david soto
  • 31 years old
  • Date of birth: Aug 27, 1960
  • Place of birth:
    10460, New York, United States
  • Date of passing: May 21, 1992
  • Place of passing:
    bronx, New York, United States
Let the memory of david be with us forever
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, david soto, 31, born on August 27, 1960 and passed away on May 21, 1992. We will remember him forever.
Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Carmen Soto on 22nd May 2017

"My loving brother. What can I say that you don't already know. Thank you for never leaving me for always showing up in my dreams & making me laugh like crazy.. Thank you for the time we share in our dreams & the dinner you buy me. Thank you for staying close to me after all these years.. I am so happy to know that you are ok but sad to let you know that I miss you each and every single day.. Light up the heavens with your beautiful smile & keep being our loving guardian angel..25 years is a long time but it will never take away the pain & sadness we feel by not having you here with us.. So until we meet remember you will forever live in our hearts .. Love you miss you Stay blessed & fly high my kidd-o..XOXOXO  R.I.P <3"

This tribute was added by Carmen Soto on 22nd May 2017

"FROM YOUR BROTHER (Papoluv Soto)  Words are hard to describe feelings,
I have always been better with images.
Yet writing down how much I miss you,
Seems to give me more tranquility.
Writing to let go, to give this all a place.
It will never heal, it will never go away,
But just learning to give it time and space.
I can tell you how much I care, how much I would give to have you back in my life,
But you know all of this and it won't change anything, that's what I am learning within time,
Writing to tell you how much I have learned, to show you that through fragility I become a stronger person
More able to understand, more able to listen and to care,
Hurt through loss, I've become yet a wiser person,
We will meet again soon` I'll have a deck of cards."

This tribute was added by Carmen Soto on 22nd May 2017

"From your brother( Papoluv Soto)  I love you and I wish you were home.
It hurts me to think you're so alone.
It's not the same without you here.
Why you left when you did is still unclear.
I remember when we were young and we played in the yard.
Then we'd go sit inside and play cards.
You'd look at me and smile.
Your smile used to stretch a mile.
When I had a bad day you were the only one who could make me laugh.
It's like you were my other half.
And every time I think I hear you creep.
Sometimes it's like you're still here.
I look at the door and wait for you to appear.
Then I realize you're not home,
And I go back to feeling so alone.
I love you so much; you just don't know,
No matter what, you'll always be my little bro"

This tribute was added by Carmen Soto on 22nd May 2017

"From your brother (Papoluv Soto) To my dear lil` brother, whom I love;
See here's the thing...
I love you in the Day Time, I love you in the Night Time;
I love you when it's Cloudy, I love you when its Sunny;
I love you when you are Happy, I love you when you are Sad;
I love you when you are Outside, I love you when you are Inside;
I love you when you are Awake, I love you when you are Sleeping;
I guess what I am trying to say is that I LOVE YOU... no matter what... always and forever... there will be a special place for you in my heart!"

This tribute was added by Nancy Soto on 21st May 2017

"Hi my brother, to think today you make 25yrs. in heaven and yesterday I turn 52 yr. old. always connected somehow. We visit your grave yesterday and got upset cause someone keep destroy the love I put into it , to make it beautiful for you. But I will continue to clean and show everyone that you will NEVER be forgotten. My tears never stop especially at this time of the month but I know you are in a good place and looking out for all of us, our Angel from heaven. Time stop when God decided you was needed more in heaven but our love grew stronger and non-stop thoughts are always about you. R.I.P. my brother and don't forget us when it our turn to be with you. Love you from here to heaven, miss you more...Hope this candle shine forever."

This tribute was added by Carmen Soto on 9th February 2017

"Just passing by to leave some love on your page.I know you are just fine where you are in such a peaceful loved heaven''But wow do we miss you here on earth..Hopefully will see you when my time is over. Just remember to be the first to get me into your loving world..God bless you kidd-o..Forever in my mind Heart & Soul..My love to all..Big hug & many kisses..MISS YOU WITH MY LIFE!! Mom misses you so tremendously..Much love hugs & kisses from mom also..Love you kid.


This tribute was added by Nancy Soto on 30th August 2016

"Happy 56 yrs. Birthday. 8/27/2016. Still missing you like it was yesterday. When to the cemetery, trying to get close to you, fix your stone area and brought you flower & balloons. We sang H.B and glue your picture on the stone. Now I can see your face when I go to visit you. My Love for you grows strong and strong as each day passes,  I talk with you and wish that you can talk back to me especially in my dream. Come visit us and let us know, all is good. Sending you a BIG KISS from the family. Love you and miss you much........"

