Daniel Paul Izzard

May 12, 1949 – August 14, 2018

After a courageous battle with cancer, with his loving wife Madeleine and stepson Karsten with him, Danny died at home peacefully, with dignity and grace.

Danny approached his death as he lived his life, with conscious awareness, focused intent, and valiant good spirit. He was heroic even to his last breath.

Born in Jordanstown, County Antrim, in Northern Ireland, at the age of three Danny immigrated with his mother to Canada, where his father awaited their arrival. In 1956 the family moved to Scarborough, where his sister was born, and Danny lived until his mid-teens.

Danny always liked to paint and draw, but it was while enrolled in the Cedarbrae Collegiate Art Program that a lifetime passion for art grew. It was also at Cedarbrae, that his swim/dive team won “Best in Ontario”, and where Danny made some of his closest lifelong friendships. 

Danny lived life with exuberance. He traveled the world, had adventures. He was inventive and creative, and he was most definitely ahead of his time.

In film and commercial art production, Danny worked from the bottom up to become a director/cameraman, winning many accolades in cinematography, among them, Hollywood Radio and Television Bureau Awards “Worlds Best” for his Phantom of the Opera commercial "Candles". He was bold, original, very highly respected, and he enjoyed creative teamwork, but by the mid 90’s his desire to paint full time became irresistible.

Danny said that for him, painting was most importantly about light, it was the absolute magic. His art is a reflection of his own incredible light and humanity. He will be remembered as an artistic visionary and for the beauty be brought into the world. His website can be viewed here.

An Honours Graduate of Ontario College of Art, Danny later became an instructor at OCADU. A brilliant mentor, he enjoyed bringing his knowledge as a working artist to the academic curriculum. Students said, “You are the best teacher I have ever had, the only one who never uses a book, you just know it all”, and “If I had realized you were such a great teacher, I would have paid more attention from the very beginning”. Danny encouraged his students to think, not just look, but to creatively see, and to bring out the best in themselves.

Danny had many accomplishments, but above all, he was an exceptionally good man, the best of the best. He had empathy, no vain pretensions, and he was equally at home with everyone. Danny made people feel special, and had a genius for friendships, for making and keeping friends. He gave of himself generously and it was returned in abundance.

He will be remembered for his charisma and humour and for being an outrageously cool, free spirit. Also for his intelligence, integrity, extraordinary ability, and meticulous attention to detail.

Danny loved his family and they loved him. He was a good son, brother, cousin and uncle. He cherished Lor and his other children by marriage, and he adored his grandchildren. In 1994 Danny met Madeleine and her son Karsten and brought them into his life. He was a loving and devoted husband, and a wonderful caring stepfather. He is very deeply missed.

Before marrying Madeleine, Danny had two previous marriages. In his first one to Ingrid, his dear son Lor was born. in his second one to Kay, her children Jennifer and Chris became part of Danny’s home and heart.

Danny was pre-deceased by his father Daniel James Mace Izzard, and his mother Elizabeth “Betty” Ida Izzard (nee Gillgan). Grieving the loss of their beloved Danny, but with hearts full from happy years with him, are his wife, Madeleine, son Lor (Nikki), grandchildren Reese and Jake, sister Barbara (Jamie), nephews Brian and Brandon, half-sister Jemila, and stepsons Karsten and Chris (Theresa). Missing him also are his cousins Pamela, Stephen (Sue), Phillip, Peter (Pat), stepmother Pilar, sisters-in-law Chris (Dave), Sue (Harvey), and Laara (Andy), brothers-in-law Ron and Paul, other family in Winnipeg, British Columbia, and Savannah, as well as a multitude of friends.

Thank you to the amazing people at Princess Margaret Hospital for their dedicated care, and kindness. Thank you in particular to Dr. Elena Elimova, Dr. Rebecca Wong, Dr. Kirsty Taylor and Debbie Tsuji for trying for a different result. A very special thank you to the TCLHIN palliative care team, Claudia Brown, Dr. Joshua Wales, Dr. Isaac Siemens, and nurses Nadya and Uri for helping us through final days. We are grateful beyond words for your understanding and compassion.

If you should so please, in memory of Danny, donations can be made to Princess Margaret Hospital Cancer Foundation or to The Canadian Cancer Society.

As were Danny’s wishes, cremation has occurred, and a private Celebration of Life will be held at a future date.

