He had a nature you could not help loving
And a heart that was purer than gold
And to those who knew him and loved him
His memory will never grow cold.
  • 22 years old
  • Born on August 4, 1991 .
  • Passed away on January 31, 2014 .

In memory of our loved one, Daniel Logan Schnidrig, 22, born on August 4, 1991 and passed away on January 31, 2014. We will remember him forever. Daniel was an amazing person and he brought joy and happiness to every person he met. If you needed to cry, vent, or laugh until you were in tears, he was always there. He loved doing anything with his hands, fixing cars, tinkering with electronics, cooking, etc. On behalf of my family, we would love for everyone that knew Daniel, to share pictures, stories or to leave a note. We would love to hear the experiences that he had with all of his friends. Thank you.

Posted by Nicolas Cruz on 24th September 2018
Damn, 4 years boutta be 5 since he left us. I cant say its been easy for me and I really wish I could have his help right now. Ive been fuckin off and struggling lately and I could really use somebody like him. He was somebody who was there and I still wish he was to guide me through this. Love ya Dan
Posted by Nicolas Cruz on 4th March 2014
daniel, whatever I said I didn't mean it its just that people say things they don't mean but that doesn't mean they stop loving you. But I know everyone who could've met you would love you. especially me:)
Posted by Heather Schnidrig on 6th February 2014
Every night at midnight, Dan and I used to have our little culinary meetings in the kitchen. We'd sit at the table and talk for hours and cook together. I loved it, even though it always turned out to be stir fry every time, it was so much fun.
Posted by Cayla Davis on 6th February 2014
Where do I begin ok, I met Daniel in 7th grade and I remember seeing him after his art class and thinking he was so cute and I called him my hunk of chocolate idk why I just did. Toni and I hung out a lot at the Gresham station and we would see Daniel a lot there riding his skate board and we kinda stalked him (creeps) he cached on and started talking to us! soon after that we started hanging out and Toni and I would sneak out her bedroom window and go meet Daniel at main city park and in fields of grass and just walk around talking and doing nothing! we were all three best friends! if we weren't with Daniel one of us would be on the phone with him till one of us fell asleep. Daniel also use to ride his bike to my house and hang out with me and my sister and then he'd ride his bike back home at 4 am when he decided that it was bed time lol One of my fondest memories with him is Halloween in 8th or 7th grade we were "police" and Daniel wore his aviators and this belt that looked identical to a a real police officers he was so sure he looked like a real one we just laughed at him, he always told Toni and I that he was going to be a police officer because he wanted to help people and have that rewarding feeling at the end of the day knowing he helped someone! I could go on forever! Some of my best memories are with Daniel, There was never a dull moment with him! I'll always remember you as the boy I seen out side of his art class! I will never forget you ! See you soon bud!

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