This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Debra Scrogham, 64 years old, born on April 16, 1956, and passed away on February 10, 2021. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Peter Aloisio on April 16, 2021
Happy Birthday Mom. Birthday dinner wasn’t anywhere near the same without you. Miss you and wishing you were still here every day. I love you ❤️
Posted by Kathy DiGrazia on April 16, 2021
Happy Birthday Big Sis! Shared some of the wonderful pictures of past Birthdays that bring me happy memories. I miss you everyday. Love you always.
Posted by Eddie Neuner on April 16, 2021
Happy Birthday to my big sister I can’t believe you are not with us to celebrate your 65th. I miss you every day and the hurting is not getting easier. You have been taken away way to soon. I love and miss you now and always your little brother.
Posted by Dave Scrogham on April 13, 2021
I am learning how to live
In a new way
Since that day
You were taken away.

I am learning how to live
With the things left unsaid
Knowing I got to say them
With every tear that I shed.

I am learning how to live
By embracing the pain
Knowing that you live on
Through the memories that remain.

I am learning how to live
Knowing I will never again see your face
And I have peace knowing
You're in a peaceful place.

I am learning how to live
Knowing you're in a Higher Power's care
It gives me the strength to move on
And makes the pain much easier to bear

written by Jamey Wysocki
Posted by Dave Scrogham on April 10, 2021
Deb it's now been two months since you left us. I know that this is really not just a terrible dream that I will wake up from. 
You are really not coming home.
I miss you so very much! 
i Love You....
Posted by Sandra Scrogham-Capone on April 6, 2021
Good morning my favorite sister in law... Isn't P J just the most precious little boy EVER,,, ?. I know that you know this already, but Pete and Jess and doing a great job Parenting and I can feel you watching and smiling Proudly. EMMA is as ADORABLE as she can be.. I STRONGLY feel your presence today so send me a sign . LOVE YOU.
Posted by Debra Sinnott on April 4, 2021
Thinking of you today Deb, hoping this is a very special day in Heaven and you are celebrating your new everlasting life with Jesus. God bless you, we Miss you!
Posted by Peter Aloisio on April 4, 2021
Hey Mom...It’s Easter Sunday. A WILD Final Four game just happened and we would have been talking about it right now. You always made your meat pie and grain pie for Easter and I’m missing that. Missing you. We will have a nice day I promise and please make sure you look over Jess as PJ is born on Monday. I love and miss you so much ❤️
Posted by Dave Scrogham on March 24, 2021
Deb - the memorial services were beautiful, a fitting tribute to you. Your style, your class, your powerful personality your love for life and your inquisitive and inclusive nature. From my words tears were shed, and a few laughs were shared. I did my best to tell them all just what we had as husband and wife. Others reflected on our marriage as one to be admired. Fore we had it all, the love of a lifetime !

