Debra L Teegardin (maiden name Faison)
  • 65 years old
  • Date of birth: Jan 3, 1951
  • Place of birth:
    Denver, Colorado, United States
  • Date of passing: Mar 10, 2016
  • Place of passing:
    Scottsdale, Arizona, United States
A thing of beauty is a joy forever: Its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness; but still will keep a bower quiet for us, and a sleep full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing... John Keats

Many of you have asked for a charitable organization to donate in Debbie's memory.  After researching several charities we have determined that a local  501c3 Non-profit corporation in Anthem, AZ is able to help families and children in need.   We are proud to have participated in both fund raising, events, and shared the joy of giving to these families.  Jack Teegardin and V.I.P. Mortgage both will be matching every dollar donated on behalf Debbie, proceed to link below     

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Debra Teegardin,  born on January 3, 1951 and passed away on March 10, 2016. We will remember her forever.

Our goal to this Website is to keep Debbie's memories, stories, and thoughts on going for years to come.  Please feel free to share the pictures and links to allow people to remember and have some fun doing it.  Tributes below allow your thoughts and notes, and the Stories can be linked to a picture, video or audio.

Click on the link below and Enjoy Debbie's Videos (3 Videos):
Early Years, Sailing Trip, Life with Jack.


Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Robin Faison on 3rd January 2018

"Can death be sleep, when life is but a dream
And scenes of bliss pass as a phantom by?
The transient pleasures as a vision seem,
And yet we think the greatest pain’s to die?

How strange it is that man on earth should roam,
And lead a life of woe, but not forsake
His rugged path; nor dare he view alone
His future doom which is but to awake.

John Keats"

This tribute was added by Holly Marble on 3rd January 2018

"Happy Birthday Debbie.  I think of you often and how you were the light to so many people including me.  Your visits to my office I remember very fondly.  

"Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted" Matthew 5:4"

This tribute was added by Jack Teegardin on 3rd January 2018

"Happy Birthday " My Sweet Debbie". We all miss you terribly! My heart has a hole in it without you in my life. God Bless You!"

This tribute was added by Robin Faison on 14th November 2017

"My dearest,  I miss you and cry everyday. I visit this site more infrequent, not that I think and miss you less.  It is more, as the days grow longer from your leaving.  I cannot and will not ever understand the way which God decided to take you.  The holidays are upon us again, and you are not here.  I have moved from one place to another, but the change is only physical.  You are with me always.  Me and you, sisters, laughing.  

Why did I laugh tonight? No voice will tell
No God, no demon of severe response
Deigns to reply from heaven or from hell
Then to my human heart I turn at once:
Heart, thou and I are here, sad and alone, Say, why did I laugh? O mortal pain!
O darkness! darkness! Forever must I moan
To question heaven and hell and heart in vain?
Why did I laugh? I know this being's lease
My fancy to it's utmost blisses spreads
Yet would I on this very midnight cease
And all the world's gaudy ensigns see in shreds
Verse, fame and beauty are intense indeed
But death intenser, death is life's high meed.  ~John Keats"

This tribute was added by Robin Faison on 15th May 2017

"Death is nothing at all. I have only slipped away into the next room.
I am I, and you are you. Whatever we were to each other that we still are.
Call me by my old familiar name, speak to me in the easy way which you always used.
Put no difference in your tone, wear no forced air of solemnity or sorrow.
Laugh as we always laughed at the little jokes we enjoyed together.

Play, smile, think of me, pray for me.
Let my name be ever the household word that it always was,
let it be spoken without effect, without the trace of shadow on it.
Life means all that it ever meant. It is the same as it ever was; there is unbroken continuity.
Why should I be out of mind because I am out of sight?
I am waiting for you, for an interval, somewhere very near, just around the corner.

All is well.

Dreams of you in the day and night.  Last night looking for you in old Denver streets.  Not a moment without.  Miss you.  Mother's Day yesterday.  Mom and Dad are with you I know it.  My dreams out always of you, Mom and Dad and Grandma. Strange dreams but happy.  Dad's books, harvesting radishes with a hoe.  Two fingers signifying positive. Then I awake to another day with tears. Then a memory of your laugh and beautiful face and smile.  Have to do that."

This tribute was added by Jack Teegardin on 14th May 2017

"I having a sad day. I miss you so much! I Love you Sweetie!"