This tribute was added by Nancy Soto on 23rd May 2016

"HI again, May 21, 2016 you made 24 yrs with all of our others love ones, always in our heart. Keep us near you, protect us all. Tell Sonia I miss her just as much... Tio Carlo, kisses and hugs from all. Thanks for letting us know you know.  HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!  June 19, 2016.

This tribute was added by Nancy Soto on 23rd May 2016

"Hi David, on May 20th, I went to where I think I can get some peace but it get harder and harder. I leave you flowers,lite candle and some other stuff but most of all i leave my heart. Things are so hard without you and I can't get use to it no matter how much time passes. 24 years has gone by and on April 24, 2016 we got to get some answers to your passed. I still need to hear from you. Love with every cell in my body."

This tribute was added by Carmen Soto on 22nd April 2016

"Hey big boy :) love u & miss you today tomorrow & forever...Just wanna thank you for always spending time with me in my dreams..You make my life easier to live when u are laughing dancing eating & acting up in my dreams as if you have never gone..It's crazy how ever since you departed & earned ur wings you have always stayed with me till this day..Out of a week in me sleeping I get to dream with u 3 & 4 times & I  get up with a bozo clown smile & do my day just thinking of our time together..You are the best kiddo'' tomorrow Nancy & I are going to see Theresa Cupulo in hope you say or show up or something like that..Hope you are not busy running behind girls lol..Hugs & kisses miss u & thank you kid.. Forever in our mind heart soul conversations holidays & every day..Muahhh xoxoxoxoxxo Tell Dad that he may 49 years on 4/21/16 & we celebrated it with him..He is one tuff man to come visit us in our dreams.give him directions jaja just kidding but true :) we miss him much too & to my son I am  glad I Dream with him too his smile in my dreams are worth more then a million $.Love ya all..Talk soon xoxoxo"

This tribute was added by Carmen Soto on 27th August 2015

"Happy Birthday my loving brother David.. R.I.P..I always think of you not only on this day.
There were so many lessons you helped me learn every day.
I miss your laughter, sense of humor and smile.
Heaven is lucky to have an angel of your style
You’re always in my life, even though only in spirit.
It never gets easier, I have no shame to admit it.
Each night I say a prayer in hopes to speak to you
I am saddened not being able to celebrate with you.
I’ll always have the memories of sharing of August 27 in my own ways.
You were taken from our lives too soon.
I will still wish you a happy birthday.
Even if I feel like I’m talking to the moon..
A birthday candle sits on your altar today.
We miss you the same as when you first went away.
The angels are blessed to have you in Heaven as we was when we were 7 frown emoticon
Each year I think of you as I shed so many tears.
It feels like just yesterday though its been 23 years.
You’re in a better place than this world could give.
Have a happy birthday, the memories I will relive. Light up the heavens with your smile my loving baby brother ..Love & Miss you 4ever.We sang happy birthday to you with a beautiful baby blue candle'' mom Lily and I..55 YRS OLD TODAY--23 OF THEM IN HEAVEN..UNTIL WE MEET ..LOVE U 4 EVER"

This tribute was added by Nancy Soto on 27th August 2015

"Happy Birthday my love, can't believe you would have been 55yrs. today. I bet you would have look good too. Miss you so much, it never gets easy, especially from someone as love as you was and will always be. To think today I also celebrate 14 yrs. with the special man God and you put in my life, thank you for still taking care of us.

Happy Birthday....to you
Happy Birthday... to you
Happy Birthday, dear David,
Happy Birthday... to you.
55-Kisses and Hugs from all of us.... Love you forever and ever."

This tribute was added by Carmen Soto on 21st December 2014

"My loving baby  brother David''you're still here in my heart and mind,
still making me laugh cause your stories live on.
I hold you in a thought and I can feel you.
I feel you and this gives me strength and courage.
The tears I have cried for you could flood the earth
and I know you have wiped each one away.
For you Brother, I promise you this,
I will go on with my life and make you proud. I will always hold you in my heart.
I promise you I will be missing you everyday till the end of time,
but this is not my end and I can't hold my head underwater....I need to breathe.
I need to love and miss you, but I also need to live because through me you will live,
you will still laugh and love,
you will still sing and dance,
you will still hug and kiss.
You will forever be in our lives,
you will forever be a brother,
a son,
an uncle
and friend.
I am going to miss your shining face
I think of you and wonder why?
I might cry or smile,
but at the end of the day I am one day closer to you....Until we meet R.I.P...I miss you so much kiddo :( ..Love you forever xoxoxoxoxo"

This tribute was added by Nancy Soto on 27th August 2014

"Another year without you, missing you each and every day that passes by. Looking forward to taking mom & Carmen to visit your grave on Friday and leaving you our tears and our prayers. Hope you are able to communicate with us any way you can cause we miss you more than words can said.
Celebrate big in Heaven with all the souls that left us to early. Tell Sonia that I miss her just as much....Love, Kisses and Wishful Hugs. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU MY DEAR BROTHER!"