I did my best to please you while we shared life alive. Now without you by my side, it is with much pain that I must move forward. Thank you for being so very special. My wonderful wife, I will always love you !!!!
Posted by Val Scola on March 21, 2021
if I may say so myself, I think the greater Bay Harbor family did you proud today, Sunday! The weather didn't quite cooperate, it was on the cool side, very cool side for us Floridians! However, that didn't keep us from celebrating your life! And celebrate we did, everyone stayed over two hours, Karen served pink champagne in your honor and prepared a smorgasbord of food Debbie Style, unbelievable!
No, I'm not forgetting about the special people who attended. Paul, Lynn's husband, paid tribute with Bible verses and shared the importance of God, family, friends, and gratitude in our lives. Neighbors and Book Babes spoke, sharing memories and experiences of your times together. Dave is hurting, missing you terribly, but that didn't stop him from sharing highlights of your lives together! Your cousin Karen from Florida's east coast accompanied Dave; she, too, wanted to be in our midst celebrating your life with the rest of us. You are being missed!
Posted by Peter Aloisio on March 21, 2021
Hey so I’m trying really hard to only write in here on “holidays”...but...I guess that doesn’t matter much. I miss you. I know a lot of people do. Dave has some things set up to remember you the next couple days which is awesome. Unfortunately I won’t be there with him. I want to be. With all my heart I want to be there for him. The world is still crazy though and going to Florida isn’t the right thing for me to do right now. I’ll be there with him though, every step of the way. I think you know that though. I miss you so damn much and this is brutal. Love you ❤️
Posted by Maureen Daly on March 20, 2021
March Madness is not the same without you Deb.
Posted by Amy Domanski on March 19, 2021
Aunt Deb, I haven't known what to write, it's been hard to find the words to sum up the loss that I feel. Growing up I don't have many memories without you in it. All the holidays and little vacations away, weekends in the Poconos, and late night poker parties. I have been so blessed to have so many wonderful memories with you in them. You always made every occasion special with fun little activities (like crazy hats at Easter and prank gifts for Pop) or making some delicious food for us to eat. You were such a generous person, spoiling me and then my children every chance you got. All the thought you put into everything and the small actions you would take to make someone feel special, those are things no one ever forgets. Thank you for all that you've done, and for being the best Godmother I could have asked for. You and Uncle Dave mean so much to me, and I promise to keep him close. I have been blessed to have been touched by you in my life, and will miss you everyday. We will carry on your spirit and generosity with your grandkids and make sure they always know what an amazing Grandmother they have. We love you so much!
Posted by Peter Aloisio on March 18, 2021
Hey Mom...this was always one of your favorite days of the year. I remember corned beef and cabbage EVERY year growing up. No matter how late you worked or how tough it was you always made sure it happened. I moved out a long time ago but you always checked in every year to make sure I had some. Well I had some tonight from a place you and Dave got food from a lot with us and it was delicious. It was the best I ever had from there (probably the 6th or 7th year they cooked it for me) and the only thing I can imagine is you helped them out a bit with the recipe. Love and miss you lots Mom. ❤️
Posted by Debra Sinnott on March 16, 2021
Deb , looking at all the pictures of your wonderful life, you definitely lived life to the fullest which is so admirable. It is so hard to believe you have gone to Heaven, you will truly be missed but if I know you, you are having a great time up there with all our family ! I’m sure your the life of the party! Love ❤️ you Deb
Posted by Dave Scrogham on March 7, 2021
Deb-last night I had dinner with Jim & Brenda. It was very difficult at first reliving your story. I have been miserable wallowing in woe is me! They both are so kind and supportive, being with Jim always inspires me. I still think he is the most amazing individual, and after spending the evening with them I became empowered. I can mourn for you, love and miss you forever but I have to go on. I have the inner strength to be what you’d want from me in these days. I will always love you “My Wonderful Wife”
Posted by Nick DeLuca on March 6, 2021

