Ntabese. Daddy, you were and still are a model of a person, an epitome of a good father, a man of faith, knowledge and wisdom, a huge library of information and I thank God for blessing this family with someone like you. You have held our hands and guarded us this far and now God has called you to come continue doing his work with the angels up in Heaven. As we continue this life without you, we will continue to live the values you imparted in us and uphold your legacy. Daddy, farewell, we miss you, we love you, and you will always be in our hearts. Greet mami and papa for me and together prepare a place for us till we meet again. Ni Mbi
Posted by Eunice Fomuso on 5th August 2017
Dearest Daddy it is so hard to imagine that you have gone. My heart hurts so bad knowing that I can't just pick up the phone and talk to you or seek advice. You have been a wonderful dad not only to me but to all of us and you did your utmost best to educate/ raise us to the best of your abilities. You have left a legacy. I am so thankful to God for making it possible for me to come spend quality time with you in the past couple of months before you left us. We will hold on to and cherish our memories with you. We love you so much but God loves you more and decided that it is time for you to have eternal rest. You fought a good battle. We miss you so much and pray that your gentle soul will rest in perfect peace. Goodbye Daddy till we meet again to part no more. Your light will continue to shine for generations to come. Love from your daughter Andin ❤️
Posted by Victor Fomuso on 5th August 2017
BYE-BYE BA NKOM These are very sad days for our family and friends, as well as, for our well-wishers and for those who held late Mr. Titus N. Fomuso (Ba Nkom), in high regards. It is my fervent prayer that as the following posthumous love letter to my elder brother goes to wish a most eternal rest to the departed, the words should also serve as a source of comfort for the rest of us, in hopes that the life he led brightly illuminates our paths, and enable us to also plant our strides in integrity, as we march towards the inevitable call of provenance, in Jesus' Mighty Name I pray. My dear brother, your passing painfully reminds me of difficult times in the past, when our family, village, nation and in fact, our faith world had to grapple with the demise of one of our greats. In each instant, and with your trademark emphatic style, your opening line to me was, "A great tree has fallen!" Ba Nkom, this time around, our family, village, nation and indeed, our wider Faith world, in collective exclamation is yelling, "A GREAT TREE HAS FALLEN!" and the said GREAT TREE, regrettably, is YOU! I could easily produce a treatise, in fact, a sizable book on how this qualitative attribute relates to you. But for the sake of requisite brevity, however, I'd limit myself to an abridged version of this accounting, no pun intended. In both our maternal and paternal families, you held a revered place in the hearts of many, because, amongst other things, none, to the best of my knowledge, knew more about our genealogy than you did and readily willing to share the knowledge with any and all that betrayed a thirst to drink from such a rich fountain of knowledge. There were times that, like other relatives, I wondered how you could know so much about such large families, to which we belong, especially viewing that you displayed such a command of intricate details, including the tale of happenings at a time when you were not even born! You are known to so masterfully weave your way through our family tree with such a relish that if oral history were even an elephant, any would love to swallow it whole. When the occasion demanded that you stretch out and take on the story of the birth and growth of Bali Nyonga, our beloved village, you, equally, tackled the tale with total gusto. I especially enjoyed your take on the topic of our tribal royal succession and how it intersects with the paramount lineage of our maternal family. Oh, such a wonderful storyteller you were and will be dearly missed! Ba Nkom, as you must have heard from others, firsthand, your contribution to the building of our nation, in the early post-colonial decades, is a sweet and shining story that certainly can construct a book of its own. I'm referring to succulent stories such as your part in building the celebrated National Produce Marketing Board (NPMB), a successful agro-centric corporation that is said to have subsidized the national government of our country, on numerous occasions. Thank you for displaying an unblemished patriotic spirit and for holding yourself to impeccable ethical standards, though you had the trying and troubling task of dispensing your services, during an era that even a saint would be tempted to shamelessly soil self. As for the things of the Lord, the zeal you exhibited was palpably infectious. Prominent therein, were your very vigorous and vibrant chairman role in a local congregation at Nkwen, in the Cameroons, to your prominent choral activities at Gaithersburg Presbyterian