Shared by Donald Davies on April 16, 2019

A precious uncle who would always be there when needed. You have been a role model for most of us. You have been called to rest by your maker, we love you but Jesus loves you best. Sleep and take your rest Uncle Olubumi, till we meet on that beautiful shore.

Your nephew

Dr. O. Robbin-Coker, the Giant takes a bow

Shared by Henry Macauley on April 15, 2019
Dr O. Robbin- Coker 
The Giant takes a bow
Shakespeare said the Worlds a stage, a giant, our Doc, Dad, Unc, Bro, Patriot, Brother, Member, stepped on his Stage
Stepped up,  propping up, bringing up, pulling up , kids of a tender age
Caring without restraint,  healing and loving, nurturing even mentoring, seeking service, not wealth
Doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers, politicians, all once young, needing care, love, life and health
Service given, easily, skilfully, sincerely, character principled and strong
Easy smiles, easy care, a giant with gentle hands, a healer, half a century long
See the young giants grown, with gratitude, can never forget , now have stepped on our own stages, 
Thanks to one man, was there on call, doing the job,  from age to age, through the ages
Then he stepped off !!
Somewhere ahead exists a bigger stage, a final stage,  all stages combined, no more death, no more pain
A final reunion, all actors in an unending play,  never to step off another stage again.
Rest in Peace our Giant with the  Gentle Healing Hands. 
Thank you. Thank you. 
Requiescat in pace Doc

Amb Henry Macauley 

My favourite grandfather

Shared by Funmike Richards on April 4, 2019

To my best Grand father! 

This is what i used to call him. (The fact that he was my only one he had no competition). He was a grand-daughters bestfriend. 

He introduced me to seafood pizza, which i will never forget. He taught me how to be calm and not stress. He always had a smile, a hug and a kiss for me. I was his 'Jagajaga granpickin'. We shared so many times together for this i am eternally thankful. He was so interested in what i was doing. He gave me my witty dry sense of humour. He used to tell me off for telling off his great grand-daughter lol. When i completed nursing school he beamed with pride, an expression on his face and in his voice i will never forget. When i went to the clinic for 2 weeks to practice he wouldn't stop showing off. 

I will miss him painfully but i'm glad he is at rest 

I love you dearly Grandpa.

From your favourite eldest grand daughter

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