I truly can’t believe you’re still not with us. You were a amazing person who I had the pleasure of spending 15+ years with. At Pete’s house at the golf course on the phone when I stole it from Pete to chat with you or out to dinner just had amazing times with you and Dave. I know you already know this but you raised a amazing son who I am happy to call my best friend.. Basically my brother for life. I promise everything you taught him in life as a parent and as a friend he is already well above all of that. He is one of the best fathers I know and friends to not just me but to everyone out there. I know he will give everything to his kids that you did for him and more because that’s how good of a person you taught him to be. He’s as good as it gets and that because of YOU!!! Until we meet again ❤️
Posted by Peter Aloisio on February 28, 2021
Hey Mom. It’s your granddaughter’s 3rd birthday today as you know. We are missing you a lot. I even stopped myself from ordering a white pie thinking you were here. Love you. About to FaceTime grandpa for the birthday cake ❤️
Posted by Sandra Scrogham-Capone on February 26, 2021
Debbie, we all miss you so much and as you probably know i drove home with Dave , Luca and Lola. The house is so empty without you scurrying around. We are all missing you tremendously, however your presence is very much Alive. You will always hold a very special place in my heart... Love you always .. Your FAVORITE sister in law.
Posted by MaryAnn Lunniss on February 26, 2021
Debbie I can’t believe you are gone, it just doesn’t seem to compute. I feel blessed to have known you. I loved your sense of humor and your contagious laugh. I am happy to have spent time with you and Dave when we rented your Florida condo. We had such a good time. We were delighted to get together when you had your RV in Little Egg Harbor. Time spent together in Tafton. Going to the golf driving range at Costa’s where I am not sure I ever connected with the ball but we laughed a lot. I was so impressed when you started to ride your Harley. My motorcycle life was short lived after I fell, but I’m glad I rode my Honda for a while. You had such a determined spirit and such a giving heart. I remember your love and dedication for your son and I know you were over the moon when he got married and gave you a granddaughter. I was sure we would spend time together again but life threw us a terrible curve ball. You will always be remembered and there is a special part of my heart that is yours forever. Keep smiling and hope we meet again. Rest In Peace and I pray Dave will find comfort in fond memories you shared.
Posted by Peter Aloisio on February 25, 2021
I love that Dave shared something that happened while watching a show because I think that’s what this is for. I miss my mom every second of every day. Everything that happens and every conversation I have I want to call her and tell her or get her thoughts. It’s taking a while for me to fully get that she’s gone but I’m hoping at some point I will get there. I love you Mom. So much.
Posted by Cathy Shannon on February 24, 2021
One of my best memories of Deb was when she helped me with my wedding plans and hosted my bridal shower with my mom.
I was having a destination wedding at Disney World and Deb helped me make luggage tags to send to my guests. We wanted to have place cards done in little picture frames...Deb found the perfect frames at the dollar store and without even asking me if I wanted them she bought 50 of them. I loved them...they were exactly what I wanted.
My parents had just sold our childhood home and were retiring to Florida at the time of my bridal shower so without hesitation Deb offered to host my friends and the rest of our family at her house. She told me afterwards that she even tried to make our grandmother's famous stewed peaches as a favor for the guests but that didn't work out so she and David decided at the last minute to fill the mason jars that she had bough for the peaches with Hershey's kisses and little slips of paper with with inspirations sayings on them. They labeled the jars "Hugs & Kisses".
Deb was truly one of a kind! I will miss her.
Posted by Dave Scrogham on February 23, 2021
Debbie I heard this song this evening on the This Is Us Show.

Well this is us!!

Everything I Own

You sheltered me from harm
Kept me warm, kept me warm
You gave my life to me
Set me free, set me free
The finest years I ever knew
Were all the years I had with you
And I would give anything I own
I'd give up my life, my heart, my home
I would give everything I own
Just to have you back again
You taught me how to love
What it's of, what it's of
You never said too much
But still you showed the way
And I knew from watching you
Nobody else could ever know
The part of me that can't let go
And I would give anything I own
I'd give up my life, my heart, my home
I would give everything I own
Just to have you back again
Is there someone you know
Your loving them so
But taking them all for granted?
You may lose them one day
Someone takes them away
And they don't hear the words you long to say
I would give anything I own
I'd give up my life, my heart, my home
I would give everything I own
Just to have you back again
Just to touch you once again
Posted by Rosalie Hughes on February 23, 2021
Kind, caring, sharing, generous, loving, beautiful, wonderful friend.
Forever in my thoughts and prayers.
Posted by Brenda Buckley on February 22, 2021
We are all still in shock! There are so many wonderful memories of you that it is really hard to accept that we won't see you again or hear your delightful laugh. We've so enjoyed our time together..with tickets for Barbara Mann and season tickets to the Repertory. 

What a loving wife to Dave and mother to Peter! I know they'l miss you terribly. You not only made them so happy, but you instilled a part of your spirit in both of them. ...And now your spirit will shine through them forever!

We love you, Deb, and we'll be here to help Dave through this horrible loss.
Posted by James Buckley on February 22, 2021
Hi Debbie,

I am sorry my note is late, but your passing was such a shock, and it has taken me some time to come to terms with your death.

I was sure Brenda and I would have a long time to share special experiences with you and Dave. Over the last several years, The four of us have had some remarkable experiences together, living across the breezeway from each other, trips to the theatre, dinners together and your wonderful trip to our summer home in Tennessee. The stories you and Dave always had about your adventures. The one I remember most is your stay in Kentucky at a private home site. How funny was that.