Church, USA, where you had a practice run for the highly coveted heavenly choir in which you now proudly and prominently participate. On a personal note, my beloved brother, it is with animated, though subdued joy that I pen this final and most important missive to you, thanks to your baby sisters, Mrs. Justine Dzekashu, who befriended me to melodic poetry, right at infancy, and Mrs. Alice Sama, who taught me, in later elementary schooling, the admirable art of using local coloring to bring out the beauty in my creative writing, make it essay writing. As for you, the undisputed linguist, I appreciate you for using your sound strength in the queen's language to deftly drill life and joy into my diction. In effect, thank you, big brother, for the invaluable role you played in the overall improvement of my intellect and benefit. I will forever and immeasurably be grateful for the guardian role that you assumed in my life, when our father passed into glory, in my infancy. A faith leader that I so admire, nurses the habit of frequently saying, "The end of a thing is better than the beginning." While, all along, I fully thought I understood what he meant by this statement, it is only in the clear context and complexity of our interpersonal dealings, as I now reflect, that the validity and beauty of that truism, jump out at me. Early in our interactions, as you would agree, the joy of siblinghood was nothing to write home about, as is commonly evident in most sibling relations. But our exchanges later in life were so sweet, such that they sure are indelibly edged in my mind. The days that we sat and shared smarts on history, economics, politics, management, and even SPORTS, etc., are now relics that I'd conjure, from time to time, to relive and indulge myself in the good times we had. The crowning glory, it'll amuse you to learn, is the day you had our brother, Ba Thaddeus Ndanjong, your bosom companion, drive you over to pick me up, in your spiffy drive, so we could go celebrate the new vehicle you just bought. That day, we enjoyed the company of each other, and friends, as I was again chanced to learn one more thing from you, which is, to always carry myself with absolute dignity; YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN! Thank you my brother, thank you for your love, as I definitely do declare that I LOVE YOU TOO, if my previous pronouncements were not loud enough. To say you worked very hard in life, to the very end, would be an understatement. Rest well in the eternal glory of the Lord Almighty, for the rest you now rest, is remarkably well deserved. Over the river they called you, friends that were dear to your heart; now you have met them in glory, never, no never to part. Oh yes, until we meet again to part no more, big brother, REST YE IN PEACE, PERFECT PEACE. Bye-bye Ba Nkom, bye-bye.
Posted by Gang Fomuso on 5th August 2017
My God Dad it is difficult for me to accept that you are gone without saying goodbye . Dad I have been an emotional wreck the past few weeks. I am so much hurt. I have this pain that is lodged in my heart. It hurts so much , so difficult to accept that you are gone, that I'll never hear you say Kunyongha ou ya . The one and only God Dad who made me to learn some new words in Bail during meals times . In the meantime I cherish and hold Dearly my countless memories . Although you will always be missed . My heart bleeds. Your unique genius will always be my inspiration . My family and I will miss you very much and we pray that you Rest in Peace Dad. Thanks for being my God Dad . Until we meet again. ADIEU. Kunyongha Namondo DOHMANJU Tambi
Posted by Gang Fomuso on 5th August 2017
My dear father/father-in-law, Writing this tribute is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do because in some ways it means I am acknowledging the fact that you are gone! Since the day I joined the family you welcomed me with open arms and that I won’s forget. You always encouraged me with kind and loving words that you said which always made me know that I can depend on you on any given day. When you got ill it was terribly painful to see how this evil illness ‘cancer’ had a firm grip on you. Still you fought hard and bravely till the end. Throughout this period you still kept your spirits up and you had nothing but kind words to say to people. A couple of weeks before your passing when I spoke with you on the phone, though faint, I could still hear your soothing voice on the phone saying ‘thank you’, not knowing these would be the last words I would hear from you. I know for sure my dear father that you have gone to rest in the bosom of the Lord and we pray that God will give you the crown you rightly deserve. We will hold you close within our hearts like a bouquet of beautiful memories sprayed with a million tears. And there you will remain, to walk with us through our lives until we meet again. I pray that you rest in peace and thank you so much for all you have done. You have left a vacant place that no one can fill. We miss you now and always will. Your daughter –in-law Della Sadmia Fomuso.
