Let the memory of Dale be with us forever!
A man that never can be replaced!
  • 60 years old
  • Born on November 29, 1951 in Illinois, United States.
  • Passed away on December 11, 2011 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Dale Dagner 60 years old , born on November 29, 1951 and passed away on December 11, 2011. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Donna Dagner on 13th December 2018
happy birthday in heaven! You would be 67 years old now. Think of you every time I look at our sons I see you. I'll forever love you! We will meet again my love!
Posted by Dana Warren on 27th December 2017
Thinking of you today dear Dale. I sure wish I could talk to you. We have had some sad days of late. I know you would give words of wisdom and encouragement to us all you always did when things got tough. Rest in Peace Brother. You are missed and still talked about with great love and respect. Such fond memories of you! Love your sis in-law.
Posted by Donna Dagner on 26th December 2017
well its been 6 years now since you left me babe! You were a wonderful husband and dad! you would be so proud of the boys! we will see you soon!
Posted by Donna Dagner on 31st January 2015
Wow...3 years have gone by so quickly....Jason has been preaching...you would be so proud...Jeff is still trucking on in your business...doing good....you were a good example and taught them how to work.....I see you in their lives everyday! I know you are having fun with no more pain.....:) forever in my heart babe!
Posted by Donna Dagner on 1st December 2014
Memories flood my mind as I think back....You were a god man and a man of God! I will always have you in my boys,,,,,see ya soon! Gone but not forgotten!
Posted by Elaine Meadors on 29th November 2014
To a forever friend - miss you.
Posted by Bailey Warren on 29th November 2014
Happy Birthday Uncle Dale!! See you soon! Love you
Posted by Donna Dagner on 28th April 2014
Gone but not forgotten!
Posted by Donna Dagner on 5th January 2014
2years ago ....I didn't think life could go on for me....God has a way of keeping you when you can't keep yourself....You would of been so proud of our boys....they are so much like you....as long as I have them I will always have a part of you....God has kept his hand on me...You were chapter 1 of my life...No matter what no one can take those memories from me.....I will see you in heaven babe!
Posted by Beverly Bollman on 11th December 2013
Time stands still & still time goes on, you are still on our minds that you were a good husband, father, grandpa, & a God fearing man.
Posted by Linda KOKER on 11th December 2013
Two years ago today, still doesn't seem possible! We know you're in a better place but still miss you dearly.
Posted by V Dagner on 11th December 2013
Two years ago today the earth lost a wonderful man. We will always remember and miss Dale Dagner. Until we meet again! Love Allen and Vickie
Posted by Donna Dagner on 21st November 2013
forever in my heart.........memories can't be erased!!!!
Posted by Janice Mathenia on 21st August 2013
Posted by Donna Dagner on 22nd May 2013
May 18th, we would of been married 39 years...Can't believe you've been gone so long already...Time is passing me by so quickly...God is helping me with chapter two of my life. I will always remember you in chapter 1...You were the love of my life Dale Dagner....may you rest in peace! see ya in heaven.....I'll never forget you! your wife...Donna Jean
Posted by Donna Dagner on 10th March 2013
I will always have you with me Baby as long as I have our boys! Every day I look at them I see you in them! They have their daddy's work ethics..your sense of humor..wittiness...and a kind heart..But most of all a love for God that you helped instill in their hearts. Memories that will never go away..love that they have your smile too!..:)...<3 miss you Babe!!!
Posted by Donna Dagner on 18th February 2013
the kids took me out for Valentines day...my second one without you baby...Trying to adjust without you.....miss'en my baby so bad....:( <3 <3
Posted by Donna Dagner on 7th February 2013
Thanks for all the kind words! If tears could bring Dale back...he would be washed ashore dailey...If I only I could of hung onto you! Briana and Whitney still make you letters for the frig. Just breaks my heart...they wanted to know if you could read them...I told them you knew they loved you very much! Life just hasn't been the same since you left me! wish I could of said goodbye baby
Posted by Donna Dagner on 27th January 2013
Miss you more and more baby! can't wait to see you again...everybodies doing fine here...i know you are having fun up there!.......I think of you everyday! Can't wait to see you again...Always on my mind...forever in my heart!!! You were the love of my life...
Posted by Stephanie Carpenter on 17th January 2013
Bro.Dale such a amazing man! You will never be forgotten! I remember being a little girl and you picking us up on church bus :) and Sis Donna would sing like a hundred songs from Percy to Cutler lol Those are special memories! You will always be in my heart. You and Sis Donna are such special people. I thank God he put you and her in my life. You are such a inspiration to me!