Debbie, we will miss you every day. You made a lasting mark on our lives. See you when we get to heaven.


Posted by Kerry Shannon on February 20, 2021
Debbie, you are one of a kind. My first memory of you was at your parent’s house. I was 3 or 4 and it was winter time. I was having a meltdown because I kept getting static shocks. You walked me up and down the stairs and showed me how to pick up my feet properly so it wouldn’t happen. You were a twenty something year old and took the time to help me. And, that’s what you always did. You are just so good. I appreciate everything you have ever done for me and always including me. You are really so special and I will miss you greatly.
Posted by Chris Riching on February 20, 2021
Deb - For the first time in my life I've found myself at a loss for words to express my emotions. For days I've struggled to properly express the many positive impacts that you've made upon my life, as well as Julie's.

Your warm kindness was evident from the day that we first met as neighbors, when standing beside your loving husband Dave you both created a relationship that stands as one of the most meaningful of my life.

Your sincere interest in the lives of those around you is a gift that very few possess - yet you were gifted in so many ways, with the loving care of a saint. You stood beside each of us and supported us when at times when we ourselves didn't realize how badly that support was needed. You however instantly recognized whatever the issue was, and in your incomparable manner you approached the situation with grace and gentleness. Whether through words or actions you lent precisely the right amount of love and support, and all who you touched are better for having you in their lives.

I will miss you on Saturday game nights, and sometimes too-early Sunday mornings - and at so many other times in the years ahead. As many here have said, we cannot fathom that you are no longer beside us, yet I know that I shall meet you again soon, my dear friend. May God hold you in his loving arms, and may he - and all of us - support Dave as he works to find his path forward.

Posted by Jessica Aloisio on February 19, 2021
Deb, I am still in disbelief. I keep expecting to see you "love" the pictures of Emma on Facebook or leave a heartfelt comment. I keep thinking we will be visiting with you and Dave for a delicious meal any day now. You were a mother-in-law that supported every decision that Pete and I made, not many women can say that about their mother-in-law. You were always up for giving our home a face-lift. Whether it was replacing all the kitchen cabinet handles while I was at work, planning out a deck or, just last month, helping us pick out the perfect couch.
I am grateful to you everyday for bringing the man that I love into this world. You raised him to value family above all else and that has made him the incredible husband and father he is today.
We are missing you greatly and we promise to always keep your memory and spirit alive with Emma and PJ. I know Dusty, Dolly and Pop are loving on you in heaven until we all meet again. ♡
Posted by Ann-Marie Aloisio Krahel on February 19, 2021
Life always brings changes. We met when you were 13 and I was 17, and it seemed like we would always be part of each other’s lives. I remember camping, ski trips, Friday night dinners at Peter’s Place, holidays – and the famous Thumb Print Cookie recipe you shared with my mom that I still make every Christmas. The recipe is handwritten and signed “Love, Debbie”.
I remember being so happy we were having babies at the same time. I remember the extraordinary care you took of Peter when he was born – JP’s first trip was to visit his cousin through the window of the NICU at Nassau Hospital. What happiness we felt when we knew Peter was healthy! You were so helpful when Michael was born – it was nice to have another girl around when I was surrounded by boys!

Life always brings changes. There were many years when our only connection was “little” Peter. He has always brought such joy to my life, and I know you were always a proud, loving mom.

Life always brings changes. We had the chance to reconnect years ago. My family met Dave and we shared some memorable Christmas Eves. We incorporated your Secret Santa into our traditions and it will always be a special part of our celebrations.

You have a beautiful family here. Peter and Jess are incredible partners and parents. Emma Joan is pure sunshine, and PJ will be so very loved. It breaks my heart to know that you won’t be here to watch them grow up and share your special sense of humor, your really beautiful smile, and your time with them. But I know that everything you were lives in Peter, and he and Jess will make sure your grandchildren know how much their Nana loved them.

I know that Jess will be Peter’s rock – always. And I know that he has a remarkable group of advocates in Heaven.