Posted by Gang Fomuso on 5th August 2017
When I think of my Grandfather , I reminisce about his positive attitude towards life , never allowing a smile to leave his face.He was a great role model , and I cherished every moment I had with him.You will be greatly missed Grandpa. -Leon Fomuso
Posted by Gang Fomuso on 5th August 2017
Dear Grandpa, Kind-hearted, loving and family oriented are the words that come to mind when I think of you. I still remember spending time with you and grandma when you came to stay when I was much younger. Mum and dad have told us stories about how you would sometimes take me to nursery. I also remember you teaching me how to count in Mungaka; it always reminds me of how proud you are of our culture and we as your grandchildren appreciate this greatly. I'm so glad that we had the opportunity to come together last Easter, and your message to us about how proud you were of us is something that will always stay with me. Despite all you went through, you will always remain in my memory a strong and positive influence, a pillar of the family, and you will be dearly missed. Love, your Granddaughter Delma Bisona Fomuso
Posted by Florence Fomuso on 5th August 2017
A Tribute to My Loving Father Brother to my father, An amazing patriarch Humble acts of yours were not to you a bother. Nobody knows you were a monarch. Kneeling and praying every day was your remark. Only I, can testify to that because I knew your father. Made it a point he did, to instill in you his trademark. Thomas, he called you, Titus you liked to be called by others I like to call you my darling spark! Trustworthiness was the quality you got from your mother. Unquestionably, you left your mark. Since you left this world, we have been crying in the arms of one another. Nurturing daddy, Bah Nkom, Ni Titus, you belong in Noah’s ark. To sojourn and jubilate even further. Unique personality you embarked. Gifted in multi languages, there is no other Woman nor man who can speak, sing, dance and, play like you in the ballpark. Every man, woman, uncle, aunt, cousin, child, grandchild, brother, sister, Niece and nephew of yours has something awesome to say about your track, For your record is as clean and white as a dove’s feather. Of all the qualities you possessed, humility is the number one marc. My thoughts of you will always make me feel better. Until we meet again to part no more .Then, we will “shark” So much so that heavens gates will shatter. Overall, I loved you so much my daddy, because in my life, you were a big part. With compliments, love and affection from your daughter Florence Boghuma Fomuso
Posted by Edna Eniola on 5th August 2017
Missing you Daddy
Posted by Sully Ackondjo-Ndyon on 4th August 2017
A special Tribute To an extraordinary Man, my late Father in-Law. ( WHAT A MAN HE WAS ) By: Sully Ackondjo-Ndyon. Today ; meanwhile those who knew him are grieving and mourning in different ways the passing of Ba Titus N. Fomuso , with my own tears , I’ve decided to pay one last homage to this great man whom I got to know and be very close to : my father in Law . Who went to live eternally with our Lord on Saturday 22nd of July 2017, after Bravely battling pancreatic Cancer. This is my dedication to the Man I Knew, The Father, The friend, the mentor, the Teacher. First and foremost , I would like to thank the Lord for the blessing, allowing me to meet this great man who impacted my life the way no one had ever before. My father in law was a man of integrity! Those who knew him would tell you, not only was he extremely intelligent but he was also the most humble man you would meet, a loving man, a lively man full of life. A hard working man who lived his faith in the way he treated people. He not only talked the talk of faith... But walked the walk of faith. What a brilliant mind he had ! What a story teller he was ! Very attached to African tradition and religion. He was a good man; respected and loved by all those who got to know him, If death only knew the character, Intelligence and Integrity of the man it has taken away from us, from the world ! because Daddy , as I used to call him was all that. His death is sure a great loss, as we say in Africa; the death of a wise man is a whole library that has been burnt down, indeed that is what daddy was, a library- a living encyclopedia. Daddy was a great family man , a devoted Presbyterian ,father and husband who raised 7 wonderful children beyond the ordinary. He loved his family and friends deeply and was married to my beautiful mother in law “Mere" Monica for nearly 50 years, He loved her dearly. Their union and love was a match made in heaven , they adored each other and showed it. I cannot recall a single moment that he raised his voice to anyone. He never had problem with anyone! Wow, what a great man he was. I got to know daddy Fomuso very