Posted by Lindy Swan on 10th October 2018
I first met Danny in the early 80's when I worked freelance at TDF for the Locations Dept. He was so kind, patient, and generous with his time as I was navigating the learning curve as he earnestly encouraged the 'zen' of safety cone protocol on the streets of Toronto:) Later, in the 90's, again I was so fortunate to find him to be part of a wonderful group of friends who I don't see often, but who will forever be in my heart. His grin and ability to treat all as equals are unparalleled. Love to you, Madeleine
Posted by Harold Seligman on 7th October 2018
I met Danny only 15 years ago , and it was my pleasure to meet such a descent soul and someone that was so easy to relate to, as we had both travelled pretty extensively and grew up in the 60's .I really will miss seeing that warm smile on his face and his love of life .See you in the next adventure my friend !
Posted by JoAnn Wizorek on 30th September 2018
Wit ,kindness and that twinkle in his eye ,Danny's true beauty was his heart and soul . Danny took his gift to its highest level and shared it with us all. Madeleine so generously shared his last precious days with us so we could see him and express our love and admiration ,what an honour it was to know him, truly inspirational.
Posted by Pierre Gregory on 12th September 2018
What privilege it is to have known Danny! What vision of the world and what warmth he shared with those he loved. He was a bottomless well of eccentric stories and adventures, is there anything he could not discuss?! Visiting Danny & Madeleine’s Kintyre house was like entering Wonderland, the setting was rich with art and you never knew where conversation would take you. Oh I miss Danny and wished everything didn’t happen so quickly but I take comfort in knowing he did things his way until the end, and I admire him all the more for it.
Posted by Anita Costantini on 12th September 2018
My deepest sympathies to all who love Danny. He was a genuine treasure of a human being. He will be sorely missed. His light shines on in his work.
Posted by David Setka on 6th September 2018
Danny was much more to me than just a next door neighbour. More like a surrogate father who was always there for me in good times and bad. In the 10 years we were neighbours, we became friends and he always had sage advice for me when I was struggling to find a way. I will miss him dearly.
Posted by Frederick Evans on 6th September 2018
Daniel was like a brother to me The man would always call to wish me happy birthday and brighten any day we spent together. After 50 years of friendship and many adventures, projects and parties, I was always inspired by his kindness, intelligence,wit and talent. My hero and much loved friend. His was a life well lived. Love to Madeleine and family
Posted by Boris Damast on 4th September 2018
My most enduring image of Danny was the considerable moustache he wore like a carnival ride that connected one corner of his great smile to the other. His art hangs proudly in our studio. He was one of the good guys.
Posted by Susan Gregory on 4th September 2018
My husband Pierre and I were lucky to have Danny and Madeleine as neighbours on Kintyre Avenue for six years. They made us feel welcome on our moving-in day, with Danny having just the right tool for a small job we were doing in our front yard. We got to know them both over the years, enjoying their warmth and many shared interests including travel, wine and of course art. When we became parents in 2016, our friendship with Danny and Madeleine deepened. Our son Noah took his first steps into Danny’s arms in the summer of 2017 at the home of Neil and Carolyn Turnbull. Danny, we love you and miss you every day. Xo
Posted by Anu Turnbull on 3rd September 2018
Danny was a wonderful person.....always engaged and always engaging..........I think of him often at 2 oc’clock
Posted by Ferruccio Bresciani on 3rd September 2018
Grande Personaggio ..Grande Artista e Amico Indimenticabile
Posted by Arthur Keinberger on 2nd September 2018
Very sad, will be missed by many ....I find it difficult to know that I will not see you least not for a while. Luckily we had the visit whilst David was here. There will always remain the fond memories of "fun,frolic , and tales of adventure." Sleep well....then paint ! Love 'ya Bro ! Arturo
Posted by Arlene Cohen on 2nd September 2018
Danny was our dear friend. I cannot find the words to express what a huge hole he has left, not only in our heart, but in our lives, as well. We enjoyed each other’s company without effort and luckily for us, often. It is impossible to express what a joy and honor it has been to be in his company these past 20 plus years but the words generous, funny, smart, charming, compassionate, loyal, caring, emotional, extremely talented and hugely courageous easily spill out when evoking the name Danny Izzard. And they always will. RIP dear friend. Still can’t believe you are gone ... too soon. Love and heartfelt virtual hugs to dear friend Madeleine and Karsten and the entire family.
Posted by John Rose on 2nd September 2018
I agree with all others have said about Danny. I have known Danny for 45 years and the thing I know most is he's my friend and I will always be his friend. I'm a better person for knowing him. As we often said "See you on the flip side" my friend.
Posted by Margaret Newman on 31st August 2018
Danny, with the smiling eyes. A man of great talent, wit and kindness. We will miss you. With heartfelt thoughts to Madeleine and all Danny's family. John & Marti Newman
Posted by Pamela Delaney on 30th August 2018