This tribute was added by Carmen Soto on 27th August 2014

"Happy Birthday my loving brother. Love & miss you with all my heart & soul. May you have a wonderful birthday with all your love ones in heaven. For i will be seeing you on Friday w/mom/..I know you are with us every day in spirit' but i need to pay you respect & moms too. I know it has been a while since i last was there''But it has been forever that you are here in my life. I will cherish your pics & shirt until the day i get my wings & fly to u up in heaven.Miss you with my life kiddo. R.I.P <3 see u soon.XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOOXOXOXOXOXOXOO"

This tribute was added by Carmen Soto on 21st May 2014

"This is the time you passed away & went to meet with our creator of the universe. 10-pm on 5/21/92 will forever replay in my life.I try so hard to bring you back to give you my last breath even if that was what it would have to come to' only to have you here with your kids & family.We shared the most beautiful night that day''while you was eating i was sitting on the washing machine just talking about our day.Just want you to know that you are truly missed & that i'm so grateful for having you as my brother for all those years & all the years you've been gone & until we meet again.I love you with my life''we all do even the nieces & nephews that came along after you departed & your grand kids too :). How cool is that :) <3. Rest In Peace Kid <3 U 4ever.Light up the heavens with ur smile as u did here on earth."

This tribute was added by Nancy Soto on 21st May 2014

"HI David, sorry I miss you yesterday we were late. But today I'll be there with Ashley and spent some time near you. Yesterday was a day I had wish I had spent some extra time with you, If only we knew but the Lord needed you more. On June 22nd. Carmen and I are going to see Theresa Carputo, a.k.a "The Long Island Medium" and I'm hoping and praying you have a message for us. Please talk to us or come into my dream and let me know how we can let you be in peace and live our life without you. Love you always and miss you more, you are never to far from us."

This tribute was added by Carmen Soto on 16th May 2014

"Hello my loving brother,As you can see that right about this time it become the saddest most painful time of my life.You are always in my life from daylight til night time,,Miss you with my life. We are going to go visit you on 5/2/2024. Yes your mommy & me. we will spend time with you there,Can't wait to buy my car you know that was the place i felt closer to you & happy.I will go with mom.You will be very happy & so will we..God bless you rest in peace & see u soon.forever in our life mind & heart.Until we meet.Love you with every cell in my body..Miss u brother <3 we all miss you deary..love you xoxoxoxoxooxoxoxooxo 5/21/2014 22yrs gone :("

This tribute was added by Carmen Soto on 6th March 2014

"HIi David'' My loving brother i miss you every second that ticks on that clock''talk to you & kiss ur black shirt constantly every single day & night. I want to thank u for always being with me in my times of need & in my dreams.I know u are always with me cause i can feel u'' & in my dreams u let me know. I promise u kid that when i buy a car i will always go visit u once a wk like i used too & moms will also be there with u & me.Always know that u are always here with us & forever will be.Miss you with my life boy. R.I.P <3 U FOREVER"

This tribute was added by Carmen Soto on 27th August 2013

"Happy Birthday Dave! I can just pictured ur smile.It's really hard 4 me to let go'that will never happen as long as i live.One thing 4 sure is that im not afraid to go cause the first 1 i'll see will be you.In the mean time 'light up the heavens as angels do & always remember ur family loves you.Happy Birthday my loving brother.Missing u with my life.For there will never be another like u."

This tribute was added by Carmen Soto on 26th August 2013

"Hi Dave :)Just passing by to say I luv & miss u so much.I know U already know this There will never be a day that goes by without u in my mind.I think u as much as i breath & luv you with every beat of my heart..Tanz for always being in my dreams & always helping me when i need you.Ur birthday is 2mro so hope u rock the heavens with ur smile & love.Enjoy ur day.Kisses & hugs from mom & me."

This tribute was added by Nancy Soto on 21st May 2013

"Hi David today make 21yrs. But it feels like yesterday. Miss u so much wish I could see u in my dreams and let me know u ok. Thank you for keeping an eye on all of us. Love alway, nancy hope u like ur angels."