You will be loved, missed, and remembered by so many people. My prayer is that God will give your family peace and comfort.

Life always brings changes. I am grateful that through them we were able to come full circle. Jim and I will always think of you with love.
Posted by Frances Flynn on February 19, 2021
Debbie - I'm saddened to hear of your passing.  Thank you for always believing in me when work days were a real challenge. Both you and Dave were always there to lend a hand and walk me through some challenging times, something I will never forget. You always showed confidence, leadership & compassion with a can do attitude. You have been take to early from this life and from an amazing husband and son. Dave & Peter you were the center of her world who she loved so dearly. Rest in peace and until we meet again... God Bless your Family through this difficult time.
Posted by Val Scola on February 19, 2021
Thanks Deb, for your friendship and allowing us to be a part of your life, we will always cherish that!  We thought of you as a part of our family, you and Dave have always welcomed Val and me into yours.  You may be gone from us physically, but spiritually, you will always be among us - in our thoughts and prayers and in our hearts, Vince

Debbie, you certainly threw us a curveball, family and friends are still in disbelief!  While your presence will be missed for years to come, we're glad your suffering has ended.  You were always such a happy go lucky person, full of ideas, always ready to lend a hand!  Who else would plan a gathering 'British style' in honor of Prince William & Kate's wedding or help a dear friend plan a surprise 'becoming a citizen' party!  You loved your pets and your faith was very important to you.  Of course, your family was closest to your heart with Dave at the helm!  Godspeed, Val
Posted by Peter Aloisio on February 18, 2021
To my Mom...I’ve been trying to get up the courage to leave something on here for everyone to see. In my head, I said everything I felt I needed to say to you and I think you said everything you needed to say to me. You know how much I loved you. You know how much you meant to me and how huge a part of my life you were. Saying “were” even now doesn’t seem real to me. We had a relationship that I can only dream of to have with my children. You were the strongest, kindest, most generous woman I have ever known. Many people outside of our family may not know everything you did for us when I was younger but my memories are there. The sacrifices you made for me will never be forgotten, and not a single day will go by that I don’t think about that. You made me into the man that I am today and I will be forever grateful for that. You showed me what it was like to do EVERYTHING for your child and I promise you I will follow in your footsteps and do the same. You also married an incredible person and we both know that I have done the same. I love that you were able to get to know and love Jess and that you were so happy with who I chose to spend my life with. I want you to know that you don’t need to worry about Dave and me. We have each other’s backs through everything and I thank you for bringing him into my life.

I love you Mom. It’s far too soon to have had to say goodbye to you but I know you are looking down on me and making sure I stay on a path that you would be proud of. I miss you every second of every day Mom. Goodbye until we meet again.
Posted by Eunice Powell on February 18, 2021

I got to know you for the kind thoughtful person you were, and was Happy to be your Secret Santa, for several years (smile), you truly will be missed, by family and friends.       LOVE
Posted by Julie Riching on February 18, 2021
So sad and shocked to hear this news. Chris and I will always remember the card games and dinners with you and Dave. You were wonderful neighbors and great friends, you made the decision to leave Woodmere Lane really hard! Thank you, Deb for everything you gave...your time, your help with the Prayer Breakfast, the decorations for Vacation Bible Study, all the laughs, meals, cookies, games, crafts and brunches we had after church. You'll always have a place in my heart. Many times Chris and I talked about your ability to put anyone at ease always the conversationalist. Rest in Peace, my dear friend. 
Posted by Colleen Walsh on February 18, 2021
Rest In Peace my dear cousin, Deb. I will cherish all the wonderful memories. Remembering all the fun we had celebrating birthdays, weddings, graduations, etc. You and Dave always took the time to come see us when you were visiting from Florida, fun times at my favorite restaurant- Southside. You surprised me for my 60th bday, made me so happy. The gift you gave me hangs on my wall, it will always be there. When I decorate my Christmas tree, the Peace ornaments you gave me will always make me smile, you always made me feel so special. Prayers for you cuz and all your family. I love you and will miss you so much. Till we meet again ❤☘
Posted by Cliff Malmgren on February 18, 2021
Rest in Peace, Deb. You were a kind and thoughtful person and I will miss you
and remember you.
Posted by kenny sammy on February 18, 2021
I am a friend and worked with Dave and Deb at Verizon. My condolences to Dave and the rest of the family. May she rest in peace.
Posted by Mary Jo Helfenstein on February 17, 2021