closely from the day I met my beautiful wife Nandet Edith " ma Cherie" . I got to admit that, the first time I met him , I was intimidated and fearful but after our first conversation one Saturday afternoon in the presence of both family members at his house in Gaithersburg, I got to admire him. What amazed me is that from that same day, he took me and my children as part of the family without any thought. This touched me deeply because my children never got to see my biological father who passed away back in 2015 ( may his soul rest in peace) which made daddy the only grandpa they knew and had. As He used to tell me: " Sully, If you had not married my daughter, you would have still been my Son and the Kids my grand children. Ever since that day, we saw each other every day and each day was a new lesson with him. Daddy used to tell me the story of his family and tribe from time to time And I would take notes of most of our conversation not knowing that one day it would be useful as it is today. He was born on February 14th 1939 in a mission health Center. His father’s name he told me was ba Felix Fomuso and Mother’s name was lusia ( his last daughter, our beloved sister lusia was named after her) . According to daddy , his father was being transferred to different divisions at the time, which made him from a young age to be exposed to different native languages, enabling him to speak them fluently and to better understand his family tree and different tribes of Cameroon. At a very young age, he was sent to a mission school and that very young, he was already working, helping his father. He was very close to his late big brother , late Ba Col. Fomuso and that he had a Godfather by the name of Ba Wakoum ( excuse me for any misspelled words ) He also studied in Nigeria where he studied history and accounting ( he was passionate about it all his life, myself being obsessed with history and a fervor of world revolution; with daddy we always had discussions, debates, discourse , to talk about. ) He spent 5 years in England and came back to Cameroon with a master’s degree. The day of my traditional marriage was unbelievable, inspiring, spectacular far-fetched because despite his failing health , daddy was so active that he danced until around 3 in the morning when all the guests had gone. The next day he told me during our everyday conversation: ‘’ My son, Family isn’t only those related by blood: it is also people in your life who want you in theirs, who accept you for who you are and love you the way you are.’’ Wow…! I will always be grateful to you papa for the daughter you gave birth and raised to be a loving wife and mother! In many ways, she is like you: Intelligent, honest, God fearing with strong family values. Over time, I got to know him better and would hear stories about how daddy touched people’s lives from the mouth of those who knew him best. Whenever we would go out as a family and meet Family friends, they would tell me stories about this man’s past. To him, love wasn’t limited only to his own family but extended from relatives to friends and strangers. He helped people through the years contributing financially for some to get a better Education when he was a Top Government official back in Cameroon , giving jobs , sponsoring ,counseling those in marriage crisis back home as in the U.S.A. All this made me start writing a book about the daddy I knew , titled: " The man who could have been Jesus ( life on the Other Side)" Inspired by what he used to tell me ; that none of us is perfect except, Jesus Christ who lived a perfect life. But that what matters in life is that when one makes a mistake, he should accept the responsibility and correct it. I do not know a man who got retired twice in his lifetime besides daddy, do you ? After years of working as a civil administrator, he retired in 1994 to resume work in the United States of America before eventually retiring for the second time. He kept working and enjoyed it until 10 months before passing away. Every day, he always had visitors in his house. I hear that when he was still working and living in Cameron, his door was open to everyone. Daddy was diagnosed with prostate Cancer in 2004 and pancreatic Cancer in 2012 . In both cases, he was given no more than 6 months to live, but against all odds, he got to live longer. As he used to tell me: ‘’ my son, I should have died a long time ago but by the grace of God, I’ve been living a bonus life.’’ With the many health issues, he still lived a good life. Every Sunday he would attend 2 different church Services in Gaithersburg and in Silver spring, he would always visit family and friends, go on a date with his wife. The truth is that he lived a good life ! One day ,On Monday 6th of March 2017 , we had stopped with daddy at his favorite subway restaurant to eat after spending the whole day with him at Tyson’s Corner Medical Center Kaiser Permanente for his Chemotherapy appointment. As we sat there eating, daddy was explaining to me how people of Bamenda came from Sudan, passing through Guinea Conakry to settle down in Cameroun and all of a sudden, he became sad and told me that he was worrying about what would happen to mommy if he was no longer alive. We both kept quiet for a while and I told him that he will be fine, to not worry and plus we were there to take care of both of them. But, daddy kept quiet and told me that it was his duty to take care of his wife and family … then he changed the conversation. That was the type of person he was - even when he needed help, he still wanted to help others. Around the month of May, it was very difficult seeing daddy in very bad health, very fragile, loosing so much weight. His Cancer had spread all over his body that he was getting very weak and worn out. Everything with daddy’s health seemed so wrong. No one knew what to do next. It was very difficult for him even standing with a stick, but he was still optimistic and even went months later to the BCA convention in Atlanta by flight. Even when we were all still in denial, deep down in our hearts, we knew that daddy wasn’t the same anymore. It was very painful to see daddy like that, going from hospital to hospital and no one could even imagine how much pain he was in because daddy always had a smile even in difficult times, He fought courageously like a true child of God- I greatly admired his bravery! Daddy, your last words to my wife and I the day before you stopped talking were : ‘’ Thank-you very much, Thank- you very much, Thank-you very much you . ‘’ You didn’t t have to be thanking me for doing what I was doing, because it was my pleasure taking care of you and I will miss that! I am the one who should thank you for the time you always had for me, for your encouragements, for your wisdom which taught me to always trust in the Lord and for your courage that showed me to always walk in Faith. Thank you for the advices, your teachings… I WILL MISS YOU FOREVER!! On Saturday, 22nd of July 2017 Daddy Fomuso went to meet our Heavenly Father while we were singing worship songs that he loved and I have no doubt that our Lord welcomed him with open arms. This was the Daddy I knew, the daddy I wanted to share with all of you who knew him and those who didn’t get to know him. We all have so many memories about Daddy - testimonies and pictures of this great man are invading the internet: A fighter he was ! A God fearing man with a brave heart ! To conclude, I won’t tell you goodbye Daddy ! As you used to tell me : God’s people never say goodbye for the last time, so I won’t say goodbye because I know that someday, we'll meet again on the other side ! But, I will stop here with one of your favorite bible verses: 1 Thessalonians’ 4:16-17: [… For the Lord Himself will come down from heaven, with a loud command, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet call of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first. After that, we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and so we will be with the Lord forever...] My condolences to you : Mommy Monica, Ni Gang, Ma Kah, Ma Andin, My beautiful wife Edith, Aunty Ango, Aunty Esona, Aunty Lusia. We had an extraordinary father! May our heavenly Father be our strength during this painful time. I will always be grateful to you Daddy Fomuso, thank you for the advices given, for the lessons learned...for your example. I will always love and remember you Daddy!! You will always be missed forever by those of us whose lives you touched and changed , those of us who knew you as our Father, Teacher, counselor, Guru, Mentor and Hero. WHAT A MAN HE WAS! WHAT A LION-HEART HE HAD!! Sully Ackondjo-Ndyon .
Posted by William Dzekashu on 4th August 2017
EULOGY TO NIMBANG TITUS N. FOMUSO By: William Gang Dzekashu – Nephew, on behalf of -- Jenkaa, Jayda, and William, Jr. and I -- Uncles are special and have distinct roles in the lives of their nephews and nieces.  You were both a companion—friend and a supporter in varied ways.  Sometimes we may think of uncles as crazy and weird; or we only see them at holidays or they may in fact be our fishing buddy and mentor. You were an uncle with a difference; hence your passing is particularly hard. Though hard to accept your loss, I am very much filled with years of happy memories shared in that special connection that belongs only to uncles.  I called you Nimbang Titus. Nimbang a word in the Mungaka language that translates to maternal uncle. Nimbang Titus you were a walking body of knowledge; above all you were a good teacher because every encounter with you posed an opportunity for you to impart on to others. You were good with languages (and demonstrated mastery by use of local expressions). I recall when you told me I had passed ‘Elementary Munghaka’ in flying colors but had to consider stepping up to ‘Intermediate Munghaka.’ I benefitted from learning at least a new word or two at every meeting. I am sure many of my brothers and sisters recall when you would greet us in Mungaka saying; “U yeèh beuh meu (sp)” which translates to the English greeting of; “how do you do.” The response to this greeting met with the same complexity and confusion of how to respond to as with the same in the English language. It would be nice if I could start talking about you from when I first met you.  I came into your life when I came to this world.  You fondly called me Gangshu. Why so? The story goes, every time you asked my name as a toddler, I would try to say all my three names “William Gang Dzekashu;” but gosh it was too long. So, I would say “William Gangshu.” As far as I can remember, this is where my story with you starts. I don’t know that our story ends because it will end when I quit the stage. I do not particularly recall a year as a kid that I didn’t see you at least twice.  You had an imposing presence because you were ever present in our lives. The longest I lived with you in the same house (at your house) was about a month following my father’s relocation to Bamenda.  You and my aunt made us feel at home. I do remember these days fondly because this made us feel special. While at your house; - You woke us up at 5:30am daily to say our morning devotions. - As we got older and all in secondary school, we participated in a choir you started in which we sang praises to God and presented to your friends and family at every chance. - You encouraged us to spend time with our grandmother at every opportunity and would take us to visit with her often. - You took us to visit extended family members in Bali. - You shared with us the history of the Bali clan as well as that of the Nso people. As I think of the absolute finality of death, I realize that I can no longer speak to you in an earthly manner, and therefore rue the missed opportunities of conversations I could have had with you but never did. I suppose that is the cruelty of death.  Nimbang you are no more and I shall never see or speak with you face-to-face again as long as I live; but I know you are watching over me and my family. You now belong to the heavens and your spirit walks among those of your dear father, mother, and brother and other family members and friends. Farewell thee well my dearest Nimbang. Like you once conferred with the mountains and valleys, may you now walk with the spirits of your ancestors. We, Jenkaa, Jayda, Willie, Jr. and I miss you and wish you farewell. Let God take the wheel!
Posted by Edith Fomuso on 4th August 2017
Posted by Edith Fomuso on 4th August 2017
Dear Grandpa, I miss you. I hope you like to be in heaven. You are a good grandpa. We all love you. I just want to thank you for coming to my birthday when no one came. Let the Lord be with each and one of us. Have fun in heaven. We’ll all miss you but God is always by your side no matter what. He’s always with us. God loves you and everyone in the universe too. We’ll come to heaven some days too but it will be a long time to see you in heaven. Let God be with you and everyone else that lives in the world. People that you know miss you and some day we’ll come to heaven too. You were a good man to each one of us. We all know you still love us too. Let the lord be with you and with everyone else that lives here. To: Grandpa From: your loving grandson; Che’
Posted by Edith Fomuso on 4th August 2017
TRIBUTE TO MY BELOVED DADDY MR. TITUS NTUNGWEN FOMUSO Where do I start when talking about my beloved Daddy, a man with contagious faith in God, the loving husband of my mom, the exceptional father, the outstanding Grandpa!? Do I start by talking about his exemplary demonstration of love or his very warm hugs that always gave me security since childhood? Do I talk about the way he always took time to listen and encourage me to pursue my dreams? Do I talk about how his consoling words made even the heaviest load easier to carry? Do I talk about his problem solving skills, his adventurous nature, his warm gentle strength, his love for people and how he made sure his children had a good balance of exposure to different standards of living and respect for people from all backgrounds? Do I talk about how he made each of his children feel very special, but still had enough love to share with the rest of the family and the world? and how he always took time to gently kiss the cheeks of his grandchildren? Do I talk about how hardworking he was, his encouraging words, his words of wisdom, his words of praise, or his appreciation of good things and enthusiastic embrace of advanced technology and innovation? Do I talk about his positive