This tribute was added by David Little on 11th March 2017

"Debbie...I can't think of you without hearing your fun laughter.."simmer down now" and just about anything could get you to laughing!  I loved you for that!
fondly, David"

This tribute was added by Robin Faison on 11th March 2017

"“Life is but a day:
A fragile dewdrop on its perilious way
From a tree's summit”
― John Keats
I think and dream of you every day and night.  You come to me in the day and my dreams at night are filled with you and Mom and Dad.  I am listening for you.  I miss you so much."

This tribute was added by Chandra L'Hoste on 10th March 2017

"Missing you today and always.

There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of you. I can still hear your laughter and how your smile just made everyone around you feel good. You have touched my life Debbie in so many ways, and your loving heart, giving nature, your presence, will live on through all the lives you touched. Every time I see a hummingbird I think of you and I tell you hello, and I hope wherever you are that you know just how much you are thought of.

We lost an angel here on Earth and you are missed and loved beyond measure.... always"

This tribute was added by Marni McMillan on 10th March 2017

"Debbie, I think of you and our fun times together often. Always makes me smile. Marni"

This tribute was added by Jack Teegardin on 10th March 2017

"" My Sweet Debbie"

Today is the anniversary of your passing! I will always remember that day as if it was yesterday.I know you are in a better place and at peace. We all miss you and words are not enough to describe the pain I feel  in my heart. I hope you are Cozy and I love you Always!!!"

This tribute was added by Jo Ellen Ogle on 21st April 2016

"Jack, Keith and Jay

It was truly my pleasure meeting Debbie and you also Jack through my stays in AZ at Clara and Jeff's house. I enjoyed the times the 4 of us were able to go out to breakfast. Debbie, such a sweet lady and I enjoyed getting to know her. May she rest in peace. Love you Jack!"

This tribute was added by Keith McNeill on 14th April 2016

"Debbie was one of the kindest people I've ever known.   When I was out making sales calls I would stop by her office in Parker a few times a week to say hello.  She always had a smile and took the time to talk to me.  I could tell her anything, knowing it wouldn't go any further.  She had an uplifting personality that made me want to laugh when I was around her.  
The first time Debbie met my daughter she began to cry.  When I asked her why she told me she was so happy for me.  I will always remember that conversation and how that touched my heart.
I can still hear Debbie's laughter and will keep that and her smile as my memory of her.  I'm truly richer for having known her."

This tribute was added by Korinne Ashlock on 8th April 2016

"I had the pleasure of being on Debbie's care team and she was such a joy! I enjoyed caring for her and loved her beautiful smile and the grace she held while being sick. She never complained and always shined so bright with hope!! The love her and Jack shared was so inspiring and I am so glad she was surrounded by such love! I am blessed to have been a very small part of her journey and I will never forget her! May God comfort all those left that will miss her so terribly. My prayers and thoughts are with you all.

With deep condolences,

Korinne Ashlock RN, OCN Care Manager"

This tribute was added by Lon Faison on 1st April 2016

"I have such sadness in my heart. We shared many memories when we were small. " Who got to sleep on the top bunk or over in the single bed?"  " Who got to sleep in the back window at the drive-in?" " Letting me ride her horse bareback or racing her and her horse on the canal road with my bike." Fixing me a sandwich at 2 in the morning and waking me to tell me so. So many small memories good and bad that we shared in our early childhood and teen years. I truly regret so many lost years we shared little more than phone calls. I could go on but what really is important is that I know in my heart how beautiful Debbie was as a person and how much I love her as my sister. She will always be in my heart. I truly love Jack for being her wonderful husband and caring for her always.  
Debbie will be a horseback rider in the sky, galloping thru the clouds. I hope she will always know that I love her now and forever."

This tribute was added by lisa kerby on 30th March 2016

"One of my favorite people ever! I always looked forward to spending time in Debbie's presence. Warm, kind and beautiful - she has left a void for many of us but I find comfort knowing I have her watching over me and my family. RIP Debbie. xoxo"

This tribute was added by Maureen McElroy on 30th March 2016

"I was very blessed have had met Debbie a few times before her passing. She was kind, warm and down to earth. May you rest in peace free of the terrible disease that stricken you Debbie."

This tribute was added by Carmel King-Barrett on 28th March 2016

"I am deeply saddened to hear of Debbie's passing.  I will miss her very much.  She was gracious and kind, amazingly positive, and had the most beautiful smile that would light up a room.  Jack, she was and forever will be your guardian angel.  May she rest in peace!!!"