The very first time I met Deb, she offered her help on a project I was working on. It wasn't until later that I realized that she not only always offered her help but also implemented her considerable natural abilities to assist everyone. Deb was warm, smart, friendly, kind, patient, talented, beautiful and loving. I will miss her and my heart goes out to Dave and all those who experienced Deb's very special "joie de vivre" (sp?). Bless you all!
Posted by Fred Kizer on February 17, 2021
Gone from our sight, but never from our Hearts . Fred and Diana Kizer
Posted by Debra Sinnott on February 17, 2021
I thank God for being able to grow up with my incredible extended family. We were so lucky to have our Grandparents, Aunt’s, Uncle’s and our special friends our Cousin’s. They always called us the Debbie’s we were two peas in a pod, always seemed to be drawn to each other. I remember our sleep overs, our family parties. I was so happy to get to spend time with you in Florida to reminisce our childhood, it was a very special thing we shared. What I’ll always keep with me is your laughter, your endless sense of humor. I’ll have to admit, the silly things I did and said were because I just wanted to hear you laugh and see that expression on you face. Best story Deb and you know it ! We locked ourselves in the Walsh’s bathroom, I was amazed you freaked out and I had to keep you calm, you said we would be in there forever, but I finally got you to calm down from crying. I was just shocked you weren’t in control, see even then I looked up to you ! I will miss you , I’m sad we didn’t get more time to spend with each other. I love you , the other Debbie .
Posted by Ken Laino on February 17, 2021
So glad that I got to spend some time with you and Dave at the beach.. You meant so much to my cousin it made me happy and it was refreshing just to see how much you loved each other. Dave found the love of his life when he met Debbie. Deb will be missed but never forgotten.
Posted by Maureen Daly on February 17, 2021
To my Dear cousin Deb, I am so sad you had to leave us so soon. Aside from all our childhood memories, whenever you and Dave would be in town you always made time to meet up with us. We would share a meal, some stories and plenty of laughs. I feel bad those moments are over but I am left with many happy memories. I am praying for you and your family. I will miss you. RIP Deb❤❤
Posted by Kathy DiGrazia on February 16, 2021

It's been a week, a really bad devastatng week but I guess I've finally accepted that you are really gone, it wasn't just a bad dream. Your time on this earth was cut much too short. I was very fortunute to be able to call you Big Sis. I cherish all the experiences we shared together. We've shared a lifetime full of great memories; our childhood days, getting married and moving on, having children, family holidays, weekends/houses in the Pocono's, Disney with the kids, Folly Beach, vacations, your Easter Bonnet challenge and egg scavanger hunts, Secret Santa, etc. I am so grateful to have all these and many more shared experiences to remember and in most cases pictures too. Your presence will be sorely missed in our future family gatherings and personally for me our late night talks. I will always remember you with love and I will be sure Emma, and soon to be, PJ will know their Nana. Rest in peace, I will love you always and miss you more than you could imagine dear Sister♥️
Posted by Evelyn Neuner-Shannon on February 16, 2021
We share in this unexpected heartbroken and so sad. We will continue to treasure so many wonderful and precious times spent together.She was so loved and will be sorely missed forever.
Posted by Dave Scrogham on February 16, 2021
Deb - I just can't accept that you are gone. Just as I told you many times, "I would be lost without you". Well here I am lost as can be! You truly were the force, the spirit, the loving smart one! A reason for me to do anything that pleased you.

Your family and friends are equally in disbelief, and non acceptance of your death. Throughout your life you have touched so many. Spreading love and caring that's the "Debra" way.  

I love and miss you so very very much. 