How can this be, dear you? The world is a lesser place without you. Thank you for subbing as the big brother I always wanted; cousin was so special, but I always felt strong knowing you were around. Always in my thoughts. I will miss you forever. See you in Gillganland some day. xo
Posted by Daniel Carney on 30th August 2018
From the moment I met Danny when were 17, I knew we would be friends for life and it was so...I am so lucky to have always kept connected and got to visit throughout the years....always felt the warmth and love.... he would say " in order to be loved you have to be lovable!!!" He was the same incredibly creative beautiful loving man forever....talking with him recently was so wonderful so much wisdom made us all feel his soul. Deborah and I send our best to you sweet Madeleine and all the family and friends knowing our lives have been so blessed loving this man! Daniel Carney and Deborah Weisbeck
Posted by Arthur Fuller on 30th August 2018
You shall be missed forever, Danny, and it saddens me that I will not see another of your beautiful paintings, and also your exquisite conversation.
Posted by Ingrid Izzard on 30th August 2018
Goodnight, sweet prince. And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest...
Posted by Darryl Palmer on 30th August 2018
Daniel, we miss your warm hearted wit, your understanding of our thoughts and feelings, your vast knowledge and unique analysis of life, your gentle voice and smile. So good to spend many happy hours with Dan and Madeleine in recent years, a blessing we cherish.
Posted by Lloyd Greenspoon on 30th August 2018
Danny, who I always considered one of the coolest guys I have ever met, was a person who one could rely on to cut thru the bs and give an insightful, accurate and witty analysis of the current situation both local and global. His intelligence, insight, caring and depth of personality were apparent to everyone and he will be missed by all who knew him.
Posted by Elke Ramstead on 30th August 2018
Danny was a dear friend of mine from our teenage years to our early 20's, in particular. We met in Yorkville and I was pleased to learn that he lived not far from me in Scarborough. Even at that age he was a very kind, gentle man with spiritual wisdom beyond his years. He taught me a lot about myself and when I was in a bad spot in my life, his friendship taught me to leave bad habits behind and "reach for the sky like an oak tree, but keep my feet firmly planted in the ground". I can honestly say that he saved my life and made me a much better person by steering me away from a wrong path. For that, and for his friendship I will always be grateful. His artistic views also influenced my life in many ways. A few years ago I had the pleasure of meeting his lovely wife Madeline at their home and I could see the loving devotion in their eyes - a match made in heaven. My heart goes out to Madeline and their family and his lovely sister, Barbara. He left a loving impression on many hearts and will be missed dearly....
Posted by Carol Spencer on 30th August 2018
I have very fond memories of Danny, being the special person that he was. A lovely man and a talented artist, he will be remembered not only in spirit, but through his art, which has graced my home for many years. May he be blessed on his journey to everlasting peace.
Posted by Samantha Turnbull on 29th August 2018
Danny has been part of my life always, and I will miss his stories and smiles. He was kind enough to give me painting lessons multiple times as a kid, even though I made fun of his obsessively organized paint brushes. He was a special soul.
Posted by Alex Lloy on 29th August 2018
Beautiful tributes for a beautiful man. Danny could be a man's man or a lady's man and slide between two effortlessly. His grin, his wit, his charm was captivating. I'm sure he will always be remembered by family and friends but his art, his beautiful paintings have enriched our world. We love ya and miss ya buddy.... Love, Alex & Rosie
Posted by Peter Bonch on 29th August 2018
Danny the sunsets we see from below will be that more magnificent now that you have left us to direct the artists of the sky! Cathy and I will miss seeing you. Madelaine every time you see a glorious sunset know that Danny is behind the production thinking of you!
Posted by Nancy Newman on 29th August 2018
Every time we got together with Danny and Madeleine, usually at the home of their dear friends Neil and Carolyn Turnbull, I was amazed at his vast store of information, and endlessly amused by his fascinating stories. He seemed to have known so many interesting people and had a funny tale to tell about their adventures together. A seriously talented artist, a generous friend and a decent and kind man, Danny will be greatly missed. My heart goes out to Madeleine.
Posted by Carolyn Turnbull on 29th August 2018
Neil and I were close good friends with Danny and Madelaine. We will always miss his fast wit, deep knowledge, kindly ways and the perpetual closing of every meeting with.... "Love you guys!". We loved him too. He faced the end of his live in a way unlike most. Dignified, upbeat, curious and in the drivers seat. I am thankful to have known him and to have called him a very good friend. Sweet Danny... love you!
Posted by Shona Milligan on 29th August 2018
A dear, long time friend - one of the few who knew my 'pet name' that my family called me and he used it often. I miss him each day, savor my memories and wish peace and calm to Madeleine. I am a better person for knowing this gentle, compassionate man.

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