This tribute was added by Jay Barbour on 27th March 2016

"An amazing woman!!! Words cannot describe how much she taught me in my life!!! Having someone as a second mother, being able to tell her anything and knowing that it would go nowhere. It was so amazing having somebody in my life, that would just listen to you and help guide my way through troubled waters and smooth waters. It was just amazing to have somebody that you love to be around and made you smile, laugh and cry together! We would always turn everything into a funny joke!! I'm am so thankful that I will always have those amazing memories with me every day. I know that I will think of them and laugh and smile until I get to join our love ones again. We will carry-on for you for you, always making people happy by giving them your special smile and beautiful laugh!! I love you!!"

This tribute was added by Holly Marble on 25th March 2016

"Debbie, you are a person that has touched so many hearts. I didn't know what I could say differently from any one here except that sharing an office with Jack gave me a chance to see your true love for Jack and his love for you.  Your marriage and your lives are an inspiration to others with the love that you shared.  I have been truly blessed with your friendship.  Love you Jack and miss you Deb."

This tribute was added by Linda Clark on 25th March 2016

"Beautiful Debbie!  My best memories are of the "The Wedding"  Glorious hair.  Dainty ankles.  Caring and funny.  Dry, dry wit and insights.
So sorry, Jack, that she has gone on so soon.  I look forward to the time when we can celebrate the lives of the people we love rather than mourning their deaths."

This tribute was added by David Little on 24th March 2016

"Robin and Debbie:  I am all teared  up after looking at the photos, videos and memorial tributes. Plus, it really made me realize how much you two that had lives intertwining for more then 60 years!   Best friends forever, so I realize how painful it must be for you right now to lose Debbie.
I will always remember how easy it was to make either one of you laugh. Such light-heartedness and joy for so much of your lives (if you can ignore the crappy parts!)  Debbie was so beautiful I would have chased her in high school but then I met Jim Wasinger which ruled out Debbie but introduced me to Robin. Which led to a liftetime of loving you both. So I know now how you feel losing her, but I think I know she will always be with her little sister.
Debbie was so strong in spirit and now she will be a spirit watching over you. Go ahead and talk with her and while your at it, tell her David loves her and misses her, too."

This tribute was added by Ryan Chamberlin on 24th March 2016

"Oh, Deb… that wonderful smile.  Deb, I know your smiling down on Jack and your other loved ones as you read and view these tributes.  We had so many great times including those soirees to Vegas… The laughs were non stop.  And you were always there lighting up the room with that wonderful smile.  What a great giving heart you had. Your spirit will live on forever with all of us."

This tribute was added by Marni McMillan on 22nd March 2016

I have so many memories of our time working together at the title company in Colorado. You were one of the big reasons that I wanted to work at that office, and I knew I would laugh every day. You didn’t disappoint…though we may have had a little fun at other’s expense!  Oh, how we loved to “hate” Tom :)  When I fell and broke my foot outside the front door of the office, you said “At least you didn’t break the wine bottle!”  When the realtor plugged up our entire septic system one morning, you chanted all day, “Perry plugged our pot with a …… “

Last year when I heard about your illness, I talked to you and Jack over the phone.  You were still laughing and you sure weren’t going to talk about being sick.  I am so glad I got to see you again in Arizona.  You always told me to hang on to my family and to enjoy every minute.  That was great advice that you yourself lived by.  I will miss you, but I will always smile when I think of you.  Love, Marni"

This tribute was added by Scott Dusenberry on 22nd March 2016

"Debbie T....what a wonderful woman. Sweet, kind, caring, always interested... No matter how busy Debbie was, she would make the time to listen to me and/or help with one of my deals. She was a part of my life, virtually everyday, for the past 17 years. I have missed my friend this past year. Her presence in the office was always so positive and warm.

Such a cool woman. One of a kind.

God bless you Debbie, and Jack.

Scotty D"

This tribute was added by Stuart Crawford on 22nd March 2016

"Debbie, I cannot describe how much I will miss you.  You truly were the shining light around the office all of these years, going waaaaaaay back to the beginning days.  You had an unwavering sincerity to you that I will never forget.  A genuine soul that never deviated for a second (that is truly amazing in itself).  Nothing made me happier than making you laugh.  Not just because it was so easy, but because I truly feel in my heart of hearts that you thought my stupid antics were funny (and if not, great acting!!).  