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Posted by Peter Aloisio on April 16, 2021
Happy Birthday Mom. Birthday dinner wasn’t anywhere near the same without you. Miss you and wishing you were still here every day. I love you ❤️
Posted by Kathy DiGrazia on April 16, 2021
Happy Birthday Big Sis! Shared some of the wonderful pictures of past Birthdays that bring me happy memories. I miss you everyday. Love you always.
Posted by Eddie Neuner on April 16, 2021
Happy Birthday to my big sister I can’t believe you are not with us to celebrate your 65th. I miss you every day and the hurting is not getting easier. You have been taken away way to soon. I love and miss you now and always your little brother.
her Life


Debra Ann Scrogham, age 64, passed away peacefully on February 10th, 2021. She was born on April 16th, 1956 in Astoria, NY to Edward and Dolores Neuner.

She is survived by a loving family that was by her side throughout her battle. Her mother Dolores Neuner; husband David Scrogham; son and daughter-in-law Peter and Jessica Aloisio; cherished granddaughter Emma Joan Aloisio; sister and brother-in-law Kathleen and Vincente DiGrazia; brother and sister-in-law Edward and Rose Neuner; sister-in-law Sandra Capone; stepson Flip Michaels and wife Melissa with their daughters Faith, Abigail, and Chloe; nieces and nephews Amy and Gary Domanski, Vincente DiGrazia, Edward Neuner, and Stephanie Neuner; and her four-legged kids Luca and Lola. She loved her family deeply and they were the most important part of her life.

Debra was a kind-hearted, vibrant, and generous woman. She was always up for an adventure and was quick to accept an invitation for any trip or event. Her greatest joy was watching her son grow up and start a family of his own. She treasured her role as “Nana” to her granddaughter and the same would have been the case for her soon to be born grandson.

Debra was lucky enough to marry her best friend, David. After meeting while both were working as cable splicers the two were married on May 22nd, 1994. Their lives together took them all over the country as they lived in Floral Park, NY; Tafton, PA; and most recently Fort Myers, FL. Their love for each other was un-paralleled. They enjoyed travelling together in their RV, spending time with friends and family, and just being in one another’s company.

There are too many people to count and mention who will be impacted by the loss of Debra. Her legacy will live on through everyone’s thoughts and memories of her. She had a positive impact on the lives of so many while she was here on earth, and she will continue to do so as she joins her father now in Heaven.

Due to the current global circumstances, a memorial is planned to be held later this year so that more of her friends and family members will be able to attend and share in remembering such an incredible woman. In lieu of flowers, donations can please be made to the American Liver Foundation, .
Recent stories
Shared by Flip Michaels on February 22, 2021
'Life is but a vapor,' and our loss of Gramma Scrogham gives evidence of this. We are still in disbelief that she has really left us so soon. Even so, there are many memories that bring smiles to our faces. Memories that will last our lifetimes. For Gramma was a party planner. Every single visit (whether to us, or the Poconos, or even a midway diner-dinner) had her kindness and generosity written all over them. Some funny, many filling (meals), and all loving. May we be faithful to model her intentionality in the days we have been given. All our love to her family and friends, and we hope to connect with many of you in person at a later date.
Shared by Kimberly Riching on February 20, 2021
I was not as fortunate to have had as much time with Deb as the others that have posted their thoughts, experiences and memories on this site.  I only wish I could have spent more time getting to know her. My time with Deb was mostly when she joined us each Sunday at church, where I witnessed her devote faith. I know she is now in the place where we all long to be - we will see you again, Deb.  In the meantime, you will be missed on this earth and from our lives.
Shared by Eddie Neuner on February 16, 2021
To my big sister, I can’t believe you have been taken away from us so soon. You were always the strong take charge leader of our family who was always there for everyone when they needed you. I remember when I just came out of surgery and you were standing there with Rosie to make sure I was ok. It showed how special you were by making sure my family had you to lean on when they needed you the most. I already miss you more than words can say. My memories are all I have left of you and they will always make me smile because of the special impact you left behind. Rest In Peace Deb and be assured your legacy will carry on forever. I could go on and on but just know that I will love and miss you always your little brother.