attitude and how even in the darkest of days, he reassured us, telling us that the Almighty God is in control….? Oh my beloved Daddy! I truly don’t know where to start! My beloved Daddy, my earthly solid rock, the one who always believed in me even during my childhood days when I had many nick names. My beloved Daddy who encouraged me to dream, who joined me in dreaming and joined me in praising God when dreams came true! My beloved Daddy! You were a very special man! You showed us the example of being a great son in the loving way you treated your mother and involved your children in serving her. In addition to that, you showed us the example of also being a great sibling, husband, father, grandfather, friend, family member, leader… through the outstanding ways you embraced the many roles you had. You made sure to be very involved in the upbringing of your children even when the house was full. We witnessed fairness, integrity, humility, dignity, genuine love and genuine respect for people through you. Our doors were always open to all and you raised us to treat each and every one living in our house with the same respect regardless of whether they were family or friend or house helper. My beloved Daddy! You went through many health problems, but never let anything hinder you from making good use of everyday you had. You made sure to live everyday with joy and gratitude, while encouraging those around you to do the same. I will greatly miss the comforting feeling I always felt when I sat beside you, how you listened to me and how you greeted me with warm hugs and smiles. I will greatly miss how you proudly introduced me to people and took time to explain how I got my names. I will greatly miss how you held my hands, hugged me and always told me everything will be ok. I will greatly miss how you wiped my tears and held my hands to stand up in times of weakness. I will greatly miss your straight forward ways of talking that gave good guidance. Even when we didn’t agree on a point, you always gave me the opportunity to express myself. You humbly apologized whenever you thought you needed to, just like you listened and gave the opportunity for others to correct things with you and move on. I will greatly miss you Daddy! I will greatly miss your magnetic warm presence, your warm smile, your phone calls, the vibrant ways you answered your phone and the prestigious nick names you called me. I will greatly miss the ways you made me feel special by patting the space close to you for me to sit beside you and have one-on-one interaction with you even in a room full of people. I will greatly miss seeing you seated at your favorite spots. I will greatly miss hearing your interesting stories. I will greatly miss your contagious heartwarming laughter. I will greatly miss hearing your confident deep singing voice. I will greatly miss you stopping by to check on us. Seeing you take your last breath was very heartbreaking Daddy! But what consoles me is that I know you are with The Lord. You have left a very big vacuum Daddy! Not having you around will be very difficult, but I will hold on to the wonderful memories of you my extraordinary Daddy. Thank you very much Daddy for being an exceptional father and for sacrificing so much to give us the best standards of living. Thank you very much for your emotional, physical, social and financial generosity. I thank the Almighty God for your 78 years of life (including your eight bonus years like you thankfully called the years after turning 70). I will miss you very much Daddy. Rest with The Lord till we meet again. I love you very much Daddy. Your legacy lives on! With love and gratitude from your beloved daughter, Nandet
Posted by Marie Noel on 4th August 2017
Dear Daddy, Life has its ending but I could never imagine a day where I will have to face your passing. You thought me humility, integrity, love and respect for everyone. The first time anyone ever called me "Ma Marie", you were the one who taught them to! Where do I begin? I was one very naughty kid but daddy you did your best to make sure that I was headed in the right direction. I remember when you assigned all the teachers and neighbors around my school campus to keep an eye on me because I used to skip school so bad. You would check on me and correct my every move because I was one little girl who was very good at being wayward. I reminisce on how proud you became of me when I had grown up into a mature and responsible young woman well molded by your teachings. I would never stop if I keep writing but that is because of how much you meant to me daddy. I am sure the Lord is happy to have you by his side because heaven has gained a priceless asset. You fought a great fight and as we mourn your passing, we also celebrate you because you lived an examplary and remarkable life. Rest In Peace Daddy.