One of my favorite memories is how I would always try to get a jolt out of you in the mornings when the office was quiet and you were not sure if anyone was around.  I would slowly walk by your office (or catch you in the break room), then yell "DEBBIE!  WHAT THE HE** ARE YOU DOING?  GET BACK TO WORK!".  Every single time, you would be shocked, then break out in laughter, then I would give you a big hug (the best part).  I loved shooting the breeze with you in the early mornings and late in the were my partner that I could always count on was still grinding away in the office.  How many evenings did you and I shut down that place together?!  I sure will miss this.  

Deb, we are really going to miss you.  You meant so much to us, and it is hard to put into words how you made us all feel.  I will miss laughing with you, and I wish you could have stayed around longer to see the kids grow up.  The way you lit up when we brought them around the office was priceless.  We take solace knowing you will watch over them for us, and we promise to instill in them the sincerity and genuineness you carried so effortlessly.  Thank you for being such a great friend.  We love you, The Crawfords."

This tribute was added by Annie Terrazzo on 21st March 2016

"Aunt Debbie gave me a bright red suede jacket when I was around 7 or 8 years old. It was the greatest thing in the world to me, not just because it was a really cool jacket, but because it came from her. She was the nicest and most generous woman. I was so happy to see her in Colorado a little while back. We will all miss her and her sweet heart."

This tribute was added by Jody Kaiser on 21st March 2016

"Dear Jack, Keith and Jay,
Our hearts are with you and your families during this time of great loss.  We feel so fortunate that we were able to meet and get to know Debbie a little.  She was instantly warm and easy to be with. She always made us feel comfortable and welcome.  This is a beautiful way to honor her life and the permanent imprint she has left this world with.  
Much love to you,
Jim and Jody Kaiser"

This tribute was added by Brian Ladd on 20th March 2016

"I don't know what I can say about Debbie that hasn't already been said by those who knew her longer and better than I did. But I think everybody needs someone like Debbie in their lives, who can brighten their day just by being around or having a 2 minute conversation. I guess that's what makes it so much harder to lose her.

I loved to make her laugh, which was pretty easy to do. Even though I didn't see her much outside of the office, I felt like we had special bond, like we just understood each other as if I'd known her for years and years. That is one of the greatest things about her, I bet she made a lot of people feel that way, and that's pretty unique.

My heart aches for Jack and the rest of the family, but glad they had Debbie in their lives at all, she was a blessing.

Rest in Peace Debbie"

This tribute was added by Barbara Reed on 19th March 2016

"Debbie, I can not believe you are no longer here.  You had such a positive outlook and you wanted to be here for Jack and your family, but the man upstairs had other plans for you.  Now, I believe in my heart of hearts, you have grown your wings and you have a new healthy body.  Heaven has a special place for you and you're probably riding your horse in the mountains, like Colorado.  Yes "Rocky Mountain High"!!  Heaven got a beautiful Angel and I thank God I had the pleasure of knowing you not only as a business associate, but also as a friend.   You made me laugh, made me smile and I will love you forever.  God Bless You My Friend.  

Barbara J. Reed"

This tribute was added by Tad McKay on 19th March 2016

"What a beautiful tribute to an outstanding person throughout. Our paths had crossed only a few times.
I wish I had known Debby better."

This tribute was added by Joseph Greenbaum on 18th March 2016

"Debbie was always so cheerful when I saw her. She will be missed."

This tribute was added by Steve Surkis on 17th March 2016

"*A great soul serves everyone all the time. A great soul never dies. It brings us together again and again. ~Maya Angelou

Debbie life gave us memories too beautiful to ever forget."

This tribute was added by Tina Rose on 17th March 2016

"Debbie was such a sweet person, I am going to miss her very much.  Whenever I would see her at the office or an event she was always smiling."

This tribute was added by Donna Baker on 17th March 2016

"Dick and I have many memories of fun times with Debbie -  dinners and dancing with the bear at the log house, great Vegas trips and many Pinery Member/Guest parties. Debbie was so easy to be with, always smiling and fun-loving she will surely be missed by many."

