Let the memory of Dave be with us forever
  • 40 years old
  • Born on May 31, 1971 in Downey, California, United States.
  • Passed away on December 17, 2011 in Palmdale, California, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Dave Taylor 40 years old , born on May 31, 1971 and passed away on December 17, 2011. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Robert Wisehart on 17th December 2018
Still the same old shit around here, Dave. The only thing that has changed since losing so many family members is that my depression seems to deepen and the eczema that began a couple years ago continues to have terribly painful flareups. The current flareup seems to correspond to your death and the impending holidays. . Nevertheless I hope you and Mom are at peace.
Posted by Robert Wisehart on 17th December 2017
And It has been six years now since you left us, Dave, and I have been thinking about you a lot this week. Still miss you, Son and all that you used to do to help out around here. On the matter of anniversary dates, four days ago was the 110th anniversary my own father's birth. I had wanted to go up to this his gravesite but I have not left the property all week. I love you, Dave. I still miss you and your mom very much. Hopefully not too much.
Posted by Robert Wisehart on 31st May 2017
Another year has gone by, Dave. I'm still not completely back on my feet. But I am working on that. I love you, Man.
Posted by Robert Wisehart on 31st May 2016
On Earth, this would be your 45th birthday, Dave. Sure wish you and your Mom were still here so we could celebrate. Miss you both so very much. . . .
Posted by Susan Isgrig on 17th December 2015
4 years ago I lost one of my best friends. Still not a day goes by that o don't think about you or am reminded of you by one small thing. Just yesterday I got in Sydney's car and she was playing Depeche Mode. We talked for awhile about you and the song. The girls and I love you so much and miss you every single day. I know your there somewhere watching over us all.
Posted by Joe Popp on 1st June 2015
I just dusted off your shrine Dave. I wish you were here! I miss you brother!
Posted by Robert Wisehart on 31st May 2015
Still not the same without you and Mom. Love you both so much. May your spirits fly free. . . .
Posted by Teresa Spinella on 18th December 2014
Three years, that is crazy. Time goes by so fast think of you often. I know you are with your mom and Alan. Enjoying the view. Miss you
Posted by Susan Isgrig on 17th December 2014
Well it's been three years and still fresh in my heart like it was yesterday. Symantha and Sydney chose to spread your ashes at the Petroglyphs in Ivins since they remember taking you there when they were little. They had fond memories there. They also decided that their Grandma Pat would want to be with you and spread her ashes with you. Symantha lives there so she is able to visit you both often and feels a lot of peace and closeness to you both there. I am glad they were adult enough to make that choice by themselves. They couldn't stand the thought of you and grandma being shoved in a mosoleum and not feeling free.
Posted by Robert Wisehart on 17th December 2014
You're three years out this morning, Dave. Fly Free, my Friend. Fly Free.
Posted by Robert Wisehart on 31st May 2014
Hey, Dave! Still thinking of you and your Mom and missing you both very much.
Posted by Susan Isgrig on 17th December 2013
Dave....well it's been two years today that you left us. It's been a crazy two years for me and our girls. Symantha graduates high school and moved to Utah to attend college. Sydney turned sixteen this year. Allen and your mom both passed away a month ago, such a shock! The intense feeling of loneliness and sadness without you around is still felt so strong between the three of us. You are missed so much. I am glad your mom is with you now. Thanks for watching over us and still comforting us in our times of need. Love ya!
Posted by Robert Wisehart on 17th November 2013
Dave, Allen left here to join you on Saturday, November 9, 2013. Patti followed on Thursday, November 14, 2013. On this side, there is a very deep sadness in our hearts. May there be joy on your side at your new arrivals!
Posted by Lori Fincher on 31st May 2013
Happy Birthday Dave!
Posted by Robert Wisehart on 17th December 2012
Dave, You're one year out on your latest journey. May you fare well, my friend; may you fare well.
Posted by Susan Isgrig on 9th June 2012
Its been a couple long weeks for us. You would have been 41 years old this year. You were a part of my life for over 26 years. Doesnt seem possible. Your ildest daughter finished her 11th grade year and is now a senior in high school, wow I remember those days for us. Needless to say she is much better behaved then either of us were. Happy Birthday Dave. We all miss you.
Posted by Robert Wisehart on 8th June 2012
Dave, Pat & Allen and I held a special birthday anniversary dinner in your honor on the 31st.... Felt like you were there somehow.
Posted by Teresa Spinella on 31st May 2012
Thinking of you today..
Posted by Teresa Spinella on 14th February 2012
Wishing that we had stayed in touch like we said we would. We where in each others life for just a minute, but a minute I will treasure.You will always be in my heart, and never forgotten.
Posted by Desira Rodriguez on 11th February 2012
Pat..I never met Dave but heard so much about him. I too lost my sweet Jake and am raising their child. My heart aches for ou. The road ahead will be hard. You will find was to cope but the tears will never stop..we will ache for our child until we can hold them in our arms again. Your son was good to Gina & its hard to fathom they are both gone now.HUGS to you.I know your pain.
Posted by Sarah Wisehart on 6th February 2012
You made an imprint in our hearts, and you are loved and will be truly missed!
Posted by Susan Isgrig on 6th February 2012
Nobody will ever understand the depth of our relationship, but I know we had a love that could never be broken and a freindship that would endure a lifetime. I really miss you and there is a piece of me you took with you...We love you...Susan, Symantha, Sydney
Posted by Lori Fincher on 6th February 2012
You will be missed and we will remember our camping trips that we took you with Billy Barry. You will be missed and may you be at peace and no longer hurting. Love you dude!
Posted by Pat Reid on 5th February 2012
Dave this is mom I love you and miss you very much.

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