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  • 54 years old
  • Born on October 31, 1959 in Napoli, Italy.
  • Passed away on July 30, 2014 in Bovezzo, Italy.

This memorial website was created in memory of Daniele Triva, our beloved Captain, DJ, and best friend. Daniele, 54, was born on October 31, 1959 and passed away on July 30, 2014. He leaves behind his wife and four children, his sister and family and a legacy of technological innovation in the field of pre-analytics. He will be forever missed.

Questo sito è stato creato in memoria di Daniele Triva, il nostro amato Capitano, DJ, e migliore amico. Daniele, 54 anni, è nato il 31 ottobre 1959 ed è morto il 30 luglio 2014. Egli lascia la moglie e quattro figli, la sorella e la famiglia, e un patrimonio di innovazione tecnologica nel campo della pre-analitica. Ci mancherà tanto.
Posted by Cristian Scaratti on 31st October 2018
Wish You Were Here! Auguri Daniele!
Posted by Santina Castriciano on 29th October 2018
COPAN and Peter Pan project: Daniele fable come true “All you need is faith, trust and a little bit of pixie dust.” Perhaps these are ingredients that created the Copan "gene". The employees of this family business in Brescia, leader in the biomedical sector, describe it as such; as if it were a gene, an inborn identity, that set of values found within their society. From the worker in production to the highest managerial position, each person feels as though they are a part of a family and not of an industry, sharing not only objectives but also values, exemplified by the benefiting of some welfare and provision of singular advantages. One in particular seems like almost a small "Never land": inside Copan, there is a place where employees' children can play and grow thanks to an association founded within the company. It's no coincidence that this reality is called "Peter Pan". This association, highly sought after by the owners of the group, Daniele and Stefania Triva, was inaugurated in 2010 with the intention of “encouraging their workers to have children, as in Italy this seems to be a luxury”, says Paola Carozza, psychologist and coordinator of the Peter Pan Association. “Here in Copan, our employees-parents work serenely. It's what we want but mostly what our owners want, who care about our well-being.” A stark contrast to the companies that discredit women as possible future mothers and those prevent parents from care for their children due to abnormal timetable (sometimes underpaid), this unique childcare service has made its way, awarded in 2013 by the Lombardy Region and managed entirely by Copan’s employees. From the operators, who take care of these (never) "lost Boys", which regularly follow continuous refresher courses, up to the management of exchange control for children, the whole association is followed and monitored by the workers of the company for the workers of the company. Yvonne Ricchiedei, who has worked as a shift worker since the late 1990s, has been following the children of her colleagues since the beginning of 2010, followed by Laura and other girls. Even now she hugs and kisses "her" children, who pretend to stay with her when it's time to go home. “When I retire, I will come here as a volunteer,” she confesses, “Stefania and Daniele Triva have given us so much, we must reciprocate with the same love.” The association, due to the increase of the children of the employees, has expanded its duties as a mother spreads her arms to her son who goes towards her: at first there were five babies, between 8 and 9 months, then there was the need (and the intention) to extend the area for the children of the "maternal", after 3 years, even to the service of summer also for children up to 16 years, the same born with the association which have been able to grow together and feel part of this fairytale-like community. The children of "Peter Pan" also have activities and services that many kindergartens see only in the catalogs: Yoga for children, cooking workshops, psychomotricity, orthotherapy, pre-literacy, introduction to music, aquatics, manual laboratories, changes, sheets and wipes for each child, with reserved beds, surveillance cameras and an active service from 5:30 am to 22:00. And in mid-September, when schools open and some of them come back to reality, there's a big party complete with "diplomas". All this was possible thanks to the small contribution that parents pay, since 70% of the cost is borne by the same Triva family. This is their promise kept at the time of the foundation of the association, when Daniele Triva, then CEO of the Copan group, imagined and realized this project. Precisely for this reason, the name "Peter Pan" was dedicated to him, an eternal young dreamer, whose genius allowed