Posted by Sebastian Dzekashu on 3rd August 2017
EULOGY FOR MY BROTHER-IN-LAW NI TITUS N. FOMUSO By: Sebastian F. Dzekashu (Brother-in-Law) I remember meeting you for the first time in Kumba around 1971 after your returned from Britain. I introduced myself to you. We (Justine and I) had been married in your absence in 1968. You gave me that special hug of yours and spoke to me in perfect Lamnso. You immediately struck me as a gentle, kind, and humble person. From there on you were more like my big brother rather than a brother-in-law. As the years passed by and as I got to know you better, I learnt that you were a man of sterling character, a man for all seasons. You mastered the art of being public without being a public person. You were friendly, sympathetic and ready to give advice at all occasions. You were always there for so many people in their difficult moments to give a shoulder to learn on. You were a perfect husband and father who raised his children in the love of God because you were a God-fearing person. Your faith transcended the confines of the Presbyterian faith you were brought up in. At the professional level, you were known for your honesty, rectitude and hard work in a society that is far from being transparent at all levels. You suffered more than once for being honest. You trained as an accountant but became a historian in every sense of the word. You knew the history of Bali and particularly that of the Fomuso and Fokum families. You could explain the connections and origins of your family members. I, a Nso man learnt many historical facts about Nso (Banso) from you even though you were in Kumbo as a young man. On our (Justine and I) arrival in the US last year we immediately came to visit at your home in Gaithersburg where you and your wife were then living. We saw for ourselves how sick you had been. We saw you get tired day-by-day, but we kept on hoping that the Almighty God would bring you back to health so we could have you for some time more. But He preferred to put His arms around you and whispered to you “Come to Me for you have labored and are burdened and I will give you rest”. Dear brother rest in the Lord in perfect peace till we meet again to part no more. Sebastian F. Dzekashu
Posted by Justine Dzekashu on 3rd August 2017
EULOGY FOR MY OLDER BROTHER NI TITUS N. FOMUSO By: Justine W. Fomuso-Dzekashu (Sister) My Dear Brother, Every morning I get up from bed thinking your departure from this world is just a dream, yet I saw you, touched your cold body, and said goodbye on that fateful July 22, 2017. I thank God that I witnessed what you went through as you were taken from one hospital to another, yet I envy some of your loved ones who did not see the struggle and will continue to have an image of you as before you fell sick. As the first girl child (following the passing of my older sister Andin Fomuso as a baby), I was now the third in the line of children from our parents.  I grew up having you and brother Gaius (of late) as my elders.  I subsequently had a younger sibling; another boy—Henri.  Flanked between nothing but boys, I was destined to be a tomboy; but fortunately, you all pampered me, and showed me much love that contributed to making me whom I am today.  Our parents would later be blessed with 2 other children—a daughter and a son, Alice and Victor respectively.  I learnt from you to love my family with a keenness to spirituality. All through your live you have always shown special love and concern for me; because naming all such instances is practically impossible, I shall mention just a few: - At the age of six years up to about ten, I spent time with different family members baby-sitting their children. You, brother Titus made it a duty to visit me often to ensure that the condition in which I lived was acceptable for your kid sister. - In 1963, I needed to travel from Buea to Douala for an X-ray. You decided to take me there. We arrived Loum rather late and therefore could not continue to Douala using the ferry at the Wouri River. We had to spend the night at the house of a good Samaritan. You were ready to take risks for your younger sister. When you left Cameroon in 1964 through 1970 for further studies, I missed your presence and show of love and concern during those years. As soon as you returned to Cameroon with your wife and two kids you made sure to visit us regularly, and our children bonded with one another as well. - In 1985 when I was graduating with my MBA you found it a very important event in my life and did not want our mother to travel alone to the US for the ceremony; so, you accompanied our mom on this trip. You both made me proud and your presence graced the occasion. - Before you moved permanently to the US in 2004, you visited at our house in Bamenda on a daily basis, and spent quality time with our mother (also of late) who was now living with my husband and I. - In December 2016 when I lost my sister-in-law and we organized a family gathering in her memory, you did not hesitate to take a trip to Elkridge, MD with your family to preside, condole, and pray with us even though your own health situation was quite in deterioration already. You knew how to give your love in good and bad times to all who needed your love. We will greatly miss you. You were a humble, gentle, kind-hearted, and God-fearing person. You showed love to your family, you loved your friends and enjoyed being in their company, chatting, telling stories, yet for weeks before your passing away you were unable to speak. We saw you admiring us showing signs you heard all that was being said even though, you couldn’t utter a word. How we wished you could stay with us for a little while longer, but God loved you more and wanted you by his side. You fought hard to stay with us, but the Almighty had designed July 22 the day for you to cross over to Him. You bore your pain without complaint and you were always heard praying “God is in control and so be it”. Your riches were people not material. Your darling wife ever by your side, your children and their spouses, your siblings, your nieces, nephews, your grandchildren and a multitude of friends also considered as your family were a great blessing for you. Each visit from them acted as some medication to prolong your days. I remember one of your favorite songs was ‘Nearer my God to thee……”. Yes, dear brother, you are indeed nearer to God now and nearer our parents and siblings who have gone ahead. Yes, Bah Nkom, stay right there, sing and pray right there for us who are still pilgrims here. Safe journey and good night dear brother. Justine W. Fomuso-Dzekashu

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