This tribute was added by Carmen Soto on 15th March 2013

"Hi my loving bro :).Hope our lord has you resting in peace in hie loving arms.WOW i miss you so much'but i know u r so much in a better place.I just wanna say I LOVE YOU & U R FOREVER IN MY HEART..Yes im yelling my lungs out lol.Take care of us all & as you know that we r always talking about you since the day u went to heaven until today :)that's our way of loving u until our time  R.I.P"

This tribute was added by Carmen Soto on 4th February 2013

"HI DAVID :)  here i am still with the pain of lossing you :(But in my <3 soul & mind you will forever live.Thanks for always visiting me in my dreams that makes me very happy.Love u with my live R.I.P.Hugs & kisses from mom & me & family Thanks for always making my job easier when i call ur name for help i can feel ur present & the wieght of my back :).Miss u kid.rock the heavens forever.."

This tribute was added by carmen soto on 27th August 2012

"Happy birthday my loving brother''how i wish you was here with us celebrateing ur 52 yr...Wow how fast time flys'''But not fast enoght to let you go..I still wake up hopeing to find u in the living room where u took ur last breath;the place that i can't be longer then a few minutes.I miss u so bad that i can't wait for the day that it be my turn to finish here on earth.R.I.P KIDDO LOV U <3"

This tribute was added by Carmen Soto on 30th May 2012

"Hi my loving brother'hope you're readind this.Whoever said that time heals the pain Was & still is wrong.You see and hear me every single day & 4 20yrs still missing you every second of that ticking clock.I sure can't wait to see you.Tan Q for always being in my dreams'you always make me very happy.I miss u so much.& tanz for giving denise back 2 us.take care of ur kids they miss u. R.I.P;"

This tribute was added by Quamell Daniels on 23rd May 2012

"r.i.p david soto this is denise lil brother we never met but from what i heard from you they always told me that you was a good father i wish we met :( but theres always a place for you in my heart WE LOVE YOU AND WE MISS YOU :'("

This tribute was added by Carmen Soto on 22nd May 2012

"Hi David my loving brother today is your 20th anniversary up in heaven. hope you rock the heavens with you beautiful smile.I know you gave us denise this day so we can set aside our pain in losing you.Tan-q for your gift.I miss you with my life ;may our precious lord keep you safe in his loving arms.Hope to visit you soon with ur daughter.Take care kid 'one day we will all be 2gether R.I.P"

This tribute was added by Carmen Soto on 15th May 2012

"Hi David just stoppin by to let you know that i miss you every day that passes by It's even  sadder as time starts to get closer to the day we lost you' i relive that moment completely everything that happened on that night it's like i try not to but it plays as a video on my mind it's sooo sad cause i can't stop the crying in me god olny knows what 5/21/92 at 10pm did to me..R.I.P my love"

This tribute was added by Nancy Soto on 4th May 2012

"This candle I light today will shine forever because you will always be remember. I miss you soooooo much, I wish God will have giving us more time together and meet all the wonderful family member that join us now. Each and everyone of them know who you are and love you. I pray every night that I can c u in my dream. Thank you for all you did for us. Said hi 2 da rest of our luv ones.xxxx"

This tribute was added by Steven Soto on 2nd May 2012

"Every day I think about you.  I have your picture in my wallet and look at it all the time.  your granddaughter knows your picture...she says to me "that's you daddy", I have to hold back the tears and say "yes baby". I really wish u were still here.  I always wonder what kind of man i would be today if u were still here.  I love you dad and miss u so much.  RIP"

This tribute was added by Joselyn Sepulveda on 2nd May 2012

"Uncle punk.i love u nd miss u dearly.. I talk to u everynight as im puting gabriella to bed and I know ur in a better place watching down on us..if only things was different.wonder how would things be if u was still hear. Although I wad to young to remember alot of things but the memorys I do remember nd have of u will live on for eva..i love u tio AKA uncle punk."

This tribute was added by Carmen Soto on 30th April 2012

"Hi kid seems time just do'nt take away the pain of losing you,so many question that all start with( why) and ends with wonderring'''how would it have been if you was still here with us?I miss you every single day :( I know you are ok ''it's just that ok is not what i need,,,i need you here with us.Guess i have to wait for my time to be up'''can't wait to see you''..R.I.P my loving brother."

This tribute was added by Mimi Soto on 25th April 2012


This tribute was added by Princess Soto on 25th April 2012

"I was still in my early teens when u left us but I remember u dearly,.I remember u spoiled me, n luv d me as much as I luv u wish u were stillhere but I know u in a better place...RIP TIO"

This tribute was added by carmen soto on 25th April 2012

"My loving beloved brother'; How sad it is going days by weeks by months & years without you,It's going on 20yrs and i miss you today as   i missed you that night you was gone.You will forever live in our heart/mind & soul,,in every holiday( you) my bro' is always there first as you know your picture is kiss by us all,,,until we meet  again our love for you will never die..miss u kiddo.xoxo"

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