Copan to change the world of the pre-analytic. After his unfortunate passing, it was feared that this project would hit the entire company from the socio-economic point of view. However, "dreams come true, if we just want it enough". As the operators say: "The sons of Peter Pan are the heart of the company, they are the little angels to whom Daniele would have liked to leave this visionary future. their wings to fly.” Copan continues to grow thanks to the company's "Trilly", Stefania Triva, sister of Daniele, and thanks also to Giorgio Triva, the first son of Daniele as well as to all the other members of the Triva family, who took charge of this burdensome and honorable inheritance. Thanks to them, the company and its Peter Pan continue to fly. Higher and higher. Tribute prepared by Elisa Erriu
Posted by Stefania Triva on 31st July 2018
Caro fratello I giorni passano ma il vuoto della parte del mio cuore che tu riempivi resta e resterà sempre. Nessuno riesce a riempirla con fiducia amore stimoli comprensione come tu hai sempre fatto Spesso penso che oggi sono in grado di fare ciò che faccio perchè tu non mi hai mai frenato ma anzi sempre spinto a buttarmi credendo ciecamente nelle mie capacità Ti adoro fratello e in certi momenti ti cerco cerco un segno di incoraggiamento che a volte trovo o voglio trovare nelle cose quotidiane Sei e sarai sempre nella mia mente e nel mio cuore come il miglior fratello del mondo ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Dear Brother The days pass but the emptiness of the part of my heart that you fill remains and will always remain. No one manages to fill it with confidence love believes and insight as you've always done I often think that today I am able to do what I do because you have never slowed me down but rather always pushed to throw myself blindly believing in my ability I adore you brother and at certain times I seek you seeking a sign of encouragement that sometimes I find or want to find in everyday things You are and will always be in my mind and in my heart as the best brother of the world ❤ ️ ❤ ️ ❤ ️ ❤ ️
Posted by Jean-Louis Devier on 30th July 2018
Already 4 years ago but still reminding you , Daniele ! Even I'm retired now I continue to have a look at the Copan website in order to follow the success of your Company. This is what I did on the last week thinking to the current staff supporting what you created.
Posted by Valeria Uberti on 30th July 2018
Feeling Your Spirit everywhere and in everything.........
Posted by Wilmer Verniers on 30th July 2018
Dear Daniele, You are still in our thoughts,in our harts Kind regards from MLS Belgium Wilmer
Posted by Cristian Scaratti on 30th July 2018
Ciao Daniele, i WaspLab in tutto il mondo si ricordano del loro papà ed oggi ti salutano <3
Posted by Alberta Roversi on 30th July 2018
Ciao Daniele
Posted by Alberta Roversi on 31st October 2017
Happy Bday! Make sure you celebrate as it should be, as you love to be! :-)
Posted by Cristian Scaratti on 31st October 2017
Tanti auguri di buon compleanno, sei nei nostri cuori. Sempre
Posted by Valeria Uberti Foppa on 31st October 2017
In my heart, in my brain every single step of the way I will be thinking of you
Posted by Jane Lukashevsky on 31st October 2017
Always in my heart!!! Love you, treasure your memory!!!
Posted by Howard Engler on 31st July 2017
How can it be 3 years already? Forever in our hearts and minds. Your smile, you passion, your brilliance are sorely missed.
Posted by Jean-Louis Dévier on 30th July 2017
Daniele, 3 years already...but still in my mind, in my pray. Even I am retired now I am still looking about Copan: news, activities, development and of course your employess as your family. I will continue to keep you in my heart. Jean-Louis
Posted by Marco Terzi on 12th June 2017
Ho avuto l'onore di conoscere l'Ing. Triva per lavoro, e dopo credo una quindicina d'anni, il suo ricordo è impresso nella mia memoria in modo indelebile. Non credo fosse possibile accostarsi alla sua persona senza coglierne la grandezza, ed esserne ispirati.
Posted by Cristian Scaratti on 23rd December 2016
E' quasi Natale e si pensa ai regali...è proprio con questo pensiero che mi sono reso conto che incontrarti è stato uno dei più grandi regali ricevuti nella mia vita. grazie di quello che mi hai donato, mio Capitano
Posted by Alberta Roversi on 31st October 2016
Quando ti viene nostalgia, non è mancanza. E’ presenza di persone, luoghi, emozioni che tornano a trovarti. (Erri De Luca) When you miss someone, it is not because of his absence. It is his presence, places and emotions that come to see you. This is what I want to believe in all those moments when I get sick because of you. DANIELE, you are always here, always with us. Ciao e buon compleanno Daniele.