Posted by Donna Dagner on 11th December 2012
Well...One year ago tonight...everybody was looking for you honey...You were out there...so worried...so scared......so cold.........but now your at peace! If only you could of known...................See you soon baby! You were the love of my life!
Posted by Donna Dagner on 29th November 2012
Well babe, it's been one year today..we were still together...enjoying our life together..I miss you so much! No one could ever imagine unless it happened to them.Memories flood my mind..you were the Best hubby and daddy in the world! You were the Love of my Life! Wish I could get one more hug and kiss. One more I love you! I will always have you in my heart! See you on the other side!..
Posted by Beverly Bollman on 29th November 2012
"This is for a fine , hard working & God fearing man. My best memory of Dale is his great work in reconstructing our old pond dam to a lovely smooth & level backyard. Oh so thankful for his skill & hard work. Will always remember him when I look out in the yard!!"
Posted by Tammy Frederking on 29th November 2012
Always a man of encouragement and laughter you couldn't help but be uplifted when you around Brother Dale. So thankful for the privilege to have known him and to know his wonderful family. His children are carrying on the torch that their father has passed to them. So proud of Bro. Jason and Bro. Jeff Dagner. Sis. Donna you are a wonderful blessing. We love you very much. God Bless You
Posted by Diann Dagner on 20th November 2012
Dale was a man of many gifts. We have all learned a lot from him. He remains in our hearts daily. We miss him so much and think of him daily. You couldn't ask for a more loving man and anybody that knew him felt the love he had for his family and friends. We look forward to the day we all have a family reunion in heaven. WE MISS YOU DALE.
Posted by Donna Dagner on 6th November 2012
Amost 11 months now since I seen your smiling face..Miss your touch, your laugh, your tenderness.......You were the love of my life.....the tears still flow daily......but someday we will be united again....Your always in my heart!!! You were the best thing that ever happened to me!!!! See you soon baby!!!
Posted by Donna Dagner on 10th September 2012
Well its been 9 months since I seen your smiling face...I wonder if you seen Danne Ogilvie up there in heaven yet? She left this earth 8/30/2012...just shortly after you babe...I miss you both so much...my evenings are spent with memories of you both...The girls talk of you often...and still cry....you'll always be in our hearts!! Both of you!...You were the Love of my Life! Miss you two
Posted by Jessica Fisher on 24th July 2012
Dale was a great man & such a good example and friend/brother to us all. He was the best Sunday School teacher ever. We miss you so much. Love the Fishers, Ryan, Jessica, Michael, Rylee & Isabella
Posted by Linda KOKER on 17th June 2012
Well today is fathers day! Went to church today and the fathers day service was dedicated to you. Can't think of anyone more deserving of this than you. Glancing around the church, could see many wiping tears from their eyes. We all love and miss you but know you are in a much better place.
Posted by Sonja Jello Mikel on 16th June 2012
Bro.Dale nobody will forget you,you touched many of hearts.You touched our lifes,you are a good man.You have a wonderful family that loves you,they know they will see you again in heaven .
Posted by Dana Warren on 13th June 2012
Dale was a genuine example of love and compassion and had an attitude of self-sacrifice and total unselfishness. He always made the least of himself and more of others. Dale taught me so much about life. I feel so blessed to have been his lil' sis in-law and what a privilege to be part of his life! Dale was honorable to his very soul. I miss you dear brother and look forward to seeing you!
Posted by Bailey Warren on 13th May 2012
I will never forget my Uncle Dale. Never forget that smile he always had. He would always catch me at church and say "hey Bay Bay" with the happiest face. He was an awesome Alter worker at church. Every service he would be in those alters. I miss him so much! He was a good uncle to me! <3 but i will see you soon :)
Posted by Tammy Frederking on 26th April 2012
Brother Dale a mighty man of valor!
Posted by Nick Rushing on 21st April 2012
You was always and are and are to come, close to my heart. I love you Uncle Dale.
Posted by Donna Dagner on 31st March 2012
To my loving husband of 38 years! I will never forget you baby! You were the love of my life! So sad you had to leave all too soon! I will see you in heaven! The grandkids always talk about you...and they miss you everyday.....you left alot of good memories.. I will always have you with me in my heart. Jason and Jeff miss you bad too! See you soon baby!

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