This tribute was added by Joani Tadrick on 17th March 2016

"Debbie was one of the most selfless person I knew.  Always willing to help in any way she could with the wild scenarios we would have on loans.  Giving was simply a part of her nature and she had a special way with people.  Always smiling and laughing.  She leaves behind a so many people who loved her. It was a privilege to know her.

Jack I know your heart is aching and that hole in your heart will never be filled but heaven is one star brighter.  Take care of yourself.  You have so many wonderful memories and they will always be with you.  

XOXO Joani"

This tribute was added by James Skubal on 17th March 2016

"I wish I could find words to tell you how much I miss you Partner.  When you left the office over a year ago I felt I would be able to see you to thank you and tell you we would be glad when you returned.  Now here we are, and I will have to say good by this way and wish only good things for you."

This tribute was added by brenda weber on 17th March 2016

"Debbie was always so kind to me when I first started @VIP and was helping out on the front desk. She always had a smile and a hello for me. I will miss you !"

This tribute was added by Matt McNeill on 17th March 2016

"Debbie always told me she felt like a mom to all of us Parker Boys watching us all grow up  and I told her that she was a mom to all of us and was the "totally cool mom" not the totally cool mom that would just let you do what you wanted to do, but she was always in great spirits and her happiness was always contagious with a laid back type personality.  Debbie was the most genuine selfless person who was always more interested in hearing your stories than telling her own.  There are those that are takers in life and those that truly enjoy giving happiness and comfort to others.  Debbie was definitely a giver and someone that was always there just to listen when you needed a friend.  Debbie you will be missed but never forgotten.  The good lord found himself a perfect angel and hope to see
your smile again in Heaven.

This tribute was added by Joshua Peacock on 16th March 2016


You will be dearly missed.  You had a major hand in raising me and helping me become who I am today. You were my buffer and confidant when it came to certain issues or  trying to figure  out the best way to address something to Jack.  What I am most going to miss is your "Don't Sweat It" personality and crazy funny moments that we have had over the years.  You always "had my back" and helped me through some sticky situations over the years. I loved how you were always the same Debbie throughout the years and once you were loved by Debbie-you never had to worry about losing your love or friendship. When I make it up to heaven with you, I want to have a few Miller Lites with you and one of your awesome southwest salads that you used to make for Keith, Jack and I when we all lived together back in the good ole "Pinery Days".  I love you Debbie and I hope you are up in heaven with your Mom Betty.  Please tell her that I am sorry about having a few  "get together's" at her Scottsdale Condo-everything cleaned up and washed out just fine! Rest in peace Debbie and know that you will ALWAYS be with me.."

This tribute was added by Jaclyn Bilello on 16th March 2016

"I'm am so saddened to hear of Debbie's passing. She was an amazing woman and I adored her. She always had a smile and took the time to chat even when she was super busy. Jack, you and Keith and your family are in my prayers. I'll always love my VIP family."

This tribute was added by steve wolf on 16th March 2016

"I never had the pleasure of meeting Debbie but Jack is an "old time" mortgage friend.  God bless you both."

This tribute was added by Randy Melms on 16th March 2016

"You always brightened the room and we always enjoyed your presence and the love you gave to Jack and your family.  Rest in Peace."

This tribute was added by Jack Teegardin on 16th March 2016

""My sweet Debbie"

Words cannot describe the loss I feel in my heart! We were blessed with the time we had with one another after finding out you had this terrible disease. We were able to have deep discussions and closure with the ups and downs of our relationship. We laughed, cried, and loved one another until your last breath. I was blessed with the opportunity and joy of taking care of you at our home. I had your back! Your hospice nurse recognized how special you were. You always put on a show for her and you never complained. You tried to hide the pain from me you were feeling at times. You were more worried about me than yourself. You tried so hard to “shield” me from the inevitability of your passing. You gave me strength that I never knew was inside me. To have you with me in our home, in our bed holding you was The Ultimate Gift!

My Promises To You

I promised you, not to have a funeral because you did not want others sad at such an event.
I promised to continue your Love for your sister, Robin.
I promised to tell others you did not want flowers.
I promised that our love for one another would be Eternal.
I promised to put your Ashes where you wanted them.

I’m sorry but I asked Keith to create this site in your Memory. Your Friends and loved ones needed a way to keep Our Memories of you everlasting.  I Pray I get a sign from you that you have no pain and are OK!

I guess the Big Guy in Heaven chose you because were such a giver!
I will always Love You, My sweet Girl!
Your Husband Jack"

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