Posted by Wilmer Verniers on 5th October 2016
Hi Daniele, I want to thank you for your efforts and helping hand wherever you may be ! Because we finally won our biggest and most important deal EVER! Wasplab University Hospital Leuven in Belgium!!Jiehaaaaahh! We(and surely you've helped us) kicked out Kiestra! Take care and keep watching on us,my friend!
Posted by Corniani Cristina on 1st August 2016
Manchi tanto
Posted by Stefania Triva on 30th July 2016
Hi brother i'm in Sardegna the country of your dreams! I still cry and I will continue forever because is big the lost: I loose a brother, I loose my best friend, I loose my boss, I loose my companion of dreams and game Everyday one of you leave an empty space in my heart that will never replace by anyone With love Sister
Posted by Alberta Roversi on 31st October 2015
Happy birthday Daniele! I am smiling while thinking of you organizing Karaoke with angels :-) :-) I miss you so much. Alberta
Posted by Wilmer Verniers on 31st October 2015
Dear Daniele, I was so happy that you had the trust in our company MLS to help you develop your microbiology dream.We still think on you all the time :) I am even sure that you are still helping us. Ciao Daniele Wilmer
Posted by Clara Clara on 31st July 2015
Posted by Clara Clara on 31st July 2015
Posted by Alberta Roversi on 30th July 2015
ciao capitano, forever in my heart.
Posted by Stefania Triva on 30th July 2015
Hi brother I miss you everyday, I miss your daily greeting " Ciao sorella", I miss your enthusiasm when hugging me you told me " è proprio divertente lavorare con te sorella " , but now I relive your enthusiasm, your way to made everything easy and natural in your son Giorgio, now I'm telling him hugging him "è proprio divertente lavorare con te nipote" Be proud of my self , of all copan people and of your son because Copan is always a star because as you were use to say only the SKY IT'S THE LIMIT! Ciao Fratello
Posted by Jane Lukashevsky on 30th July 2015
Always in my heart.
Posted by Jean-Louis Devier on 30th July 2015
Daniele, ...still alive in my heart !
Posted by Valeria Uberti on 16th April 2015
I do not know why but from time to time I feel the need to come here, have a look to the pictures and just say "Hello, I miss you" . I know you can see all the wonderful things happening and I am sure you smile from above and proudly say "go ahead, sky is the limit" :-)
Posted by Clara Clara on 14th November 2014
140000 candele x il nostro Capitano....anche se lontano dagli occhi sempre vicino nei nostri cuori. Vivere nel ricordo di chi resta significa non morire mai ♡Grazie Daniele per quello che ancora e ancora e ancora riesci a fare x la tua grande famiglia♥
Posted by Jean-Louis Devier on 4th November 2014
Daniele, We know each other for more than 30 years . We developped a successful cooperation for both companies. But the most important is what you achieved at Copan, a leading company now. Also you did it with a high generosity and humanity for the employees. Your voice, your laugh are printed in my heart forever.
Posted by IBRA GNAROOOOOO on 2nd November 2014
ADIEU COMMANDANT !!!!! non ci sono le parole , e non ci saranno mai per descrivere il vuoto che hai lasciato , non riesco a capire ancora per che il destino ti ha scelto ? forse ho trovato la risposta è che in PARADISO hanno bisogno 1 solo come TÈ !!!!!!!!! ogni giorno , ogni ora , ogni minuto 1 pensiero per te !!!!!! RIP COMANDANTE !!!!
Posted by Corniani Cristina on 17th October 2014
Ciao Daniele , hai insegnato tanto a tutta la tua tribu' , grazie
Posted by Marek Smieja on 13th October 2014
Today, on this Thanksgiving Day in Canada, Cathy and I would like to give thanks for having known Daniele, both professionally and personally. Daniele, I loved working with you on improving flocked swabs; I enjoyed your enthusiasm and joy and love for your work and family. I truly admired you. I cherish your visit to our house many years ago, and wish there could have been many more. Marek & Cathy.
Posted by Wilmer Verniers on 18th September 2014
Daniele, My friend! You were not only general manager and visionair.You were good and kind for everybody.Even for your competitors!And above always stayed humble and generous.With your pipe...your company-kindergarten.....the Karaoke.I remember the good Italian wine that you send me now and then when we sold another WASP ! And i always send you back some of our best Belgian beers!I have still the crate of last 24 bottles that you send me a couple of months ago. I will cherish them and only open them on special occasions like a new wasp/lab sale and so remember you with my deepest respect.Big hug!Your friend Wilmer
Posted by Max Chernesky on 16th September 2014
It was very special for me and my family to have known Daniele,who was a unique individual.He showed great skill and intelligence in moving Copan to its position in the scientific marketplace.He was a true team leader with a lot of vision.We enjoyed working with him and are indebted to Santina Castriciano for bringing us together. MAC
Posted by Sita Nys on 15th September 2014
We heard of the death of Daniele and we wish to express our sincere condolences. We wish all strength to all members of his family and the employees of the company in these sad days. On behalf of the laboratory for Microbiology of the Jessa Hospital, Hasselt, Belgium: Sita Nys, Koen Magerman, Luc Waumans and Reinoud Cartuyvels
Posted by Eddy Gheza on 11th September 2014
Ciao compagno ,ancora oggi sono incredulo di tutto questo. Sono fortunato perché ti ho conosciuto,frequentato ed abbiamo condiviso pensieri e sentimenti importanti come fratelli. Ti penso sempre è un giorno ci incontreremo e riprenderemo da dove ci eravamo lasciati.
Posted by Icon Chen on 8th September 2014
Dear beloved brother,i will never forget what i learned from you.Your smile printed in my heart forever.
Posted by Rebecca Lobbestael on 8th September 2014
A tribute to a great, intelligent man...Respect
Posted by Anna Signaroli on 5th September 2014
Le parole per descriverti non esistono, tu eri TROPPO SPECIALE! Non ti deluderemo, PROMESSO! Li dove sei ora "goditela" perché tu eri un portento quando c'era da divertirsi e li sicuramente in questo istante lo stai facendo. Arrivederci DANIELE.
Posted by Tony Yu on 4th September 2014
Ciao Daniele, you are the great man for us and good friend of mine. You have all my respects from far east---China. Your friend---Tony Yu
Posted by Gio Pattagarra on 4th September 2014
Ciao Boss, non basterebbe un enciclopedia intera per parlare e raccontare dite!! Ci manchi sarai sempre nei nostri ♥
Posted by Paolo Torricelli on 4th September 2014
Ciao amico,sei sempre presente nei miei pensieri quotidiani,persone come te ne ho conosciute poche nella mia vita.
Posted by Maura Bonomi on 4th September 2014
Ciao Boss che dire ...Manchi ... L'unico modo per tenerti vivo dentro di noi e continuare a sorridere come piaceva a te e continuare a lavorare con l' entusiasmo che ci hai trasmesso ... Sono fiera di avere avuto un datore di lavoro come te , resterai per sempre nel mio cuore visto l'uomo meraviglioso che eri ....
Posted by Diego Monselice on 3rd September 2014
Bye, dear Daniele, I don't know where you are now, but you still live in our hearts... in the hearts of the ones who knew you...
Posted by Lucia Bacchetti on 3rd September 2014
Eri un uomo straordinario e unico ,impossibile dimenticarti
Posted by Jane Lukashevsky on 2nd September 2014
As I sit here and write this, my heart is heavy. Daniele, you were such a special and unique man,you brightened a room just by entering it; you where loved and admired by me I always will keep you tucked safely in my heart. Jane
Posted by Valeria Uberti on 2nd September 2014
Daniele, we miss your laugh, your big heart and generosity. You were unique, an absolute visionary leader with a huge humanity. Your were my mentor an my reference in the last 20 years. As our captain, you left us a wonderful flower: COPAN to blossom and this will be our mission and goal, to make Copan blossom for us and for your family in your memory. We are strong because what you taught us in these years is in our hearts, there is a little bit of Daniele in all of us and if you chose us is because there is some of that constructive crazyness that you liked so much in each one of us. Ciao Daniele ! Valeria

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